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Towards the end of this term, Student Services ran a Wellbeing Week focussing on demonstrating practical strategies of self-care and healthy behaviours to our students. The week included: physical fitness, nutritious food, pampering, relaxation, good sleep and hygiene practices, mindfulness craft and positive mindset strategies. It was a fun and interactive few days for our students and staff.

On Tuesday of that week, the College invited around 20 different organisations, who provide support and services for our young people, to join in the celebrations on campus for our annual Services Expo. A huge thank you to everyone who came along!

The Student Services team appreciates all the help that was given by the Hospitality staff and students, EAL/D staff, the Student Guild and the Back on the Rack committee, for helping run such a successful event. Special shout out to Year 12 student, Vuti, for writing and performing an incredible original rap for the launch of the week

Thanks to the hard work of every single person who contributed and helped out, our Wellbeing Week was a smashing success! We can’t wait to do it all again next year!



At the beginning of Term Two we all th weeks is such a long term” and here we a celebrating the achievements of our s engagement with College life.

As you can see through this newslette photos of our students participating in activities. I believe the images speak fo highlight the dynamic learning and socia everyone at Sevenoaks enjoys.

Much activity has occurred during the generated by our wonderful stud participated well in the community g available for them.

Therearemanyexcursionswhichhaveledourstudentsintothewiderworldandenablesthemtoengagewith authentic learning experiences These excursions connect students to their learning and enable them to explorefuturecareerdirections.

Students have also represented the College exceptionally well in sporting teams including volleyball, basketball, soccer and netball They have been great ambassadors for Sevenoaks, displaying outstanding commitmentandteamwork.

Connecting and belonging is a central theme at Sevenoaks. Our events, activities and excursions all enable students to connect to our College environment which gives them a strong sense of belonging to our community. It is heartening every week to see their positive engagement with being a student at Sevenoaks SeniorCollege.

WellbeingWeekwasaparticularlymemorableweek,withsomuchonofferforstudentsandstaffalike Iwould liketoextendmyappreciationandthankstoourStudentServicesteam,whoworkedhardtoensuretheweek was filled with interactive and engaging activities, highlighting the importance of being both physically and mentallyhealthy.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend our Parent Afternoon late this term. We are committed to working in partnership with you to achieve the best possible outcomes for students at Sevenoaks.

- Dr Karen Read, Principal

I want to thank our teaching staff for their wonderful efforts with our students and their commitment to studentprogressandlearning.Thankyouaswelltooursupportstaffwhoworksodiligentlybehindthescenes insupportingthestudentsinarangeofareas,makingSevenoakssuchavibrantplacetolearnandwork. Iamverymuchlookingforwardtoanotherjam-packedterminTermThree,kickingoffinweekonewithour NAIDOCWeekcelebrationsandthehighlyanticipatedYear12CollegeBall.Ihopeyouallhavearelaxingbreak andenjoyspendingtimewithfamilyandfriends.


Our Anzac Assembly was held on the 30th April. All students and staff, along with some special guests, attended the ceremony to remember all those who have served, past and present.

We were privileged to have Mr Don Phillips from the Cannington Returned Services League join us to talk about the reason ANZAC Day is the most solemn day on the Australian Calendar.

Our school co-captains, Alina Hussain and Aprile Narrier, led the assembly, supported by other members of the student guild The wreath was laid by Zane Daniels, Chief Petty Officer in the Australian Navy Cadets. Zane (pictured right) was awarded the RSLWA Cadet of the Year Award earlier in the year and attended the National ANZAC Dawn Service held at the Australian War Memorial as a special guest.

Our service noted the 110th anniversary of the commencement of WW1 and paid tribute to the memory of the brave souls who served our nation from all walks of life, a multi-ethnic tapestry of individuals united under a common cause. The service also gave us time to reflect on the profound lessons’ history has taught us and to pay homage to the courage and sacrifice of our service men and women.

A special thank you to Mr Luxton-Lawrence, who has played ‘The Last Post’ and ‘Reveille’ on trumpet beautifully.


Sorry Day commemoration and Reconciliation Week are a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. This year’s theme was ‘Now More The Ever’, which reminds us that, no matter what, the fight for justice and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will – and must – continue. This year’s artwork and design (pictured right) represent the momentum of the theme The chevron, a universal symbol for pointing the way, signifies advancing as one as we look towards a reconciled future; and the vibrant artwork of Gubbi Gubbi artist Maggie Douglas encourages connecting with one another, understanding and continuing to move forward.

Both our Follow the Dream and Deadly Sista Girlz teams organised a range of activities for students to participate in during the week. At Sevenoaks, we play our part in collectively building relationships and valuing our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures, and futures


On the 14th of June, Sevenoaks Senior College ventured out to play in this year’s School Sport WA Volleyball Tournament held at Warwick Stadium. We entered two teams this year, Senior Boys B grade and the Senior Girls B/C Grade.

The Boys team started off a little flat after the long bus journey to the venue but after a team debrief and motivational speech all the players became focussed and determined to reach finals. Everyone came out re-energised and knew their role within the team and displayed great teamwork and discipline to win every set from then on The boys ended up winning the comp and were crowned B Division Southeast Region champions!

TEAM: Dominic, Frankie, Daniel, John, Gaurav, Lucas and Haadi MVP- Gaurav

Our girls played in the open B division and played three group games against Canning Vale, Como and Thornlie, going undefeated, and finishing top of their group This meant they qualified for the semi-final against Willetton who were a strong side with some very experienced players, which unfortunately resulted in us getting knocked out of the finals

The team then played off against Thornlie for 3rd place in B division, winning convincingly Well done to all the girls involved, we are very excited to see if we can look to improve at the VWA tournament next term. Fantastic work!

TEAM: Alina, Putu, Reem, Jersey, Mhartina, Diana, Carmen and Dana. MVP- Dana

Shout out to Mr Middleton and Ethan for training the teams in the lead up to the tournament and huge thanks to our coaches on the day, Mr Breadsell and Ms Mcleay, for leading us to victory!



The 2024 Sevenoaks boys' interschool soccer team competed in the SSWA Southeast Regional Pennant competition against Mazenod College, Lynwood Senior High School and Swan View Senior High School this term.

The team played all three schools, one game at home and two away, resulting in one win and two losses. Our boys faced tough competitors from specialist soccer programs and while we had some fantastic goals and set pieces to win 7-1 away against Swan View SHS, we were not as consistant and were outperformed by Mazenod and Lynwood.

Well done to all the students involved and special thanks to Coach Mcleay and to all the students who stayed back after school to cheer on their friends. We'll get 'em next year!


On the 23rd of May, Sevenoaks’ Open Netball team ventured out to play in this years High School Cup. What a perfect day to head down to Fremantle Netball Association to take on some of the state’s best netballers. We knew we were in for a tough day on the court when pooled with some of the best private schools that ranspecialistnetballprograms.

To the girls credit they gave 100% effort and energy out on court and never stopped trying right up until the last whistle. We started off nervous, not quite sure of how to keep up with the intensity of the schools that train and play multiple times weekly. Instead of dropping our heads and giving up we tried to improvewitheach game.

On the day we played five games, losing four by a smaller margin each time and even winning a game due to a forfeit, as Mandurah had to leave. The carnival made us more resilient and appreciative of just how good the other schoolswereandhowhardworkhadelevatedteamstosuchahighlevel.

Coaches, Mr Breadsell and Jennet, were so proud of all the girl’s efforts and would like to thank Poppy for umpiring all day and Hannah for helping time andscore.


MVP –CharlotteAdams DefensivePlayer –NasraPakili Encouragement –AprileNarrier

TEAM MEMBERS: Charlotte Adams, Narsra Pakili, Aprile Narrier, Ariana Morete, Chardnee Bhuiyan , Hollie McCosker, Carmen Tupicoff, Reem Rifai, Ciennah Nestoridis,LiviniaO’Farrell,LilieshaKavanagh.


Early in the term, we participated in the SSWA (School Sport WA) annual basketball tournament. We had a fantastic group of boys who made up this year’s team, their behaviour and sportsmanship exceeded expectations. We playedfourgamesbacktobackandcameawaywith2xwinsand2xlosses.

The team convincingly beat Hammond Park Secondary College (who apparently had numerous State League players) and had another good victory against Kelmscott Senior High. Our boys ended the day with a playoff match for 3rd place againstComo,butunfortunatelyhadtosettlefor4thplace.

The team had a few setbacks during the day but all players remained confident and played all games to the best of their ability. Great job boys and huge thankstoCoach Middletonforanawesomeday out!

Congratulations also goes to Aleesha Winmar for competing in the Deadly Sista Girlz basketball carnival this term! It was an amazing display of team spirit from all the girls who played. Telethon Kids Institute even joined us on the day to chatabouttheamazingworktheydoandhowourgirlscangetinvolved. clickhere clickhere



As part of our Curtin UniReady Enabling Program, students had the opportunity to visit Curtin University’s Bentley campus this term. This visit was an invaluable chance for students to familiarise themselves with the university and its facilities. The day featured campus and library tours, Q&A and information sessions, and interactive activities withagroupofcurrentuniversitystudents.

A highlight of the day was the race around the campus. During this activity, UniReady students explored the grounds by locating mystery sitesto answerquizquestionsandtakecreativeteamphotos.

Students also participated in two Faculty activities of their choice, including Business and Law; Science and Engineering; Humanities; and Health Sciences. These activities encouraged students to explore variouslearningandcareerpathways.Afantasticdayoutforall!


Year 12 ATAR English students attended the English and Literature Conference at Curtin University, attending several lectures and getting a feel for being a university student. Schools from across the state attend this excellent and informative conference, and it was fantastic to seeourstudentsengagedwithhigh-levelATAREnglishcontent.


The Yr 12 General Human Biology students had an excursion to the Perth Zoo on the 10th June. The purpose of the excursion was to observe and learn about Primates and the similarities we share, focusingonthemusculoskeletalsystems.

Students attended a lecture in the Zoo Education Centre, learning about the evolution of Primates particularly the Great Apes and Monkeys and about their big brains! Students wondered around the zoo completing an activity booklet and also had time to see their favouriteanimals!Wewereluckywiththeweatherandhadafabday!


Our Harmony Across Borders (HAB) students held a pop up stall this term, which had fantastic reception from students and staff alike! These driven and passionate group of young leaders were responsible for the planning and execution of this event, and even made badges for everyone in their free time! A huge thank you to Ms Clifton and the EnglishandEAL/Dstaffwhohelpedmakethispossible.

The stall consisted of a Jeopardy style game, multi choice quiz, prizes, free badges, info sheets and a question/suggestions box. Our HAB Committeeisproudlysupportedby TogetherForHumanity. clickhere clickhere



Some of our students have been lucky enough to work with Dismantle on a bike restoration project this term. In partnership with Transport WA's Your Move Program, students were given donated bikes and bike parts, and through the support of Dismantle, some elbow grease, sweat and maybe even a few tears, made the bikes safe, roadworthy and ready for a newhome.

Our friends over at Beckenham Primary School were the lucky recipients of the restored bikes, we hope you love them! Huge thanks to their Principal, Mr John Gillett, for visiting us on Monday for the handover, and massive props to our Youth Worker, Mandy, for making this all possible. Students will now get to work on their own bikes and give them a snazzy newupgrade!



Our Year 11 and 12 Maths Methods students have been working hard on a graphingprojectthisterm.

The 11's had to create a design for a T-shirt using their knowledge of graphs; how to move the basic graphs and scale them in different directions. They also had to know how to only graph part of a function by restrictingthings.

The 12's had to design an A2 poster for an event at school and were required to include some Indigenous elements into their work. Whilst it might look similar, the 12's project was more complex as they were required to show their workings to prove that their logo image fitted onto an A2 sheet.ThanksMrYoungforsuchacreativeandfunmathsproject!


In Ms Wilton’s Materials, Design and Technology - Textiles class, Year 11 student, Jas Gibbon (pictured right), wanted to create a blanket for her niece as asurprisegift.

Jas did all the research herself - she investigated different patchwork designsand fabrics,then watchedvideosonhowtocutandsewthem.

Ms Wilton brought in a selection of her mum's quilting fabrics for Jas to selectfromonceshehaddecidedonherfinaldesign.

I am so proud of Jas - she has driven this whole project by herself. All the design making, cutting, shaping and sewing was completed independently. The end result is truly marvellous!

- Ms Wilton, Art Teacher



We continue to partner with our community organisation Langford Aboriginal Association (LAA) and are grateful for the many programs they organise for our students during the school term. So far, hese have included: Mercy Care workshop, art sessions, Mother’s Day session and gifts for mums and the Perth Wildcats visit.



We are thrilled to announce Polly Farmer Follow the Dream has been named the Program of the Year at the NAIDOC Perth awards this term! The award recognises not-for-profit organisations delivering outstanding programs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Perth.

Board chair Mandy Gadsdon, and Vice Chair and daughter of Polly Farmer, Kim Farmer, were in attendance to receive the award, along with Follow the Dream program coordinator, Dr Jennet Hansen, and alumni students, Rebekah Delaney and Matthew Harris.

Special thanks goes to Dr Jennet Hansen from Sevenoaks Follow the Dream who nominated the Foundation for the award.


Follow the Dream is proud to announce their collaboration with Holcim Australia. Our students had the incredible opportunity to participate in an exclusive tour of Holcim operations at their Gosnell’s Quarry this term. This unique experience provided valuable insights into the workings of the quarry and allowed students to gain firsthand knowledge about the industry. We extend our thanks to DSG Mentor, Rebekah Delaney, and our Follow the Dream alumni for accompanying us on the trip. Your support in providing transport and facilitating liaison with Holcim for future opportunities is greatly appreciated.

Holcim is committed to their reconciliation action plan, offering employment opportunities for Follow the Dream alumni, mentoring opportunities, and funding experiences for our students


The Law Society hosted its first Youth Civics Leadership Day for Aboriginal youth this term Twenty four students from across Australia were nominated for showing leadership potential and/or civic awareness, including two of our very own, Aprile and Tahlia Congratulations girls! We hope you enjoyed this incredible opportunity! click


FTD invited General Manager, Sam Russell, and the team from Holcim Australia to visit us this term. The team toured the College and interacted with our FTD students, experiencing our dynamic learning environment firsthand. Shout-out to our dedicated Trade Training Centre team, Mr Triscari and Mr Grant, for showcasing our programs so effectively Special mention to FTD student, Denzel Patullo, for leading the tour of the auto section with remarkable poise, seamlessly articulating the entire program. FTD students Jayna Squires, Shane Cole, Shaun Hankin and Tyreece Smith were exemplary role models and spent time with the team talking about their experiences and plans. Well done!


A key component of the Follow the Dream (FTD) program is to showcase and encourage students to explore pathways to university We extend our heartfelt thanks to Shayna Daniels, Future Student Engagement Coordinator, for the insightful campus tour and engaging activities during our ECU excursion. The students thoroughly enjoyed their time on campus, with both Nyemma Gonzalez and Bella Heim-Fix expressing their intentions to study nursing at ECU Our students served as incredible role models throughout the day We are also extremely proud to highlight that Sevenoaks FTD alumni, Courtney Eades, is now the External Relationships Adviser at ECU. Congratulations!




We were lucky enough to attend the Deadly Futures Careers Expo this term, along with WA’s main universities and other leading Perth companies such as Western Power, Water Corp, HIF, Alcoa, Maxima, Qantas, and Mineral Resources The girls were able to walk around the venue and enquire about job opportunities that interested them. Following the careers expo, a panel of female Indigenous entrepreneurs shared their journeys about how they created their businesses, their struggles, what worked, what didn’t and then gave advice they wished they’d known when they were younger.


The DSG team were proud to support this term’s Wellbeing Week. We prepared small canvases painted black with a hand outlined in white. The students then painted inside the hand that represented things about themselves, such as their flag/cultural symbols or things they like and enjoy.


Sevenoaks students have attended two Justice Days this term One student was able to pass her learners test and is now on the road driving. Three more girls were able to get their own birth certificates and other ID


For our end of term reward, we took a group of Sevenoaks and Yule Brook students to AQWA. While on the tour we got to go on a glass bottom boat which gave us unique view of the sealife below us. A truly awesome day out!

Seven's dedication to this project shows their passion for inclusivity and ensuring that all young people feel heard.



The Ozharvest FEAST program came to life at the Academy this term. The BPA students have engaged in a variety of learning experiences that have improved their nutritional literacy and inspired them to fight food waste, enjoy healthy eating, and make changes in their school community

Through cooking and inquiry-based learning, the FEAST program encourages students to explore the role food plays in our everyday lives and wider society, whilst also considering their ecological footprint.

We put theory into practice where we held a MasterChef style ‘mystery box challenge’ where students were given a box of random ingredients to create a dish under the pressures of a simulated commercial kitchen Groups were judged on the taste and appearance of their food alongside their teamwork and cooking skills

We are delighted and excited to announce that Ozharvest has selected our school to be the proud recipient of a refurbished Thermomix TM5 Machine We look forward to creating many more recipes in our program to help minimise food waste in our school Thank you OzHarvest!


Big Picture Academy students were offered the opportunity to experience the cutting edge of technology with the introduction of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robotics. The students were captivated as they incorporated the newest generation of motors, sensors, and software by programming their commands directly into their intelligent brick

This introduction to coding was imaginative, multi-sensory, fun, and engaging. The students particularly enjoyed operating their robots around the classroom obstacle course. How fun!


Seven's personal interest project began as a conversation about hearing issues and music appreciation, and how we could investigate ways to help people with disabilities get the most out of concerts and events As we talked more, we focussed on issues some students have expressing themselves, particularly when they might be anxious or upset. From this, the initial idea of cards that can talk for you was born Seven has designed, drafted and redrafted the "Communicards", collating feedback from staff and students to improve the design To date, we are on version 3 and Seven is now working on emoji cards for younger primary aged students or those form a non-English speaking background.

The colour coded communication cards developed by Seven will undoubtedly be a valuable resource for our Student Services team when working with students Well done Seven!


Our first visit this term was to the Native Arc wildlife hospital at Bibra lake. This is a purpose-built wildlife veterinary hospital open 365 days each year, with qualified, experienced veterinarians on-site each day! It admits more than 6500 animals each year, across 280 different species. Their motto is “Helping wild lives live is what we do!”

WA Wildlife is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing, treating, rehabilitating and conserving native wildlife since 1998 Healthy wildlife is essential for our ecosystems and life for all other species on Earth, including humans! Protecting native habitats is vital if we are to ensure that local flora and fauna survive for future generations.

Whilst there, we met a dedicated team of staff and volunteers with a shared vision of improving the welfare of wild animals through rescue, veterinary treatment, rehabilitation and local conservation

The work they do is outstanding but costly, and they are constantly recruiting volunteers It’s not just about working with wildlife, there are many other tasks required to keep the organisation running, including: reception duties, education, gardening, maintenance, customer service and enrichment activities. Or you could simply spend your cash at the WA Wildlife Op shops.

Our students met Raffy, the black cockatoo, Bindi and Banjo, the resident dingos and some surprisingly friendly emus. Anyone interested in taking a tour or volunteering can apply at This was a truly wonderful and engaging excursion for our BPA students.


This term we took a trip to the Fremantle Prison. To begin, we were taken through the prison’s reception building and showers to the main convict establishment Here, prisoners were placed into different cell blocks based on the nature of their crimes, including a juvenile division which housed Samuel Andrews, Fremantle Prison’s youngest ever offender at just eight years old!

A mandatory measure of reform for all convicts was attending the prison chapel every Sunday, which if they did not comply with, they faced harsh corporal punishment from the ‘Cat O’ Nine Tails’. Even capital punishment was legal in Fremantle Prison until 1984. But the most confronting part of the tour was the solitary confinement unit. Inmates were held here for 23 hours a day for up to nine months at a time. These cells contained three items: a stool, a bucket and a bible However, the fate of reoffenders was far more torturous They faced the same sentence but in a cell with no windows, meaning they lived in pitch black darkness. These inhumane conditions drove many to insanity, indicated by the many crazed scrawls and carvings on the solitary cell walls.

Overall, our tour of Fremantle Prison was a hugely enlightening experience I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone keen for an immersive excursion in one of Western Australia’s most prominent historical monuments.

Before the tour, I was apprehensive of how engaging the tour guide would be, and if the day would just be a jumble of mind-numbing facts. However, Ron, a retired miner originally from LA, made the experience truly incredible! Freddie Strappe BPA STUDENT



Congratulations to Aprile Narrier and Alina Hussain on being elected as our 2024 Sevenoaks Senior College Co-Captains! Aprile and Alina will be representing the College at various whole school and community events andleadinganumberof StudentGuildactivitiesandfundraisers.


Our Student Guild recently took a trip to Ern Halliday Recreation Camp in Hillarys for the day. At the camp, our school leaders worked through various activities to test their strength, confidence and fears. The day included a flying fox, abseiling, caving, orienteering and a number of other fun, challenging games. Huge thanks to Ms Ivison, Ms Abdus and Mr Luxton-Lawrenceforcomingalong!

“I was undoubtedly in for a surprise as we indulged in strenuous and exciting activities. We did a scavenger hunt-like mini game which really took out the energy in me, because I’m naturally competitive.” - JedSamson,Year12.

“I liked the joyful workers who helped us push through our fears and let us have a go on amazing activities.” -AlinaHussain,Year12

“I pushed myself to my limit with my friends by my side, and I finished to the end even though I said I wasn’t gonna do the activities, but I did end up having bruised knees from it all so that’s the proof of pushing it to the limit.” - AprileNarrier,Year12

“I had an amazing time on the excursion! We did so many exciting activities like flying fox, wall hopping, caving, and a scavenger hunt. The food was great as well, with delicious sandwiches and cookies.” - ShubhamBhatt,Year11


It was so amazing to see the students get out of their comfort zones and push themselves in the activities. We are lucky to have such wonderful, passionate young leaders.


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