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T he Walr u s a n d the elepha n ts John Lennon’s Years of Revolution

James Mitchell

An in-depth study of the year John Lennon spent discovering the highly politicized side of himself that is often overlooked in biographies and profiles of the legend. “This book serves as a backstage pass to the missing link between Lennon’s music and his activism, ranging from decriminalization of marijuana to termination of undeclared war—both ends of that spectrum fueled by the government’s misuse of power without compassion—revealing how the Nixon administration tried to silence him.” —Paul Krassner, author of Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut: Misadventures in the Counterculture cloth 978-1-60980-467-1 $26.95 352 pages

A merica’s Disappeare d Secret Imprisonment, Detainees, and the “War on Terror”

Edited by Rachel Meeropol

with Reed Brody, Barbara Olshansky, Michael Ratner, and Stephen Macpherson Watt Since September 11, thousands have been imprisoned without trial or any kind of judicial hearing. America’s Disappeared brings together the detainees’ own testimonies and constitutional scholarship to refute the alleged justification for these detentions and to explore their human costs. Paper 978-1-58322-645-2 $12.95 247 pages

Dem o cracy Detai n e d Secret Unconstitutional Practices in the U.S. War on Terror

Barbara Olshansky

Introduction by Nat Hentoff Olshansky documents the Bush administration’s assault on the US system of checks and balances, its abuse and torture of people it detains or sends to other countries to be interrogated and tortured, its attack on open government and accountability, its brutal treatment of immigrants, and its abandonment of human rights agreements and the principles of human dignity they protect. Paper 978-1-58322-734-3 $18.95 400 pages

T he S u n C limbs S lo w The International Criminal Court and the Struggle for Justice

Erna Paris

In this groundbreaking investigation, Erna Paris explores the history of global justice, the politics behind America’s opposition to the creation of a permanent international criminal court, and the implications for the world at large. Paper 978-1-58322-879-1 $21.95 400 pages

T he rich d o n ’ t always wi n The Forgotten Triumph over Plutocracy that Created the American Middle Class, 1900–1970

Sam Pizzigati

For the 99%, this book tells how income inequality developed in the early years of the century. This lively popular history will speak directly to the political hopelessness so many Americans feel. By tracing how average Americans took down plutocracy over the first half of the 20th Century—and how plutocracy came back—The Rich Don’t Always Win will outfit Occupy Wall Street America with a deeper understanding of what we need to do to get the United States back on track to the American dream. Paper 978-1-60980-434-3 $18.95 384 pages

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