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Lee Stringer Library Lee Stringer’s journey from childhood homelessness in the ’60s, to adult homelessness in the ’80s, to his present career as a writer and lecturer, as told in Sleepaway School and Grand Central Winter, is one of the great odysseys of contemporary American life and letters. Stringer, the only board member of Project Renewal who is also a former patient of the facility, has demonstrated that writers are made, not born. He is the two-time recipient of the Washington Irving Award and, in 2005, a Lannan Foundation Residency. He lives in Mamaroneck, New York, where he also serves on the board of the Mamaroneck Public Libraries.

G ra n d C e n tral W i n ter Stories from the Street The former editor of Street News and once homeless himself, Stringer writes candidly and poignantly about the people who lived on the street in late twentieth century New York. Now updated with a revised paperback edition, including four new chapters and a startling new ending. “Stringer gives us . . . the long view of New York’s underbelly, born of pain but delivered with style and heart.” —New York Times Paper 978-1-58322-918-7 $14.95 256 pages

Like Shaking Hands with God A Conversation about Writing

Lee Stringer and Kurt Vonnegut Vonnegut and Stringer muse on humanity, writing, salvation, art, and the struggle and joy of living from day to day. Now available in paperback. “There’s more honest wisdom in this little volume than you’re likely to find in most any other single book this year.” —Jim Knipfel, New York Press Paper 978-1-60980-074-1 $11.95 80 pages

S leepaway S ch o o l A Memoir After crises of family and identity come to a head —put up for adoption at birth, sent away to a school for troubled children at age eleven—Lee Stringer describes the turbulence of his first sixteen years, recollected here with startling balance, grace, and humor. “[A] lyrical, elegantly written memoir. . . . Stringer deftly tells a believable, candid, and vivid tale of a person scarred by his past.” —Publishers Weekly “Lee Stringer visited my class . . . [a]nd he walked out with two dozen graduate creative writing students as his perpetual readers and admirers.” —Mark Nowak, Director, MFA Program in Creative Writing, Manhattanville College Paper 978-1-58322-701-5 $13.95 240 pages

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Seven Stories Press Academic Catalog 2014-2015  

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