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Consumers rate the Rosé a ripper Sevenhill Cellars’ 2012 Four Buckets Rosé made a spectacular debut by being named winner of the Consumer Award for Rosé at the 2012 South Australian Wine Industry Awards.

Healthy respect for beneficial bugs

Almost 1000 wines were entered in this

Spring in the vineyard it is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation as the vines spring to life after their winter dormancy. As the temperature starts to rise, the reservoir of moisture in the soil from winter rains provides an ideal environment for grapevine growth. This is also a time of reproduction for a myriad of other living plants and organisms.

consumer panel. The awards were presented

Not all of this activity is wanted or useful, so there is a need to control the potential for any negatives from sources, such as fungal diseases, weeds or insects. To keep the vineyard healthy and in balance, Sevenhill Cellars uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

“Made from ancient Clare Valley Grenache

IPM is an effective environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of practices. IPM uses current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. This information, in combination with available pest control methods, is used to manage potential pest damage with the least possible hazard to people, property, and, very importantly, the environment.

“It’s a joy to slurp as spring rolls around.”

IPM uses a series of pest management evaluations, decisions and controls. Not all insects, weeds and other living organisms require control. Many are innocuous and some are even beneficial. IPM encourages a diverse population of organisms, including some that are harmful, but which can be tolerated at low levels. This contributes to a healthy vineyard environment. The use of permanent swards between the vines helps to limit unwanted weeds and provides a habitat for beneficial insects to compete with, and limit, any undesirables. To combat fungal diseases effectively, preventive sprays are chosen using highly targeted chemicals that have limited effects on any beneficial organisms wherever possible. Since the introduction of an IPM program at Sevenhill, broad spectrum pesticides have not been needed. Sevenhill’s IPM strategy optimises an effective, environmentally sound and socially aware outcome in the quest for quality fruit.

by Craig Richards Vineyard Manager

year’s awards, the 25th anniversary of the competition, which now has categories judged by a professional industry panel and a recently at a gala dinner at Adelaide’s Intercontinental Hotel. Writing in The Advertiser (Adelaide), National Wine Editor Tony Love referred to the 2012 Four Buckets Rosé old-vine fruit in his comments on the wine.

vines, dry herbed aromatics start the ball rolling, then a subtle, sweet apple and strawberry fruit crunch carries the palate, aided by just a faint sense of earthier species,” he said.

Winemaker Liz Heidenreich accepts the Rosé Consumer Award from James Allen, General Manager of Adelaide’s Intercontinental Hotel. “Pressing occurred when the extraction of flavour and tannin was considered at the optimum level for our Rosé style,” she said. “Fermentation was clean and cool, and the wine stayed on lees for a short time before

The Four Buckets Rosé is made from

bottling to capture the Grenache’s fresh

Grenache fruit, sourced from vines that are


over 90 years’ old, which yield modest crops that are renowned for producing full-bodied flavour.

The consumer judging panel was obviously impressed with this style. Why not try the wine and you, too, can be the judge.

Winemaker Liz Heidenreich held the wine on skins after crushing to allow colour and flavour to soak from the skins to the juice.

See our Tiber wine offer to purchase the 2012 Four Buckets Rosé.

International success Sevenhill Cellars’ 2008 Brother John May Reserve Release Shiraz has received a Gold Medal at the International Wine Show associated with Expovina Primavera in Switzerland. Expovina Primavera is one of the major wine expos in Zurich, which presents a wide variety of wines from renowned wine producers from various countries, including Australia, Germany and France. The 2008 Brother John May Reserve Release Shiraz, which recognises the outstanding career of Sevenhill’s Jesuit Winemaker Emeritus, Brother John May, SJ, was in the top 10 wines within its class, receiving 89 points. Sevenhill’s 2009 St Ignatius received a Silver Medal at the same show.

Single-vineyard focus for new premium Riesling Sevenhill Cellars’ commitment to the Clare Valley’s signature variety has been extended to include a premium Riesling released from the current vintage. The 2012 St Francis Xavier is a single-vineyard wine that joins the St Aloysius, a bottle-aged Riesling that has been a pillar of the premium range since it was created in honour of the Jesuit Saints. Both wines are produced in limited quantities, a reflection of the exacting standards applied to their development, starting in the vineyard where the best parcels of fruit are selected and then, in the winery, crafting to capture the style that produces wine of great elegance and varietal authenticity. The 2012 St Francis Xavier Single-Vineyard Riesling is produced using fruit from Sevenhill’s Weikert Vineyard, one of Sevenhill’s seven Riesling vineyards. This small vineyard (0.82ha) was planted in 1978 and has been recognised for consistently producing fruit to meet the premium requirements of the St Aloysius Riesling, which is normally released after at least three years in the bottle. The 2012 St Francis Xavier is a wonderful expression of pristine Riesling, coming as it does from a vintage widely regarded as one of the best in the past decade in the Clare Valley. Winemaker Liz Heidenreich relished the opportunity to work with fruit that showed the benefits of plentiful winter and spring rain and benevolent weather in the leadup and during vintage, with warm days and cool nights.

Honouring a dedicated missionary

“The Weikert vineyard has regularly produced fruit to the quality we have required for the St Aloysius and this year was no exception,” she

Sevenhill’s new premium Riesling honours St


Francis Xavier, one of the first companions of

“It was the perfect opportunity this year to

the Jesuits’ founder, St Ignatius. Both were

create a premium current-vintage Riesling to

from Basque noble families and when the two

add to our portfolio.

men met in Paris, Francis was an autocratic, ambitious man determined to accomplish

“There are discernable differences with our

great deeds in the world.

Inigo Riesling, which reflects the influence of vineyard location and fruit selection.”

For three years, Ignatius patiently encouraged

“The St Francis Xavier Riesling exemplifies

his friend to look at Life differently. “What

the variety’s great purity and elegance with its

profits a man,” he asked, “if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?” Francis Xavier was ordained in 1537 and when King John of Portugal asked in 1541 for priests to send to missions, the Jesuits founder chose his beloved companion, knowing that he would never see him again.

Beginning in India in 1852, Francis Xavier

floral style and delicate citrus character.”

worked as a Jesuit missionary in several countries, leaving behind flourishing churches that were the foundations for the Catholic faith in Asia. He died in 1552, exhausted from his labors and fasts, on a small island off the coast of China.

See our Tiber wine offer to purchase the 2012 St Francis Xavier Single-Vineyard Riesling.

Portrait captures Brother John’s distinctive character

Mayor of Clare and Gilbert valleys Council. Allan Aughey, and Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ, unveil the portrait.

Guests enjoy Sevenhill Cellars’ South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Exhibition which featured the work of artist Harry Sherwin.

It began in mid 2011 as an artist’s “sudden

in 2011 as his gift to Sevenhill to recognise

“It was a real journey – well over 12 months,

burst of inspiration”. Now, after more than 12

Brother John’s significant place in the wine

but one which has resulted in a very satisfying

months of discussion and sittings, Sevenhill

industry and Clare Valley community.

conclusion,” Harry said.

“I just had this feeling that it was overdue,”

“Bishop Greg O’Kelly spoke at the portrait’s

Harry said.

launch about Brother John’s tremendous

Cellars’ Jesuit Winemaker Emeritus, Brother John May SJ, has been committed to canvas. The painting was revealed by prominent Clare Valley artist Harry Sherwin, was unveiled at the launch of the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Exhibition at Sevenhill in August and now hangs in the winery’s Cellar Door. The striking work was revealed to a large audience comprising a wide cross section of the community, including government, the Jesuit community, wine industry and friends of Sevenhill and the artist. Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ, of the Port Pirie Diocese, and the Mayor of the Clare and

“Brother John is such a significant figure in this community and I just felt it was time for a portrait that can become part of visual landscape at Sevenhill.” It was from their initial discussions that Harry and Brother John decided it would be appropriate to paint the former winemaker in his carpentry workshop at Sevenhill. “Before joining the Jesuits, he was a carpenter and although he had a long involvement in the wine industry over several decades guiding

commitment to maintaining and developing Sevenhill Cellars and I think his portrait does capture his determination and devotion. “I wanted the work to be in the spirit of the great portraits – to capture the individual character. That’s why I focused on the hands and posture. “The hands are exaggerated to show that they are the hands of a very practical man. The colours also show a richness and warmth, which are very appropriate.

the development of Sevenhill, he has always

“I am very pleased that the portrait is displayed

retained his passion for working with wood,”

so it can be viewed by the public. I think it will

Harry said.

have enduring interest.”

to two of his life passions – a red wine glass

“We agreed that it was the right setting for this

Brother John, who joined the Jesuits in 1949

and a carpenter’s chisel.


with training at Loyola College in the northern

Gilbert Valleys Council, Allan Aughey, jointly unveiled the work, which captures Brother John in a seated pose with symbolic pointers

Twenty sittings of up to two hours went into the For the artist, the development of the portrait portrait, after the work was proposed by Harry was a “thoroughly rewarding experience”.

Melbourne suburb of Watsonia, first came to the Clare Valley in 1963 to work as an assistant to Brother John Hanlon, SJ, the sixth Jesuit winemaker at Sevenhill. When Brother Hanlon died suddenly in early February 1972, Brother John was recalled to Sevenhill. As manager of winemaking and viticulture, he embarked on a program to improve the winery buildings and facilities, and the vineyards were expanded using the best clones of varieties suitable to the Clare Valley in conjunction with the then Department of Agriculture (now Primary industries). Brother John retired from winemaking in 2003 as the last of Sevenhill’s Jesuit winemakers – a tradition that began in 1851. His stewardship was marked by the emergence of Sevenhill’s reputation for quality table wines, the growth of its cellar door and visitor recognition of Sevenhill as an important location of religious and heritage character.

Pictured after the portrait unveiling at Sevenhill are: Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ, Port Pirie Diocese (left), Brother John May SJ, Geoff Barker, Sevenhill General Manager, and artist Harry Sherwin.

Twelfth Night marks 10 years of Shakespeare

Amanda LaBonte with Director and husband Bert

Sevenhill Cellars will celebrate 10 years of

Next year’s production will also be notable for

performance and production Australian arts

Shakespeare in the Vines in 2013 with the

the involvement of Bert LaBonte as Director,

and entertainment, he was named Best Male

return of Twelfth Night, the production that

who will be working with his wife, Amanda, an

Actor in a supporting role in a Musical for his

launched the annual event in 2004.

Artistic Director of the company with Sophie

role in An Officer and a Gentleman.

During the past decade, Essential Theatre


“His comic eye and experience will bring a

has presented a range of Shakespeare’s

Both have been regular visitors to Sevenhill

fresh and entertaining interpretation to the

classics on the lawns of Sevenhill, using the

and they are looking forward to working with

production,” Sophie said.

combination of talented actors, a good sense

Bert, who is considered to be fast becoming

of humour and thriving passion to deliver

one of Australia’s most talented and versatile

Shakespeare’s language in an accessible and

actors. At the recent Helpmann Awards,

entertaining format.

which recognise the highest standards of

“We really appreciate Twelfth Night for its ingenious wit and are thrilled to be revisiting this play.”

The Tale of Twelfth Night Twelfth Night will be performed on Friday, February 15, and Saturday, February 16, 2013, at Sevenhill. An Early Bird ticket offer ($35 per person) is available until December 31, 2012, after which tickets are $40 per person. For bookings and information, visit or telephone (08) 8843 4222. Shakespeare 2012

Twins, Viola and Sebastian, have been

falling for the handsome and mysterious

Filled with a cast of unforgettable characters,

shipwrecked off the Illyrian coast and both

young man, ‘Cesario’.

Twelfth Night combines high comedy with

believe the other to be drowned. Distressed and alone, Viola disguises herself as a man, taking on the name of ‘Cesario’, and goes to work at the court of Duke Orsino. Viola falls in love with Orsino but he is besotted with Olivia, who is mourning her dead brother and continually sends ‘Cesario’ to woo her with poetic speeches and a pleading heart. The indifferent Olivia is not interested in the Duke’s attempts at affection, but she find herself

Shakespeare’s hilarious love triangle is complete: Viola loves Orsino, Orsino loves Olivia and Olivia loves ‘Cesario’, and everyone is miserable! Meanwhile at Olivia’s house Sir Toby Belch & Sir Andrew Aguecheek party well into the evenings, with the pompous Malvolio constantly trying to dampen their revelry. The drunkards take revenge on Malvolio for being such a stickler.

cruelty and the pangs of unrequited love with some of the subtlest poetry and most exquisite songs Shakespeare ever wrote. Will love be requited? Will twins be reunited? Join us for this fabulous tale and all will be revealed on Twelfth Night.

Old vines are remarkable survivors

Sevenhill Cellars is the home of some of the

In September 1851, Brother Schreiner acquired

to make way for a swimming pool on the

oldest grapevines in South Australia.

some vine cuttings from Bungaree Station,


A small vineyard known as the Schreiner block has 17 rows of Shiraz vines that were planted prior to 1860 and are still producing

north of the Clare township, and planted them on the left-hand side of the present entrance driveway to the winery and cellar door.

Bungaree Station began in 1841 when George C Hawker and his brothers, James and Charles, selected it as the site for their “head

exceptional fruit. The vines are pre-Phylloxera,

This planting marks the beginning of Sevenhill

station”. They had purchased 2000 ewes from

the devastating disease which destroyed

Cellars and the foundation of winemaking in

New South Wales and, on the advice of the

vineyards in France and Australia and is still

the Clare Valley. The vines were established

explorer Edward John Eyre, went looking for

present in some parts of Victoria and New

to provide altar wine once the supplies the

sufficient good land along the Hutt River in the

South Wales.

Jesuits brought with them from Europe were

Mid North of South Australia.

While not the first planted at Sevenhill, the


Bungaree became the main centre of an

gnarled, dry-grown vines of the Schreiner

According to the diary of Brother Francis Poelzl

extensive property, running 100,000 Merino

block are hand picked and still provide fruit

SJ, the first wine was made in the mid 1850s.

sheep. As a result, the headquarters was like

with deep colour and intense flavours, making it ideal for use in Sevenhill’s flagship wine, the Brother John May Reserve Release. The Schreiner block is named after Sevenhill’s first Jesuit Winemaker, Brother John Schreiner SJ, who was responsible for the first planting of vines at Sevenhill after the Jesuits

“This year, 1856, we made our first wine from our garden,” he wrote. Brother Schreiner served as winemaker from 1851-1884 and he died in 1893 when he was placed in the crypt at Sevenhill. The old vines at Bungaree Station survived for

purchased the property and took up residence more than a century but they were pulled out in the mid-1950s with clearance of an orchard in April, 1851.

a small village, with a sandstone homestead, woolshed, shearers’ quarters, station store, manager’s house, District Council chambers, staff cottages and a church. Today, as well as being a farm run by fourth and fifth generations of the Hawker family, Bungaree offers heritage accommodation for guests, day tours and venues for conferences, weddings and other functions.

Finding favour in the West Wines from Sevenhill Cellars’ Inigo range have

“Favourable growing conditions in a region

rated highly in a review by the Sunday Times

renowned for producing high-quality Riesling

Magazine in Western Australia.

has resulted in an immaculate wine with ripe

Writing in his Top Drops column, wine reviewer

fruit and great depth of flavour,” he said.

David Prestipino awarded 93 points to the 2012 The two red wines were notable for their Inigo Riesling and 2010 Inigo Shiraz and 92 points to the 2010 Inigo Merlot. Assessing the 2012 Inigo Riesling, he referred

flavoursome character. Referring to the 2010 Inigo Shiraz, Prestipino said: “Great complexity and integration of

to the influence of beneficial vintage conditions fruit, oak and tannins, with some vines more on the wine’s development.

Of the 2010 Inigo Merlot, he wrote: “ This full-bodied merlot has surprising intensity and complexity. Savoury, fresh…”

than 100 years old. Dense, full-bodied with

Prestipino’s column appears weekly in the food

vigorous fruit.

and wine section of Perth’s Sunday Times.

Another plaudit for Inigo Riesling The consistent high quality of Sevenhill’s Inigo Riesling has been reinforced by another top rating by respected Australian wine critic and author, James Halliday. Reviewing current releases in the OctoberNovember issue of his Wine Companion magazine, Halliday scored the 2012 Inigo Riesling at 95 points. Under his rating system, wines scoring 94100 points are considered to be outstanding – “wines of the highest quality, often with a distinguished pedigree”.

The 2010 vintage was one of six Clare Valley Halliday’s notes on the wine said: “Bottled and Rieslings reviewed in this section as part of released in May ’12, its scented floral bouquet a wide-ranging feature on Riesling in the and expressive palate an early testament to the quality of the vintage; it has a similarly evocative palate, with citrus fruit framed by slatey acidity on a lingering finish.” In the same issue of the magazine, Halliday referred to the 2010 Inigo Riesling (96 points) in his Worth Another Look Riesling tasting notes. “This beautiful estate-grown Riesling has a startlingly fragrant bouquet, perfumed and flowery, and the palate comes as no disappointment, with lilting citrus and

magazine. Introducing the feature, writer Tyson Stelzer referred to the variety as “The White Chameleon”. “Riesling – the ultimate, clean, unwooded white has turned funky all of a sudden,” he

With more textural presence and savoury


complexity, Riesling not only pairs with

“Dry, semi-sweet, wood-matured, wild yeast, single-vineyard, super-textural…new versions

such chicken or duck.

abound. Riesling drinkers are in for a wild

“A little sweetness opens a whole world of


spice. Asian cuisines in general are extremely

passionfruit flavours and a long finish’”

Referring to Riesling as a food partner, Stelzer

he said.

described the variety as “always being a great

“Sometimes this level of fruit expression has a

seafood, but can also extend to richer choices

suited to the new raft of slightly sweeter Rieslings.”

food wine”.

degree of reduction, but this wine is as fresh

“Its changing personality now makes it

as a spring day.”

suitable to a greater range of cuisines.

For more ideas on food with Riesling, see our recipe feature on the back page.

Clare presents a united message a clear message about what sets Clare apart

identified as a key component of the strategy’s

as a tourism destination.

success. A distinctive logo, which presented the

Members of the Alliance include the Clare Valley Winemakers Inc, Clare Valley Business and Tourism Association, Clare Region Wine

region in a consistent, positive style was also regarded as essential to achieving a positive presence in the marketplace.

Grape Growers’ Association, Clare Valley

This branding will be used extensively to spread

Cuisine, Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council

the Clare Valley message, including signs,

The Clare Valley is going to the world with a

and Regional Development Australia Yorke

websites, promotional material and

united front.

and Mid North.

food and wine packaging.

New branding with the message “It’s like no

These groups joined to develop a regional

Speaking at the launch of the new strategy, the

other” has been developed to promote the

brand strategy that focused on maximizing

Chief Executive Officer of Regional Development

Clare Valley under one banner throughout

the Clare Valley’s competitive advantage

Australia Yorke and Mid North, Kelly-Anne Saffin,

Australia and overseas.

and building a strong, united platform for

said: “The more times the new brand mark is

encouraging growth and investment in

utilised, the greater the market presence and

the region.

awareness of the Clare Valley.

established in 2011 to rebrand the region and

The co-operative spirit of all Alliance members

“The brand device is a seal of authenticity of

unite businesses and organisations to present

to present a complete visitor experience was

genuine Clare Valley goods and services.”

The new marketing brand is the work of the Clare Valley Regional Alliance, a group

Cellar Door hours change for holidays The summer holiday season is a popular time

In addition to our extensive wine portfolio,

at Sevenhill Cellars, but if you are planning a

visitors can enjoy our gourmet cheese platter

visit, we remind you to plan around our revised

that includes a selection of cheeses, served

trading hours during the Christmas-New Year

with quince paste, olives, dried fruit and

holiday period.

biscuits, plus two glasses of wine

Our Cellar Door will not be open on Christmas

from Sevenhill’s Inigo range.

Day, Tuesday, December 25, 2012, Boxing

At just $28 a platter for two people,

Day, Wednesday, December 26 and New

it’s a fine combination of gourmet food

Year’s Day on Tuesday, January 1, 2013.

that complements the wine selection.

We welcome you on all other days, with our

Our extensive lawns are a great

Cellar Door open from 9am-5pm Monday

spot for picnics and, if you enjoy

to Friday and 10am-5pm on weekends and

bike riding, we are close to the

other public holidays.

Riesling Trail, with the winery readily accessible via a connecting bike path.

Th e c o m bin ation o f R ieslin g bea t an d an d sea fo w ith th e o d is har sta rt o f th e menu d to summer, . salads on Our recip are on e this iss ue comes iden tity L ou from C la re popula r di ise Hain es, who s a ys on e o Valle y fo o d sh es is S f h er mo ea fo o d S pro duce. s alad usin g fresh, lo t I n S outh cal Australia , some w o n derful s particula rly, w e h ea fo o d fr a West Co om th e S ve access to ast, but ta righ t aro sea fo o d un d Austr te’s ren own ed is w idely alia, fres a va ilable. h Try this w on derfu l salad w from th e ith a glas S evenhill s o f R ies ra n ge – 2 S t Fra n c lin g 0 12 I n ig o is Xa vier R ieslin g, S in gle- Vin ey S t Alo ys 2 0 12 ard R iesli ius (bott n g or th e le- ag ed). 20 0 9




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Sevenhill Cellars College Road, Sevenhill, South Australia T: (08) 8843 4222 F: (08) 8843 4382 E: PRINTED ON 100% RECYCLED CERTIFIED AND AUSTRALIAN MADE PAPER

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Sevenhill Cellars Tiber Newsletter November 2012  

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