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C U T T I N G CO R P O R AT E W E L FA R E Foreword by Winona LaDuke In this groundbreaking pamphlet, based on testimony he delivered before Congress, Ralph Nader describes how corporations are picking our pockets, and what we can do to stop them. OPEN MEDIA BOOK PAPER 978-1-58322-033-7 $10.00 144 PAGES

I n P u rs u it o f J u stice Collected Writings 2000-2003 More than one hundred articles, conveying Nader’s inimitable sense of both the global political economy and our nation’s democratic promise. “From auto and airline safety to ‘the insurance game,’ Nader wins praise as consumer crusader …” —Booklist “One of the 100 most influential Americans in the twentieth century.” —Time Paper 978-1-58322-629-2 $19.95 520 pages

THE RALPH NADER READER An invaluable resource for anyone interested in a unique vision of democracy that places citizenship over consumerism, communities over corporations, and public interest over private power. “An astonishing compendium of thought from America’s First Citizen. . . . Here’s a reader that’s really worth reading.” —Jim Hightower

2001 Firecracker Alternative Book Award Paper 978-1-58322-057-3 $19.95 456 pages

R et u r n to se n d er Unanswered Letters to the President In letters addressed to Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama, Ralph Nader provides incisive critiques of more than a decade of American policy decision and indecision. Each letter offers frank advice and shines light on government mishaps and missed opportunities for progress. With his signature dry wit, Nader holds these Presidents to their campaign promises. Here they are reproduced to refute that fate in the spirit of true and healthy democracy. hardcover 978-1-60980-626-2 $21.95 240 pages

To l d yo u s o Introduction by Jim Hightower A follow up to the Ralph Nader Reader, Told You So touches on many issues including genetically engineered food, opposing World Trade Organization, commercialism, women’s rights, environmental politics, democracy, the corporate state of America, and citizen action and social change. Paper 978-1-60980-474-9 $29.95 480 pages

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