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Seven Stories is pleased to support the Zinn Education Project, a collaboration between Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change dedicated to introducing middle school and high school students to a more accurate, complex, and engaging understanding of United States history than is found in traditional textbooks and curricula. Visit the web site to see how you can bring Zinn’s teaching into the classroom, showing students that history is made not by a few heroic individuals, but by people’s choices and actions. “I have also thoroughly appreciated the range of material offered through the Zinn Education Project... [it’s] really helping me establish a curriculum centered on social justice that I think as a first year teacher would have been so much more difficult to do without.” —Jennifer Spensieri, Flagstaff Academy of Arts and Leadership

H o war d Z i n n O n . . . Collected from a lifetime of writing and historical work, these three handy pocket guides provide an ideal introduction to Howard Zinn’s writing on some of the great themes of his work.

H o war d Z i n n o n H isto ry

Second Edition

Introduction by Staughton Lynd

Twenty-seven short writings provide examples of the kind of passionate engagement in justice and social causes that Zinn believed all historians, and indeed all citizens of whatever profession, need to have, standing in sharp contrast to the commonplace fiction of “objective” or “neutral” history. PAPER 978-1-60980-132-8 $16.95 192 pages

H o war d Z i n n o n R ace Introduction by Cornel West

Zinn’s choice of the shorter writings and speeches that best reflect his views on America’s most taboo topic. PAPER 978-1-60980-134-2 $16.95 192 pages

H o war d Z i n n o n War

Second Edition

Introduction by Marilyn Young

Zinn’s perspective not only as a historian, but as a World War II veteran and peace activist who lived through the most devastating wars of the twentieth century and who questioned every one of them with his combination of integrity and historical acumen. PAPER 978-1-60980-133-5 $16.95 192 pages

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