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Severna Park/Annapolis

Dining Guide 2010 JENO’S Severna Park’s Best Cheese Steaks Grant Ritter ’13

ALUMNI WEEKENDERS! OUT OF TOWNERS! NEED SOME HELP WHEN THE FAMILY ASKS, “WHAT’S FOR DINNER?” The creative writers in Dr. Jackie Baugh’s freshman English, entertain and enlighten us with restaurant reviews from five local eateries. Zagat’s got nothin’ on us! Mangia.

Because of the homey atmosphere, the excellent service and all around great food, Jeno’s in Severna Park, Maryland earns a rating of five huge stars. The employees cater to the customers at their every whim. They go out of their way to make the customers eating experience phenomenal. When the customers walk into the small, comfortable store, they are greeted kindly. After they pause to gape at the vast menu of delicious sounding sandwiches, the employees smile and ask for the order. As the customers order their food, the adroit chef is already preparing the mouth watering meat. While food is being prepared, one cannot help but read and look at all the pictures, signatures, and lacrosse gear filling the walls. These items are all donated to Jeno’s by their loyal customers. The restaurant really feels like a family kitchen. As the diners are pulled out of the trance the restaurant put on them, they are handed their steaming sandwiches. It draws people in from miles away and holds them there with its awesome food. The aroma arouses the senses. The sandwich is a whole other level of food. One of the most popular cheese steaks is call the Shubacca. It represents Maryland culture. It consists of layers of french fries, cheese sauce, steak, and Old Bay seasoning. The flavors work excellently together. It’s like an explosion in one’s mouth. All people return eventually. Jeno’s is not a place one would eat at only once. It is a very popular hang out site, due to its prime location between two schools. All of these factors play into the five-star rating. It is not just a given; the rating is earned by the food, atmosphere, and by the dedicated staff who work long hours to satisfy the hunger of the Severna Park customers.


The Double T Diner on West Street earns five stars for food, service and atmosphere. The diner is setup to look like an actual 40’s diner and has customers feeling like they’re back in time. The music played is the type that was played in the 40’s. All the servers are dressed like 40’s waiters and waitresses. The Double T serves a wide variety of food; from pancakes to scallops, that will make everyone in the family happy. With a menu that lets the customer create their own meals, few are disappointed. It also serves its entire menu 24 hours a day. An experienced chef cooks high quality yet reasonably priced food. If a customer wants something made a certain way, he or she will get it made the way he or she wants it. Customers will find the servers social, engaging, and amicable. The servers check on the customer constantly, refilling drinks, and bringing new silverware. The service is quick; once the order is taken, the food will be served within the next 10 minutes. The Double T Diner also has a wide selection of desserts beautifully displayed for the customer to see when they walk in. The Double T Diner has delicious and affordable food for the whole family in a fun, relaxed environment. 10

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