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WI N TE R 2010

CAFÉ BRETTON Ruby Gilmor ’13

Café Bretton in Severna Park receives three out of five stars for its overall atmosphere, food, and service. As the customer walks in there are simple decorations and marble statues that give a feeling as if he/ she is in a French bistro. The walls are painted a cream color and giant windows take over one side of the restaurant. Café Bretton seems very small from the outside, but in the inside it is very spacious and amicable. Arches separate two main dining rooms. Soft music such as Nor Jones plays in the background and the lights are dimmed. The ambience is very relaxed and cozy. After sitting down, the chef greets everyone at the table and describes the specials on the menu. The menu has tons of European style dishes. Dates, blue cheese, prosciutto ham topped with balsamic dressing is one gourmet appetizer. Another appetizer is fried green tomatoes served with a lump of crabmeat on top. All of the vegetables on the menu are grown and are picked from a garden behind the restaurant. While waiting for the food, a basket of hot, fresh bread and spicy olive tapenade is placed in the middle of the table. For desert there are many choices. Café Bretton is famous for its passion fruit and chocolate layer cake topped with fresh strawberries. The food is delicious but the service is a huge disappointment. 15 minutes elapsed before the appetizers arrived and a full 45 minutes until the main courses. After the food comes, customers are too hungry to fully appreciate all of the flavors. It is feasible that Café Bretton could receive five out of five stars for its excellent food, beautiful yet simple décor, and if the management could improve the service.­


Lemongrass restaurant in Annapolis receives five out of five stars for its excellent food, great service and lively atmosphere. The food that Lemongrass provides is both beautifully prepared and indeed a tasteful sensation. The dishes that the restaurant offers are always fresh, delicious, and do not disappoint. Whether the customer is in the mood for a thick and spicy chicken curry dish or wonderful, complementing fried rice, Lemongrass provides the quintessence of Thai food in the Annapolis area. The service is reliable with caring waiters and chefs. When the customer orders his or her food, the dishes come dashing out in about 10 to 15 minutes. Overall, the service, like the food, is exceptional. The atmosphere is another contributing factor to why the restaurant deserves its five star rating. When a customer walks into Lemongrass he or she is greeted by an amicable hostess

who takes the customer to his or her table. While sitting down the customer can hear the slight clatter in the kitchen and smell the aroma that is being produced. As the customer looks around, he or she sees a modern atmosphere with square tables, numerous plants, and candles. Overall the atmosphere provides a simple and modern style with the tastes of the finest Thai food. So when a customer walks into Lemongrass he or she knows that he or she is stepping into one of the best restaurants in Annapolis, for its outstanding food, service and atmosphere.


Fuji Japanese Steakhouse in Edgewater receives a five-star rating for its food, service, and atmosphere. Customers at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse order any combination of two of the following: chicken, shrimp, lobster, scallops or steak. Along with this main course come delicious vegetables, tasty noodles, and the “fan-favorite” fried rice. Customers salivate upon ordering this incredible fried rice, which is prepared to perfection and is by far the best food on the menu. No matter what customers order, it is always perfectly seasoned and well cooked. Get this: if a customer wants to be different, there is a whole other menu of just sushi! At Fuji, the wide variety of food is fantastic. Also worth noting is the incredible service at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse. Nothing is worse than slow service at a restaurant. At Fuji, the waiters and waitresses provide great, speedy service to all customers. As far as drinks go, a glass is never empty for more than a minute. Once a waiter or waitress spots it, they immediately refill the glass with the desired drink. Also, the chef rarely takes too long cooking the food, so customers never become impatient. The wonderful service helps create an even more enjoyable diner. The atmosphere at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse is perhaps its strongest asset. Upon entering the restaurant, the delicious scents of Japanese foods and spices greet the hungry customers. Once meals are ordered, the chefs come out with correct ingredients. They put on an incredible performance while cooking the food to perfection. The many tricks exhibited by the adroit chefs cause customers to gape in amazement. The most exciting part of the show is when the chefs try to toss extra bits of food into people’s mouths. The atmosphere at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse creates a truly enjoyable dinner. Fuji Japanese Steakhouse in Edgewater receives a five-star rating for its delicious food, great service, and fun atmosphere.


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