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THE WORKS OF StANLEY MOSS Few poets today, even very good ones, write lines so exquisitely crafted you cannot help but remember them. Stanley Moss, our leading psalmist, with his language of sorrow and exaltation and his metaphors of intense illumination and meaning, is one of these poets.

A sleep I n T he G ar d e n

“It is time to celebrate the singular beauty and power of Stanley Moss’s poetry. He is a citizen of the world, both past and present, one who seems to have been everywhere and missed nothing. These are poems, out of the fullness of life, that impress me as being all at once deep, strange, loving, bountiful, and a joy to read.... The damp genius of mortality presides.” —Stanley Kunitz

Cloth 978-1-888363-63-0 $20.00 160 pages

G o d B rea k eth N ot A ll M e n ’s H earts A li k e Poems With nearly seventy-five new poems and over two hundred selected from his previous books, God Breaketh Not All Men’s Hearts Alike is the book of a lifetime in poetry, one that will lead to the author being recognized as among America’s best living poets. A work of intense illumination, these poems investigate meanings and subjects usually left in darkness. cloth 978-1-60980-345-2 $32.00  384 pages

A H isto ry o f Co lo r New and Collected Poems Metaphors for wonder abound in A History of Color, the first one-volume, complete edition of the poetry of this important living American poet. Paper 978-1-58322-485-4 $17.95 248 pages

New an d Selected Poems 2006

“The poetry of the ages is an argument with God, so it is said; but not many poets attempt it today. Stanley Moss does. In many voices, in lines rugged yet eloquent, in different places and with various leanings, he sings us songs of his unbelievable belief, his unlovable lovesongs of anguish, songs any of us would sing if we could. I find them disconcerting and extraordinarily moving.” —Hayden Carruth

Paper 978-1-58322-754-1 $18.95 256 pages

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