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Bakunin The Creative Passion—A Biography

Mark Leier

Bakunin chronicles the life of one of the most notorious radicals in history, as well as the founding of anarchism, here revealed as a practical moral philosophy based on a critique of wealth and power. “The life of Bakunin (1814-1876), the Russian architect of the anarchist movement, provides a surprisingly enjoyable introduction to the tumult of 19th-century radicalism….[Leier] brings welcome consideration to the real merits of the movement.” —Publishers Weekly Paper 978-1-58322-894-4 $17.95 320 pages

T he S weetest T hi n g Mischa Merz

Journalist and amateur boxer Mischa Merz fulfills a long-held ambition to travel across the United States and compete in a series of amateur boxing tournaments, and in so doing explores the place the subculture of boxing has in American life—and on the American idea of masculinity. Paper  978-1-58322-928-6  $18.95  304 pages b&w illustrations

R aci n g W hile B lac k How An African-American Stock Car Team Made Its Mark On NASCAR

Leonard T. Miller and Andrew Simon

The story of the father-and-son Miller Racing Group and its long struggle to create opportunities for black drivers in the vastly white, Southern world of NASCAR racing, one of the few largely non-integrated sports remaining in America. “There’s one major difference between NASCAR and the rest of America’s pastimes: a startling lack of racial diversity. Leonard T. Miller’s book explains why.” —The Complex Cloth 978-1-58322-896-8  $24.95 320 pages

T he Walr u s a n d the elepha n ts John Lennon’s Years of Revolution

James Mitchell

An in-depth study of the year John Lennon spent discovering the highly politicized side of himself that is often overlooked in biographies and profiles of the legend. “This book serves as a backstage pass to the missing link between Lennon’s music and his activism, ranging from decriminalization of marijuana to termination of undeclared war—both ends of that spectrum fueled by the government’s misuse of power without compassion—revealing how the Nixon administration tried to silence him.” —Paul Krassner, author of Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut: Misadventures in the Counterculture cloth 978-1-60980-467-1 $26.95 352 pages

T H E B ODY W H E R E I WA S B O R N Guadalupe Nettel

Translated from the Spanish by J. T. Lichtenstein The novel of an unconventional childhood in the seventies by one of the most talked-about writers of new Mexican fiction. From a psychoanalyst’s couch the narrator looks back on her bizarre childhood, with a birth defect and a family intent on fixing it. “It has been a long time since I’ve found in the literature of my generation a world as personal and untransferable as that of Guadalupe Nettel.” —Juan Gabriel Vásquez CLOTH 978-1-60980-526-5 $22.95 208 PAGES


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