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I mpeach the P resi d e n t The Case Against Bush and Cheney

Edited by Dennis Loo and Peter Phillips

In the face of the extraordinary and unprecedented threat the White House and its allies present to civil liberties, civil rights, the Constitution, international law, and the future of the planet, this collection makes the case that a drastically different political dynamic must be created now. With contributions by Howard Zinn, Martin Garbus, Dahr Jamail, Jeremy Brecher, Jill Cutler, Brendan Smith, Mark Crispin Miller, Nancy Snow, and Greg Palast. “In these desperate times, when lies and half-truths are official policy, when our young people and innocent Iraqi civilians pay for these lies with lives, this book is a clear presentation of the crimes of Bush and Cheney.” —Cindy Sheehan, author of Dear President Bush Paper 978-1-58322-743-5 $17.95 352 pages

T he U n rav eli n g o f the B u sh P resi d e n cy Howard Zinn

In this essay on the years 2001-2006, Zinn examines how the catastrophic machinations of war have dictated our foreign and domestic policy, and how voices of resistance have appeared in the unlikeliest places. Paper 978-1-58322-769-5 $7.95 48 pages

See also History and Radical Histories, Foreign Policy and International Affairs, Prison Studies

S o c i o lo g y a H isto ry o f M arriage

Second Edition

Elizabeth Abbott

What does the “tradition of marriage” really look like? In A History of Marriage, Elizabeth Abbott paints an often surprising picture of this most public, yet most intimate, institution. Marriage—in all its loving, unloving, decadent, and impoverished manifestations—is revealed here through Abbott’s infectious curiosity. paper 978-1-60980-619-4 $22.95 496 pages

available august 2015 CLOTH 978-1-60980-088-8 $22.95 472 pages

B o bby ’s b o o k Emily Haas Davidson; As told to her by Bob Powers Photographs by Bruce Davidson

Through the reflections of the former drug addict and petty criminal, Bobby Powers is today, at 69, a nationally respected drug addiction counselor who has aided a wide spectrum of people, including former gang members. His story represents a brutal and inspiring lesson in human frailty, degradation, and transformation. Paper 978-1-60980-448-0 $21.00 160 pages

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