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B o bby ’s b o o k Emily Haas Davidson; As told to her by Bob Powers Photographs by Bruce Davidson

Through the reflections of the former drug addict and petty criminal, Bobby Powers is today, at 69, a nationally respected drug addiction counselor who has aided a wide spectrum of people, including former gang members. His story represents a brutal and inspiring lesson in human frailty, degradation, and transformation. Paper  978-1-60980-448-0  $21.00  160 pages B&W photographs

A p o calypse T he n New Novellas and Stories

Rick DeMarinis

From chronicling an unhappy marriage during the backdrop of the nuclear arms race to describing the nocturnal wanderings of a guilt-ridden adult-age son, this collection of twenty stories showcases Rick DeMarinis’s versatility, depth, and mastery of the short story form. Cloth 978-1-58322-637-7 $22.95 288 pages

B o rr o we d H earts Rick DeMarinis

The best of Rick DeMarinis’s highly acclaimed short fiction. “An ideal curbside roost from which to contemplate [DeMarinis’s] tantalizing, if often brooding, artistry.” —New York Times Book Review Paper 978-1-58322-040-5 $16.95 336 pages

M ama’s B oy Rick DeMarinis

Gus Reppo’s parents won’t leave him alone, following him to the air force base where he enlists to escape them. Gus still learns a thing or two about girls, crime, and punishment, though shades of mama are never far behind. Paper 978-1-58322-911-8 $16.95 240 pages

T he Y ear o f the Z i n c P e n n y A Novel

Rick DeMarinis

“Without ever resorting to easy nostalgia or cheap sentimentality, Mr. DeMarinis gives us both a picture of the eternal realities of childhood... and a tactile portrait of life in the wartime 1940s.” —New York Times

Paper 978-1-58322-638-4 $9.95 168 pages

S TO P H E R E Beverly Gologorsky

Ava, Mila, and Rosalyn, three friends from Murray’s Diner in Long Island, support each other through war, sickness, death, loss, and heartbreak in this tender novel about the triumphs and defeats of everyday life. “Unflinching, piercing, Gologorsky looks straight into the face of class in this country, capturing the reverberations across generations of who really fights our wars, who really serves our coffee, who really gets up in the dark to wipe the diners’ counter clean.” —Elizabeth Strout, author of Olive Kitteridge Paper 978-1-60980-504-3 $16.95 256 pages

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