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L i t e r at u r e — P o e t r y f r o m H o m e a n d A b r oa d E V E R Y T I M E A KNOT I S UNDON E , A G OD I S R E L E A S E D Barbara Chase-Riboud

A highly anticipated collection of poems from Barbara Chase-Riboud—distinguished artist and writer, and winner of the Carl Sandburg Poetry Prize. This volume consists of 160 poems of which 57 have not been previously published. Rich with literary allusions traversing cultures and epochs, the poet’s words sculpt audacious imagery out of the physical world—the human body, diverse natural and urban landscapes, the beauty of decay. CLOTH 978-1-60980-594-4 $35.00 384 PAGES


Verses Ani DiFranco In her first book of poetry, celebrated musician Ani DiFranco rages, eulogizes, menaces, revels, and envisions, capturing the essential artistry that has made her beloved as an outspoken voice of conscience. “. . . She’s got the gift of lyrical precision—nothing cuts to the core quite like the resolution of DiFranco rhyme.” —Billboard Paper over board  978-1-58322-823-4  $18.95  112 pages

P o ems S e v e n New and Complete Poetry

Alan Dugan

“Alan Dugan’s poetry, from the beginning, has had bite and style. The bittersweet quality of his work deepens with the years. His poems are spare, quirky, fierce, unconcessive, grudging, loving, and terribly real.”  —Stanley Kunitz

Winner of the 2001 National Book Award for Poetry Paper 978-1-58322-512-7 $18.95 448 pages

S T R E E T P O S T E R S A ND B A L L A D S Eric Drooker Afterword by Allen Ginsberg

In this folio of his graphics, songs and poems, Eric Drooker presents ten years of work chronicling the political and cultural upheavals on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. PAPER 978-1-88836-377-7 80 PAGES $15.95

I magi n i n g Para d ise New and Selected Poems

Barry Gifford

Born of the world and of books and art in equal measure, and telling of the unyielding granite truths of people’s roller-coaster lives, here in one volume for the first time are the poet’s own choices from his nine previous collections, as well as a rich selection of new poems. Altogether, Imagining Paradise represents the tremendous achievement of an underground poet who lasted. CLOTH 978-1-60980-374-2 $32.00 352 pages

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