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B a r r y G i f f o r d: “A n A m e r i c a n Mas t e r ” With novels like Wild at Heart, Perdita Durango, and The Sinaloa Story, Barry Gifford introduced an entire generation of Americans to a darker, truer version of themselves. One of America’s most prolific, as well as provocative, writers, Gifford is also something of a traditionalist, carrying the torch passed along to him by, among others, Nelson Algren, William Styron, and Hemingway.

“Gifford is one of those brave writers who go their own way, and challenge readers to follow.” —Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Barry Gifford was, is, and always shall be an American Original. His work evokes so many sensibilities, from the Beats to noir to social realism to postmodernism to cinematic, both stirring up ghosts and invoking the future.” —Richard Price, author of Clockers and The Wanderers A merica n Falls The Collected Short Stories In his first major collection of short stories, Barry Gifford, the master of violent American satire, strews his gleaming stories in a far-reaching, irresistible arc. “American Falls is a choice sampler of Gifford’s talent, and a fine introduction for newcomers. It’s a summer road trip of a book: steamy, diverse, and a wild ride.”  —New Orleans Times-Picayune Paper 978-1-58322-573-8 $12.95 256 pages

D o the B li n d Dream ? New Novellas and Stories Gifford explores the fragility of identity, the power of coincidence, and the illusion of a secure future. “I love Do the Blind Dream?—a wonderful and delightful piece that tastes of Buñuel and Cocteau.” —Pedro Almodóvar Paper 978-1-58322-670-4 $13.95 224 pages

I magi n ati o n o f the H eart The final chapter in the saga of Sailor Ripley and Lula Pace Fortune finds Lula and her friend Beany Thorn taking one final trip to a New Orleans forever transformed by Hurricane Katrina, and by intervening years of memory. Includes “The Truth is in the Work,” a conversation between Barry Gifford and Noel King on Gifford’s life and writing. Cloth 978-1-58322-873-9 $22.95 144 pages

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