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Vol. VII Issue VI•March 1 - April 15, 2013

Taco Showdown East 6th Street - revisited | Couture for Cancer

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It’s 1971 and you’re in Kansas City at the Cowtown Ballroom.

March 1 - April 15, 2013 • Vol. VII Issue VI

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Taco Showdown So are Brewer & Shipley, Steve Martin, Frank Zappa, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Van Morrison, Linda Ronstadt, Ravi Shankar, Electric Light Orchestra, BB King, Kansas, Steve Miller Band, Alice Cooper, Seals and Crofts, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Blue Oyster Cult, Dr. Hook, Arlo Guthrie, Harry Chapin, Steely Dan, Loggins and Messina, Firesign Theater, Charlie Daniels, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Poco, The Byrds, and more. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Far out.

COWTOWN BALLROOM...Sweet Jesus The documentary that takes you to center of the universe for pioneers of the psychedelic prairie, where the party lasted for 36 glorious months. MONDAY, MARCH 11, 7 PM Digital Channel 11.1

15 golden mile, east 6th street 24 taco showdown 27 taco part two 29 taco specials

24 4

univer e h t f o enter ere the pa The c wh ity, the C s a s n “In Ka the folk era from from the toget - Joh cover details by John Holcomb

This isn’t heaven, it just feels like it.

and they work

st pats day H

for a place called RowHouse


igh noon on Saturday the 16th will start the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Continuing the party is the annual street party on 8th street with the harmonious backdrop of The Celtic Fox. Many bars are taking the opportunity to celebrate both Saturday and Sunday, so get two green shirts. seveneightfive will have your St. Patrick’s guide, as always, available for you to print on our website, It will include the bar music schedule for the Topeka Bag Piper’s, drink specials, live music and more. Check it out and have a great and safe St. Patrick’s Day celebration weekend.

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landscape design / installation Retaining Walls laWn and Bed Maintenance iRRigation systeMs paveR/stone Walks patios and dRives seed and sod Fire Pits • Lighting OutdOOr Kitchens WateR FeatuRes pool design

Jessica Matheis TopekaLandscape_TM12wi.indd 1

10/29/12 7:50 AM


Ruprecht Roosterdamus, The Psychic Chicken TM


2013 Okay, that’s it. I’ve tried everything. Jewelry, trips, candy, cards, dinner and a movie, stimulants... girl says it’s still too soon. It’s been months! What is this, the middle ages? Blue-ish Dude Dear BD, The longer she makes ya wait, the more likely she’ll meet someone else in a parking lot. Yer stuck in the friend zone. Crawl away. - RR ____________________________ A R I E S Weight loss—why do they call it that? You aren’t losing it, you are storing in the universe for later use. And, if you don’t use it, someone else will. Like me. T A U R U S Spring is just around the corner. Why is the good stuff always just around the corner? So we can’t see it and realize how miserable we are now? Sorry I brought it up. Move along. G E M I N I Yer in for it this time. Forgive and forget is not done by you know who. Yer only hope is to beg for forgiveness. Wearing rubber might help. Or not. C A N C E R Once upon a time there was a scary dude with a machete... Running. Screaming. Blood. Scantily clad girl. Guy with shirt off. Turn that into a movie and send me a check. Yer welcome. L E O Don’t. Just don’t. V I R G O There ya are, minding yer own business, and some idiot yahoo decides to enter yer personal history. It’s okay to erase any idiot yahoo chapters, Bucko.

L I B R A Last time I checked, it’s still a felony, but that’s never stopped ya before. Discretion is good.

L I B R A Last time I checked, it’s still a felony, but that’s never stopped ya before. Discretion is good.

S C O R P I O We’re not worthy! ;-)

S C O R P I O We’re not worthy! ;-)

S A G I T T A R I U S By the time ya read this, the Flea Party will have had ample time to prove all they really care about is getting their own way. So I say we give it to them—in their own country on the dark side of the moon. Show of hands?

mug shot • it’s all about the beer • by Kevin Reed



Okay, that’s it. I’ve tried everything. Jewelry, trips, candy, cards, dinner and a movie, stimulants... girl says it’s still too soon. It’s been months! What is this, the middle ages? Blue-ish Dude

C A P R I C O R N Missing teeth—especially in the front—can be a bit of a turn off (well, except in West Texas) but it sure beats missing brains (again, except in West Texas.)

Dear BD, The longer she makes ya wait, the more likely she’ll meet someone else in a parking lot. Yer stuck in the friend zone. Crawl away. - RR ____________________________

A Q U A R I U S No talk of shallow skinny jeans pierced teen women fat still be digging out from all that snow, e or may bubbas in camouflage this however April showers and May flowers are time, Bucko. The fat bubbas not that far away. Let us focus on melting have filed a complaint with the that frozen outlook with some springtime seasonal FBiC and a suit is pending.

A R I E S Weight loss—why do they call it that? You aren’t losing it, you are storing in the universe for later use. And, if you don’t use it, someone else will. Like me.

springtime with Sam


beers from our friends at the Samuel Adams Brewery.

P I S C E S fitting start would be the Maple Pecan Porter. This AnotherAlong winter is finally nutty, syrupy porter ending. The gray skies and gray has maple sweetness with hints of coffee that help you get ready for the day when one beer trees and gray grass are slowly just turningfor intobreakfast brown skies andisn’t enough. brown trees and brown grass. Seriously though, save it for the weekend brunch, it’s perfect paired with Rain? Nah. We don’t need no bacon, stinkingpancakes, rain! Moisture is for and all the fixings. wimps.On But the puzzle me this, slightly lighter side, how about a dose of Irish Red? The deep amber Bucko: color how come the ocean and distinctive caramel flavor renders an easily drinkable libation, and levels keep andwith the water pairsrising nicely your St. Patrick’s Day fare such as corned beef and cabbage tables keeps falling? It’s a weird or fish and chips. world, Bucko. Weird. ___________________________ Moving on up the hue ladder we arrive at White Lantern. This easy-going

Belgian White with tangerine and orange peel notes is great at lunch when

Question for the Blue Guru? can While I you realize yercontemplate never going switching careers. to be totally sure I’ll yer Enjoy this brew with spicy fish or poultry dishes, or a Waiting forkeep dinner? identityplate a secret (eek!), ask of salami, tangy cheeses and peppery crackers. yerself which is worse, Bucko, Another brew for not knowing the answer or the end of the day is Alpine Spring. This lager with bright flavor having citrus yer friends knowand ya floral aroma is much more efficient for creating a Zen asked aatmosphere chicken? Email me!any green tea I have come across. Relax and enjoy Alpine than Spring with a grilled chicken salad tossed with thin-sliced radishes and ___________________________ tangerine wedges in a light vinaigrette dressing. * Astrological predictions are about as fun as talk radio. Do sponsors love the hate or do they just want money so bad they’ll do anything to get it? I think I just answered my own question. - RR

T A U R U S Spring is just around the corner. Why is the good stuff always just around the corner? So we can’t see it and realize how miserable we are now? Sorry I Delve into the “fantasy job” portion of the evening andbrought come itup Double up.with Movethe along.

Agent India Pale Lager. The hoppiness of this lager holds up well to barbecue dishes G E M I N I Camembert or (got that grill out yet?), Italian meals and earthy cheeses (think Yer in for it this time. Forgive Fontina). and forget is not done by you

who.brews Yer only hope is to In closing, I would like to express my idea of sharingknow these through the beg forbecause forgiveness. Wearing immortal words of my father. “Everyone better get theirs, I am sure as rubberboxes might help. Or not. hell going to get mine.” You may find these beers in variety at many Topeka liquor stores including Fleming Place Wine & Spirits at 10th + Gage, Lakeside Wine C A N C E R & Spirits at 29th + Croco Road, Jac’s Liquor World at 21st & Fairlawn, and Meyer Once upon a time there was a scary dude with a machete... Retail Liquor near 29th & Arrowhead. aseveneightfive

Topeka Beer Events: • • • • •

Running. Screaming. Blood. Scantily clad girl. Guy with shirt off. Turn that into a movie and send me a check. Yer welcome. L E O

March 29: Tallgrass 8-Bit “Keep the Glass” promotion | OldDon’t. Chicago Just don’t. March 29: Summit Sampling at Devlin’s Liquor store | 4p V I R G O April 3: Sierra Nevada “Keep the Glass” promotion | BurgerStand There ya are, minding yer own April 5: First Friday ArtWalk sampling | Serendipity | NOTO | 6p and some idiot yahoo business, April 25: Abita sampling | Lakeside Wine and Spirits | 4p decides to enter yer personal history. It’s okay to erase any idiot yahoo chapters, Bucko.

S A G I T T A R I U S By the time ya read this, the Flea Party will have had ample time to prove all they really care about is getting their own way. So I say we give it to them—in their own country on the dark side of the moon. Show of hands? C A P R I C O R N Missing teeth—especially in the front—can be a bit of a turn off (well, except in West Texas) but it sure beats missing brains (again, except in West Texas.) A Q U A R I U S No talk of shallow skinny jeans pierced teen women or fat bubbas in camouflage this time, Bucko. The fat bubbas have filed a complaint with the FBiC and a suit is pending. P I S C E S Another long winter is finally ending. The gray skies and gray trees and gray grass are slowly turning into brown skies and brown trees and brown grass. Rain? Nah. We don’t need no stinking rain! Moisture is for wimps. But puzzle me this, Bucko: how come the ocean levels keep rising and the water tables keeps falling? It’s a weird world, Bucko. Weird. ___________________________ Question for the Blue Guru? While I realize yer never going to be totally sure I’ll keep yer identity a secret (eek!), ask yerself which is worse, Bucko, not knowing the answer or having yer friends know ya asked a chicken? Email me! ___________________________ * Astrological predictions are about as fun as talk radio. Do sponsors love the hate or do they just want money so bad they’ll do anything to get it? I think I just answered my own question. - RR

John Holcomb

loves america his art shows it

by Boone Smith

in his late 20’s mayetta, kansas can draw better than you knows sports


art: who he is

art: not full of adverbs

became an artist in college john brown university, arkansas loves march madness + takes off work to watch it

likes a challenge

creating art didn’t come easy, he had to pursue it

loyal chiefs fan

Besides his love of God and country, and of course his love for his wife Ali, John loves sports. As a boy, he used to love watching teams play and to draw their logos during the game. The logos make sense. They are recognizable, timeless, limited in number, and also able to convey a sense of personality with a region of the country, and with a specific time-period. In this way, the logos are not unlike the presidents of the United States that John has created portraits of, and also like the states that John has expertly recreated as plates of food. Even now we can talk about some of the great logos of all time, like the NY Knicks brand and logo, to the all-time failures like the Houston Rockets’ logo with the Rocket that had eyes and teeth crossing it. In short, John has an eye for what works. He sees timeless institutions and creates artwork around those things: places names that are, by themselves, name brands. John also has the talent to see that vision brought into a reality, and he has the forethought and insight into the personality of the colors, shapes, and textures he is working with to bring them together in a harmony that is meaningful, pleasing and timeless. aseveneightfive


y first interview with John took place more than six months ago, where we met at Mr. Stir Fry on Wanamaker. I picked the place. I’ve known John for a couple of years, and had a hard time writing this article in an objective way. I like John, and I like what John is about.

John’s art shows himself. He has a very successful series called The United Plates. It is Americana in the best sense of the word. It displays a love of our country, of our states, and of course a love of food. The states are made out of food. On an individual level, they draw you in. Combined, the pictures bring you to an appreciation of each of the states and of the mastery that it took to create them. Each state is made of a different food, or sometimes a whole meal. It is simple, heartfelt, patriotic and American. It is also dripping with unique talent. John has been through the states a total of three times, meaning that you can find Kansas as three different plates of food. It is no wonder that this series drew the attention of The Food Network, the National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Daily Candy. The Department of State for the United States government has also featured his art for a promotional campaign. When we met six months ago, John was working on “US Presidents”. After creating two different entire sets of art that were devoted to showing off states and food, he devoted another to displaying the American Presidents. These presidents are a thing to marvel, with their ubiquitous detail and timeless sentimentality. As an American, the presidents of the past seem untouchable and somehow more monumental as time goes on. John manages to capture each one’s austere calmness in every portrait, without failing to bring the men into the 21st century. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with patriotism,” John told me. “There is nothing wrong with a love of God and country.” In John’s art, you can see a little nostalgia for simpler times, but you also get a sense of who the man is, and what he’s about. John told me, “In spite of our flaws, we really live in the best country on earth.”



“Top City Ramblers are loaded with talent and have a fresh approach to both their sound and their set list.” - Tom Wah, seveneightfive music writer

4 5

5Q Top City

Ramb l e r s


elf-labeled as “Topeka’s best country band by default” Top City Ramblers continue to keep classic country alive an’ kickin’ This always entertaining band made up of Willie Madl, Aymen Ghali, Zachary Carr and David Liston never disappoints. Be sure to stalk them online and check the seveneightfive weekender to see when they will be playing.


Give us the details on what kind of music you play?

2 3

Does a bottle of whiskey and a broken heart lead to a good country song?

Which classic album cover would you want to recreate? Willie: I like the old Ray Price album covers with a blue background and his hand on his chin. Zack: Something like The Flying Burrito Brothers in the most elaborate diamond studded suits. Top 5 country songs without stopping to think about it? Aymen: I don’t even listen to country. (Queue the signature Aymen laugh) Really anything Willie didn’t write. “I Think I’ll Sit Here and Drink” by Merle Haggard” Zack: George Jones “White Lightening’,” Roger Miller “In the Summertime’,” and Willie Nelson… Too many good ones to choose from. Willie: Ray Price “For the Good Times,” Willie Nelson “Funny How Time Slips Away” and Kris Kristofferson “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” Did I say George Jones “He Stopped Loving Her Today?” Is that five yet? aseveneightfive

“There was something in my mouth that didn’t belong.” OH at judges tables at Pigskin’s “I don’t do anything gentle.” OH at @thedutchgoose “Eavesdropping on groupies @jam4dan is super fun!” OH at Celtic Fox. RT @atiecay: “’Pearl Diver’... Sounds like it would taste like vagina.” “We prefer shooting children.” OH @FoodFunFiesta during networking mixer from a local photog. Context: family photos vs. wedding photography. @785heardnoted OH “we’re gonna eat this before it’s gone”@ seveneightfive work night

Y L N O S ’ A K E P O T E V I D R 5-STA ST. PATRICK’S DAY [ S ] 2013!

Aymen: Whiskey Dave: That certain kind of organic feeling you get from it. Zack: Style and class. Good song writing and musicianship.

Willie: That’s a good question. Yes, it does. Usually it leads to another whiskey bottle, then a good country song. Dave: Sometimes. And sometimes it leads to a terrible one. Aymen: ...and then a good night with your friends.

overheard out+about

compiled by Tweets sent to @785heardnoted | illustration by Amanda Reynolds

Willie: Classic country, traditional country, alternative country. Aymen: We play two kinds of music. Country and Western. What inspires you to play the kind of country you do, as opposed to playing more modern country?

h+n @785heardnoted

SATURDAY: After the parade, follow us back to the Goose for great food, drink specials and Bag Pipers. SUNDAY: THE PARTY CONTINUES! Wear your Green and get your Irish on!

Top City Ramblers

3203 SW 10th | 785-357-8474 @thedutchgoose

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Sh o p LOcal!



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Masonic_I Do vert_Layout 1 12/6/12 7:49 PM Page 1

You Can Have It ALL!


THE GOLDEN MILE of East 6th’s Mexican Food

at the

Topeka Masonic Center

Eclectic Latin Caribbean Cuisine, Wonderful Wine Selection 4005 Gage Ctr Dr OR 715 S. Kansas Ave. | Friend us on Facebook

“The ultimate dining experience.”

Weddings n Receptions Rehearsal Dinners Meetings n Seminars Conferences n Banquets Special Events n Ceremonies

RESERVE YOUR EVENT TODAY! 785-783-7720 2300 SW 30th, Topeka, KS



1 - 30 785.357.5211


by Josiah Engstrom and Zach Force | photos Josiah Engstrom

he two of us, having grown up in Topeka, had long heard of the Mexican flavors of the city’s East Side, in particular a certain stretch on East 6th Avenue. We’d even visited the taco trucks dotted along the street, which are also known on occasion to make an appearance at the Farmer’s Market downtown. All of a sudden recognizing that this rich pocket of culture in the Capital T has gone largely unnoticed by most of our fellow Topekans, it became somewhat of an urgent matter for us to show it off. The experience is far too colorful and unique to be kept a secret. So, we decided to take a Friday afternoon to sample four different Mexican eateries, all of which are located along a segment of East 6th that has now been coined The Golden Mile. The stretch is actually closer to a mile and a half long and generally includes the length between Branner Street and Deer Creek Trafficway. On it can be found plenty of local hotspots, but we only had the room to highlight four of them.

>>>continued on next page



V&D Taco Truck

The first stop on our tour was V&D Taco Truck, located at 6th and Carnahan. By the time we arrived, the modest, mobile kitchen had already gathered a line of hungry patrons at its walk-up window, despite the frigid temperatures outside. While we waited our turn, we perused the menu printed on the side of the truck, which includes a selection of authentic Mexican dishes, like tacos, tortas, gorditas, burritos, and even quesadillas. The options don’t stop there – we got to select the kind of meat with which we wanted our tasty treats stuffed. Choices include steak, pork, lamb, and, for the more adventurous types, even tripe and tongue.

Recognizing that we had a long afternoon of spicy lunches still ahead of us, we both decided to play it conservatively and stick with the kinds of meats we knew. Josiah went with the quesadilla alpastor (pork) and Zach with the burrito asada (steak), each of which was only $6. Upon receiving our food, we realized how much of a bargain that was; our meals were absolutely enormous. Either one could have easily been enough for two people to share, and wanting to save room for the lunches to come; we planned to have only a few bites. That proved to be a struggle with the first taste as the freshly made tortillas which bound our food and the onions, rice, and cilantro within them screamed authentic Mexican flavor. The pork was almost like chorizo. The steak had that distinctly home-made, youknow-this-is-the-real-deal taste. Neither dish was overly spicy, which can assuredly be remedied if one so desired. Minutes before, we had embarked on a quest to find a genuine experience with Mexican food in the Golden Mile, and V&D Taco Truck had not let us down. With tears in our eyes, we put away the remaining four fifths of our food and moved on to the next tour stop.

Carniceria Camecuaro

Just a mile down the road to the west, at the intersection of 6th and Branner, we came across a bright orange building, home to a meat market. Carniceria Camecuaro is a wonderful mixture of a


Mexican meat market, a Mexican deli, and a Mexican convenience store. We made our way to the counter that served lunch, our eyes widening as we approached. They too, had a variety of meats from which to select for your taco filling, including pork, beef, and barbacoa beef. But what impressed us was their huge assortment of sauces and toppings on the condiment bar. There were two types of onions, cilantro, many kinds of peppers, three different chili sauces, and even radishes. This is where all the magic happens; they give you a tortilla topped with delicious meat, and you do the rest.

Zach got the pork taco and made sure to put one of the green hot sauces on it. The pork was so flavorful and juicy, and the hot sauce provided a spicy zing that makes you want to tough it out through another and another. Josiah’s barbacoa taco was just as outrageously delicious. The meat was very tender and not super spicy – the kind of flavor that makes you wonder what else you’ve been missing your whole life. At first, we thought that $4.25 was a little steep for one taco, but when we saw the mountain of meat that it bought, we understood. There is also a dining area with tables and chairs, making it a great lunch stop. While we there, we ran into a group of businessmen from downtown. They explained that some of them were regulars and some were being brought along to lunch for their first taste of Carniceria Camecuaro. They called them “the best tacos in town,” and tipped us off on another legendary location on the Golden Mile with outstanding food. Off we went.

Los Portales

From the second we walked through the door at Los Portales, located at 6th and Lake St., we were greeted by top-notch customer service. They were friendly, helpful, and, after hearing of our quest, even offered to let us talk to the owner, a man by the name of Raul Munoz who doubles as a professional boxer. As we worked on the white queso and guacamole dips for our chips, we graciously accepted and placed an order for some steak fajitas.

Only minutes later, the dish came sizzling and steaming from the kitchen to our table. Succulent strips of steak woven throughout a bed of bell peppers and sautéed onions filled the room with their aroma, and a whole second plate held generous portions of rice, refried beans, lettuce, and guacamole. It tasted even better than it looked. The steak was perfectly seasoned, the guacamole and tortillas were made fresh, and we knew there was something about the beans that made them stand out from anything we’d had before, but we couldn’t quite put our collective finger on it. As hard as we tried, we just flat out could not finish the food. Our lunch dish for $12.50 was more than enough to share between two people. While we were wrapping up, Raul came to sit and talk with us about his restaurant and his neighborhood. As it turns out, his family actually owns both Los Portales and El Azteca, the dance club across the intersection which opened in the early 1990s. It all started when the family created the first food truck in the city years ago out of a school bus. Just as she did back then, Munoz’s mother, Teresa, is the head chef and hand selects all of the ingredients she uses. She also uses secret family recipes in all of her creations to set them apart from other Mexican restaurants, which explains why the beans stood out to us. In speaking with him, it’s not hard to see that Raul and his family carry a passion to see East Topeka thrive and become a hotbed of culture within our city. As with many parts of Topeka, the fact of the matter is that East Topeka, and the Golden Mile in particular, already is just that. The brightly colored buildings lining the streets, the rich language, Fiesta in the summertime, the community atmosphere, and of course the amazing food all give their testaments. As we were leaving, Raul suggested we make our fourth and final stop just one door down from his for dessert.

El Golozo

The bakery was opened by a husband and wife team Herbert and Silvia in November 2012. Silvia has been baking for 18 years of her young life, and upon moving here from Kansas City, Kan. two years ago, the couple decided to do what they do best by opening up the confection business in their new city. El Golozo, a spin-off of the Spanish word for “sweet tooth,” and we soon discovered it to be accurately named. Silvia spent the time to walk us through each window case of creations to explain what they were, drawing “oohs” and “ahhs” from us after each one. Wielded with our platter and pair of tongs from Silvia, we went hunting. We loaded up on everything from turtles to sweet cornbread to cheesecake. We both agreed, however, that we were especially excited to try the cones. These were a flaky kind of pastry, shaped like a cone of course, and stuffed all the way through with cream filling. The whole platter full of delicious baked goods cost us less than $5. Its location on the Golden Mile makes it an easy find for dessert after any of the other incredible Mexican eateries. It would also be a perfect place to take your friends who have never been or a girl on a first date. We walked away that day believers in Herbert and Silvia’s dream and will be back with friends as soon as we can. At the beginning our journey, we didn’t know exactly what we were looking for, but we knew we’d find delicious morsels, one after another after another. And that’s precisely what happened. What we didn’t expect to encounter were all the stories attached to each place and the people that created them. The Golden Mile on East 6th is a very rich place. The next time you have visitors from out of town or you are feeling the itch to discover a part of your city you’ve rarely experienced, don’t snuff out the opportunity at a chain restaurant or a box store. Come see your city from the East Side. aseveneightfive 17


Meriden in August by Jason Soden

expect new faces + inspiring storms for spring by Michelle Leivan | Artist, Author, Artrepreneur | | Artwork provided by artists and gallery

Among the newcomers to the area is Yeldarb Gallery (YelldarbGallery. com) offering art by local artists, antiques, and collectibles in their main floor gallery along with artist studios on the second story. Owners Ruby and Chuck Bradley have spent numerous hours designing a large beautiful gallery space out of the former sub shop in which they regularly feature regional artists on the First Friday Art Walk openings. One of those artists is Jason Soden, a photographer, who will be the featured artist for March. Inspired by thunderstorms rolling across the vast Kansas prairie, hurries out to an incoming storm to capture the moments an incoming squall has to offer. “Whether it is a landscape with a thunder storm, or a majestic sunrise, the 18

...a high style home furnishings store with an eclectic mix of new designs, antiques and vintage pieces...

clouds will never look exactly the same again, the grass, or animals in the photo, will never take the same pose again and I feel very lucky to have been a part of that small moment of time. My image represents about 1/125th of a second proof that I was there and able to experience that and it makes me feel very lucky,” explains Soden when describing his passion. For Jason timing is everything for his work, “In order to create images that are consistently stunning, you have to slow down and appreciate where you are, and what you are witnessing. I can spend many hours in one location; just appreciating what I am a part of. I often take far fewer images than other photographers.” As a native to northeast Kansas, Jason is honored to be involved with Yeldarb Gallery. “I am really excited to be right in the middle of the NOTO Arts District,” Jason affirms. “I have met many other artists in the Topeka area that have influenced my photography and overall philosophy of my work. I am seeing a growing population of artists in the Topeka area and their work can be seen in increasing numbers in local businesses.” Not only does he appreciate the artists but the public as well, emphasizing the growing importance of the arts throughout Topeka, “I love it when somebody approaches me during an event such as First Friday Artwalk and looks at one of my photos, tells me a story about how that photo reminds them of their childhood.”

Coming to Yeldarb Gallery in April is “Portraits, Characters and Heroes” art competition, organized by Alexander Lancaster of Two Wolves Studio. Entries will be accepted until March 20th. It is open to all artist levels, ages, mediums and styles of visual artists - painting, drawings, digital, sculpture, photography, digital art and more, for more information go to events/496793467010119/. aseveneightfive As always you can also see area artists at


he phenomenal growth of the North Topeka Art District is a testament to the positive impact the arts has on our culture. Grown from the neglected street of North Kansas Avenue, the 3 block area has quickly become “THE” place to be on the first Friday of every month. NOTO is the home to more than 15 artist studios with over 50 artists represented in various venues. Not to mention, several complementary businesses such as antique stores, an entertainment rental venue, the coffee and bakery shop, the jewelry store all making it a destination shopping experience.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

11a - 5:30 p by chance or by appointment 414 se second street topeka, kansas 66607 785.232.8008

lit tortilla jack’s sonnet by Dennis Etzel Jr.

From inside the brick walls, rustic like stains from oven heat, through narrow windows, you see the path away from middle school bullies, a run, to here— comics spread across the table, a ticket in your right hand, waiting for your order number to be called, and no one will race you for your food. No one can break through Captain America’s shield. No one can steal your taco and Dr. Pepper. Kevin Rabas co-directs the creative writing program at Emporia State University and edits Flint Hills Review. He has three books: Bird’s Horn, Lisa’s Flying Electric Piano, a KS Notable Book and Nelson Poetry Book Award winner, and Spider Face: stories. And forthcoming from Coal City Review Press in March, Sonny Kenner’s Red Guitar (poems). Dennis Etzel Jr. is Poetry Editor of seveneightfive and is biased in this issue.


taco showdown poems

selected by Dennis Etzel Jr.

Two out of two poets prefer the taste of Tortilla Jack’s over Taco Villa and Taco Casa.. aseveneightfive

tortilla jack’s by Kevin Rabas

Choose four hard corn tacos in plain white butcher paper over some white flour, drip-through soft tacos kept warm downtown under a lamp with a hot orange bulb. Choose the land of dark hardwood interior over the land of teal plastic. Choose the conversation of graying grade school soccer coaches over the chatter of slick SUV travelers— iPhones out--who stop only at the chains. Tortilla Jack’s Haiku for Eric McHenry | by Dennis Etzel Jr.

I asked him to see a poem there, but, instead, he found three tacos.

Cheap Tacos by Kevin Rabas

Walk across from the college and get four tacos and a drink for $5.07 on a weekday. Less on the weekend. See flecks of history painted in brick. TORTILLA JACK’S The letters crack in rain and wind.

Upcoming Poetry Readings March 14 | TBA Tod Marshall and Nick Twemlow

March 31 | 5p Zack Haber, kathryn l. pringle & Brett Salsbury Eighth Street Taproom 19 E. Eighth St., Lawrence 21

yp summit [


he 2013 Kansas YP Summit will again be hosted by Topeka at the Ramada Convention Center, Downtown Topeka. The fourth Annual Kansas YP Summit is a full day of innovative breakout sessions featuring keynote luncheon speaker, voice of the Kansas City Chiefs, Mitch Holthus. Learn more and purchase your tickets today at aseveneightfive

YP = Young Professionals. The Fourth Annual YP Summit is a great networking event for professionals under the age of 40.


TacoVilla, Taco Casa, Tortilla Jacks? Why? Jeff Gartin: Villa for enchiladas and queso. 6th st Casa for bean ‘n cheese burritos and sanchiladas.

Jamie Heithaus: Taco Villa the best in town. I worked there and I still love it.

Jerry Watkins: Villa...smothered.

Jan Huffman Garton: Taco Villa- can’t do one word gotta use two- Gary and Sauce.

Kristy Eaton-Harvey: TACO VILLA! And why are others throwing different places in the mix? That was not the question. Mick Bigham: Taco Casa!!!!! No explanation needed. Allyson Booth: 1. Taco Casa 2. Taco Villa. Andy Butler: Villa! The Mess and The Thing. Nathan Biester: Jacks for a hangover, Villa any other time.

1422 SW Lane | Topeka 66604 785.233.5577 | FB: EnvySalon

Bill Reid: Taco Villa. Great people. Love the nacho platter. If I’m thirsty they have RC products. I hate Pepsi.


Brian Adams: Tortilla Jacks...not because I like the Ham Burrito, but because I like the idea of the Ham Burrito. Jennifer Heithaus: Via except on Sundays then it’s Jacks, LOL! Austin Honaker: VILLA, hands.down. Kate Brennan Weber: Casa/Jacks toss up: atmosphere, ice chips, friendly service, deeeelish Mexican food fast! I’m craving them now! Emily Cottrell: Taco Villa... why? One word: Gary. Chris Fisher: Tortilla Jack’s all day.

NEW LOCATION! Book your appointment today for a pedi, mani, color and more.

GET YOUR BEAUTY ON AT OUR NEW LOCATION, 1422 SW Lane, next door to Oscars Bar & Grill. (Or for those over 30 years, the old Mama’s Cafe.)

obtain what you desire


Ta c o C a sa

by Richard Kelly | photos by Gary Krohe

1423 SW 6th Ave | 5656 SW 29th St



by Richard Kelly | photos by Gary Krohe

riving the main streets of Topeka, one quickly realizes how many restaurants envelop the Capital city. On most corners, there are fast food restaurants. But, As you search, you will begin to see there are a multitude of locally owned restaurants in Topeka. But there are a few that stand out as monikers of the Mexican restaurant scene. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore three family-owned businesses providing their own versions of Mexican-American food at its finest. In this “Taco Showdown” I had no clear cut “winner” or “loser” after learning about the establishments, each having its unique twists and flavors. As you will read, commonalities began to appear between the places, including the usage of fresh ingredients, the cooking of fresh food every day, owners that care about the business’s customers, and more.

My first stop was Taco Casa where I spoke with “Taco Al” Ward, who has owned the business with his wife since its inception in July of 1963. The location sits on 6th St., so there is a heavy traffic that comes in around lunch time for freshly made Mexican food. First thoughts upon entering the restaurant are that it’s cozy and comfortable. The large window at the front of the business allows light to beam into the establishment and provide an upbeat vibe. Sitting with Ward, the quickest notion I discovered was that virtually everyone coming into the business knew who he was and vice versa. He said his business model favors heavily on customer appreciation. Ward said he arrives at the restaurant around 7:30 a.m. each morning to begin the preparations for the day, making fresh food and cutting fresh vegetables. On average, he works around 80-100 hours a week at the restaurant. “If I take a day off, I think it’s a wasted day,” said Ward. As Ward spoke, he explained one of the biggest prides he takes is in his employees, some of which have been working for Ward for nearly 30 years, including one of their managers, who Ward hired just out of high school 27 years ago. He said having consistent employees has helped his customers recognize the friendly faces behind the counter. “If I take care of the kids, and I take care of the grandparents (in families,) they usually dictate where the family will eat,” said Ward. It wasn’t always that easy for Taco Casa though. During the year of its inception, which came from an idea of the Pizza Hut down the street, “Taco Hut” struggled. They opened in July of 1963 and were in the red $1,200 financially by the following January. It took Ward dropping all of his employees but one to get his business in the black. Tacos and beans were 25 cents when the business opened, which eventually attracted customers, due to Mexican food not being a staple of the community yet. Even today, Ward recognizes his business may not be so successful had it not opened so long ago. “If we tried to open today as a Mom and Pop business, I don’t know if we’d make it,” said Ward. Al and his wife Sandra Ward, who have been married 54 years, have no plans on stopping now, as they come close to their 50 year anniversary this July. “As long as my health is good, we’re planning on staying right here and keep doing it,” said Al. And as one of his customers said near the time I left, “I started coming here when they were making the burritos out of wood.” Taco Casa has become a moniker of the community.

To rtilla Jacks 1618 SW Washburn Ave.

Since 1973, Washburn students and the surrounding community have enjoyed the confines of Tortilla Jacks. The business models the philosophy “Viva La Taco” and displays it proudly outside of its restaurant. Naomi Kelley, primary owner of Tortilla Jacks along with her husband Jim, helped the business get off the ground early on by trying to be friendly with customers. Naomi explained how it was hard to reel in customers at first, as Mexican food was still new to Topeka, and the Washburn community was skeptical. >>>more on next page


But with some fine touches to their food, the Kelley’s perfected a recipe for much of their food, which they still use today, outside of a few

minor changes. The recipe itself is only known by the two owners and their son, Dwight. It sits locked in a secret deposit box in the Kelley house. The couple took a chance on the business. It wasn’t easy early, despite Jim’s expertise in the food industry. “We’ve gotten established,” said Naomi. “People know the name. It was kind of hard at first, because Taco Tico was just down the street. I thought many times ‘oh my God, is it going to make it?’” Along with Taco Casa, Tortilla Jacks also prepares all of their food daily and from scratch. Naomi said it’s that passion for quality ingredients that keeps customers coming back for more. She said often over holidays, she’s found that individuals who have been gone for years come to Tortilla Jacks and will buy burritos in bulk to take back home with them.

“People from Canada and Colorado are two places I can think off the top of my head that people come back from,” said Naomi. “They’ll order like 20 burritos and take them home and freeze them.” Naomi said even today, whenever the business is booming, she still feels humbled to have succeeded this long. “Sundays, this area is all full and we’ve got a line all through the store or outside, depending on if it’s hot or cold,” said Naomi. “Sometimes, I’ll just look out here and it’s unbelievable.” One of the stories Naomi said she likes to tell others is her first introduction to the proposition that Tortilla Jacks could succeed. “One of the cooks at a previous job said ‘Naomi, I think I could see you guys making something like $2,000 a day,’” said Naomi. “And I said ‘you are out of your mind.’ But today, we can make that in a day and more.” Naomi said as long as she and her husband, who does not remain as involved as she in the restaurant, maintain good health, they will continue to hold primary responsibility of Tortilla Jacks.

Ta c o Vi l la 5300 SW 21st St. # A

Our final contender in this corner of the “taco showdown” I present Taco Villa. Opened in 1973 and not unlike the others, Taco Villa is still operated by its original ownership group and is a recognizable establishment by many Topekans. What packs the most “punch” according to Gary Stickley, owner of Taco Villa, is the fact Topeka’s Taco Villa hasn’t taken the route most Taco Villa’s have taken by cooking, freezing and microwaving their food. Instead, the Topeka Taco Villa, has unincorporated from the now franchised corporation, and cooks everything fresh each day it’s open. “Our food is prepared fresh every day,” said Stickley. “The trucks come in every morning with our products.” The business, located behind Topeka West High School, has been a staple of students as well as adults. With the opportunity for Topeka West students to leave campus during their lunch once sophomores, it has given the establishment a steady location over its lunch hours for years. Stickley said what’s humbling and exciting is seeing a student come in during high school and even college and then seeing them with their kids years later. “It’s sometimes the first place they (old students) see when they reenter town, and it’s often the first place they come to,” said Stickley. A patron of the restaurant said he remembers his first experience at Taco Villa over 10 years ago, and comparing it to now, he said the food hasn’t changed.

Stickley reaffirmed this, saying the recipe is virtually identical to the recipe originally crafted. “We have a consistent product, friendly business and food that is basically the same as it was in 1973,” said Stickley. Asking him what he thought the most popular menu item was, Stickley turned to his employees behind the counter and proclaimed “what do you all think our most item is?” The responses ranged from “everything,” to their queso, to a unique menu item at Taco Villa called “The Thing.” The latter mentioned “The Thing” is described as a fried flour tortilla, topped with ground beef,cheese and onion sauce. With its name including tacos, one employee also said the tacos are very popular at the restaurant. With all of the coming and going of restaurants in the area and the recent loss of Popeye’s and Wendy’s at a nearby location, Stickley said he expects his business to continue well into the future. Part of the ease of keeping his business employed comes with how he treats his employees. “All of the guys who work here are treated like my family,” said Stickley. “They get all the benefits.” *** So, as you can gather, none of the three locations is a “winner” or “loser.” But, if given the chance, make sure you check out all three and decide on if you have a favorite. Each one provides a quality family atmosphere with affordable prices. aseveneightfiv

Taco Showdown: Decor, Video Games, Jukeboxes and Signage by Dennis Etzel Jr. | photos by Adam Koger

Dennis: What [Topeka taco restaurant] fan are you? I’m a TJ’s fan, for sure. Adam: I’m not a fan of Tortillas Jacks at all. I personally think the food has no flavor, gross LOL. I am definitely fan of Villa and Taco Casa!! This conversation between writer and photographer exemplifies how the showdown continues, as each Topekan has her or his selections out of the three—with no one I’ve found who likes all three. Apart from the food, I wanted to look at the things that make these taco places special. Although I am a Tortilla Jack’s fan, going there since they opened in 1982, I approached the three without bias, to evaluate what the restaurants have in common. The use of brick and paneling Paneling, that pressed wood shaped to appear as if real wood to place over a wall, truly became an artform in the 1970s into the early 80s. All three buildings have their use of these. Taco Casa is inside a brick building with paneling around the kitchen/ordering area. Taco Villa appears to be made of half-brick, with paneling in the kitchen, ordering area, and in the middle section that separates the two halves of the restaurant. However, the overall winner is Tortilla Jack’s. Not only does taking a closed Pizza Hut make the perfect taco restaurant, with that old-style Pizza Hut brick and paneling, but the use of paneling to create the booths in the seating area can’t be missed! Hanging pictures They aren’t at Taco Casa, and Tortilla Jack’s use of Clint Eastwood and Southwest paintings are cool, but a little kitsch. However, Taco Villa’s has current high school sports posters from around town. As far as that small-town-high-school-sports feel of community, they are the winner!

Video Games Casa doesn’t have video games, but Villa and Jack does. The stand-up games at Taco Villa’s include 1996 first-person shooter Police Trainer. There is also Ms. PacMan/Galaga and Cruis’n. However, Tortilla Jack’s is the winner for its novelty of a video game. Jack’s features a truly 1980s artifact: the sit-down video game for two players who sit opposite of each other, as the screen switches around to face the appropriate player as her or his turn comes up. Also, it is a “Multiarcade,” which means one can select the game she or he wishes to play: Space Invaders, Galaga, Galaga 2, Galaga 3, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Burger Time, Frogger, and Ms. PacMan. You had me at Dig Dug, Tortilla Jack’s! Jukeboxes March 2012 marked a gloom month for Tortilla Jack’s frequenters, as the digital jukebox screen went out. There was to be a replacement. Instead, the jukebox disappeared—a first ever! No more 80s or 90s rock for Jack’s. Taco Casa has survived without a jukebox. The winner by default is Taco Villa’s! However, I still would have selected Villa’s, as its CD Jukebox provides a crisp sound of eclectic music—truly! There were seven free selections for me, too, as I listened to Pasty Cline’s “Crazy,” Beach Boys’ “Surfer Girl,” and ended with 3 Doors Down’s “Kryptonite.” What a listening pleasure! Signs All three restaurants have their original signage outside. Taco Villa and Tortilla Jack’s tie for second place in signs, as Taco Villa’s red and white striped sign with four flashing lights above grabs as much attention as Jack’s rose with “Viva la Taco” phrase. However, the winner is Taco Casa. The 1963 sign that has remained since this restaurant has opened clearly is a sign of its time! Taco Casa’s claim to “California style” reminds us that these taco restaurants began a wave of Americanized Mexican restaurants that offered fresh food fast, without the fast-food junk one would get at a franchise. Taco Casa has stood the test of sign! aseveneightfive 27

Couture for cancer


hot fashion in new venue


photos by Keith Horineck + Sonja Garrett


ot trends as well as wardrobe must-haves will be on the runway and up for bid at the American Cancer Society’s 9th annual Couture for Cancer, a shopping, social and charity event. 2013 spring fashion is going back to the basics, but Couture for Cancer will be everything but basic. Shop for bold stripes, black and white, off-theshoulder and peekaboo pieces, beading and metallics, and big glasses – sun or otherwise. Couture for Cancer will have it all, from dresses to swimsuits to handbags and more.

Sunday Funday

s p e c i a l s

Information and online

b tickets y D e for b BCouture i s e l | for photo provided

Cancer can also be found at or the Couture for Cancer Facebook page, where you can get a sneak peek at the designer fashions.


Designers generous to the event in the past have included Botkier, Eric Javits, Katherine Kwei, Hayden-Harnett, Norisol Ferrari, Robert Graham, and Rebecca Minkoff, just to name a few. Well-known local and regional retailers also continue to support the event, including AesthetiCare, Boutique ten47, Branded by Style: Kimberly Marney, Dillard’s, Golden Tuxedo, Kari’s Bridal Boutique, Lawrence Plastic Surgery, Mazzarese Fine Jewelry, SOHO Interiors, The Hub and many others. The Presenting Runway sponsor is Stormont-Vail HealthCare. Reservations are available for $75 per lady. A limited number of reserved seating tickets are $100 each and special VIP seating is $175 each. All attendees will receive a “swag bag” full of fabulous items. “The Man” Table sponsorship reservations are also being sold, which includes a man’s gift bag and special amenities. A limited number of gentlemen’s tickets are $500 each. aseveneightfiv



Tailgator’s is home to Taco Tuesday. The meat in their tacos is packed with flavor and we love that you can turn your cheap tacos into a taco salad.

exican any day! Either way, these local watering holes have you covered with delicious Mexican inspired days that fill your bells without emptying your wallet.

Terry’s (on 6th) celebrates Taco Tuesday as well with $75c tacos. While there, throw in some Italian flare and have a shot of Tuaca, only $3.


Taco Friday at Oscar’s is what Friday lunches were made for. The Mexican menu includes 69c tacos, $1.50 tostados and of course their authentic sour cream and chicken enchilada and red chili pork burrito. Watch out for the hot sauce, it will kick your butt. aseveneightfive

Vandelyn Kross plays - 38 Special - AC/DC - Aerosmith - Aldo Nova - Autograph - Billy Idol - Billy Squier - Bon Jovi - Bryan Adams - The Cult - Van Halen - Rush - U2 - Motley Crue - Poison - Journey -

For more information, to purchase tickets, sponsor, donate or volunteer in the fight against cancer, contact the American Cancer Society at 438.5609 or e-mail Stephanie.Weiter@

Couture for Cancer provides women (and a few lucky men) the opportunity to enjoy designer fashion and home décor from all over the world as well as local and regional boutiques. The trendy fashion event raises funds for the American Cancer Society. Attendees will enjoy hors d’’oeuvres and cocktails while shopping for designer clothes, jewelry, handbags, home items, cosmetic treatments, spa experiences and more.

Weller’s in North Topkea also server delicious tacos on Sundays for $1.50. Great food and great place to take the whole family.

2nd Annual

Rock 4 Charity

Benefiting Breakthrough House! Topeka Performing Arts Center - 4.27.13 - 7 PM

Friday - April 12th, 2013 Saturday - April 13th, 2013 Saturday - April 20th, 2013 at Tailgators - 21st and Urish in Topeka

Top 2 Bands open up for VanDelyn Kross at TPAC on 4.27.13 $20 tickets at or - call 785-232-6807 for information - $5 tickets with military ID at TPAC box office only! Thank you to our Platinum and Gold Sponsors!

Breakthrough House provides services for Veterans and adults in Shawnee County with mental health recovery. Visit for more information.

Cheap Trick - Ratt - Dokken - Foreigner - Honeymoon Suite - Journey - Judas Priest - Loverboy - Motley Crue - Vandelyn Kross

- Night Ranger - Poison - R.E.O. Speedwagon -Thin Lizzy - Scorpions -

The Couture line-up for 2013 already includes a fabulous Eric Javits quilted bag of scratch-proof Italian leather featuring Eric Javits’ signature flower turnlock closure with a chain strap interwoven with leather; the hottest Kate Spade sunglasses worn by Rhianna and Pippa Middleton; and a beautiful gown from Tadashi Shoji, Japanese-born American designer known for his red carpet evening wear.

Slow Ride also has tasty tacos every Sunday for just 75c.

Lazy Toad has a great Mexican menu with ala carte items averaging $1.50 each. Served daily, stop by Lazy Toad for your next taco fix.

Fashion and home décor items from world-renowned and local designers will be featured at Topeka’s premier fashion event – Couture for Cancer – 4 to 7p on April 20, 2013, at The Warehouse, 100 South Kansas Avenue. Organizers are excited about the new downtown venue for this year’s event, which adds an eclectic urban loft atmosphere. “The Warehouse gives us a lot more space to show off the items and expand the runway show, plus increase seating and spaces to mingle,” says Kim Scott, Couture chairperson. “We know attendees will enjoy The Warehouse and the new things we have planned!”

Nothing says Sunday Funday like 75c tacos from the Dutch Goose. They stuff their shells to the brim with taco meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Simple, expected, delicious.


Sunday: Zing Zang Bloodies $3.50 Domestic pints $2.50/ jumbo $3.50 Monday: Blue Moon $2 pints Tuesday: Coors Light Pint $2.50/jumbo $3.50 Wednesday: Calls $3.50 Thursday: Boulevard Wheat Pints $2 Friday: Domestic jumbos $3 Saturday: Bud & Miller pints $2.50/jumbos $3.50


HAPPY HOUR 4-6 p.m.:

Monday: Any beer pint, any beer bottle $2 Tuesday: Copperhead 20 oz. $2.50 Wednesday: Marty’s Latest Top Shelf Martini Creation: $6.50 Thursday: Double wells $3 Friday: All import and premium bottles $3

Sunday: All specials apply 9 p.m. to close Monday: All specials apply 9 p.m. to close Tuesday: Any Tuaca $3 Captains and Crowns $3.50 Wednesday: Long Islands, Long Beaches and Grateful Deads: $3.50 Thursday: Three Olives $3.50 Jager & Captain: $3 Friday: Fireball & Pinnacle Vodka $3 Crown $4 Saturday: X-Rated, Or-G $4 Something Good / Something Better $5

785 March 1 - April 15, 2013  

Taco Showdown

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