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“ I remai n i n d ar k n ess” Translated by Tanya Leslie Ernaux’s memoir traces her mother’s descent into the depths of Alzheimer’s disease and reveals the author’s own complex feelings of guilt and responsibility toward the woman she still loved and admired but could no longer help.

Washington Post Top Memoir of 1999 Paper 978-1-58322-052-8 $11.95 96 pages

A ma n ’s place Translated by Tanya Leslie Ernaux reveals the vision of her father through her own eyes, showing that a deep respect for the realities of life yields a whole new universe of storytelling. PAPER 978-1-60980-403-9 $13.95 96 pages Cloth 978-1-888363-19-7 $15.95 112 pages

the p o ssessi o n Translated by Anna Moschovakis A woman in the aftermath of a love affair becomes possessed with her thoughts of the woman who has replaced her. Paper 978-1-58322-855-5 $11.95 64 pages

S hame Translated by Tanya Leslie A diamond-sharp memoir of childhood that begins, “My father tried to kill my mother one Sunday in June, in the early afternoon.”

A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year Paper 978-1-58322-018-4 $11.95 112 pages

simple passi o n Translated by Tanya Leslie In her spare, stark style, Annie Ernaux documents the desires and indignities of a human heart ensnared in an all-consuming passion. The paperback edition features a Reading Group Guide with discussion questions. Reading Group Edition Paper 978-1-58322-574-5 $8.95 80 pages

a w o ma n ’s sto ry Translated by Tanya Leslie Upon her mother’s death from Alzheimer’s, Ernaux embarks on a daunting journey back through time, as she seeks to “capture the real woman, the one who existed independently from me, born on the outskirts of a small Normandy town, and who died in the geriatric ward of a hospital in the suburbs of Paris.” The paperback edition features a Reading Group Guide with discussion questions.

A New York Times Notable Book Finalist for the Los Angeles Times Fiction Prize Reading Group Edition Paper 978-1-58322-575-2 $8.95 96 pages

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