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WINTER 2016 | DEC + JAN • Vol. XI Issue III

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Celtic Fox Irish Pub Hanover Pancake House Juli’s Bistro Luis’ Place Oddfellow’s Ramada Inn / Uncle Bo's RowHouse Restaurant The BreakRoom Midwest Barter TPAC

29th + gage / West • • • • • • •

La Rocca’s Pizza Marian Lane Candles Pigskins + Boss Hawgs Southwind Gallery The Lazy Toad Tailgator's Pizagels

south east / east topeka • • • • •

Abigail’s Bar & Grill Blind Tiger The Landing Grille Mainstream Boutique Tacos el Mexicana

north topeka / oakland • • • • • • • •

Bradley’s Cafe NOTO Burrito J&J Gallery Bar Matryoshka Tattoo Serendipity Studio 831 Wellers Brass Rail Tavern

college hill / midtown • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Burger Stand Oscars Louie's Lounge Mulvane Art Museum PT's College Hill The Trap Backs by Popular Demand The Dutch Goose Live Music Institute Anytime Fitness Speck's Tavern TSCPL (Library) Via's Pizzeria + More Findables Quinton's

Contributors Publisher/Owner Kerrice Mapes


by Amber Farmer I picked this photo for the cover because I was drawn to it's vibrant colors and Georgia O'Keeffe essence. Additionally, I found humor in the juxtaposition of crisp green lettuce in the middle of our Kansas winter and the array of puns lettuce afforded me. So lettuce turnip the beet. Cheers.

Contributors Jarrod Boyer DawnMarie Chambers Amber Farmer Ali Hanlon Daryl Hendrix Michael Howe Tom Krebs Karen Alkire Morse Michelle Leivan Noah Neff

Elicia Marie Nichols Travis Owens Tricia Peterson Gary Piland Amanda Reynolds Ashley Reynolds Ni’Cole Revell Brandon Rison Martie Rison James Robinson Stephanie Teater

accounting Liz Bell


D O’Brien + Rebecca Radziejeski

Advertising Kerrice Mapes

about us seveneightfive is a free niche magazine highlighting art, flavor, entertainment, local businesses and more in Topeka, Kan. seveneightfive was created in June 2006 to inform area residents and visitors about a+e events in Topeka. Today, we continue to be a catalyst for cultural and art enhancement in Topeka. seveneightfive is made possible due to ad revenue and only allows locally owned businesses to be represented in print. seveneightfive magazine and its social media incarnations are not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

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VOL XI Issue III | WINTER 2016-17 | DEC - JAN $5 Tapas + 4-part wine tasting First Thursdays | Luis' Place | 5th + Kansas 7 23 26 30 31 31 32 34 36 11 parallel lives 12 kathleen cobbs - artist 14 kris lager band 15 q's live 16 soul expressions


20 weekender events 22 specials 24 paradize band 24 faces by mayfield

Uncle Bo's | January 13

topeka2go new voodoo insta-hungry boozy brunch taco tuesday alfresco dining give them some love calcan food ninja


Another successful franchise - tested and built in the Top City.

Topeka 2 go Andrea Leon | photos by Elicia Marie Nichols


e've all had those days; you get home and all you want to do is to relax. You don't feel like cooking and the thought of getting back out and driving to XYZ restaurant makes your head hurt. You retreat, "delivery it is." You get into your kitchen junk drawer and start perusing to-go menus..."hmmm, let's see...shall we have...Chinese or Pizza?" Your head now hurts a little bit more and your craving for XYZ restaurant is a little bit stronger. You're in a (insert any day that ends in "y") pickle. That is, until now.

Topeka2Go is a restaurant food delivery marketing service. You can go to Topeka2Go website or app and have food delivered from almost 40 local restaurants including Pepe and Chelas, The Wheel Barrel, Pizagels and a few national chains. Prior to Topeka2Go, Donovan was running his own Dine Time Taxi service and that is when he met his partners Anthony Swaintek and Mike Hall. It was the "perfect storm." Anthony and Mike manage the software and marketing while Donovan is on the ground with the day-to-day operations, working closely with their drivers and partners. The business started with a franchise in Topeka just over a year ago and now have 25 nationwide (time of printing) and are opening several new franchises each month. "In 24 months we will have 300 franchises open and there is a chance we will be global," said Donovan. "We will be one of the largest delivery services in the United States." Not to shabby for a boy from Carbondale who graduated from Santa Fe Trail. Donovan is proud of his routes, and that his growing business comes straight out of Topeka. “I am proud of Topeka. This is my baby. I have bragging rights.� aseveneightfive

BONUS: You can

order from multiple restaurants for one delivery.


TOPEKA2GO Topeka2Go partners with local restaurants and independent contractors to bring you hot, fresh and delicious food quickly and conveniently. Their online site and mobile app allow

you to order food hassle-free, delivered directly to you in under an hour. "We understand that life can be hectic and stressful at times, but eating well should never be!"

Golden Dragon Boss Hawg's Petro Deli Pizagel's Pizza + Bakery Cookies by Gayla The Wheel Barrel CoCo Asian + Chinese

Tuptim Thai Restaurant El Maguey Mexican Diceky's BBQ Pit Hazel Hill Chocolate Billy Vanilly Breakers Sports Bar + Grill Chef's Crazy Tasty Chicken

Le Petit Bon Bon Cafe Globe Indian Cuisine Bunker Coffee Company Pepe and Chela's Mexican NOTO Burrito Cafe Holliday Mexican Taco Shop 7

don’t await it


Success does not lead to happiness. Happiness leads to success. Plan for 2017 today.

Use this retreat to gain fresh perspectives and learn tools to ignite change and accelerate success. Kansas City, Hotel Sorello The Plaza March 24-26, 2017 Washington, DC, Hotel Palomar January 13-15, 2017.

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We’re FRESH in the morning 2830 SW FAIRLAWN RD OPEN Sun-Thurs: 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. Fri & Sat: 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. 8

and HOT at night.

Prognosticatio with

Ruprecht Roosterdamus, The Psychic Chicken TM

December - January

‘16‘17 Dear Mr. Roosterdamus, I was wondering if you had any influence with a rather plump elf currently living at the North Pole? If so, could you please ask him to approve my request for a visit from the Swedish Bikini Team? Just Turned 15 with Aspirations Dear JTFWA, I do have influence with Mr. C. and I’ll do what I can, but yer down the list a bit with so many people asking for things like a compatible liver transplant and cancer cures. But, ya never know, right? - RR ____________________________ A R I E S I know the election didn’t turn out quite like the majority hoped, but look on the bright side—at least it wasn’t Cruz or Carson. Those guys were scary! T A U R U S ‘Tis the season, my bullish friend, so try not to run over those slow walkers in the WalMart parking lot, okay? I know it’s tempting, but ya’d just get high centered. G E M I N I When The Donald says he’s going to make America great again, it’s probably best to remember, he only means for ignorant racist white guys. The rest of us are on our own. C A N C E R I checked, there is no term limit on mass murder so yer plan to take out a bunch of bubbas with a weed whipper just fell apart. L E O Facebook okay list: • Okay - trash ex-lovers • Okay - share tasty meal photos • Okay - cute pet photos • Okay - bag on bubbas • NO! - Photos of recent surgeries

V I R G O Explain why ya won’t celebrate Christmas but yer still going to keep all the presents again? I keep getting lost at the “I don’t like the pagan origins” part. Are ya anti-pagan or something?

V I R G O Explain why ya won’t celebrate Christmas but yer still going to keep all the presents again? I keep getting lost at the “I don’t like the pagan origins” part. Are ya anti-pagan or something?

L I B R A Science is not a crackput left-wing Dear Mr. Roosterdamus, conspiracy, it’s science, Bucko. The very same stuff that let’s ya I was wondering if you had any post cat photos on Facebook at influence with a rather plump elf currently living at the North Pole? 90 mph on I-70. If so, could you please ask him to S C O R P I O approve my request for a visit Dear Scorpios, from the Swedish Bikini Team? Thanks for coming to Earth! Just Turned 15 with Aspirations -The rest of us. Dear JTFWA, S A G I T T A R I U S Love of money (e.g., greed) is not I do have influence with Mr. C. the root of all evil—it is the root, and I’ll do what I can, but yer the trunk, the limbs, the twigs, the down the list a bit with so many leaves and the poisoned fruit of people asking for things like a compatible liver transplant and all evil. cancer cures. But, ya never know, C A P R I C O R N right? - RR When bribing politicians it is always ____________________________ better to start small and work yer way up. And by small, I don’t mean A R I E S by position, I mean by IQ. So, this I know the election didn’t turn means starting January 21, 2017, ya out quite like the majority hoped, can start at the top! but look on the bright side—at least it wasn’t Cruz or Carson. A Q U A R I U S There was this, uh, guy who kept Those guys were scary! trying to find the perfect mate. He T A U R U S tried Tinder, Ashley Madison, ‘Tis the season, my bullish friend, SnapChat and a host of other so try not to run over those slow dating sites but in the end just walkers in the WalMart parking kept ending up dating himself, lot, okay? I know it’s tempting, pretending to be a 16 year old but ya’d just get high centered. teenage cheerleader. He’s very happy by the way. G E M I N I

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P I S C E S As I travel around the Universe and meet lots of alien life forms it gets tiring explaining why people vote for people who are the exact opposite of who they really need. Very tiring. ___________________________

P I S C E S As I travel around the Universe and meet lots of alien life forms it gets tiring explaining why people vote for people who are the exact opposite of who they really need. Very tiring. ___________________________

C A N C E R I checked, there is no term limit Question for the Blue Guru? on mass murder so yer plan to Something on yer mind? Need an take out a bunch of bubbas with answer to a burning (and itching) a weed whipper just fell apart. personal question? Find out L E O before it’s too late. Email me! Facebook okay list: • Okay - trash ex-lovers ___________________________ • Okay - share tasty meal photos * Astrological predictions are to actual • Okay - cute pet photos life what Kris “Voter Suppression” • Okay - bag on bubbas Kobach is to free and fair elections. • NO! - Photos of recent surgeries #Kobachistan - Ruprecht

S C O R P I O Dear Scorpios, Thanks for coming to Earth! -The rest of us. S A G I T T A R I U S Love of money (e.g., greed) is not the root of all evil—it is the root, the trunk, the limbs, the twigs, the leaves and the poisoned fruit of all evil. C A P R I C O R N When bribing politicians it is always better to start small and work yer way up. And by small, I don’t mean by position, I mean by IQ. So, this means starting January 21, 2017, ya can start at the top! A Q U A R I U S There was this, uh, guy who kept trying to find the perfect mate. He tried Tinder, Ashley Madison, SnapChat and a host of other dating sites but in the end just kept ending up dating himself, pretending to be a 16 year old teenage cheerleader. He’s very happy by the way.

Question for the Blue Guru? Something on yer mind? Need an answer to a burning (and itching) personal question? Find out before it’s too late. Email me! ___________________________ * Astrological predictions are to actual life what Kris “Voter Suppression” Kobach is to free and fair elections. #Kobachistan - Ruprecht




Inclusive and Accessible Yoga Initative for ALL PEOPLE from ALL WALKS of LIFE. 745 NE Chester Ave. | OAKLAND |



Inclusive and Accessible Yoga Initative for ALL PEOPLE from ALL WALKS of LIFE.

DUDE! There’s nowhere to park!

Topeka Metro Bikes has 2,000 members, but our city has less than 100 bike parking racks. Open your business to a new audience by adding bike parking! Contact Topeka Metro today: (785) 730-8615 •




LIVES fo x / w ills c olla b oration Tom Krebs | photos provided

CD Review


ould it be wrong for me to describe the twelve tunes on the new Greg Fox/Ryan Wills collaboration, "Parallel Lives," as especially tasty and exceptionally crafted? No, I don't think so… because they are." Fox writes in the liner notes, “Ryan and I have had a lot of parallels in our life.” What is clear to me, after giving the CD a number of attentive listenings that is this effort is about their musical lives, rather than running parallel, becoming blended into one. At the heart of their effort are three key ingredients of a good set of tunes: insightful and compelling lyrics; wonderfully woven, tight harmonies; and backing guitar work, with some occasional strings and keyboards, that complements, not overwhelms, the melodies and harmonies. The opening track, "What Defines A Man," sets the standard for the introspective and catchy lyrics that permeate the entire CD: Is it his beard and mustache, is it muscle is it mass, or is it heart, or is it cash? His rights or his wrongs, his fists or his songs, his first words or his last? Just what defines a man? ….is what defines a man. Other songs I found particularly compelling were "Run," "Dragonfly" and "It’s Not the End." "Run" certainly has a Simon/Garfunkel quality to it with both a call and response component on the verse as well as tight harmonies on the chorus.

"Dragonfly" offers a fun little play on words between the title and the lyrics. The harmonies on the chorus are again very tight, with Wills taking the high part and Fox providing the melody. "It’s Not the End" showcases the two men’s voices, dancing and weaving around each other through the verses, coming together during the uplifting chorus. Also in the liner notes are shout out from both Fox and Wills for Ryan’s dad, Randy, who produced the album. Perhaps the last song, "Thirsty for the Water," is the best example of a song being amped up with some additional voices and other studio effects that really make the song vibrate. "Parallel Lives" is a collaboration in the truest sense. The songwriting credits are shared equally; all songs but one are performed by both; and themes important to both run throughout. In my perfect world, I would be lucky enough to have the two sitting around my fire pit with a few other friends on a crisp fall evening and playing these tunes. Warmth, smiles, and personal reflection would abound. aseveneightfive


It started with a random conversation about everyone in the world experiencing similar pains, joys and struggles. This was an effort to express some of that from our vantage points."


comfort food

for the soul ARTtitude by Michelle Leivan | Kansas Art Gallery |

Featured Artist: Kathleen Cobb


e can often find ourselves caught up in the bombardment of imagery, scrolling past pictures and information at a rate that keeps us separated from the real world. Every so often, it is medicinal to step away from the online world and experience stillness envisioned by someone in our community. We can make that transition from the barrage through silent contemplation on works of art created by hand and the imaginations of our neighbors.

Art brings us closer to nature and subjects that create an atmosphere of quiet acquaintance that becomes a healing salve when we choose to surround ourselves with their beauty. A single work owned and hung on your wall can be returned to again and again to reaffirm the peace of mind we found the day we first discovered the piece. When considering local art, this relationship multiplies as we discover familiar scenes that can become comfort food for the soul.

[LEFT EDGE] Edge of a Kansas Meadow [LEFT} Garlic [BELOW] Kathleen Cobb, artist [RIGHT] Light on the Past

One such artist is Kathleen Cobb, who creates cozy comfortable wistful paintings that conjures memories and prompts images in our dreams. Seeking out the stillness of nature and the perfect scene to express her love of the land, Kathleen regularly finds inspiration throughout the Flint Hills and northeast Kansas near her Holton home. “As a child,  I spent many hours exploring the creeks and woods on our 50-acre farm. I felt comfort in nature, and today I paint things I see in the land that are beautiful to me,” explains Kathleen. “ I try to convey that 'sense of place' to the viewers of my art.” Often beginning a painting on site, en plein air, Kathleen will extend the light with quick photographs to capture the inspired moment for when she returns to her studio to complete the quiet images. These adventures result in misty visions created with her distinctive color pallet with soft brush strokes that echo lazy days in nature.


I hope to draw the viewer into feeling as though they're there, and wanting to go around the bend to explore more.

Kathleen inspires adventure and ignite your imagination through her work. “I hope to draw the viewer into feeling as though they’re there, and wanting to go around the bend to explore more. Whether in a vast, open landscape, or a cozy corner of the woods, I want to be there.” Her work can be found on where you can see a video short of her discussing “Light on the Past” a piece that inspires memories of those simpler days when the old country store was a familiar site in our neighborhood. When we take the time to unplug, pause and soak in the imagery, the hectic hustle of this demanding season is washed away in that moment of meditation. This is certainly the time to consider the soulful sanctuary. A collection of Kathleen Cobb’s work “For the Love of the Land” is presented through the rest of the year at the new Kansas Art Gallery located with Art Print Express at 1047 SW Gage, Suite B. Studio hours are 10a-6p Tuesday through Friday and Saturday 10a-1p. aseveneightfive

stick it to the haters + support the arts


RTSConnect has a new twist on their annual giving campaign. They are asking you to throw some support to our small, but fierce, nonprofit arts organization and in return (besides all the amazing art events you attend) you'll get a Topeka Proud sticker. ARTSConnect is responsible for the Topeka Mural Project and First Friday Art Walk, which are efforts to include everyone in the great benefits of arts. They also award annual grants to arts organizations and initiatives, advocate for the arts by calculating its economic impact and more. So what is this sticker worth? Aside from an organic, philanthropic high - ARTSConnect is encouraging donors to make a monthly financial contribution of $5 to $10. Donate at aseveneightfive #topekaproud


kris lager b an d

taking you to church this nye Kerrice Mapes | photos provided

I've got a New Years resolution for you....go to church.


any consider Kris Lager Band (KLB) to be one of the most exciting bands on the scene today and deservedly so. Their electrifying and uplifting performances have garnered them a strong grassroots following. They embody a "Celebrate Life" mantra that resonates throughout their live performances. Their music is infectious and uplifting, demanding the attention of your soul and feet. "The Feel Good Band of the Century."

A KLB show is a legitimate Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival and an Electric Church. The energy this band throws out from the drop of the first note creates a feel good dancing, singing and hollering great time. One that is truly contagious and impossible to sit still through. Kris Lager is one of the most dynamic front men you’ll ever witness with an unrivaled level of intensity and showmanship. He delivers raw and powerful music through his emotional guitar playing and singing. This brand of ‘Feel Good Music’ all begins with intentions. “I began playing music and writing music purely as a means of expression,” says Kris. “Put me in a crowded room and I wouldn’t say two words, but if you gave me a guitar and a microphone you would have to kick me off of the stage. I found music to be a wonderful safe haven in which I could exist and escape to whenever I desired. As I matured and grew I realized just how much joy could come from communicating with your bandmates and entertaining people, all the while expressing myself at the same time.”


As soon as Kris hits the stage you get the feeling you are witnessing a man on a mission. “I hit the stage with one intention and that is lifting up spirits. I believe the way to do that is through awareness of myself and others. It is something I call ‘The Holy Trinity of music’. There is me, the musician, and then my bandmates (or the people I am creating the music with), and then there is the audience. When I am in constant awareness of all three elements that is when the real magic happens. That is what I strive for as a performer, musician, and songwriter." Kris Lager Band isn't a peg you can fit into some square genre box, albeit whose musical tastes do? This is why they are the perfect headliner for Topeka's New Years Eve Party at the Ramada Inn, where they will complement the other seven bands playing around the hotel and take you into 2017 with high spirits and tired dancing feet. As one might holler when music commands your undivided attention and fills your entire soul with positive vibrations; KLB is "taking you to church" this new year. aseveneightfive

also performing 12.31.16 Dan Bliss Queen Anne's Revenge Boogie Wonderland Amanda Fish Band Groovement Zac Harmon Biscuit Miller + the Mix for Tickets

q's live

san d w i c h ing

good food with music Kerrice Mapes | photos provided

Restaurant takes music focus

what saying



Loved playing this place! George was an amazing sound guy and made us feel very comfortable on a stage that we have never gigged on before! We will return, great venue! Wow!! So pleasantly surprised at how awesome this place was last night. Excited for the future nights here. One thing is for sure, there is definitely one place that will keep raising the bar for live entertainment in Topeka and that place is Quintons, Topeka.


uinton's Bar & Deli is a staple in Lawrence, known for great sandwiches and attractive, friendly staff. So when owner Steve Gaudreau opened a Quinton's in Topeka seven years ago, foodies and college students were elated. Over the years the Topeka Quinton's, as many businesses, have seen ups and downs but always strived to provide a high quality product to their consumer. However, some might argue that consumers become less than desirable as the night progressed and safety was at times a concern. Add that it was located in a Lindenmuth property which was as questionable as the "Bermuda Triangle" - [the nickname for the bar trio located at Huntoon and Gage.] The peak of speculation for some was a shooting that occurred in the adjacent parking lot last summer. For some, Quinton's could not provide the comfort food needed to move forward. Until now. Konner Slattery, assistant general manager and Kansas University graduate ('15) with a degree in marketing has a vision to elevate Quinton's food, staff and entertainment offerings while rebuilding their reputation. Konner wants

Quinton's to be an active community partner, a neighborhood champion, and supporter of the arts. Konner made a strategically smart move last August and hired George Vayler IV, owner of Rundown Studios, to collaborate with him. The result is Q's Live - a new venue where people can enjoy good company, great food, a few adult beverages and experience outstanding live music performances from local and regional acts. New sound, stage and lighting were installed and the team quickly created a schedule that included live music on Fridays and Saturday, plus acoustic sets during the week [Tuesday Bluesday 8-11p / Acoustic Thursday]. Q's Live is a testament to putting your money where your mouth is. The whole outfit is top of the line, from the late-night menu, to the service, to the way the room is divided up without a break in the acoustics. Q's Live has put itself on the dial as the go-to place for live music and in just a short few months. If you haven't visited for a while, check it out. Tuesday is acoustic night with 1/2 price burgers; or visit on a weekend night for some great bands. aseveneightfive

Soul Expressions: Coloring for Transformation by Jancy Pettit

© Jancy Pettit 2016

soul expressions coloring



by Jancy Pettit


artist you

njoy this coloring page sample (left) from "Soul Expressions: Coloring for Transformation" by Jancy Pettit. The designs in the book are charged with energy from Tai Chi and Qugong, which helps you relax, focus and be creatively inspired. The designs will connect with you at a deep level, almost like a language of the soul. Take a deep breath, relax and dive in. Don't feel like you have to fill in every space. Look for patterns and larger areas, if you would like, there is no wrong way to color this. When you complete your page, take a few moments to enjoy what you have created and allow the energy of the completed drawing to soak into you a bit. Put it in a place where you will see it often in your day and enjoy the peaceful feelings it will awaken within you. To learn more about Jancy Pettit, "Soul Expressions" or get your own copy of the book, go to aseveneightfive

"Burning with creativity that ignites the soul." -Judy James "Dynamic, rich, moving, personal." -Lois VanLiew “Kinetic, spirited, colorful, expressive” – Kelley Wade Hunt

"Language Two" mixed media block print 36 x 42

MOOD S Historic & Uniquely Chic

Perfect for weddings, meetings, events and more. Customized to fit your needs.

816 N Kansas Ave


Carl and Phil decide that the ladder to success at the post office is missing a few rungs. They know that big money is waiting for people with entrepreneurial spirit and sound business judgement. They have lots of the spirit but little of the judgement and their new gourmet health food restaurant flounders. Zippy's, a popular cross town spot, has been crowded ever since a notorious mobster was shot there and that was over twenty years ago. What if someone could get murdered in their restaurant?

Flaming Idiots is a contemporary farce with slap stick comedy, animated and colorful characters, dozens of door slams and a cop who raps Morse code into the phone with a kitchen knife.


20 11 thru





foo d

events compiled by Karen Alkire Morse resource websites include: KS Expo Center Downtown Topeka, Inc Visit Topeka + Topeka 365


Shawnee County Allied Tribes Lake Shawnee | SEPT 1-3


KS Expo Center | SEPT 23-24

CAPITAL CITY JAZZ + FOOD TRUCK Almost 40 food trucks, one big concert, thousands of people


Washburn Campus | JUNE 2-4


July 4th fair with a full day of blues music, vendors, car show+

Downtown Topeka Inc. + Visit Topeka Kansas Ave | JULY

Topeka Blues Society Shawnee Lake | JULY


Variety of fair + entertainment

Sampling of all things apple plus pioneer history demonstrations

Old Prairie Town | OCT


Fun for all, outdoors. parade, Irish food, beer, whiskey and music.

Downtown | MARCH 11

PLUS 785+ Dutch Goose Annual Breakfast at 9a.


tulips and daffodils in bloom. full day of activities with lots of food trucks for the sampling

Shawnee Lake | APRIL 9


fresh foods and home baked goods, along with arts and crafts

Shawnee County Allied Tribes 12th + Harrison | MID-APRIL - NOV


Authentic Mexican food featured along with music, entertainment and a carnival.

Oakland | JULY 11-15


Great Overland Station | AUG 19


3 days of fun, trail-ride, scavenger hunt, cycling events. food trucks and vendors line streets.

Downtown Topeka | JULY


This event offers diverse, homemade food, jewelry and art from the Indian Culture.

India Assoc. of Topeka Gage Park | SEPT


fiesta street party with music, margaritas, beer, sangria, tequila, food and more.

9th + Quincy |


in a fusion of old and new worlds. art show, crafts and cuisine.

The Tonantzin Society Kansas Ave Varies | OCT

HOLIDAY FOOD + GIFT MART food sampling, unique gifts

Exhibition Hall, KS EXPO | NOV


Serving food to any that may be in need

Agriculture Hall, KS EXPO | NOV 23


Beer and food stations set up around the zoo along with music and activities.

Friends of the Topeka Zoo Topeka Zoo

KANSAS CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL Chocolate is an ingredient in one food item in every food truck features

Visit Topeka + Partners Downtown Topeka | SEPT

TOPEKA SCIENCE + TECH FEST food trucks line avenue. hands on activities and demonstrations.

Downtown | OCT


party for a cause. interactive murder mystery performed in six scenes on a variety of stages. in-between stop for food from over a dozen vendors.

Location TBD | JULY


Beer and food stations set up around the zoo along with music and activities.

Shawnee County Parks + Recreation, Perkins Perkins | Veteran's Day



Temple Beth Sholom APRIL 30




events compiled by Dawn Marie Chambers + Kerrice Mapes



M: MONDAY 3rd of Month Celtic Jam Blind Tiger | 6p

M: Flamingo Bar, 7p The Trap, 8p T: Flamingo Bar, 7p Hookah House, 9p W: The Lazy Toad, 9p Flamingo Bar, 7p The Trap, 9p Quinton's, 10p R: Abigail's, 9p Flamingo Bar, 7p Skinny's, 10p Lupita's, 6p The Brass Rail, 8p F: Pigskins, 9p The Dugout, 9p Skinny's, 10p Abigail's, 9p

T: TUESDAY Acoustic | Q's Live | 8p Pigskins | 8p (every other) W: WEDNESDAY 1st WED: Speak Easy Open Mic Bunker Coffee Co. | 6:30p R: THURSDAY Acoustic Music w/Justin Fowler Q's Live | 6p Southern Rock + Blues Jam The Lazy Toad | 7p F: FRIDAY 1st: TopCity Comedy Showcase The Break Room | 8p

go to the events tab at for more events and sign up for the weekender text 785 to 66866


SUN: SUNDAY FUNDAY Jam | Speck's Tavern | 7p

S: Abigail's, 9p The Dugout, 9p Skinny's, 10p The Burger Stand, 9p SUN: The Brass Rail, 8p Just Chillen', 8p The Trap, 8p Wild Horse Saloon, 8:30p

TRIVIA T: The Brass Rail, 8p W: Quinton's, 7p Pigskin's, 8p The Burger Stand, 9p R: AJ's Pizza, 8p

DEC 16-22 F: Blues Mark + the Sharks Uncle Bo's | 8p F: ROCK / BLUES Delta Haze VFW 1650 Huntoon | 7+11p F: BLUES / Holiday The Michael Powers Trio Flamingo Bar + Grill | 9p S: HOCKEY Topeka RoadRunners KS Expo Center | 7:05p S: R+B / SOUL Platinum Express Uncle Bo's | 8p SUN: CHILI + CHIEFS Chili Cook Off + Game Louie's Lounge | noon W: UGLY SWEATER PARTY Santa Karaoke The Trap | 10p M: FESTIVAL SINGERS Old Chestnuts, New Fire Topeka Festival Singers White Concert Hall | 7:30p

DEC 23-29 F: Blues Mark + the Sharks Uncle Bo's | 8p F: MASQUERADE 3rd Annual Black Tie Affair New Midwest Entertainment TPAC | 9p F: MIXED MARTIAL ARTS VFC 55: Victory Fighting KS Expo Center | 7p

R: HUNKS THE SHOW Topeka Sports Cabaret | 7p R: PARTY Awkward Elephant Norsemen Brewing Co | 6p

DEC 30-JAN 5 F: HOCKEY Topeka RoadRunners KS Expo Center | 7:05p F: Hip-Hop EXO presents King Mane The Trap | 10p

new year's eve Blacklight, fog + body paint The Famous Door | 9p Biggest Party in Topeka Ramada Inn | 3p Fantasy Ball / Karaoke The Trap | 10p Reggae Party w/Urban Safari The Lazy Toad | 9p SUN: HOCKEY Topeka RoadRunners KS Expo Center | 2:05p

F/S: COMEDY Laugh Lines Improv Topeka Civic Theatre | 8p R: HOCKEY Topeka RoadRunners KS Expo Center | 2:05p

JAN 13-19 F: BLUES Toronzo Cannon Uncle Bo's | 6:30p

JAN 27-FEB 2

FEB 3 + +

F: ALTERNATIVE Invisible Bike - Reunion Show Q's Live | 10p F: OPENING WEEKEND "The Other Place" a drama about alztimers Helen Hocker Theater

3: ART + FOOD First Friday ArtWalk by ARTSConnect #FFAW | Various | 5-8p 11: BURLESQUE The Lalas Burlesque Prairie Band | 8p 11: COMEDY Chicago Comedy All-Stars TPAC | 7:30p

F/S/SUN: JAM4DAN Three days of live, local music The Celtic Fox F: R+B / SOUL / FUNK KNowBe! Q's Live | 10p F: RAP Exo Bday Bash J+J Gallery Bar | 8p W: POWER POP Rich Yarges + the Pop Mechanics Q's Live | 10p

JAN 20-26

JAN 6-12

F: OPENING WEEKEND "Flaming Idiots" a farce Topeka Civic Theatre

F: ACOUSTIC Andy McKee Bottleneck (Lawrence) | 9p

F: FUNK Funk Trek Q's Live | 10p

S: COMEDY Brian Regan TPAC | 8p

F: RAP Deuce Alley presents Haystak J+J Gallery Bar | 9p


seveneightfive specials Dutch Goose

Featuring Ping Pong Voted Topeka Best Burger 1601 SW Lane 785.8900

$3 Dom Headaches $2 Dom Pints or Btls 75c Tacos

$4 Bloodys $1.5 Cheap Cans $3 Sangrias

$2.5 Wells $5 Cheeseburger + Fries

sun mon tues hump thurs

The Lazy Toad

Louie's Lounge +


vias pizza + more

Featuring 51 beers on tap 5331 SW 22nd Pl 272.8623


$3.5 Big Dom Draws $3 Mimosas $4 Bloody Mary

SUNDAY FUNDAY $3.5 Captain Morgan $4 Jack Daniels $4 House Wines $4 Hurricanes $3.25 22oz Dom Draft

$5.5 Dom Pitchers $4 Bloody Mary

$1.5 12oz oz Cans $3 Bloody Marys $6.5 Wings

$3.25 Dom Btls $3.25 Dom Drafts $3.25 Bloddy Marys $3.25 Otis*

$1 Off Dom Btls $1 Off Craft Btls $2 PBR Pints $5 DBL Vodka Redbull

OPEN MIC 10p $1 Off All Btls $5 Double Calls $4 Glasses of Wine

TACO MONDAY $3 22 Dom Drafts $2.75 Wells $4 House Wines $4 Long Island $4 Grateful Deads

$3 Malibu Drinks 9a-4p 50¢ off Dom Drafts 4p-close 50¢ off Dom Btls

$3 Aluminum Btls $4 Naked Jay Vodka $6.5 Pulled Pork Sand

$3 ALL Drafts

$2.5 Dom Btls $4.5 Red Bull Bombs $4.5 Goose Sandwich + Fries

$1 Off Micro Brew draws from the tap $1 off Jim, Jack and Jameson $5 Bomb Shots

COLLEGE NIGHT 1/2 price burgers 5-10p $1 off all Pints $3 Vegas Bombs $4 Summer Brews Power Hour 10-11p

TASTY TUESDAY $3 22oz Dom Drafts $2.75 Wells $4 House Wines $4 Bahama Mamas $4 Alabama Slammers

$3 Jim Beam $3 Lord Calvert 9a-4p 50¢ off Dom Drafts 4p-close 50¢ off Dom Btls

$3 Juarez Margs $2.5 Dom Btls $5 Taco Burger $6 Taco Salad $.75 Tacos

$3 Dom Btls

$6 Dom Pitchers $2.75 Import Btls $3.5 Wellers + Coke $2 Fireball $5 Chburger + Fries

25% off Wine (Glass + Btls) $5 Call Martinis $5 Manhattans $3 Blvd Wheat $3 Blue Moon SIN 10p-1a

LIVE TRIVIA 7p KARAOKE 10p $2.5 Wells $4 Double Wells $3 Dom Btls $3 Tuaca Bombs

WHISKEY WED $4 Jack Daniels $3 22 Dom Drafts $2.75 Wells $4 House Wines $4 Hurricanes

$3 Captain Morgan $3 Bacardi Drinks 9a-4p 50¢ off Dom Drafts 4p-close 50¢ off Dom Btls

$2.5 Dom Pints $3 Wells $6 Cheeseburger

$3 Wine $3 Dom Drafts

$3 Dom Headaches $2 Dom Pints $5.5 Chicken Strip Meal

$1 Off Kansas Beers $4 Long Islands $4 Long Beach $3 Fireball Shots SIN 10p-1a

ACOUSTIC THURS Q'S LIVE 6-8p $3 Dom Pints $2.5 Wells / $4 Double 1/2 price with WU ID PONG TOURNEY 10p

OPEN JAM SESSION CRAFT BEER THURSDAY $4.25 Import 22oz $4.25 Micro 22 oz $3.5 Mexican Beers

$3 Skyy Drinks $3 Seagrams Drinks 9a-4p 50¢ off Dom Drafts 4p-close 50¢ off Dom Btls

$3 Import Btls $3 Import Pints $6.5 Philly Sand

$2.75 Dom Btls $2.75 Dom Drafts $2.75 Otis*

$2.5 Aluminum Btls $4.5 Red Bull Bombs

$2 Dom Btls $3 Free State Pints $4 Tito’s $4 Bacardi

Q'S LIVE | MUSIC $4 Big Dom $1 Off All Mules $3 Fireball Shots

FIREBALL FRIDAY $4 Absolute Drinks $4 House Wines $4 Fireball Shots $3.25 Dom Drafts

$2.5 Wells $2 Fireball $3 Bombs + Barrels 9a-4p 50¢ off Crafts Drafts 4p-close

$3 Aluminum Btls $3.5 Skol Vodka + Energy drink $6.5 Chicken Fried Steak

$3 Otis*

$2.5 Dom Btls $5 Jumbo Wing’s Basket (8) $2 Fireball Shots

$3 Fruit Ales $3 Cider Beers $1 off Craft Cans $3 Rumchata and Fireball Shots

Q'S LIVE | MUSIC $4 Long Island $3 Dom Btls $2 Kamikaze Shots

SEXY SATURDAY $3.5 UV Vodka (7 different flavors) $4 Sex on the Beach $4 Blue Hawaiians $3.25 Dom Drafts $4 House Wines

KU/KSTATE Football Specials $2 Dom Btls $3 Craft Btls $2.5 Wells $2 Fireball $3 Bombs / Barrels

$2.5 Dom Btls $4 Jack Daniels $6.5 Brisket Sand

$3.5 Dom Btls

Reverse HH 10p-12a SIN WED/THURS $5 Late night Burger $1 Off Pints $2 Dom Btls $3 Fireball Shots

HAPPY HOUR M-F 3-5p 1/2 Price Appetizers $1.5 Wells $3 Double Wells

HOPPY HOUR Daily 3-6p EVERYDAY: $5 Bombs with Full Throttle

DROP OFF EVERYDAY: LAUNDRY SERVICE $4 Jager Bombs $1 lb (15lb min) $2.5 Apple Pie Shots includes soap, softener and folding

fri sat


Q'S LIVE Featuring Live Music every FRI + SAT 4121 SW Huntoon 215.8172

Established 1935 3203 10th St. 357.8474 @thedutchgoose



burger stand

food | drink

Whiskey while you wash, is the only way. 21st + Washburn 408.5091

Featuring screened patio and great food. 21st & Urish 272.1432 TailgatorsTopeka

Unique appetizers and beers 738 SW Gage Blvd. 215.8421 Find us on Yelp

*OTIS: Via’s Adult lemonade (Think summer brew, but better.)

ne w voo d oo C

heers New Belgium, who is celebrating 25 years of craft brewing. They've also found themselves, for the eighth year in a row, named a top company to work for by "Outside" magazine. The reasons, stated by their 800 stake-holding employees including some stellar perks. "After a year of employment, a new cruiser bike; five years means a free flight to Belgium; after ten years, each worker receives a paid sabbatical. Oh, and everyone gets a free beer every day and a 12-pack each week.� Along with these success, New Belgium will ring in the new year with the most ambitious portfolio re-imagining in their history, according to spokesperson Bryan Simpson in a press release. "We've got a lot of excitement, momentum and energy coming out of the pilot system and that makes for a bounty of great beers with interesting twists."

These abmitious twists are the rebranding of three of their IPA's in a series called Voodoo IPA (homage to their voodoo rangers), the addition of four year-round beers and the last call for three flagship brews. aseveneightfive LAST CALL: Slow Ride Session IPA, Snapshot Wheat and Shift Pale Lager Fat Tire, Citradelic Tangerine IPA, Sunshine Wheat, 1554 Black Ale, Abbey Belgian Ale, Trippel, Glutiny Pale Ale and Glutiny Golden Ale remain as other New Belgium flagship year-round offerings.


[replaces Ranger IPA] A bold imperial IPA with a rare blend of Mosaic, Calypso, Bravo and Delta hops. Notes of pine and citrus flavors are ramped.


[replaces Rampant Double IPA] Golden IPA with tropical aromas and fruit flavors.


[replaces New Belgium Pilsener - the first larger released in 2013.] Clean, easy pilsener. Light and welcoming.


Pale ale packed with citrus and tropical fruit flavors from eight different hop varieties.


A refreshing and slightly sweet golden ale with a finish of honeycomb. This will be the brewery's first 24-ounce can release, but also available in 12-ounce cans.


Persian lime, fresh coriander and pepper make this crisp gold ale burst with flavor.

TARTASTIC LEMON GINGER SOUR Tank-soured ale with lemon and ginger flavors. It's refreshing, if you like sour flavors.

Topeka Beer news, Events + Tastings Follow @TopekaBeer and fan Strathman Sales 23

paradize band


making music for 40 years Tom Krebs | photos provided


music, originating in the '60s, according to a story written as the band prepared for its 30th anniversary. Since then it has embedded many genres Okay, the Stones made it, of music, according to Ray minus Pete Wyman. The Dead Ortega, a member since 1980. only made it to 30 with Jerry. The members of the band, then Most bands, at least local ones, and now, were very connected don’t even come close. (I’m to the Oakland area and its thinking 15 years may be the Catholic Church, Our Lady of number for even the most long Guadalupe. of tooth.) The band has been influenced urning 40, for many, is a dark day. (But let’s face it, 40 is the new 30.) But for a band to turn 40, now that’s a different tune.

But a Topeka band celebrated its 40th anniversary on November 12, 2016 at the Topeka Performing Arts Center with a very special performance that featured different iterations, past and present, of the band performing.

by many types of music from the '60s to the present and continues to incorporate them in their performances.

Referring to the current iteration of the band, Mr. Ortega said, “We are a mosaic of all our past musicians and La Familia Mexicana played continue to build on our its first job in 1976. Started by many musical influences.” Steve and Art Ortega, it was an aseveneightfive early covert of playing tejano

superfly Faces By mayfield F

aces By Mayfield is as cool at John Coltrane, as sultry as Lady Day's voice and Superfly. The new night club located in NOTO is an art gallery upon entrance, with life-size portraits and paintings created by George Mayfield, artist and father of owner Lamika Jones, on the walls surrounding by large white columns and ivy and African decore. In the back is a restaurant and lounge where you'll find a sophisticated crowd, mid-30s and older, dressed to the nines (no athletic shoes or attire here) enjoying food and sounds that echoes the lounge, blues / jazz / r+b.


We are a mosaic of all our past musicians and continue to build on our many musical influences."

Kerrice Mapes | photos provided

live music venue

It's the type of place you find in New Orleans or Chicago, said music writer Tom Krebs to me when we ecstatically told me about the new venue. "It's got that old school jazz vibe to it." aseveneightfive


Look for music by Ric Barron, Frank Ace Band, Santiago Brothers and more

This isn’t heaven, it just feels like it.

wings, beers, bands


2016 Winners

ne of the best, newer events in Topeka, is the annual Wing Fling at the Kansas Expocenter. A dozen restaurants flexed their culinary muscles and competed in various wing categories while participants enjoyed all-you-can-eat wings, music, games, beer and more on a Saturday afternoon. Congratulations to the winners - be sure to visit them and try their wings, among other great items. aseveneightfive

best bbq wings

Abigail's Grill + Bar ____________________

best twisted wings

Abigail's Grill + Bar ____________________

best hot wings

front door catering ____________________

best nest

the landing grille + bar ____________________

wing fling king

the palette restaurant ____________________

thanks to everyone who participated. we hope you will again next year! It was delicious! ____________________

Abigail's grill + bar tailgator's sports pub + grub the landing grille + bar Henry T's via's Pizza + more the burger stand mikey's bar + grill front door catering hhb bbq hooters the palette restaurant

Backs By Popular Demand

301 Gage Suite 161


Juan Diaz Aguirre | Taqueria Mexico Lindo

Facebook groups, local food blogs and instagram feeds your stomach likes

# insta-hungry Jennifer Goetz | Tacos El Sol


Kerrice Mapes | photos provided

o question social media has altered the dining experience, creating a new consumer: the snap happy, social media savvy, food blogger.

Instagram has made the importance of plate presentation almost equivalent to taste. Food blogging has built communities of food enthusiasts and Facebook groups have connected people to reviews. Now all your restaurant news is on the fly - but it's being reported, for the most part, by the consumer. The consumer is now the authority to raise a restaurant's reputation or expose their faults with just a few keystrokes, and why shouldn't they be - they are the ones footing the bill... We have social proof at our fingertips, and we have the power to make or break local eateries and shape our local cultural food landscape. Personally, I've begun to limit my chair standing photo sessions with my plates (I used to go to lengths to position my plate in the perfect lighting for that photo, much to my dining guest's despair), not out of laziness but because there is a plethora of great sites and people doing the work for me. Therefore, here is a list of some of some of my favorites. aseveneightfive 26


Topeka Restaurants Members: 4,129 Photos: 1,319 Created by Martie Rison

This active Facebook group allows anyone to post about their dining experience, share photos and the most useful tool, ask questions. Questions range from where to get a small turkey for Thanksgiving to who has the best onion rings in town to what patios are dog friendly. With an average of 20 comments per question, it's crowd sourcing answers for your stomach. Database of restaurants Daily food specials

Kim Schultz, creator of the Topeka Newsletter, has created a database of information about and for Topekans. Here you will find a list of Topeka restaurants with notes as to if they are locally owned, a locally owned franchise or franchise, food specials , events and more.

Topeka, What's Cookin? FB group dedicated to sharing recipes. The group for those who put that Pin to action.

Topeka, What's Cooking? is a private group (although membership is as easy as a click to join) of over 500 people sharing recipes and real photos of new food ideas. It's social proof that a Pinterest idea could really work.

Monsoon Express from

Andrea Smith is a transplant to Topeka and after being active on a few foodie FB pages, decided there was a need for a dedicated website directory of local restaurants. The is the most aesthetically pleasing database to date, in my opinion. She recently partnered with Arminda Guerrero, founder of Topeka Dining Group, whose focus is on local area restaurants and bringing people together. The group meets once a month at different local restaurants (JAN MLK Day at Thelma's Corner). Everyone is invited to join, combining good ol' fashion networking with food.

Pedro Concepciรณn | The Burger Stand College Hill

Hungry in Topeka Andrea Smith Topeka Dining Group Arminda Guerrero

"I got the Tikka Tacos. Soft flour tortillas, stuffed with chicken tikka masala, lettuce, sour cream and a spicy salsa of some sort. I enjoyed my choice. I had to eat it slowly because I'm sensitive to spicy foods, but have found that I like spicy as long as I take my time. The tikka is kind of a light curry with cumin, garam masala, coriander and yogurt. Garam masala is used in many Indian dishes -- it's a blend of many spices and varies by region. That's probably what was causing the heat. These tacos were pretty messy, so don't wear a white shirt like I did. Luckily, I didn't get any on my shirt, but I did get it all over my face and hands and it was a mess. I'd still order it again, though."

TastingTopeka Tricia Peterson

Tricia Peterson is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Scottsdale in Arizona as is her husband. She then moved to Topeka and graduated from Washburn University. She combines her love of writing and photography with her love of food checking out local places to eat and blogging about her experience. (Her experiences have also been featured in seveneightfive magazine.)

Food Porn from Hungry in Topeka

Tag @seveneightfive and use hashtag #785Flavor to have your photos featured in the weekender.

Sarah Williams | Wheel Barrel

515 VanBuren Topeka 785.235.1700

F or B reak f a s t a nd L unc h it’s . . .

1034 S. Kansas Avenue - (785) 232-1111 -

Hanover Pancake House...need I say more? 28


Keeping her fork on the pulse of Topeka WHATS NEW, CHANGED and JUST WORTH SHARING....




remodeled and it's worth a look. A pool table is now located in the entry way, giving it ample room to move around. A large window brightens up the main bar area and allows paswerbyers inside Fairlawn Plaza a clear view of the scene prior to entering, and the wall between the main bar and the music area has been opened - achieving a more balanced and connected venue.

Henry t's menu has been updated with notable changes including their use of fresh avocados (no packaged guac.), Yankee Tank brews (well, not so new but worth mentioning) and the addition of desserts to their gluten free menu, thanks to a partnership with Shana Cakes, located in downtown Topeka. LAROCCA'S PIZZA has

opened a second location at 5145 SW Topeka Blvd. They are open Tuesday Sunday from 11a to 9p with delivery. The flagship store, located on Gage is closed Monday - Wednesday, open 11a-9p Thursday - Saturday and 11a-7p Sunday. Look at the #785weekender for music on select Saturday evenings.

seen + noted


YOU CAN'T DRINK ALL DAY IF.... Abigail's Bar + Grill and Louie's Lounge + Laundromat open at 9am. Cheers third-shifters. [$1 off drinks, 9-11a at Abigail's - Drop-off laundry service at Louie's.] The Lazy Toad has 51 beers on tap - that's more than Topeka's Old Chicago. @TopekaBeer Terry's Bar + Grill on 6th serves food nightly 'til 1a. [Chili dog Monday is a must.]

fuzzy's taco shop

The burger stand now serves food late night Monday - Saturday, 11p-2a.

rumors of Topeka location, let's taco 'bout it


Daryl Hendrix | photos provided

f you mention Fuzzy's (Fuzzy's Taco Shop), you'll get an almost orgasmic reaction from those in the know "Ohhhhhh, Fuzzy's" they sing, drawing out the "z" with a purr. Not a bad reaction for a little taco shop with a naughty name and "Eat Me" tshirts. Albeit a locally owned franchise (something we don't highlight very often), Fuzzy's is coming to Topeka and it's too good to not share. John Records along with his wife and daughter opened the Lawrence store five years ago and in March 2017 plan to fuzz up Topeka at 2614 SW 17th, in the old Teams Sporting Goods store. The family-friendly Mexican restaurant will offer their fantastic menu with different dishes to stimulate your sense including Baja fish tacos, smothered burritos and salads that are out of the world. The quality, quantity and servings are plentiful and priced moderately. They will be stocked with a full bar and also serve breakfast. If you have driven the 20 minutes to experience this gem in Lawrence at the corner of 11th and Mass, then you know the euphoric rush. If you have not, what are you waiting for? Oh, you can wait 'til Fuzzy's opens in Topeka, but that might make for a long, lonely winter. Welcome to your new addiction. aseveneightfive

Grovers BB Sauce + The Landing Grille + Bar


rover's Smokehouse was a Topeka culinary tradition for over 40 years, prior to closing in June 2015, probably best known and loved for their sauce. If you've been craving this sweet, flavorful meat enhancement, look no further than The Landing by Shawnee Lake. Owner Tommy Lewis received the secret recipe, hand-written on an old piece of paper, missing some key measurements. After several attempts, the sauce is now being reproduced in house and tastes just like the original. It is served on all of The Landing's barbecue dishes. [above: BBQ platter: Quarter smoked chicken and three large

smoked spare ribs with homemade coleslaw and baked beans. Served with Grovers original BBQ sauce $11.99

#785FLAVOR [ The Breakfast Burger | The Burger Stand ]

brunch boozy brunch at eight local restaurants The burger stand

Annie's Place

The landing grille + bar

SUNDAY | 11a-2p Menu includes the breakfast burger, a Kobe beef pattie topped with an egg cooked over easy

SATURDAY+ SUNDAY | 7a-9p Menu items includes quiche, Grandma's Old Fashioned Bread Pudding, Cinnamon Rolls

SATURDAY + SUNDAY | 8a-noon Buffet with traditional offerings $7.99

Boozy Special

Boozy Special

Bloody Mary Bar [DIY]

$4 Bloody Mary $$ Salty Dog - Salt of the dog that bit you. Tanqueray Gin and Grapefruit juice in a salted rim glass.

College Hill ______________________

topeka civic theatre Blue Moose

32nd + Wanamaker ______________________

SUNDAY | 10a-2p Buffet with traditional offerings

8th + Oakley ______________________

Select SUNDAY | 12:30p Buffet catered by Aboud's - changes with each Mainstage Theatre show

Unique Item(s) = #785Flavor

Unique Item(s)

The carrot cake (extra $)

Bagels + Lox, Eggs Benedict plus comfort lunch food like mashed potatoes and ham

Boozy Special TCT Bloody Mary

4014 SW Gage ______________________

falling water grille

Capitol Plaza Hotel ______________________

SUNDAY | 9a-2p Buffet with traditional offerings including an omelet, waffle and carving stations.

Shawnee Lake ______________________

Unique Item(s) = #785Flavor Order off the menu - Steak + Eggs

Boozy Special Bloody Mary and cocktails

The Bar'N Grill

2121 SW Belle Ave ______________________

SUNDAY | 10a-12:30p Buffet with traditional offerings $10

Boozy Special $3.5 Bloody Mary Bar [DIY]

Boozy Special $3.5 Bloody Marys $3.5 Mimosas

The wheel barrel

NOTO - 925 N KS Ave ______________________

SUNDAY | 10a-3p Handcrafted sandwiches mixing sweet and savory ingredients to kickstart your morning

Boozy Special $6 Bloody Mary Bar [DIY] $4 Mimosas

{ Do it yourself bloody mary bar | Bar 'N Grill | HungryInTopeka 30

alfr es c o

taco tuesday tailgators

21st + urish ____________________

TUESDAY $.75 tacos


7th + Kansas Ave ____________________

patio side dinning


37th + Mayo ____________________

TUESDAY: $1 tacos + $6.95 taco platter which includes 2 tacos, grilled burrito, housemade queso and chips

TUESDAY + THURSDAY $1 tacos, shredded chicken or beef. Crispy or soft, served any style - we suggest traditional street style.

terry's bar + grill

noto burrito

mexican taco shop

noto ____________________

TUESDAY + THURSDAY $.99 beef, pork or chicken Several unique salsas to pair.

glazed goose

29th + Arrowhead ____________________

TUESDAY: $1 crunchy tacos, $1.50 soft tacos + $3 fish tacos

what makes Tuesday so special?

todos los dias

6th + Topeka Blvd ____________________

Blue Moose

PT's College Hill

The Burger Stand


SUNDAY 3 tacos for $2.25


The Landing

dutch goose

Blind Tiger


El Mexcal


Boss Hawg's

The Wheel Barrel

The Celtic Fox

The Classic Bean

Pizza Pub


Henry T's

Blackbird Cafe

Glazed Goose


Dutch Goose






Las Fuentas

The Rowhouse

The Lazy Toad

Margaritas jalisco


...any more! Let us know about your favorite patio #785Flavor

tortilla jack's

17th + Lane ____________________

TUESDAY + SATURDAY $.75 Tacos + $2 16oz margaritas

10th + Mulvane ____________________

10th + watson ____________________

TUESDAY $1 street tacos

SATURDAY $.75 hard tacos (go early, they sell out)

Brass rail

oakland ______________________


15th + Lane ______________________

TUESDAY + WEDNESDAY $.99 hard tacos and on Wednesday $1.50 tostados

FRIDAY $.69 hard tacos. Must add on a sour cream and chicken enchilada or a pork burrito.

el taquito express


29th + fairlawn ____________________

North Topeka Blvd. ______________________

TUESDAY $1 street tacos

SUNDAY $1.49 soft tacos

ta c o T

[ Taco Tuesday Special Abigail's Bar + Grill ]



* Look for an updated article this spring with patios that are dog friendly To date, we can only confirm Lupita's at 7th and Kansas has dog friendly. Experience adds The Celtic Fox to that list.





Pepe + Chela's



easy steps to support local restaurants


give them some love!


by Martie Rison | graphics

e all have that favorite place, that one restaurant that feels like a real treat to visit. If you are lucky, your place is a mom + pop that is as unique in atmosphere as it is in flavor. Writing this now I can think of some places in Topeka that fit the bill: Bobo's, the Wheel Barrel and Juli's, just to name a few. There are some restaurants that were so fantastic, like Pore Richards and China Inn, they still stir real love and loyalty from their customers many years after their doors closed. When a place that has been so beloved for so many years closes, there is often an outcry in the community. We hate to see them go. Have you ever wondered what you can do today to help keep your favorite local restaurants in business for many years to come? There are a few things you can do that take very little time and effort that make a huge impact on the restaurants you love. To put it quite simply, be their biggest fan.

Your words are powerful.

One of the greatest gifts you can give to your favorite restaurant is to tell your friends and family about why you love the place. Don't just keep your adoration for their dishes to yourself, shout it from the rooftops! Your words will plant a seed in the minds of many people and that seed will either spark curiosity or fond memories. You could even help the community get excited about a new restaurant that is just getting started. Owning a small business is hard, plain and simple. You give it your all every day and you hope that your hard work will be enough to support the business, and maybe one day, if you're lucky, your family too. There is no boss to guide you through decisions, there is no performance review to give you praise for a job well done. There is just the daily grind and the friendly faces of your regulars to get you through. Buying advertising is expensive and while it helps, nothing is more powerful than word-ofmouth within a community. > continued on next page

Ready to put your words to good use? Here are five tips to help you get started!

1 2

3 4


Eat Local – When trying to decide where to go for a meal, skip the big chain restaurants. Sure they are fun every now and then, but they are all the same nationwide. Why not make an investment in your community instead? Eat local! You will discover restaurants that are unique to Topeka and full of local culture. Share Your Experience - Love your meal? The atmosphere? Did you get outstanding service? These are all things that you can share with your friends and family on social media. Chances are, your photo will motivate someone else to visit the restaurant soon. Not sure how to share? Here are some tips.. •

Love the retro sign outside? Take a photo! Post it to Instagram, Facebook or whatever social network is your favorite.

Was that locally brewed beer amazing? Order another! Before you start on your second glass, take a photo of it with the angle just right to show off the great atmosphere in the background.

Did your server go above and beyond? Ask their permission and take a selfie with them! Tell everyone how great they are!

These are just a few tips to try, get creative and celebrate the experience of visiting this restaurant!

Be Their Biggest Fan – follow their Facebook page and tune into their posts. When they announce a special, share it! Tell everyone why you love the place so much and share link to their page. Nothing means more to a business owner than hearing how their customers love their product and sharing their posts helps them get the word out to a much bigger audience. Give Them a Review – An online review is a powerful thing for a small business for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it lets the business owner know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Your point of view is immensely valuable to them. Second, your review helps others learn about the restaurant. For people who are visiting from out of town or are curious to try something new, your words are a big help in their decision making process. So if you love a restaurant, take five minutes and go onto their Facebook page, Google or Yelp and leave them a review. It is one small step that has a huge impact. Don't Put Them On Blast – No matter how fantastic a place is, it is inevitable that someone is going to have a bad experience. It happens. It could have been a server with a bad attitude, or a new chef over cooking your food, sometimes things just go wrong. Please, if you have a bad experience, before you go public with your displeasure, talk to the manager or business owner. They will want to address the issue, not only for you but for future customers as well. Give them a chance to make things right before you force them to defend their business in a public forum. So that is it, you can make a huge impact on a small business just by telling your friends. It takes very little time and effort. Just remember, spreading the word about a small business is always in good taste. aseveneightfive


A field of greens, field of dreams by Tom Krebs | photos by Amber Farmer

"Our families are here to provide a vehicle for their success, we're just in the backseat enjoying the ride."



Just what is opportunity?

Colby and André are on the autism spectrum and Luke was born with Down Syndrome. All three participated in the special education program at Auburn-Washburn USD 437, which earned a shout out from André’s father, Luis Guillén. “André was in an awesome program. It helped him open up a lot.”

Opportunity is clearly different for different people. For three young men in Topeka, all with, in a parent’s words, “different abilities,” opportunity has a different face than for many of their peers. But thanks to an collaborated effort by family and friends, Colby Myers, André Guillén and Luke Gerhardt will have the opportunity to enjoy personal success All three earned a high school and meaningful employment through diploma and are currently enrolled in the special education program their lifetime. that allows them to continue their They will achieve this dream through an work on building life skills until amazing indoor field of greens. their 21st birthdays. There is nothing small in scale about But knowing they would be aged either the field of greens or the dreams out soon, questioning government these parents have for their children and services, now and in the future, but others. (The families dream to replicate, wanting more for their children, over time, these opportunities for other Chuck and Kris Myers, Luis and local citizens with "different abilities.") Marisol Guillén, and Tim and About one in every 66 children born in the US is diagnosed with autism, but the severity ranges across a wide spectrum. About one in every 700 children born in the US is born with Down Syndrome.

Rhonda Gerhardt set about creating a food production facility that could be fiscally viable as well as providing a work environment that aligned with the young men’s capabilities

The mission of CALCan “is to enhance the lives of our local citizens with disabilities by providing the opportunities for personal success and meaningful employment.”


Colby with his dad Chuck

Andre + Luis Guillén

CALCan was born.

Greens and hydroponics

A state of the art, 5,400 square foot green house located south of Washburn Rural High School allows for a variety of greens to be grown hydroponically and harvested year around. And that’s what the three families do: plant, nurture, harvest, market, and deliver huge amounts of fresh greens to markets in Topeka, including Guillén’s restaurant, Luis’ Place, Lawrence and as far as Kansas City and Wichita.

The 2000 plants a week that come out of the greenhouse are grown in a network of high density polyethylene channels, dependent on pumps and computers using Topeka city water, delivered by RWD #3, which is treated to meet a strict PH balance. That’s it. No soil, no fertilizers, no pesticides. All pest control is done without chemicals.

The green house, located on land owned by the Gerharts, was finished and outfitted with the sophisticated network of computers, water storage and pumps, and plastic trays and troughs used in the process - in time for planting the first seeds. The first harvest started last January. An earlier visit by Luke to relatives in Wichita set in motion the idea to become hydroponic farmers. As part of developing job skills, all three young men, after filling out job applications, were put on the CALCan payroll. All three young men participate in the regular tasks: seeding, transplanting, harvesting and maintenance. The families’ work in the greenhouse centers around three days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Those days all three families, including André’s and Colby’s sisters, Alyssa Guillén and Sydney Myers and Luke’s cousin, Brooke Schucknecht, are at the greenhouse seeding, transplanting and harvesting. Prior to work, all involved enjoy a meal together, which is considered an essential element of the families’ efforts.

where to buy calcan products

The process, from planting to harvest takes six to eight weeks: two weeks as seedlings, two weeks in the nursery, then two to four weeks in a finishing stage.

The business and looking ahead The families know they have to have a good product to make a profit, which is key to sustainability. In order to do so, lots of data pertaining to costs/ overhead, sales, and of particular importance, the man-hours the young men contribute to the production is being collected. If this model is to be replicated, others will need to have a thorough understanding of what a labor force with disabilities brings to the table and what others will need to contribute. They are looking at other models, such as expanding on their own, looking for partners, or taking the initiative to schools themselves, which would provide both a group of students seeking the opportunities as well as a group of consumers looking for fresh greens on the salad bar. Guillén offered up this assessment of their efforts to date, “Our families are here to provide a vehicle for their success, we’re just in the backseat enjoying the ride.” aseveneightfive

hyvee Wanamaker



FOOD NINJA Quintons 4.0 Fists


he wind is brisk, the air chill and calm. Night settles in like a blanket over a sleeping child and no one is aware of the epic battle about to ensue. This ninja strikes once, nay, twice more to infiltrate the establishments that will satiate a warrior’s appetite. Quinton’s is the first foe I will confront. My skills are honed, my blade is sharp, and my resolve is unwaivering... Atmosphere I enter undetected to find a warm, inviting, spacious establishment. I cross the floor to a comfy booth where I will be hidden in the shadows until it is my time to strike. Each table feels somewhat private in this place and I am alone with my thoughts. Friendliness I am greeted with a smile and a menu immediately. For a moment I am distracted from my mission, but I regain control of the situation and order. During my meal the waitress is attentive, friendly and accommodates my needs with ninja-like speed.

Ninja’s RecommendationCajun Fries and Grilled Cheese 36

Menu Quinton’s offers deli style fare, with enough variety to satisfy the pickiest of ninjas. Not overwhelming but plenty of choices, I make my selection and wait for my opponent’s next move.

Food Splendid flavor, well prepared, and portions that fill this ninja’s belly. The Peppercorn Ranch dipping sauce is an assault on my ninja tastebuds and the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup is surprisingly well executed for such a common dish. The bread is buttered to perfection, the soup creamy and warm on a cold fall night. Funds Quinton’s doesn’t break the bank for what you receive. For less than $12 I procure a meal and drink fit for the fiercest warrior. Lunch or dinner, Quinton’s is a perfect choice for the mightiest ninja’s needs. aseveneightfive

pizza o

Double Edge Edition



move on to my second opponent and find the challenge waiting for me when I arrive. Ling’s Express sits unassuming in the shops by the lake at 29th and Croco. Little do they know their challenge is about to be met by the fierce, unrelenting, and hungry FOOD NINJA!

Atmosphere Designed for, as the name suggests, express dining, the dining area is sparse and unwelcoming, but very clean. A few tables are available but this is clearly an in and out establishment. The drive through is most likely the better option.

Friendliness I am greeted with a smile, but not much enthusiasm. My order is politely taken, and although there is nothing outstanding about the exchange, this ninja is not put off by it. Short, to the point, but friendly. Menu Standard fare for Chinese style dining. A variety of options and combination plates are sure to satisfy any ninja’s thirst and hunger. Looking at the menu, I am a little

3 Fists

overwhelmed by the choices, but soon find the pattern in my foe’s attack and find my counter-strike, making my selection. Food General Tso’s Chicken is the choice I make to eliminate my hunger. I am disappointed. The flavor is quite bland, though there is the hint of something more that keeps me eating. The chicken is somewhat chewy and I am finding myself wishing I had made a different choice. Next time… Funds Excellent price for the portion. This is more than enough food for this ninja to be full and a generous egg roll is included with my plate. Less than $10 will gain you enough food for two ninjas. aseveneightfive

Ninja’s RecommendationEgg Rolls

take a drive GAME DAY BAR + GRILL 23RD STREET BREWERY by Kerrice Mapes


he small, locally owned brewpub on the West side of Lawrence by Clinton Lake is a 15 BBL brewery that averages just under 1,000 barrels a year and distributes draught beer throughout Kansas. Impressive. But for me, it's not the beer that gets me out to 23rd Street Brewery - it's the amazing food (and the off-leash dog park down the street at Clinton Lake is a bonus).

Their menu is filled with signature dishes: the Danny Manning Marsala Chicken, the 23rd Street Meatloaf (made from a blend of bison and beef), the London Phog Fish + Chips, the Hank Booth Burger (burger topped with bacon, caramelized onion, sautéed mushrooms, homemade BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese) and The Bill Shelf (made from scratch mac and cheese topped with buffalo chicken tenders). Once again, I go against the grain. Sure, all of these dishes are delicious, but the MVP for me is their New Orleans Style Fish. The blackened salmon is always cooked to perfection, medium and served on a bed of rice with their creamy, spicy Cajun sauce. This sauce is so good, if they filled Clinton Lake with it, I would swim daily. The recommended side is broccoli, which is fantastic, but their green beans are dynamite: crispy, seasoned fresh snap beans that rival a main entrée. Also notable are several of their appetizers. The Romos' Cheese on Bread is a mozzarella and provolone cheese blend, brick over toasted with fresh garlic Italian crust and seasoning and served with marinara and their signature roasted garlic dressing. Two appetizers perfect for sharing and forcing you to get a to-go box for your entrée are the 23rd St Deconstructed Guacamole, a plate of fresh avocado served sliced with pico de gallo, sea salt on the side and fresh lime, ready for you to dip - and the Naked Nachos (smartest appetizer I've seen ever) your regular nacho all stars, meat, cheese, jalapeños, black beans and black olives plus tomatoes and scallions all served in a bowl with a side of sour cream, salsa and chips. Now you can actually share nachos politely and still have every chip topped with nacho goodness, and even take it home. Brilliant. Check out 23rd Street Brewery for their beer or for their signature dishes - or for pretty much everything else on the menu. They are all winners. aseveneightfive 38

by Daryl Hendrix


ake a 15-minute drive on KS-4 to Meridan and find yourself at Game Day Bar + Grill, a small town "Cheers" where you'll experience great food and meet two of the kindest people I've ever had the change to meet. Cheers, groans, beer and big screens - Game Day is the place to meet your buddies for wings, nachos and a full slab of football, baseball and basketball. Or come alone and count on finding a crowd to hang with, it doesn't matter what colors or logo you are wearing. I've had the privilege of knowing Jackie Kern Cummings for over 25 years and with that the opportunity to meet her husband, Nick, her two boys, Creston and Hayden. The Cummings have been foster parents for a number of years and always opened their home to many in need. Jackie is a former teacher at Topeka West where she coached volleyball and softball; Nick is a special education teacher at Effingham and football coach at Valley Falls High School. Jarron is a student and plays football at Emporia State University while Jaime is a senior at Highland park High School. The couple purchased the former Watering Hole in Meridan last January, closed for a month of renovations, changed the name and opened February 9. They patronized the Watering Hole and felt it was a diamond in the rough, so when they learned it was for sale, they knew it was their time to play entrepreneurial ball. Game Day highlights include outdoor seating, bands, during the summer participating as a stop in various fundraising motorcycle rides and food specials including $1 Taco Tuesday, $2 chili dog Wednesday and their Sunday favorite, the Hangover, a burger topped with egg, bacon, shredded cheese and hot sauce. Cheers! aseveneightfive

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