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H aymar k et A Novel

Martin Duberman

A true-to-history account of the Chicago Haymarket riot of 1886, Haymarket brings the passion and turmoil of the late-nineteenth-century labor movement to life. “We should be grateful to Duberman for spotlighting a neglected chapter in the struggle for workplace rights and human dignity.” —Peter Franck, The Washington Post Paper 978-1-58322-671-1 $16.95 330 pages

L ife o f a n A n archist The Alexander Berkman Reader

Edited by Gene Fellner

A collection of the American radical’s greatest works, including Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist, The Bolshevik Myth, the classic ABCs of Anarchism; plus letters between Berkman and Emma Goldman and a sampling of his other publications. “Includes everything an aspiring revolutionary could want.” —Los Angeles Reader Paper 978-1-58322-662-9 $16.95 352 pages

Co lu mb u s a n d Other C a n n ibals The Wetiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism, and Terrorism

Jack D. Forbes

In his classic history of terrorism, genocide, and ecocide—told from a Native American point of view—Forbes diagnoses the Western compulsion to consume the earth as a sickness. Updated with a new preface by the author and an introduction by Derrick Jensen. Paper 978-1-58322-781-7 $14.95 256 pages

ra d ical wal k i n g to u rs o f n ew yo r k city Bruce Kayton

Through Kayton’s lens, the history of all hitherto existing neighborhoods in New York is the history of class struggles, civil rights battles, and labor movements; these twelve tours provide as many exciting, provocative, and educational afternoons. PAPER 978-1-58322-554-7 $13.95 240 PAGES

Bakunin The Creative Passion—A Biography

Mark Leier

Bakunin chronicles the life of one of the most notorious radicals in history, as well as the founding of anarchism, here revealed as a practical moral philosophy based on a critique of wealth and power. “The life of Bakunin (1814-1876), the Russian architect of the anarchist movement, provides a surprisingly enjoyable introduction to the tumult of 19th-century radicalism….[Leier] brings welcome consideration to the real merits of the movement.” —Publishers Weekly Paper 978-1-58322-894-4 $17.95 320 pages

W ic k e d M esse n ger Mike Marqusee

Bob Dylan’s abrupt abandonment of overtly political songwriting in the mid1960s caused an uproar among critics and fans. In Wicked Messenger, acclaimed cultural-political commentator Mike Marqusee describes the rise of Dylan’s artistic ambition at the expense of his activism. “An extremely entertaining and significant work that speaks to the challenges of our present tense as much as it hymns a lyric genius for all time.” —Time Out Paper 978-1-58322-686-5 $18.95 384 pages

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