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a quality and healthy product. one-hundred percent cutted and sewed in Italy. ‚

"Essentials" is our limited series products focused on simplicity and essentialty, yet behind this simple concept there is a lot of reaserch and detailed craft work: all materials have been carefully selected, cutted and sewed by Italian Master Artisans. •

Sevenshirt "Essentials" wants to capture the split second moments where we, human beings, simply realise the greatness that lies in the essence of any element or gesture around us. •

Most of the time these moments are felt like an enchanting harmony between us and nature. Like being on your own, standing still, and feeling a gentle blowing breeze behind you, while looking and admiring the luminosity of a full moon. These situations bring us to a profound respect of nature. We reflect this respect in every material adopted for the devolopment of all goods, their packaging and presentation.

Introducing Sevenshirt’s Essentials Collection. by:

≈ Nicolo' Cunico ≈

born on the 25th of December 2010, Sevenshirt is a collection of artists and friends who have come toghether with passion for love, art and culture to a journey into fashion with the goal of offering a quality and healthy product.


Sevenshirt Essentials  

SEVENSHIRT ESSENTIALSa quality andhealthy percentcutted and sewed in Italy.

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