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M a n ifesto f o r A n other W o rl d Voices from Beyond the Dark In a performance piece that is both political testament and work of art, Dorfman interweaves the testimonies of celebrated activists such as Vaclav Havel, Helen Prejean, and Marian Wright Edelman, and Nobel Prize Laureates Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Oscar Arias Sánchez, and Rigoberta Menchú Tum. Open Media Book Paper 978-1-58322-563-9 $9.95 160 pages

M ascara Dorfman delves into the dark terrain of identity and disguise when the lives of three people collide: a nameless man with a face no one remembers, a beautiful woman with the memory of an innocent child, and a power-hungry plastic surgeon who controls society’s most prominent figures by shaping their faces. “Taut, eerie . . . a postmodern version of Jekyll and Hyde.” —New York Times Book Review Paper 978-1-58322-641-4 $8.95 128 pages

T he Na n n y a n d the I ceberg Bound up in the history and politics of his native Chile, 24-year-old Gabriel McKenzie returns from Manhattan exile to confront a country preparing for the 500th anniversary of America’s “discovery.” “Wonderfully peopled with doppelgangers, metafictional turns, and doses of myth and magic. It affirms Ariel Dorfman’s place, alongside Vargas Llosa and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, as one of the finest voices in contemporary Latin American storytelling.” —Dominic Bradbury, Times (London) Paper 978-1-58322-567-7 $14.95 368 pages

Other S eptembers , M a n y A mericas Selected Provocations, 1980–2004 A collection of Dorfman’s best essays of the last quarter-century, exploring the ambiguous relationship between power and literature and touching on topics as diverse as bilingualism, barbarians, and video games. Paper 978-1-58322-632-2 $16.95 272 pages

W i d o ws A Novel Set in a Greek village in 1942, this classic in the literature of social protest forms a testament to those living under totalitarian regimes the world over, who are taken away for “questioning” and never return. “Lyrical and even elegiac . . . Dorfman gives flesh to a human rights issue of our time.” —Chicago Tribune Paper 978-1-58322-483-0 $12.95 168 pages

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