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May - June 15, 2014• Vol. VIIII Issue V

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Kerrice Mapes

Marketing specialist Rio Cervantes-Reed

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Amanda Reynolds Kerrice Mapes


Tiffany Bonnewell, EJ Drake, Amber Farmer, Ali Hanlon, Megan Rogers, Gary Krohe


Amber Bonnett, Sunshine Blue, Robin Cremer, Tony Davis, Dennis Etzel Jr., Andy Fry Michelle Leivan, Jessica Matheis, Gary Piland, Rio Cervantes-Reed, Ashley Reynolds, Martie Rison, James Robinson, Boone Smith, Michelle Ullom, Tom Wah


Rio Cervantes-Reed, Ali Hanlon, Sunshine Blue

Business Director Liz Bell

Copy editing D O’Brien

get to know your 785 contributors Illustration by “The Amazing” Amanda Reynolds

about us seveneightfive magazine is a free niche magazine highlighting entertainment, art, local businesses and more in Topeka, Kan. seveneightfive was created in June 2006 to inform area residents and visitors about a+e events in Topeka. Today, we continue to be a catalyst for cultural and art enhancement in Topeka. seveneightfive is made possible due to ad revenue and only allows locally owned businesses to be represented in print. seveneightfive magazine and its social media incarnations are not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

Question of the month: Best advice your dad gave (or you give)? Kerrice Mapes: Encouraged me to not be afraid of failing. Jessica Matheis: The absolute best advice from my dad is “one day at a time.” Life is a struggle and at times and you have to slow down and breathe and just think about today. Justin Garner: I tell my 6-year-old to have fun and learn something new, every morning. Jessica Matheis: And, there is no such thing as a free lunch. My grandfather taught me that. Deb Goodrich Bisel: Show some gumption. Martie Rison: “I should have had a boy” it used to make me so angry. But it made me work harder to prove myself to him.


Michelle Leivan: “If there is something that needs to be done, don’t put it off, get it done.” He also taught me to change the oil, check all fluids and change a tire on a vehicle before I could drive. Then he also taught me to use a variety of hand tools. I have passed all of those tidbits on to my son when I had to fix an old cabinet dishwasher, disposal and replace a broken faucet while my husband was deployed years ago. He calls me Mrs. Fixit. LOL Rio Cervantes-Reed: “When you don’t like the way people treat you, use that as an example of how you don’t treat others.” Also: “Kill them with kindness.” Emily Sheldon: The best advice my grandfather ever gave me was, “One day at a time.” That phrase has gotten me through the most hectic and stressful of times.


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cans for a cause top city ramblers all for the love of games erasure


local flavor

4 mug shot: TAP THAT brew fest 5 bbq beasts 12 food ninja: via’s 14 juli’s bistro 16 drink + happy hour specials


5 dirty girl adventures 13 father’s day gifts 22 man caves




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TAP THAT Topeka:

a capital brew festival


he second annual TAP THAT Topeka, A Capital Brew Festival will fulfill your beer cravings on Saturday, June 28 in the 800 Block of SW Jackson, Downtown Topeka. This year the festival is expanding the number of brewers and styles from last plus most of last year’s Brewers have committed to the 2014 event including local favorite Blind Tiger, LB Brewing from Hays and Empyrean Brewing from Lincoln. Additionally, they are increasing the number of tickets to 1,500 (almost double from last year). Last year the festival hosted 38 breweries, featuring 123 brew styles including gluten free options and many season styles. The increase in

ticket sales and breweries will make TAP THAT the largest brew festival in the area. In addition to brew samplings, food trucks will line the streets (Blue Moose, HHB BBQ and more) plus on-site music. There will be ample parking available in the “Saturday free” nearby City Centre and Crosby Place Parking Garages as well as the street. Tickets go on sale in May and range from $35 - $75 or $10 for designated drivers (who receive non-alcoholic drinks at no charge). Go to www. for ticket link or on Facebook: TAP THAT - A Capital Brew Festival.


#785MugShoT sponsored by Topeka Beer Check out @TopekaBeer on Facebook and Twitter for beer events, tastings, news + more.


dirty girl adventures


bbq beasts

by Sunshine Blue

If you don’t feel like whipping out your own meat, boy have we found a tasty treat for you! Check out these BBQ beasts. Let them do all the dirty work for you; sit back and reap the benefits. Their BBQ is finger-lickin’ good!

Big Uns Grill

1620 SW 6th St. | 286-7570 Dine-In, Carry-Out, Catering “If you’re looking to get out of cooking for the big game, then give us a call, and let us help ya out!”

Boss Hawg’s BBQ

2833 SW 29thg St. | 273-7300 “Horrifying Vegetarians since 1995”


720 S. Kansas Ave. | 249-3359 | “If it’s smoking,’ we’re open!” “From drop and go to full service, we can handle all your catering needs!” “Having fun and puttin’ it on a bun!”

Lonnie Q’s BBQ

3150 SE 21st St. | 233-4227 Customers say Lonnie has the most moist, and juicy turkey on the planet!

Pat’s Pig

5900 SW Topeka Blvd. | 862-7427 If you like your meat on a bone, try Pat’s ribs and wings!

Uncle Bretty’s BBQ

230-5282 or 230-9376 Brett won 2nd Place for his Pork Ribs at the Tall Corn BBQ contest 2013 He also won 2nd Place at Smoke on the Water at Shawnee Lake 2012 His mission is to ”Fill yo’ belly!”

Hey ladies - this one is for you.

If you love the great outdoors, and you’re looking to get away, and have some “me” time, Dirty Girl Adventures might just be the thing for you. Dirty Girl Adventures hosts women’s hiking, biking, and kayaking expeditions, and private adventures for friends, family, youth groups, kids, or anyone you feel like hanging out with. It’s a great way to connect with women in your community, and stay fit at the same time. In order to participate in these activities, you must plan ahead, and sign up for the scheduled events, or contact them about private adventures. They also offer package adventures, if you’re looking for a little variety. If you are truly interested in participating in these events, it’s a good idea to sign up, and become a member of Dirty Girl Adventures. There is an annual $25 membership fee, and as a member, you will receive discounted adventure fees, a tee shirt, and e-mail alerts to upcoming events. Dirty Girls believe that we are all beautiful, and strive to empower women. “Dirty Girls are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, friends, single, divorced, married, but above all, strong in spirit and independent.”


To learn more, or find upcoming events go to www.

Dirty Girls are strong in spirit and independent.



cans for a cause POP ART

CREATIONS TO BENEFIT HARVESTERS by Kerrice Mapes | photo provided

Mulvane Art Museum hosts Harvesters’ first Topeka Canstruction. Teams of Kansas architects, engineers and contractors will show off their cando spirit, creating amazing structures using cans of food.



arvesters’ first Topeka Canstruction event will take place at the Mulvane Art Museum, Washburn University in June - July. Canstruction is an international program of the Society of Design Administration that challenges teams to design and build huge, creative sculptures made only from canned food and other non-perishable food items. The display will be free and open to the public during the museum’s regular hours through July 27.

When the exhibit closes, the cans are donated to Harvesters—The Community Food Network. During its 13-year history, Harvesters’ Canstruction events in Kansas City have provided more than 324,000 meals to feed the hungry. “We are excited to be holding our first Canstruction event in Topeka and salute the Mulvane Art Museum and the participating teams for partnering with us to raise the community’s awareness about the hunger issue,” said Valerie NicholsonWatson, president and CEO of Harvesters. “Canstruction is one of our most fun events, and we hope that everyone will visit the museum and see these amazing structures.” A reception for Canstruction will be held from 5:30-7:30p, Friday, June 6, in the Mulvane Art Museum. The reception will also be the kick-off for the Mulvane’s Annual Art Fair, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 7 and 8 on the Washburn University Campus. Participating teams to date include: Treanor Architects, PA; HTK Architects; Tevis Architects; Bartlett and West Engineers; Architect One, PA, and American Institute of Architecture Student Chapter from K-State. With the exception of the K-State AIA Chapter, all of the teams are from Topeka.


Canstruction is an international program and challenge teams to design and build huge, creative sculptures made only from canned food. Profits benefit Harvesters.


Sponsors of the exhibition include Hy-Vee, Inc.; Advisors Excel; and Knox Signs & Graphics, all of Topeka. Sponsorships are still available. For more information, call Jannett Wiens at 785.861.7711.

Admission to the Museum and ArtLab is free and open to the public. Free parking is conveniently located to the west of the Mulvane. For more information, call 670-2224 or check the website at

Sculptures will be judged in the categories of Best Meal, Structural Integrity, Best Use of Labels, Jurors’ Favorite and Honorable Mention. Winners will be announced at the reception on Friday, June 6. Once the exhibit is installed, the public will have the opportunity to vote online for the People’s Choice Award. Each vote will include a $1 donation to Harvesters. Because Harvesters can provide five meals with for every $1 donated, every vote counts. The winning structures will be entered into a national competition, which will be selected and honored at the Society of Design Administration’s annual meeting.

About Harvesters—The Community Food Network. Harvesters was Feeding America’s 2011 Food Bank of the Year. Serving a 26-county area of northwestern Missouri and northeastern Kansas, Harvesters provides food and related household products to more than 620 not-forprofit agencies including emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, children’s homes and others. For more information, visit

The Mulvane Art Museum is located at 17th and Jewell Streets on the campus of Washburn University. The hours of the Museum, ArtLab, and Gift Shop are Tuesday 107, Wednesday-Friday 10-5, Saturday and Sunday 1-4.

Each vote will include a $1 donation to Harvesters. Because Harvesters can provide five meals with for every $1 donated, every vote counts. The winning structures will be entered into a national competition, which will be selected and honored at the Society of Design Administration’s annual meeting. aseveneightfive



Top City Ramblers by Jesse Matheis

rambling + pbr Top City Ramblers release new album


bottle of Whiskey, a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and four really talented musicians makes up the heart and soul of the Top City Ramblers. Willie Madl (vocals / guitar), David Liston (percussion), Dan Mauer (electric guitar) and Zachary Carr (standup bass) have only been together for a couple of years - but their synergy would suggest different. Their sound is tight, yet flows with that old familiar country two steppin’ rhythm...“REAL” good ol’ boy kind of country.

click the QR code for immediate access to video or go to


If you are already a fan or have seen them live, then I am sure you were anxiously awaiting their new album which debuted May 10th at The Celtic Fox.

Noah Neff, writer for the music scene of Topeka and seveneightfive and I had the opportunity to sit down with the fellas of the Top City Ramblers and ask them about their CD release party. Watch our full interview online at seveneightfive. com and hear a portion of a chosen song from their catalog. You’ll get a true feel for the band, hear how they met (Craig List ad for....) and a sweet little surprise at the end of the clip, do don’t skip out on it. Once you fall in love, like we have, go to their ReverbNation page as well and follow them on Facebook for upcoming gigs. Enjoy






Follow seveneightfive - Be in the know Stay Engaged: Listen to AM 580 Kansas Live every Friday at 10:45 a.m. and KMAJ* every other week on Tuesday starting June 3rd *special guests on every other week

Get Connected: sign up for the weekender at or use the QR code below.

something’s brewing


Answering the needs of home brewing enthusiasts by James Robinson + Kerrice Mapes | photos by Ali Hanlon


ince the beginning of Prohibition, homebrewing has been illegal. Thanks to Congress and President Carter, this was eradicated in February 1979 thus growing the popularity of homebrewing in the states. In Topeka, Ale and Vino was one of the only local suppliers of brew-making materials. Unfortunately they closed their doors circa the NOTO rise a few years past. However, Topekans fear not the axe as owner William White opened Downtown Craft Brew at 5th and Kansas in October 2013. White’s goal is simple, “get people good beer and allow them to make their own special beer.” Beyond brew kits, which range from $80 to $150, Downtown Craft Brew offers DIY kits for Absinthe, coffee, wine, and even cheese or soda. Bonus, Downtown Craft Brew is the largest supplier of hops in the Midwest; 50 different flavors of hoops in all. In the future White hopes to open a brewpub and increase his website to include online sales and distribution.

Downtown Craft Brew 435 S Kansas Ave Open Monday - Sunday 11a - 7p

However, White won’t leave you hanging with just a kit as he offers at least one beer/wine brewing class per month, for free. To view classes go to or fan them on Facebook.

Top 10 reasons your should drink homebrew (Downtown Craft Brew) 1. Craftbrew tastes better 2. More alcohol 3. Fewer trips to the bathroom 4. Health benefits 5. More choices 6. Less expensive 7. Fewer calories


8. Great beer makes for great times 9. Meet the people making the beer 10. Craft beer and good food, go hand in hand (to read more on each reason, go to

For specials Text BREW to 77948, fan them on FB or go on a Tuesday for 10 percent off.


Gourmet burritos, bowls and tacos with a unique flavor and taste.

by Martie Make Rison sure to try our mind blowing salsa bar!

822 N. Kansas Ave NOTO M-SAT: 11 am - 8 pm Open ‘til 10 pm Wed IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE YOU PUT INTO IT...

This isn’t heaven, it just feels like it.

Backs By Popular Demand

301 Gage Suite 161



FOOD NINJA Via's Pizzeria:


entle villagers, I have returned from another mission to find Topeka’s treasures. I have drawn my blade and in one fell swoop taken a slice… of Via’s Pizza, 738 SW Gage Blvd. My enhanced senses were of great use to me on this journey. As I infiltrated the front door, I began with… Friendliness (4 fists) The plight of man was nonexistent in this establishment. A warm greeting and welcoming service made this dining experience a pleasant one. Knowledgeable staff and kindness were the champions of the day. Menu (2.5 fists)

Although the choices for toppings are abundant, the menu included items I had wished to purchase that were no longer available. Dessert pizzas live in legend alone, and sweet finishes to your meal are limited to premade tarts. While the tarts are tasty, a fresher, house made alternative would be better suited to a local Ninja’s Recommendation- Margherita Pizza establishment. 12

3.10 Fists

Atmosphere (2 fists) The appearance, while simple and minimalistic, needed some spice. Plain booths and interior design elements that are somewhat mismatched give an almost drab and cold aura. Sparse placement of tables and the removal of the kid’s corner make for a less family oriented feel. Funds (4 fists) For the yen, there is no better deal in pizza. For under fifteen dollars I was treated to a personal pizza (more than enough for this ninja!) a dessert tart and a drink. Well worth the lightening of the coin purse. Full sized pizzas for your clan are available as well in a variety of prices. Super! Food (3 fists) The flavor was impeccable when it comes to the pizza. Delicious crust and toppings, that kick the taste buds out of your mouth, will surely please even the most hardened diner. The return of dessert pizzas would certainly earn another fist from this ninja! Overall, your favorite ninja says Eat At Via’s. aseveneightfive

father’s day

seveneightfive gift guide with specials to save $$$ by Brandon Rison | photo by Adam Koger


e all love our dads and we all want to get them something they will love for Father’s Day. The problem is dads are hard to shop for. So this year let seveneightfive magazine help you find the perfect gift for dad at the perfect price from one of these fantastic locally owned, small businesses.

Skin Art Creations Tattoo Emporium Is your dad the rough and tumble biker type but you just can’t swing a new Harley for Father’s Day? No Problem, just get him some new ink instead at Skin Art Creations Tattoo Emporium (SACTE). During the entire month of June SACTE will celebrate The Father with a 10% discount on any tattoo purchased as a gift for or in memory of your dear ole’ dad. SACTE is a private, exclusive studio located at 707 SE Quincy Street, Suite B (in beautiful Downtown) and takes appointments for Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Space is limited so book your appointment with The GYPSY today, 580-8748. Once dad is in the chair he can sit back and let GYPSY weave his magic on your arm and in your ear. The man is a fantastic storyteller and award winning artist; we promise you will leave happy.

Supersonic Music Everybody loves a music man/dad, and Supersonic Music at 117 SE 6th Ave. has the gear he needs. Dad already have an axe and drums? No problem! Supersonic has a “tune-up special” that gets dad (or you) a cleaning, tuning, and maybe a new head or strings all for only $25. If dad needs some new gear that’s no problem. Supersonic is the only locally owned dealer in Kansas who sells Mesa-Boogie amps and Paul Reed Smith guitars (both made in the U.S.A. and both ultra awesome) not to mention the ONLY place to get TreeHouse Custom drums. That’s right, ONLY, they build them in store and are offering a 10% discount on the whole TreeHouse line just for Father’s Day. We should also mention among many

other achievements Supersonic was named the 2013 Dealer of the Year for Mesa-Boogie gear proving that these guys know how to treat a customer.

Oddfellow’s Fine Books and Collectables Some dads prefer a nice quiet evening with a good book (and no kids). Just one block west of Supersonic is the place to find dad a great book. Oddfellow’s Fine Books and Collectables at 117 SW 6th Ave. is the only rare and collectible bookstore in the area. They offer a varied selection of books with a focus on Kansas history and classic literature. While you are there check out their selection of collector’s coins, silver age comics, antique maps, and vintage postcards. Also, be sure to take a peek through the windows in the back room where they keep “the good stuff.” Until Father’s Day Oddfellow’s is offering a $50 gift certificate for $40 so dad can get what he wants and you can look like you spent more than you did.

Churchill’s Does your dad like cigars or maybe smoke a pipe? If so then he already knows about Churchill’s at 4025 SW Gage Center Dr. in (you guessed it) the Gage Center. Gary, Grumpy, John, and the rest of the characters behind the counter at Churchill’s have been bringing Topeka the best leaf the world has to offer for over 42 years. This year they want to help you make dad smile with a ridiculously low price on (what else but) My Father Cigar’s Special Robusto 3 pack for only 10 bucks! Other cigars made by My Father sell for more than $10 per cigar, so needless to say supplies are very limited. Go buy these now. P.S. the cigar is fantastic! Dad will love it; I should know as I have been puffing at one while I type. Hopefully one of these great deals will be the perfect fit for your dad. If not, please remember to shop small and shop local this Father’s Day. Buying in Topeka, from Topekans, makes for a better Topeka. aseveneightfive





juli’s bistro moves

Coffee and delicatables return to the historic Thatcher building - home to Gizmo and Prairie Glass Studio.

Nothing beats the smell of warm coffee, free wifi, and a beautiful historic building to enjoy it in. Juli’s Coffee and Bistro offers this and more! Nestled between Gizmo Pictures, Inc. and Prairie Glass Studio, Juli’s has moved into the historic Thatcher building in downtown Topeka.

by Martie Rison

custom dinner menus. Their catering menu is available at

Juli’s also holds a large banquet room that is ideal for wedding receptions and business meetings. There is also a smaller meeting room for lunch meetings and The new space gives visitors an exciting window to the past small baby/bridal showers. as the building has been restored to its original look from On my visit to Juli’s I was given a warm greeting from the 1800’s. The high ceilings and large arched windows are the friendly staff and as I enjoyed my coffee I witnessed beautiful to behold, but Juli’s offers so much more than the little family that is Juli’s team. Each person helping just lovely scenery. The rich coffee and delectable menu one another, and each one had a smile on their face. Allis encouraging downtowners to line up to the door, all in-all I found Juli’s to be a welcoming and comfortable of the eager to try it again. Juli’s offers baked goods as environment. Juli’s will be a great place to settle in and well as a full breakfast and lunch menu. And if you have read a book, log into the free wifi, or meet up with an event planned, contact Juli’s for their catering service. friends. Welcome to downtown Topeka Juli’s Coffee and Juli’s can cater an event of any size from boxed lunches to Bistro, we are glad you are here! aseveneightfive




Eclectic Latin Caribbean Cuisine, Wonderful Wine Selection 4005 Gage ctr Dr Or 715 S. Kansas Ave. | Friend us on Facebook

“The ultimate dining experience.”


FIT & FAB 785.806.3589


Memberships starting at $30 per month Four Personal Trainers on staff Be part of great non-profit events / runs / Float Trips and more!

Join the Family! Call 272-2819 1923 SW Gage Blvd OPEN 24 HOURS / 365 DAYS A YEAR


@TopekaBeer Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

118 SW 8th Ave 235.2138 FB: The Celtic Fox

The Celtic Fox

3701 SW Plaza Dr. 246.6866 FB: Abigails.Topeka




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$3 Corona $2.5 Margaritas


$6 Dom Pitchers $4 Jack Daniels $3 Captain Morgan

$2 Wells $2.5 Dom Bottles

Wednesday Thursday

$3.5 32oz Dom Draws $3.5 Your Call


$3.5 24oz Dom Cans $4 Bonzai Bombs




Everyday 9a - 12p: $1 off all drinks above $3, $2 Dom Pints | M-F: HH 2:30-5:30p: $1.75 Dom Btls and 1/2 price jumpstarter appetizers

Honoring all Tues - Fri Specials All Day


food | drink | happy hour

seveneightfive specials

For all your Topeka Beer News!

21st + Urish | 272.1432 TailgatorsTopeka


17th + Washburn 408.5675 @PTSCollegeHill

PT’s @College Hill

12305 150th Rd. 966.7777

Three Fires Steakhouse Prairie Band Casino & Resort

2833 SW 29th St 273.7300 FB: Boss-HawgsBBQ-and-PigskinsSports-Bar


600 NW Paramore 232.5511 FB: Joletta’s Bar


4005 Gage Center 271.8646

New City Cafe

3203 10th St. 357.8474 FB: Dutch Goose @thedutchgoose Established 1935

Dutch Goose $2 Dom Bottles $4.5 Red Bull Bombs $4.5 Goose Sandwich + Fries

$3 Dom Headaches $2 Dom Pints $5.5 Chicken Strip Meal

$2.5 Dom Aluminums $4.5 Red Bull Bombs

$1.5 Pint Draws Karaoke 7:30p - 12:30a

$3 Headaches $3.5 German Bierocks

$3 Big Bottles $4 Frozen Drinks

HH 5-8p: $1 off all alcoholic beverages (except premium imports)

HH 5-8p: $3 draft beers (excluding premium imports)

Dinner 5p-9:30p Four Entrees Under $20

$3.5 Dom jumbos $2.5 Wells $3.5 Calls $2 Dom Pints $3 Fireball shots $3.5 Jumbos HH 4-6p: HH 4-6p: $2.5 Microbrew pints $3.5 Captain, Malibu, UV Vodka drinks

Dinner 5p - 9:30p Chef’s 3 Course Experience $35

$3.5 Import Btls $3.5 Prem. Btls $4.5 Jack + Crown $4 Jager, Tuaca, X + I HH 4-6p: $6 Dom pitchers $4 Double wells

HH 5-8p: Working HH 5-8p: $1 off draft Women Wednesday - beers (excluding Special on food, wine premium imports) + cocktails. Wine Wed - $5 off all Btls

Dinner 5p - 9:30p Dine In Cash Out Get 20% off your bill back in Prairie Cash (cash or credit only) Valid Tuesday through Friday and Sunday

$3.5 Calls $2.5 Dom Btls $4 Vegas bombs $3 Barrel bombs HH 4-6p: $2 Dom draws

$1.5 12oz **Cans $2.5 Bloody Marys +Dom Draws HH: 10p-1a: Service Night $.75 Draws $2.5 Wells

$3 Aluminum $2.5 Miller / Coors Light $3.5 Naked Jay Vodka $6 Pulled Pork Sand

$2.5 Juarez Margaritas $2.5 Dom Bottles $5 Taco Burger $6 Taco Salad $.75 Tacos

$2.5 Dom Pints $3 Wells $5.5 Cheeseburger

$2 Dom Bottles $5 Jumbo Wing’s Basket (8) $2 Fire Ball

HH 5-8p: $1 off all alcoholic beverages (expect premium imports)

Tasting and Toasting A 5 course meal paired with the appropriate wine, beer or spirit. Reservations Required. May 16 @ 7p June 27 @ 7p

Kraazy Karaoke w/ DJ Dreux Doty 9p $4.5 Prem singles $2 Dom pints $3.5 Dom jumbos HH 4-6p: 2-for1 Dom Btls $1 off menu cocktails

$3 Import Bottles $3 Aluminum $3.5 Dom $3.5 Skol Vodka + Headaches Energy $6.5 Philly Sand $6 Chicken Fried $3.50 Jager Bombs / $2 AppleSteak Pie Shots

$2.5 Dom Bottles $4 Jack Daniels $6.5 Brisket Sand

HH 5-8: $1 off all alcoholic beverages (except premium imports) 1st Sat. of month: Coffee Bootcamp 10-11a

$2 Dom Pints $3.5 Dom Jumbos $3 Blue Moon pints $4.5 Long Island, Beaches, and Grateful Deads

$3.5 German Bierocks $3.5 German Bierocks Live Music 9p Live Music 9p No Cover No Cover

Happy Hour: Monday - Friday | 3 - 5p / Check bar for daily Happy Hour Specials.

$2.5 Dom Longnecks $4 Frozen Drinks


$4.5 Dom Pitchers $2.75 Import Bottles $3.5 Wellers + Coke $2 Fire Ball $5Chburger + Fries

Monday - Friday HH: 5-6p: 2-4-1 Wells, Martinis, House Wine + Beer. $5 Tapas Menu

$2 Wells $5 Cheeseburger + Fries

Happy Hour: Mon - Fri | 8-9a | $2 cappuccino | $1 brewed coffee || Final Thurs. of Mo: Spanish Roundtable + drink specials 7-10p

Sunday Brunch 9a-4p Special Menu $6 Mimosa $6 House-mixed Bloody Mary

Sunday Brunch 10a-2p Dinner 3p-8p

$3.5 Zing-Zang Bloody Mary $2 Dom Pints $3.5 Jumbos $3 Breakfast Shots $3.5 Captian, Jim & Stoli drinks

$3 Big Cans Karaoke 7:30p Free Pool 12 - 5p

$3 Dom Headaches $2 Dom Pints or Bottles 75c tacos

all for the love of games Artist: Ian Young

by Michelle Leivan | Artist, Author, Artrepreneur |


ne of the questions artists often get is “Why did you paint that?” Sometimes the inspiration is obvious and other times it can be more elusive. When Topeka artist Ian Young approaches his easel, the inspiration can appear obvious but is deeply rooted in a pursuit filled with obstacles.

Ian Young

View Ian’s works including his sports and games series, titled “Friendly Competetion” at Two Wolves Studio and Artist Den in the NOTO Arts District, at 837 1/2 N. Kansas Ave. You can also find his work online at


First was the struggle most kids his age had, video game addiction. “I was horribly addicted to giant quest games as a kid; I completed Zelda, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Castlevania before my 10th birthday.” He admittedly spent hours and hours of time playing his fantasy expedition games. “When I was growing up I actually got in trouble in art class for drawing ‘nothing but video games’ and the teacher forbid us to do so for a month as a result, during that month I lost interest in art which didn’t come back until my early 20’s. I could’ve been doing this my whole life if my art teachers had been as supportive as my Dad.”

As a third generation artist in his family, Ian could have a lot of competition right from home. His father and grandfather are both accomplished artists but he has found their support more helpful than competitive. Despite educator discouragement in the classroom and encouragement from his family, Ian has taken his childhood passion into conceptual paintings with a note of 90’s nostalgia which can be appreciated by the millions of fellow gaming fans. “Now I’m spending about the same time on each game painting and they are like quests, in the sense they take so long, and some of them are really easy and go like clockwork, while others I have to come back to over and over again and struggle and it doesn’t seem like I’ll ever finish them...but eventually I do....just like when I was playing video games.” Beginning with classic board game parodies, Ian’s work began to get noticed on the regional scene. It wasn’t until he committed



“Growing up, I actually got in trouble in art class for drawing ‘nothing but video games.’ As a result, I lost interest in art until my early 20’s.” to his childhood passion of video game parodies that his professional art career gained momentum. “Call of Duties” a parody of the most popular game on the market “Call of Duty” was his entry card to his first major gallery, Weiner Gallery in Kansas City. Since then he has created more video game homage paintings and now has enough commissions and national collectors to commit himself to his painting full time. The allure of his work has sparked in me memories of playing video games on our home network with my husband and son. Heretic II was the game of choice for us but even if the piece I’m looking at by Ian isn’t that exact game, I can enter the piece and relive those moments of family gaming. They are exquisitely vivid and detailed. The longer you look at them the more you find. It is clear that he is sharing his childhood obsession with fellow gamers but even as a non-gamer; looking at his pieces you will discover the quest of the artist as well as his love of the games. aseveneightfive

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Your Special Day

is very important to us too!

!the L L A t I e v a at H n a You C Topeka Masonic Center Weddings n Receptions n Rehearsal Dinners n Meetings Seminars n Conferences n Banquets n Special Events n Ceremonies

We are the alternative venue for weddings and receptions! Make an appointment today to visit our facilities. Whether your reception is simple or sophisticated we will provide you with exceptional service!


785-783-7720 n n 2300 SW 30th, Topeka, KS n


independent film features local talent by Sunshine Blue



rasure is a local-independent film, written, produced, and directed by Topeka’s own, Austin Snell. The main character, John Loeb, played by Dane Shobe, experiences a tragic event in which his wife loses her life. He struggles with the memory of the event, and when he is approached by his neuroscientist friend (Shawn Nyberg), about a new experimental drug that erases memories, he agrees to try it. He can’t get the images out of his head, and he is constantly haunted by the man responsible for all his misery (Matt Briden). He would do anything to end the agony ; anything to forget. John’s friends warn him that the experiment has become an obsession to him, but he can’t stop until the memories fade. This film shows John’s journey through the experiment, and beyond. Will John fight his way to sanity, or will he spiral beyond redemption?

If you haven’t been acquainted with Topeka’s local talent, this starstudded film will present you with a spectacular introduction.

Erasure is a locally filmed production, so if you think you recognize certain scenery, you are probably right. There are shots taken at Washburn University, Shawnee Lake, Field of Greens, and The Break Room. There is a prison scene that was shot in Austin Snell’s living room, and the prison bars remain in his home, because they are too big to get out! Austin found his inspiration for Erasure from a article. The idea behind this film is all based in science. It is a real experiment that is in its infancy right now. At first he saw it as a cool twist on a ghost story. The memory is haunting him. “We are made by the world around us, we cannot design ourselves, as much as we would like to try.” The music in Erasure is an all original score, created by Tom Richman, an up-and-coming DJ from Lawrence. The electronic blend contributes greatly to the overall effect of the film, and draws on the emotions of the viewer. The most challenging obstacle in the making of Erasure was the budget. Although it is not evident



in the final product, Austin Snell purports that this film was made with a measly $1000. Luckily, Austin and his crew are a resourceful, and thrifty bunch! If you haven’t been acquainted with Topeka’s local talent, this star-studded film will present you with a spectacular introduction. Dané Raphael Shobe, Shawn Nyberg, Bethany Ayers, Jim Ramos, Matt Briden, Sara Carolynn Kennedy, and Ashley Vaughan who star in Erasure have also been involved in countless theatre productions at Topeka Civic Theatre, The Topeka Performing Arts Center, Helen Hocker Theatre, and the Break Room. Some of their theatre productions include, Shrek, Young Frankenstein, Driving Miss Daisy, Inspecting Carol, Hamlet, Private Eyes, Avenue Q, Crimes of the Heart, Noises Off, Seussical the Musical, and many more.

3203 SW 10th | 785-357-8474 | @thedutchgoose

It has been reported that after being approached by Austin Snell to work on Erasure, Dane Shobe almost single-handedly cast this film. With all his experience in the theatre scene in Topeka, Dane’s web of connections appears endless. He’s a talented guy, with many talented friends. Erasure was a first time film for most of the actors involved, but it is not evident in their display of talent. We can all expect to see great things from this group of extremely talented performers. This film is something Topeka should be proud of. It is something Topeka should embrace, and support. Erasure had its first Premier on May 10, 2014 at Washburn University, Henderson Hall, which benefitted Habitat For Humanity. The next screening is May 20 at The Break Room, 911 S. Kansas Avenue, at 7p, benefitting the Equality House. The final showing will be at Lawrence Arts Center, 940 NW New Hampshire, Lawrence, at 7:30p. This show’s proceeds will benefit Just Food. There is no fee for admission, but there is a suggested donation of $2 per attendee. With a $10 donation, you will receive a movie poster. If you donate $20, you will receive an Erasure T-Shirt, and with a donation of $25, you will receive both. I hope to see all of your smiling faces there! aseveneightfive

Check it out!





foxy cars

ultimate man cave for car enthusiasts by Amber O’Dell | AOZ Photography


ar lovers paradise. Mike Fox and Daryl Craft have the ultimate playground in downtown Topeka. M&D Classics Storage, 129 N. Kansas Ave. has been around for approximately three years and offers members a place to store their cars and bikes in a climatecontrolled, secure and safe place with 24-hour access. Better, is that the storage unit has become the ultimate man-cave where members share car stories and even buy/sell cars. Fox and Craft have hosted several events, but there favorite was three years ago and hosted by John Federico called “Cigars, Bars and Cars.” About 150 car lovers attended and appreciated the previous mentioned libations and entertainment. Additionally, the space is used by several photographers for backdrops for calendars, photoshots, etc. “It makes great photos when you combine pretty girls and cool cars,” said Fox. The building that houses these amazing cards is the Lux Building and was built in 1919 and used for many years as produce company. The large blank canvas allowed for Fox and Craft to hire local artists to airbrush several pin-up girls and signs to resemble an old garage, plus there is a lux lounge for members. Fox’s favorite cards include mid-year Corvettes ‘63 - ‘67. “They were the beginning of the muscle car years. Factory cars with lots of horsepower and speed.” He is also a huge fan of ‘55-’57 Chevy Belairs. “They were beautiful then, and still are today,” said Fox. aseveneightfive 23

north topeka (noto)

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ultimate men-only retreat four dude-tastic caves photo essay by Amber O’Dell


man cave or manspace, is a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement. In Topeka, these hidden gems are located next door to you - and with a special pass (kindle those bromances) you are privy to all their glory. Here a four dude-tastic caves to pique your creative construction interest.

harley ride What was the inspiration? My wife and I really wanted an Irish Pub feel to go along with our Harley decor.

What types of events do you like to host? Everything from Super Bowl parties, card nights and wine tastings.

Are ladies allowed?

Yes! So far we hold more ladies only events than men only. We also like to have our children in the mix from time to time, so we have an adjacent kid cave with toys, tv and a pullout couch.

Man Cave by Eli Geiger

Tips or tricks to getting it done? We have done all the work ourselves, and we still have plans for this space. However, my tip would be to plan your first event. This will give you an unforgivable deadline.

Favorite featured items?

I love the walls. The pine is fourinch thick, tongue and groove, repurposed lumber that I sanded down and stained. I love the rustic look it gives and the contrast with the pub green paint. The Harley Davidson bar is a close second. It is fully functional with a built-in wine rack, and storage cabinets. Always a conversation piece. aseveneightfive

kansas steel

Kansas State + Stainless Steel Neal Spencer

What was the inspiration?

Are ladies allowed?

The inspiration was two fold. My love of Kansas State and the design elements of Stainless Steel. I felt that the use of stainless steel in the design was unique and really liked how it captures the light. I also wanted to create a space that was not only enjoyable as a man cave, but that could be used for multiple purposes.

Most of the time, yes. I do have guys only night occasionally.

I really enjoy any type of entertaining in the space. We have fundraisers, family gatherings, guys night that might include a movie or a few games of pool. But, my favorite event to host would definitely be a major sporting event such as the Super Bowl or National Championship. Lot’s of TVs for everyone to see.

Without a doubt my favorite items are the theater and the wine cellar. A good glass of wine and a great movie is a great way to unwind from a long day. aseveneightfive

What types of events do you like to host?

Tips or tricks to getting it done?

Have a design theme in mind when you start your man cave and stick with it, but remember a good man cave is always evolving.

Favorite featured items?

chips and lures

Man Cave by Brandon Nelson

What was the inspiration?

Tips or tricks to getting it done?

My inspiration was to always have a old saloon style poker room for my buddies to come over and play some cards, have some drinks, and smoke some cigars. I enjoy playing Texas Hold’em and plan on having some events to show off some of our Northside Porkers BBQ this summer.

Just make the space however YOU want it and don’t just go to Walmart and buy 10 Man Cave signs. Make it personal. I’ve got less than $250 in my room. All the wood is from pallets I sawed apart and the tin is from a fallen down barn. Furnishing are things from family or just things I have collected through the years. I have no running water or restroom, but a kickass outhouse is in the works.

Are ladies allowed?

Usually the poker nights are just guys, but many of the wives are begging to come so, from now on - yes the ladies are more than welcome. Just as long as they can tell some lies and smoke some cigars.


outdoor feeling irie

Man Cave by Chris O’Dell

What was the inspiration? My love for the outdoors and sports. I wanted a place where I could host viewing partys of my favorite sports teams; boxing, MMA or host a Call of Duty game. Even better, just watching some good ‘ol outdoor channel and guns shows.

Are ladies allowed? Ladies are allowed selectively... What makes your Man Cave unique? It is a custom-built, octagon house. It features fan swag, wood paneling and unique Jamaican carvings (we bring a new carving back every time we go.) aseveneightfive


ENTERTAINMENT: Kraazy Karaoke every Friday with DJ Dreux Doty from 9 to close.

SUNDAY: $3.50 Zing Zang Bloody Marys / Domestic draws: $2 pints, $3.50 jumbos / $3.50 Captain, Jim & Stoli drinks / $3 Breakfast shots

THURSDAY: $3.50 Import / Premium bottles / $4.50 Jack & Crown drinks / $4 Jager, Tuaca, X & Irish Car Bombs

MONDAY: $2.50 Microbrew pints

MONDAY: $3.50 Domestic jumbos / $3.50 Calls / $3 Fireball shots

FRIDAY: $4.50 Premium singles / Domestic draws: $2 pints, $3.50 jumbos / $2 Pinnacle drinks / $3 Fireball Shots / $3 Liquid Marijuna Shots

WEDNESDAY: $2 Domestic draws

TUESDAY:$2.50 Wells / $3.50 Domestic jumbos/ $1 off House Cocktails / $4 Batman Shots / $3 Liquid Marijuana Shot WEDNESDAY:$3.50 Calls / $2.50 Domestic Bottles / $4 Vegas Bombs / $3 Barrel Bombs

SATURDAY: Domestic draws: $2 pints, $3.50 jumbos / $3 Blue Moon pints / $4.50 Long Islands, Long Beaches, Grateful Deads

TUESDAY: $3.50 Captain, Malibu, UV Vodka drinks

THURSDAY: $6 Domestic pitchers / $4 Double wells FRIDAY: 2-for-1 Domestic bottles / $1 off drink menu cocktails

1/2 Price apps Monday - Friday 4 - 6 pm 10 - 11 pm

seveneightfive | May - June 2014  

Man Issue: Downtown Craft Brew, Man Caves, Can Art for Harverters, Ian Young - artist, Top City Ramblers, TAP THAT A Capital Brew Festival a...