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L i k e S ha k i n g H a n d s with God A Conversation about Writing

Kurt Vonnegut & Lee Stringer

Vonnegut and Stringer muse on humanity, writing, salvation, art, and the struggle and joy of living from day to day. Now available in paperback. “There’s more honest wisdom in this little volume than you’re likely to find in most any other single book this year.” —Jim Knipfel, New York Press Paper 978-1-60980-074-1 $9.95 80 pages

A M a n with o u t a Co u n try

“Vonnegut’s A Man without a Country is pure late Twain, darkly funny, never less than enraged at corruption and greed, and overflowing with compassion for the powerless. We’ve never needed him more.” —Russell Banks “That verve for life amid stunningly depressing news, and that backhanded, refreshingly brutal, but infinitely whimsical way of viewing the world around him, continues to stand out in every odd word Vonnegut puts to paper.” —Tasha Robinson, The Onion

New York Times Bestseller Booksense Notable Book, 2005 Cloth 978-1-58322-713-8 $23.95 160 pages

U n st u c k i n T ime A Journey through Kurt Vonnegut’s Life and Novels

Gregory D. Sumner

Gregory Sumner guides us, with insight and passion, through fifteen of Kurt Vonnegut’s best known works, showing the profound interchange between Vonnegut’s life and art and illustrating the quintessential American writer’s engagement with and resistance to the traditional “American Dream” in its various forms. CLOTH 978-1-60980-349-0 $24.95 368 pages Paper 978-1-60980-430-5 $17.95 368 pages

T he E d e n E x press A Memoir of Insanity

Mark Vonnegut

“One of the best books about going crazy. . . . Required reading for those who want to understand insanity from the inside.” —New York Times

Paper 978-1-58322-543-1 $16.95 304 pages

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