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Home Group Discussion. Finish the Race [the Goal] Walk through scriptures and challenge students to finish this semester living for Jesus with everything. Share personal stories as needed to bring home the point. [Leaders] Spring break is over and that means one thing, summer is on its way. It’s easy to loose focus and coast in our relationship with God, but our challenge tonight is to finish the race. Read. Philippians 3:12-21 In this passage Paul shares that we’re to live in the shadow of what Jesus has accomplished for us. Paul begins the passage by reassuring us he isn’t perfect – but he lets go of what’s behind him and strives to live for what Jesus has already done. Then Paul encourages the Philippians to follow his example and avoid living as “enemies of the cross”. These people were living for “right now” – for instant gratification, sounds a lot like our culture. Paul reminds them to invest in eternal things because their citizenship was already in heaven. Not only do we get caught up in instant gratification, but also we are good at getting stuck in our past. Our mistakes and downfalls can keep us from receiving from God because we don’t think we deserve God’s love. Salvation isn’t something we’ve earned – it’s something we’ve been given. Salvation is becoming like Jesus. [Share] Have you ever been given something great even though you did nothing to deserve it? What was it? How did receiving the gift make you feel? Did the fact you didn’t deserve the gift change the way you handled it? [Observe] According to Philippians 3:12 why did Paul press on? What does Paul say he forget in verse 13? Verses 18-19 describe people who live as enemies of the cross. What do these verses say about how they live?

[Think] Why is it important to forget what’s behind? What’s the prize mentioned in verse 14? Read verses 18 and 19. Why’s Paul shedding tears? What kind of people does he describe in verse 19? [Apply] What fears keep us from allowing Jesus fully to lead our lives? Why do you think it’s hard live like Jesus? Does something in your past keep you from moving forward? [Do] Have students think back when they first committed to Jesus and list all the ways they’ve changed and then list all the way’s they’d still like to change. Pray to God and thank him for what he’s done and what he’s going to do.

[Seven Reminders] 

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Rush All-Nighter- April 15th from 10pm-7am. Cost is $15.00. Giveaways… o Apple iPad o 32 in TV o Rangers Tickets o Mavs Tickets for the winning 3 on 3 team Seven Series Relationship Status Continues this Wednesday Seven Serve next Sunday Night o Give them instruction from the email of there destination next week o We will have breakouts for Home Groups Wednesday to give them Information

Home Group Discussion 4/10/11  
Home Group Discussion 4/10/11  

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