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A f r i c a n a S t u d i e s, African American and American Studies d reami n g u p america Russell Banks

As America undergoes global scrutiny, award-winning novelist Russell Banks contemplates the question of American identity—its origins, values, heroes, conflicts, and contradictions. “Russell Banks is not only one of our great novelists but also a courageous and visionary citizen who understands the centrality of race and the magnanimity of democracy. His first nonfiction book is a gem!” —Cornel West Paper 978-1-58322-891-3 $13.95 128 pages

all yo u ca n eat How Hungry is America?

Joel Berg

Our country is at an age when we must finally face the most tragic result of US poverty—hunger. NYCCAH director Joel Berg offers a simple and affordable plan. “In 9 years of teaching courses on hunger, this is the first time I have used a text... students in my Hunger Studies class found it intriguing and very interesting to read about!” —Kathleen Gorman, Director, Feinstein Center for a Hunger Free America, University of Rhode Island Cloth  978-1-58322-854-8  $22.95  320 pages, full color maps and charts

T he B lac k B o dy Edited by Meri Nana-Ama Danquah

Thirty black, white, and biracial contributors—including poet Elizabeth Alexander, journalist Greg Tate, filmmaker S. Pearl Sharp, and writer Kenneth Carroll—illuminate the diversity of identities and individual experiences that define the black body in our culture. “This book is for everyone to read. It may be a hard pill to swallow. It may enrage you... It’s supposed to.” —Pamela Sorensen Paper 978-1-58322-889-0 $18.95 304 pages

the immigra n t s u ite hey xenophobe! who you calling a foreigner?

hattie gossett

A Harlem poet captures the reggaeton-tipico-merengue-texmex-Latin-salsa-hiphop-jazz experience of living in New York City. “Toss out the melting pot! Everyone gets to keep their humanity in the flow and layering of voices in this refreshingly dissonant book. the immigrant suite isn’t just assignable for American Studies 101, it is American Studies 101.” —Sherry Tucker, associate professor of American Studies at University of Kansas and author of Swing Shift: “All Girl” Bands of the 1940s Paper 978-1-58322-778-7 $14.95 144 pages

Urba n I n j u stice How Ghettos Happen

David Hilfiker

“Urban Injustice is a gem of a book—short on impenetrable data but long on thoughtful analysis of the largely unacknowledged plight of America’s urban poor.” —Andrew McIntosh, Lehigh University

Paper 978-1-58322-607-0 $15.95 176 pages

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