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M y T imes A Memoir of Dissent

John Hess

Pulitzer Prize nominee Hess takes a critical look at the New York Times from the inside,  attacking the myth of objective journalism and criticizing the Times for propagating it. Paper 978-1-58322-622-3 $16.95 272 pages

S to ries that C ha n ge d A merica Muckrakers of the 20th Century

Carl Jensen, Ph.D.

A highly informative anthology and biographical resource, collecting influential writings by Upton Sinclair, Margaret Sanger, Rachel Carson, Ralph Nader, Woodward and Bernstein, and other investigative journalists who have changed our world through their words. “Jensen’s book is perfect for our course [on in-depth journalism]… I’m sure it will become indispensable as a textbook in similar courses.”  —William B. Dickinson, Louisiana State University Paper 978-1-58322-517-2 $14.95 272 pages

the d eath o f be n li n d er The Story of a North American in Sandinista Nicaragua

Joan Kruckewitt

In 1987, the death of Ben Linder, the first American killed by President Reagan’s “freedom fighters,” the U.S.-backed Nicaraguan Contras, ignited a firestorm of protest and debate. In this landmark biography of Linder, investigative journalist Joan Kruckewitt tells his story. PAPER 978-1-58322-261-4 $16.95 400 PAGES CLOTH 978-1-58322-081-8 $24.94 400 PAGES

CO R P O R AT E M E D I A A ND T H E T H R E AT TO D E M O C R AC Y Robert McChesney

“McChesney … has produced a [book] that, in the tradition of Tom Paine, systematically examines and refutes the myths that provide the ‘impenetrable ideological armor’ protecting corporate media from criticism.” —In These Times

OPEN MEDIA BOOK PAPER 978-1-88836-347-0 $9.95 80 PAGES

T he F u t u re o f M e d ia Resistance and Reform in the 21st Century

Robert McChesney, Russell Newman, and Ben Scott, eds.

The essential anthology of new media criticism, The Future of Media collects the most up-to-date thinking from the vanguard of media theorists, commentators, journalists, scholars, and policymakers, who examine where we are now and lay out a five- to ten-year roadmap for change. Paper 978-1-58322-679-7 $19.95 400 pages

O u r M e d ia , N ot T heirs The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media

Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols Foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich

This revised, expanded edition of It’s the Media, Stupid! (2000) chronicles the recent dramatic developments in media activism, critiques the US media system, and proposes meaningful changes for American media. Open Media Book Paper 978-1-58322-549-3 $9.95 128 pages

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