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by Jesyca Rodenberg | photo by Ken Doll Photography

wedding advice from a planner


ere’s a little piece of truth from your friendly, but pragmatic, wedding planner. Your wedding day may be the most stressful day of your life. Confused? I know -- you’ve been told it would be, you’ve been waiting for it to be, you are expecting it to be: Happy! And it will be – if you can remember one thing: On your wedding day, something, at sometime, will go wrong, and it is totally okay because you are getting married.

But even with this sage advice in your pocket, I know you still want to try to plan a perfect day. You’ll come closer to it if you avoid this one particular phrase: “We’ll figure that out later.”

This one misguided concept has unwittingly been at the heart of almost every bridal breakdown or blowup I’ve seen. Here is my list of little things you may want to deal with before anyone mutates into a taffeta wearing fire-breathing lizard.

financial compatibility Hopefully, you and your fiancé have embraced premarital counseling, and the issues of conflict resolution, shared space, anger management, house work, child rearing, and financial planning have already been discussed. (Seriously, decide now who is going to balance the checkbook.) But money matters impact your wedding day in several big ways.