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T he S i n alo a S to ry Among Gifford’s best-loved novels, The Sinaloa Story tells of two down-and-outs looking for a reasonable life and a little redemption in a corrupt and violent world. Paper 978-1-58322-676-6 $13.95 192 pages

W yo mi n g In this heartbreakingly spare novel-in-dialogue, a woman and her young son travel through the southern and midwestern US, trading impressions of the landscape and life. “[A] tender and understated story.” —Jonathan Miles, New York Times Book Review Paper 978-1-58322-636-0 $8.95 128 pages

T H E U P - DO W N A novel of violence, of love, and introspection, The Up-Down follows a man who leaves home and all that’s familiar, finds true love, loses it, and finds it again. CLOTH 978-1-60980-577-7 $23.95 208 PAGES


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