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H i s t o r y a n d r a d i c a l h i s t o r i e s   •   3 9 “By dint of names, dates, and figures, of classified ads, of sundry facts, of statistics, of the confessions of great writers and of anonymous passersby, of quotations from small-town newspapers and from official discourses, Vladimir Pozner reconstructs, vibrantly, so terribly vibrantly and magnificently, the American civilization.” —Les Lettres Françaises Paper 978-1-60980-531-9 $24.95 416 pages

F lyi n g C lo se to the S u n My Life and Times as a Weatherman

Cathy Wilkerson

In this memoir of her days in the Weather Underground, Wilkerson wrestles with the contradictions of the movement and recognizes that in making decisions from a place of rage she was practicing the same disregard for human life that she was so desperately protesting against. Now available in paperback. Paper  978-1-58322-861-6  $18.95  432 pages b&w photographs

fight the p o wer ! A Visiual History of Protest Among the English-Speaking Peoples

Sean Michael Wilson and Benjamin Dickson Art by Hunt Emerson, John Spelling, and Adam Pasion Cartoons by Polyp

Fight the Power! is a new kind of history book told as a graphic narrative that shows how the 99% has struggled, protested, and won, from the Luddites and Swing Riots of the 1800s to the unfinished Occupy movement of today. Paper 978-1-60980-492-3 $19.95 192 pages

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Journalism and Media Studies B E AT I N G A R OUND T H E B U S H Art Buchwald

Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist Art Buchwald returns undaunted to examine the ridiculous people and preposterous events that we call our daily reality. Collected from his recent columns, with a foreword by Garry Trudeau, Buchwald’s satirical voice darts at politicians, power, corporations and the media without pause. PAPER 978-1-58322-750-3 $17.95 272 PAGES CLOTH 978-1-58322-714-5 $24.95 240 PAGES

A ppeal to R eas o n 25 Years In These Times

Edited by Craig Aaron

Showcasing In These Times contributors such as Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Salim Muwakkil, Appeal to Reason combines groundbreaking and newly commissioned essays on the labor movement, the environment, feminism, grassroots politics, minority communities, the media, and the magazine itself. Paper 978-1-58322-275-1 $19.95 384 pages

R ise o f the Vi d e o game Z i n esters How Freaks, Normals, Amateurs, Artists, Dreamers, Drop-outs, Queers, Housewives, and People Like You Are Taking Back an Art Form

Anna Anthropy

Part history lesson, part DIY guide, and part manifesto, Rise of the Videogame

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