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T he A n ti - A merica n M a n ifesto Ted Rall

In arguably the most radical book published in decades, cartoonist/columnist Ted Rall has produced the book he was always meant to write: a new manifesto for an America heading toward economic and political collapse, speaking to the possibility of creating a radically different form of government and economic infrastructure. Paper 978-1-58322-933-0 $15.95 176 pages

T he B o o k o f Obama From Hope and Change to the Age of Revolt

Ted Rall

Rall revisits the rapid rise and dizzying fall of Obama—and the emergence of the Tea Party and Occupy movements—and draws a startling conclusion: We the People weren’t lied to. We lied to ourselves, both about Obama and the two-party system. We voted when we ought to have revolted. Paper 978-1-60980-450-3 $14.95 240 pages

C hicag o ’s Nels o n A lgre n Art Shay

Seen through the lens of one of America’s greatest photojournalists, Chicago’s Nelson Algren is a compilation of hundreds of photos—many recently discovered and published here for the first time—and a deeply moving homage to the writer and his city. Paper  978-1-58322-764-0  $19.95  208 pages of b&w photos

S u tto n impact Ward Sutton

A full-color trouncing of the Bush Dynasty from cult-favorite Village Voice cartoonist Ward Sutton, Sutton Impact brings together for the first time the artist’s hilarious, irreverent social commentary and his vivid poster art. More than two hundred pieces document the flights and folly of an era, from politics to popular music, and much more. Paper 978-1-58322-677-3 $18.95 128 pages

fight the p o wer ! A Visiual History of Protest Among the English-Speaking Peoples

Sean Michael Wilson and Benjamin Dickson; Art by Hunt Emerson, John Spelling, Adam Pasion; Cartoons by Polyp

Fight the Power! is a new kind of history book told as a graphic narrative that shows how the 99% has struggled, protested, and won, from the Luddites and Swing Riots of the 1800s to the unfinished Occupy movement of today. Paper 978-1-60980-492-3 $19.95 192 pages

Pareco mic Michael Albert and the Story of Participatory Economics

Sean Michael Wilson and Carl Thompson Introduction by Noam Chomsky

A graphic novel that explains Michael Albert’s visionary participatory economics (parecon) system to a new generation—a generation primed to question a longtime complacency with capitalism, and encouraged to rise up to change it for the better. Paper 978-1-60980-456-5 $18.95 224 pages

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