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A m e r i c a’s F i r s t C i t i z e n : Ralp h Na d e r

Four generations of Americans have followed citizen advocate Ralph Nader’s lead on civic and political issues that affect their lives. From fighting for car safety in the 1960s, to opposing the policies of the World Trade Organization, to running for president, Nader continues to be a relentless force for grassroots activism and democratic change.

“Ralph Nader is our indispensable voice of outrage against corporate corruption, invasion of privacy, and abuse of power.” —James K. Galbraith “O n ly the S u per - R ich C a n S av e Us !” What if a cadre of super-rich individuals tried to become a driving force to organize the citizens of this troubled nation? What if some of America’s most powerful individuals decided it was time to fix our government and return the power to the people? What could happen? In this first novel, a return to the American tradition of utopian fiction, Ralph Nader imagines the answer to the question. “How many leftist books leave you feeling hopeful, even optimistic? How many offer you a picture of a new world that inspires you to act? . . . A genuine creative leap in genre and substance.” —Charles Derber, Tikkun “I congratulate Ralph Nader for his outstanding and timely book. Most of my students are cynical regarding political parties. The idea that a new national political party could be created and it could play a central role in reforming our national government was new and exciting. Based on my success with Ralph’s book last year, I plan to use it as a basic text to two new courses designed to explain how we can reform our national, state, and local governments.” —Clyde D. McKee, Trinity College Paper 978-1-60980-085-7 $17.95 464 pages Cloth 978-1-58322-903-3 $27.50 736 pages

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