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March 15 - April 30, 2014• Vol. VIIII Issue IV



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Kerrice Mapes

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about us seveneightfive magazine is a free niche magazine highlighting entertainment, art, local businesses and more in Topeka, Kan. seveneightfive was created in June 2006 to inform area residents and visitors about a+e events in Topeka. Today, we continue to be a catalyst for cultural and art enhancement in Topeka. seveneightfive is made possible due to ad revenue and only allows locally owned businesses to be represented in print. seveneightfive magazine and its social media incarnations are not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

Question of the month: What, or who, are you a “closet” fan of? Kerrice Mapes: Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. Jesse Matheis: Pretty Little Liars EJ Drake: “You’ve Got Mail” is my second favorite movie of all time.

Anthony Davis: Micky’s Fine Malt Liquor... Not for the booze, but for the fun little sayings under the caps. Noah Neff: Katy Perry obsession, man crush on Vince Vaughn.

Ni’Col Revell: Taco Tico #noshame

Martie Rison: Minecraft. Don’t judge me.

Rio Cervantes-Reed: Duran Duran, but not really closeted. I’m probably more in the closet about Morrissey.

Megan James-Rogers: One Direction. Amanda Harmon-Reynolds: “Say Yes to the Dress”

De O’Brien: The movie “She’s the Man.” I’ve probably seen it 100 times, but will deny ever having seen it. My kids give me so much grief about it when I’m in denial mode.

Amber Farmer: Hallmark Christmas movies

Ali Hanlon: Randy Travis


Sunshine Blue: “Vampire Diaries” and “Being Human.” Anything that is vampire, warewolf or ghost related...I might be a fantasty nerd.


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Topeka’s guide to art, entertainment, lifestyle + local flavor

March - April 15, 2014• Vol. VIIII Issue IV

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Letter from the editor

April 4 & 5

Political Corner - Take It or Leave IT

May 10 $10

plus tax & fee DOOR 7PM / SHOW 8 PM * Humor not suitable for all audiences

Get Tickets: 785.357.5211 |

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ollowing the Kansas legislative process in detail through the session is best left to experts and masochists: legislators, lobbyists, agency personnel and the seriously partisan. For all the rest of us, however, it would be a serious mistake to assume what is done there will be in our interest and to absolve ourselves of any responsibility of knowing the key players and their agenda is at best short-sighted, and at worst, dangerous. HB 2453, after passing the House easily last month and possibly institutionalizing discrimination against same-sex couples under the guise of religious freedom, galvanized a new coalition into action, and forced the Senate into taking the bill, at least for now, off the front burner. seveneightfive magazine is devoted to music, art, entertainment and a lifestyle rich in choices. It is not geared to political leanings, but readers and supporters beware: many legislators and the Governor, as exemplified by his defunding of the arts commission, are clearly on a path that shames diversity rather than celebrates it; limits personal freedom while claiming to be its champion; and caters to the wealthy and elite, while trumpeting a religious agenda. This is a group of leaders that will diminish greatly the quality of life in Kansas. “The surest way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing,” said English writer Edmund Burke. With that in mind, watch what the legislature and Governor do, and don’t do, over the next several months. See who files for your local House seat in June, come to know them and what they believe in, and be sure TO VOTE in both the August primary and the November election. Without that commitment to action, HB 2453 and its ilk will emerge in 2015 with nothing to act as constraints, and surely all that seveneightfive works to nurture in our community will be tattered and torn into unrecognizable forms. aseveneightfive P.S. Per usual, seveneightfive will throw our epic VOTE DAMN IT party in November. Look for more information on our Facebook page.


#785MugShoT sponsored by Topeka Beer

Oskar Blues Brewery

new beer hits stands


s you visited nearly any Topeka liquor store in mid-to-late February you probably saw the big red, white and blue signs proclaiming,“Coming soon, Oskar Blues Brewery!” All the hype did its job; I’d get so excited when I saw the signs that I felt like I was a part of something. Maybe I’ve been conditioned to be stirred up by the colors of Old Glory, so hats off to Oskar Blues Brewery’s marketing team. Just imagine my excitement when these canned beers finally hit the shelves! It put me in a canundrum. Yep, you read that right, c-a-nu-n-d-r-u-m. Oskar Blues Brewery, of Colorado and North Carolina lovingly delivers their libations in 4

cans to reduce the contents’ exposure to light, “while being infinitely recyclable and portable...” The Canundrum is the moniker of their mixed 12-pack, containing four each of Mama’s Little Yella Pils (Bohemian Style Pilsner), Old Chub Scotch Ale, and Dale’s Pale Ale. Mama’s Little Yella and Old Chub won the 2011 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) Silver and Bronze in their respective categories along with multiple Gold medals in the World Beer Championships. Dale’s Pale Ale holds the honor of being “America’s first hand-canned beer,” and is the #1 selling Pale Ale in Colorado. Nothing to sneeze at there. Additional brews to look

Check out @TopekaBeer on Facebook and Twitter for beer events, tastings, news + more.

by Rio Cervantes-Reed | photo provided

for in four-packs include their tall boys (pints) of G’Knight Imperial Red IPA and Deviant Dale’s India Pale Ale. G’Knight is brewed at their Brevard, NC location and is a tribute to a Colorado craft beer enthusiast and war veteran who died fighting a wild fire outside of Lyons, CO in 2002. Deviant Dale’s IPA is an American-Style IPA that holds a 2011 Silver medal from the GABF. It’s described as “if Dale’s Pale Ale sold its soul ... the Devil incarnate with untold amounts of malt and hedonistic Columbus dry-hopping.” The Oskar Blues Brewery collection is rounded out with their seasonal brews: Ten FIDY Imperial Stout and GUBNA Imperial

IPA. Ten FIDY has flavors of chocolate-covered caramels with coffee flavors and a smooth blanket of malt. The GUBNA hits the scales at 100+ IBUs (International Bitterness Units) making any hoppy beer lover look forward to the finish of each mouthful of this complex brew. Oskar Blues Brewery offers a lot to widen your beer palate. Hit up your favorite local liquor, wine and spirits store for a mixed 12-pack, pile on a few four-packs, and have a canundrum of your own! aseveneightfive

Prognosticatio with

Ruprecht Roosterdamus, The Psychic Chicken TM


2014 Dear Mr. Roosterdamus, This is my first question to Prognosticatio and I’m hoping you can help. I just found out my fiancé slept with my boss. She says it was to get me a raise, but I’m not convinced. What should I do? - Broke and Broken Hearted Dear B&B, Dump the slut, keep the raise. What’s next, Bucko, ya come home early and she’s all “Sorry, Baby! He promised us free HBO!” Bail. Do it now. - Rupe ____________________________ A R I E S Spring is the perfect time to get a new ride, Bucko. Something sleek and sassy with low miles. Great in the curves, but still comfortable when the going gets bumpy. While yer at it, why not shop for a nice new car? Something to give yer new ride a ride in! T A U R U S Look on the bright side - when they finally get around to looking for yer body, ground-penetrating radar is pretty darned accurate these days. Why the sad face? G E M I N I Exorcising yer personal demons doesn’t mean taking them to the gym, Bucko. Sheesh. And wipe the gooey stuff off the machines will ya? Yuck! C A N C E R Well, there’s last chances and then there’s last chances. Yers was last month, btw. L E O Rupe’s Question #939... If nobody likes a sore loser, why do they keep beating ya up so badly ya have to eat yer dinner through a sippy straw? Metaphorically speaking, that is.

V I R G O Continued the hooker browses around the pet store for a bit and then, seeing the little yellow parakeet, walks over and says, “Polly want a • March 7 |the First Friday Art Walk cracker?” Well, parakeet looks Serendipity her up and down and... | 5:30-6p Oops,Stella gotta Cidre write Libra again! and New Belgium Cans Dear Mr. Roosterdamus, See ya next month. This is my first question to PT’s College Hill | 7p | Odell Tap Takeover Prognosticatio and I’m hoping L I B R A • itMarch 25know | 6p | yer Oldtaxes Chicago | Oskar Releaseout you can help. Blues I just found Isn’t great to my fiancé slept with my boss. are being spent on really great • March 26 | 6p | Burger Stand | Oskar Blues Release stuff like Congressional partiesShe says it was to get me a • intern Aprillingerie 3 raise, but I’m not convinced. and and lobbyist 4-5:30p | Devlin’s | Sierra Nevada Sampling What should I do? - Broke and junkets and self-aggrandizing 6p | Burger Stand | Sierra Nevada Tap Takeover Broken Hearted junk mail (we’re looking at you, Lynn Oh, great, • Jenkins)... April 4 | First Fridaynow ArtDear WalkB&B, | Serendipity | 5:30-6p I‘m all depressed. the slut, keep the raise. • April 12| New Belgium Dump Tap Takeover S C OBarleycorns R P I O (Wamego) What’s next, Bucko, ya come Others’ jealousy is the price ofhome early and she’s all “Sorry, Baby! He promised us free perfection. I know ya know, but Stay up-to-date on HBO!” news and beer events Bail. Do it now. - Rupe I thought I‘d let ya know I know or @TopekaBeer ____________________________ ya know. Ya know?

V I R G O Continued the hooker browses around the pet store for a bit and then, seeing the little yellow parakeet, walks over and says, “Polly want a cracker?” Well, the parakeet looks her up and down and... Oops, gotta write Libra again! See ya next month.

S A G I T T A R I U S A R I E S Shouldn’t bubbas have little Spring is the perfect time to get artwork by Lorie Jo Bridges a new ride, Bucko. Something pictures of weed-covered lawn + James Robinson sleek and sassy with low miles. sofas and beer bottles on their camo? So it’s harder to spot Great in the curves, but still them in their native habitat? comfortable when the going gets bumpy. While yer at it, why C A P R I C O R N not shop for a nice new car? Shopping for a new religion? Something to give yer new ride Bit of advice... If they say a ride in! everyone else is going to hell T A U R U S but them, keep shopping. Look on the bright side - when A Q U A R I U S they finally get around to looking Yer coming out of a dark timefor yer body, ground-penetrating Top 3 aplaces out-of-town and with little luck, to yer take radar is pretty darnedguests? accurate matches aren’t wet this time. these days. Why the sad face? questions on Twitter + FB. PWe I ask S C- you E Stell. Look for LocalGVocal E M I N I Chrisare Aytes: at College Blind Tiger. Here the PT’s answers: Yes. Hill, No.Exorcising yer personal demons Maybe. NotEnsley for $5.Gardens, Yick! the doesn’t Jerry Hill: Capitol and Blind Tigerthem to mean taking ___________________________ Susan Tabor: Uncle Bo’s, Ensleythe gardens at Lake Shawnee gym, Bucko. Sheesh.and And Row House Restaurant wipe the gooey stuff off the Question for the Blue Guru? machines will‘nya? Tiffany Robben: NOTO, Globe and Huff PuffYuck! festival! Something on yer mind?the Need an answer a burning Jessie Polk:to Burger Stand,(and Tup Tim Thai, Gage Park, Potwin C A N C E R Pottery personal question? I Well, there’s last chances and itching) say findNorthstar. out before it’sKickstart toothenSaloon. Lisawe Boyd: The State there’sThe lastJayhawk chances. Yers late. Don’t Email me! wasUncle Theatre of wait! Kansas. The Merchant. Bo’s. All btw. my friends’ last month, downtown shops and NOTO. L E OI always talk about must ___________________________ Jenny Torrence: I love that question!! Rupe’s Question #939... that predictions people should see…I * haves Astrological are about as agree with Lisa Boyd…North If nobody likes a sore loser, Star would hands down been one worthwhile as the Kansas House bill on of my faves, NOTO because why doPackage! they keep beating ya encompasses a lot, and Bobo’s Prize protecting religious freedom. It has or up for so drinks. badly ya have to eat yer nothing do withEnt: any true and Mark to Edward Thereligion Lazy Toad The Burger Stand dinner through a sippy straw? ends up destroying everyone’s freedom. for burgers and fries. My 96 year old grandma’s house cause Metaphorically that is. WTF they thinking? Ruprecht. sheare gets bored (for -realz). The history museum. speaking, The Governor’s Mansion for a walk...... David’s pool for some swimming....

S A G I T T A R I U S Shouldn’t bubbas have little pictures of weed-covered lawn sofas and beer bottles on their camo? So it’s harder to spot them in their native habitat?

@TopekaBeer Events


L I B R A Isn’t it great to know yer taxes are being spent on really great stuff like Congressional parties and intern lingerie and lobbyist junkets and self-aggrandizing junk mail (we’re looking at you, Lynn Jenkins)... Oh, great, now I‘m all depressed. S C O R P I O Others’ jealousy is the price of perfection. I know ya know, but I thought I‘d let ya know I know ya know. Ya know?

C A P R I C O R N Shopping for a new religion? Bit of advice... If they say everyone else is going to hell but them, keep shopping. A Q U A R I U S Yer coming out of a dark time and with a little luck, yer matches aren’t wet this time. P I S C E S Here are the answers: Yes. No. Maybe. Not for $5. Yick! ___________________________ Question for the Blue Guru? Something on yer mind? Need an answer to a burning (and itching) personal question? I say we find out before it’s too late. Don’t wait! Email me! ___________________________ * Astrological predictions are about as worthwhile as the Kansas House bill on protecting religious freedom. It has nothing to do with any true religion and ends up destroying everyone’s freedom. WTF are they thinking? - Ruprecht.


adult art unleash

your inner child by Rio Cervantes-Reed | photo provided

Art is a form of expression, therapy and a release of creativity, no matter your age. Lucky for us, Topeka offers a variety of classes for adults who want to improve their art skills, or just relax and be creative with friends and a glass of vino.


hen we were children, art was a form of expression, therapy and a release of creativity. It was also a way to fill time and keep our minds and hands occupied, as proven by all those hours with Play-Do, LEGO bricks,or my favorite, the Spirograph. As adults, this is all still true, but unless you are actually an artist, we don’t participate in this activity as much as when we were younger. Creative expression, however, is just as important to us as adults as it was for us as children. seveneightfive has found a few fun art activities to help you create that masterpiece, finally.

Creations Unique

, 4028 SW Huntoon St., 271.8288. You can literally get your “art on” at Creations Unique, as one of the art forms they offer classes in is jewelry making, including beading and wire-wrapping. Classes are also offered in stained and fused glass, and mosaic. Call to sign up for a class or drop in to see all they offer at their gallery.

Legacy Community Arts Center

, 1315 SW 6th Ave. (near Lane), 228.2236. Classes are available for adults a few times a week, and the Arts Center also offers open studio time. Want to make it a regular thing with a group of certain friends? Call about reserving the studio space and time. Classes run year-round, so join anytime. When you feel your art is ready, you can participate in the Arts Center’s First Friday Art Walk student exhibits.

Mulvane Art Museum, Washburn University, 17th & Jewell, 670.1124. If you’re going to learn something, why not learn it on an actual college campus? My alma mater’s Museum offers adult classes including painting, ceramics and fused glass in two-hour workshops. “Adult” means 14 or 15 years of age and older, so this is a great activity for a parent to spend special time with their teenage child. For more information, visit then click on the Education link in the left column.

NOTOArts Center, 935 North Kansas Ave., 409.1278. A collaboration of Washburn University

Mulvane Art Museum, Topeka Public Schools and the NOTO Project Management Board, the NOTO Arts Center offers adult art classes including figure drawing, acrylic painting, working with polymer clay, printmaking, water color and more. To see the full schedule of classes, and to register, visit on-line at


Paint Therapy Uncorked Artwork Merry Martini - Potwin Pottery (above) Prairie Glass Art Studio (learn more about Kymm Hughes in seveneightfive February 2014 “Women Who Rock” issue]

Paint Therapy Uncorked

, 5130 SW 29th St. (near Fairlawn), 861.7299. Billed as “Topeka’s only interactive art lounge,” PTU is an exciting place to get your art on. Visit their website,, click on the date and event you want, and get registered. Ask your friends to join you. A trained artist will help you step by step through your masterpieces. It’s BYOB and BYOF: yes, food and wine, beer, and other adult beverages are welcome.

Prairie Glass Art Studio

, 110 SE 8th St., 271.8006. Visit the website for the full schedule of monthly classes where you can make timely seasonal items, or make a pendant while enjoying wine and cheese. You can also schedule a party for up to 16 of your bestest friends! Call to discuss this option with the owner, award-winning artist Kymm Hughes. Keep in mind when scheduling, it will take 7-14 days for your glass creation to be ready, due to the time it takes for kiln firing.

Potwin Pottery, 3937 SW Gage Center Dr., 228.5700. Enjoy a Shawnee County Parks + Rec, special occasion (birthday, bridal shower, new home, etc.), or just a night out with friends. Select an unfinished bisque piece, and give it a personal touch from a large selection of paint colors, brushes, stamps and stencils. Potwin Pottery will glaze and fire it for you in their kiln and have it ready for you to pick up in a week. Your party is welcome to bring refreshments including wine and beer to enjoy. Call for hours and to reserve your table.

various locations. Crochet, photography, drawing, quilting and origami are a few of the art classes you can find at your local community center, along with the arts of dancing and music performance. Check out the Parks & Rec Winter/Spring catalog on-line at, or pick up a catalog near the entrance of your favorite grocery store. aseveneightfive

Topeka’s ONLY interactive art lounge. Fresh, exciting, and unique. 5130 SW 29th Street 785.861.7299 FB: Paint Therapy Uncorked The perfect place for your next corporate event, private party, children’s or adult party and more. Local artists teach you how to create your own masterpiece while you enjoy refreshments of your choice. 7


Beans + Cornbread photos provided

on a final note Beans + Cornbread turns the oven off....


e regret to announce, Beans + Cornbread have announced an indefinite sabbatical. seveneightfive is in mourning. The band expressed to us, “Thank you all for making this the most wonderful decade. It’s been our honor to provide enjoyable entertainment, though we may have enjoyed it the most.” To mourn correctly, with celebration, let’s hit you with the history of one of our favorite bands. Go back to 2004 (two years before seveneightfive was in the born) and Washburn sophomore Lance Quilling, a member of Greek-life, was asked to assemble a group of musicians to entertain an upcoming fraternity party. While one could assume the fraternity was expecting a rock band, without instruction or suggestions, Quilling 8

LAST SHOW: 4.4.14


Sports Bar & Grill

would assemble quite the opposite. His collection of musicians was horn heavy. Two trumpets, two saxophones and a trombone, accompanied by a drum and bass rhythm section. Their performance was less than amazing, but the band realized the foundation for something greater was obvious. (This editor, a Zeta Tau Alpha member, remembers that night.) Over the next few days the group of musicians teamed up to rehearse the same set. While the first performance was hurried and required Quilling play drums, everything began to fit after some practice and the addition of a true percussionist, Chris Woolway. The band was still nameless band, one week after the performance. Instrumentation seemed to mesh well with the band. Individual influences began to surface and the band started to cover their idols. An explosion of New Orleans



Beans + Cornbread calls it quits after 10 years of rockin’ Topeka.

Funk, Rock, Blues, R&B, Soul, and Reggae started to define this group’s persona. All of the pieces were there now, except one: They had no name. As they started to compile a list, a saxophone started playing the opening line to Louis Jordan’s 1949 hit “Beans and Cornbread.” There you have it. Beans & Cornbread, or “ B+C” began playing Topeka venues on a regular basis. They quickly were billed as the loud, in-your-face brass band with a powerful horn section. A few local bars were distracted by the thought of an eight piece band, while others were unsure if a brass band would even have a following. They quickly eased the minds of bar owners and became a fixture in many Northeast Kansas clubs. More often than not, B&C would welcome guest appearances. It was rare if local musicians weren’t in attendance at a B&C show, and more rare if their presence wasn’t acknowledged from the stage. This super-group’s main objective was to showcase music (every genre). They were the much needed advocates for local music. In more recent years, their sound became more polished. With a new line-up featuring a keyboardist/sax (Aaron Graversen) and a guitarist (Ross Williams), they were sought out for weddings and corporate events throughout the Midwest. So now we say rest in peace to a personal favorite on April 4 at Skinny’s Bar + Grill. Join the seveneightfive table, but only if you have tissues and condolences in hand. And by condolences, we mean Fireball shots. Cheers! A few words from the band: “We never intended to become a band. We never expected to be treated so well. For ten years you made us Topeka’s band. The entire community supported us in one way or another. Every invitation to perform was considered and if schedules would allow, we played. Please remember, this city is filled with outstanding musicians that play every week… find time to pay them each a visit. [You] were all wonderful.” Friday April 4th, Beans + Cornbread will take the stage (in Topeka) for the last time at Skinny’s Sports Bar, 9p-Midnight. aseveneightfive

CURRENT LINE-UP: Alan Eisman – bass Aaron Graversen – sax, keyboard, vocals Michael Hurla – trumpet Robert Kilpatrick – trombone, vocals Eric Padilla – trumpet, lead vocals Lance Quilling-trombone, conga Ross Williams – guitar Chris Woolaway – drums

PAST BANDMEMBERS: Brandon Hollomann – sax Matt Klepfer – trumpet Nick Rowland – sax Lucas Whippo – drums

Kirkwood Kreations Photography

Kirkwood Kreations Photography

Keith Horineck Photography


fashion with compassion American Cancer Society: Couture for Cancer


ho doesn’t love a cute handbag or designer fashions? If you do, then you won’t want to miss all the latest fashion trends on display at the 10th Annual American Cancer Society Couture for Cancer. Women in the Topeka community have embraced this event and its success has grown each year. Couture for Cancer, presented by Stormont-Vail Health Care, will be held April 12 from 4 to 7p at the Heartland Park Topeka Tech Building. To celebrate the ten-year milestone, several new and unique twists have been added to the event. Along the lines of the hit television show Project Runway, “Project Couture” will feature teams of designers and seamstresses from the Topeka community, who will receive a box of fabric and a design concept two weeks prior to Couture for Cancer. The teams will then design an item to be worn by a cancer survivor on the runway during the event on April 12. Prior to that, the teams will promote their item via social media to solicit votes for their design. The winning item and design will be announced at Couture for Cancer. The creations will then be auctioned off during the live auction. In addition, this year, 10 famous Kansans will be featured by donating 10 of their favorite things, which will be auctioned off during the event. And due to last year’s success, the runway will once again feature cancer survivors and women currently battling cancer-- an emotional yet rewarding feature of the event! Couture for Cancer is a women’s only event that gives guests the opportunity to enjoy designer fashion and home décor from all over the world. This trendy fashion event raises funds for the American Cancer Society’s mission to help people stay well, get well, find cures and fight back. Attendees will enjoy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails while shopping for designer clothing, jewelry, handbags, home items, spa experiences and more. For a sneak peek of the designer fashions and home décor items that have been donated to this year’s event, check out the Couture for Cancer Facebook page. This year an Uber-VIP level has been added at $250 each due to previous years’ high demand for VIP tickets. All attendees will receive a “swag bag” full of fabulous items. aseveneightfive


Couture for Cancer April 12 | 4-7p 10th Annual Benefit for American Cancer Society


Heartland Park Topeka Tech Building


7530 SW Topeka Blvd.


$75 per person Limited reserved seating $100 Special VIP $195 Uber VIP $250

More info:

To purchase tickets or volunteer call 785.438.5607

seen + noted Echoes of the Prairie by Brandon Rison


choes of the Prairie edited by Nicole Muchmore is the second release from the Great Plains Writers Group and . includes writings from 23 diverse Midwestern authors whose reflections are imbued with passion, courage, and honesty. Some of the stories are transformative, and some are reflective of everyday experience. “Echoes from the Prairie” are dedicated to the importance of personal memoir as it reflects a broader landscape of community and shapes the modern history of Kansas in particular. These 50 short works “paint” an updated canvas of the iconic Midwestern character, including stories of birth and death; tales recalling emotion-filled relationships; narratives about the natural world; and, of course, childhood memories. Robert Stewart, editor of New Letters had this to say about the volume: “Shortly after reading the bulk of this collection, I happened to drive deep into the state of Kansas, more aware than ever of the great literary talent housed in all parts of that rolling landscape, in the Flint Hills, on small farms, in Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan and farther on. This group of writers from the prairie has made a great contribution to the literature of the region.” “Echoes of the Prairie” is available for purchase at The Icabod Shop or Oddfellow’s Fine Books and Collectables in Topeka or in Lawrence at The Raven Bookstore and Hastings.


FOOD NINJA Monsoon Indian Grill: 3.9 Fists


he sun was hidden by cloud and shadow and the ground frozen by winter’s bitter breath. The air was still and I crept silently through the front door of the new Topeka eatery, Monsoon Indian Grill. There was no defense for my attack for I am… The Food Ninja! Effortlessly wielding my knife and fork, I evaluated my target by the following criteria: FriendlinessI was greeted within moments of my arrival with smiles and polite tones. The staff was courteous and prompt, never losing patience and catering to my every whim. A knowledgeable young woman served my meal and appealed to my inner peace. Menu-

Ninja’s Recommendation- Bread Pudding 12

A variety of dishes on which to feast! This grill, offering primarily Northern Indian cuisine leaves no unmet desires with a selection fit for an Emperor. Many curries to enjoy and each one a delight to the senses of a Ninja.

AtmosphereA little tight, no trouble for a Ninja but crowded for the average restaurant goer. Proximity to other diners might make some uncomfortable and the din on a crowded day will make casual conversation challenging. The colors and decorum are splendid and furnishings are well suited. FundsFor under $15, this Ninja was given access to a spectacular array of choices from across the expanse of the menu. One can spend more if they so choose, though it would be unnecessary to experience the variety offered. Combination attacks were made to suit my needs and I left satisfied for very few US Dollars. FoodKiai!! Spicy, sweet, creamy, savory; all flavors attacked my tongue without relent. Ninjas require sustenance and I had no fight left after the onslaught. Taste held nothing back in the stealthy maneuver on my senses; I was all but defeated and my time was nigh. Easily some of the most rewarding Indian cuisine this Ninja has ever tasted. Take the word of the Food Ninja and experience Monsoon Indian Grill at 21st and Wanamaker. Survive the barrage of flavor, the impeccable service, and the affordable options and you, too, can become a Food Ninja! aseveneightfive

hot stuff


Ghost Face Killah + Food Competition at Boca Cafe



Twisted Pine Brewery has created a limited-edition Ghost Face Killah beer, which shares its name with the legendary rapper of the Wu-Tang Clan. Six kinds of hot chili peppers go into this fiery-ass beer including the infamous ghost peppers, Serrano, Jalapeno, Habanero, Fresno and Anaheim also lend their rich flavors to make for a taste-sizzling good time. Keep away from children and the tepid of tongue.


ug shot writers Rio Cervantes-Reed and Kevin Reed went to Fleming Place Wine + Spirits to re-stock their home’s beer supply. While perusing the aisles, a bottle adorned with a fiery skull caught Rio’s eye. Ghost Face Killah, a hot pepperinfused beer from Boulder’s Twisted Pine Brewing Co. Although she didn’t buy one for herself, she snapped a picture and tweeted it to two fellow beer-lovers who are also #chileheads. The following are the Twitter convos that ensued January 3, 2014: @Rio_Cervantes: @ScottWickham @LndlockedPirate Have either of you tried this? Made w/ ghost peppers. They have it at Fleming Place Liquor Store. @ScottWickham: Can’t say I have, but it sounds awesome! @LndlockedPirate: no but now I want to @ScottWickham: Don’t buy it all Bill! @LndlockedPirate: if I did I’d save one for you. @Rio_Cervantes: Awww! #ghostpepperbeerbromance The following day: @ScottWickham: OK, this Ghost Face Killah by @TwistedPine is awesome! Ghost pepper plus 5 other chiles. Thanks for the heads up @Rio_ Cervantes #chilehead (Retweeted by @TwistedPine)

@Rio_Cervantes: Glad that worked out for ya! @ScottWickham: The first beer that made me sweat a little! Lol @Meg1990: @Rio_Cervantes @ ScottWickham @TwistedPine he had the saddest face when it was empty. @ScottWickham: Luckily I have another! Never had an endorphin high from beer before. @Meg1990: He may have tried to kill me with a taste. HOLY HOTNESS! @LndlockedPirate: Ghost pepper beer is 20 shades of fire. Not as bad as I feared but not the tastiest either. Glad I tried it. @ScottWickham: some of the pepper flavor was a bit off I guess. I still liked it! If you want to try something super spicy, here’s a good option, if you dare. Thanks to the brave Scott, Bill and Meg for their thoughts on Twisted Pine Brewery’s Ghost Face Killah!


Habanero Sandwich Challenge

Thanks to James Frager (on Facebook) who made us aware of this great food challenge at Boca Café. Boca Café in College Hill has a Habanero sandwich that is so spicy, they will give it to you for free, along with a $10 gift certificate, if you can finish the entire sandwich in 15 minutes or less. Once completed, you must hang out for an additional 10 minutes and may not use a napkin, eat any sides or have a drink. Over 60 people have attempted this challenge so far with three prevailing. Nelson Medina, the creator of the sandwich enjoy hot flavors obviously. The sandwich consists of Ghost and Habanero peppers, pepper jack and cream cheese, roast beef and bacon, all sprinkled with Habanero and Ghost Chili Peppers on top.

Boca CafÉ

1414 SW 16th Street, Suite A Open M-F: 10a - 8p Sat: 10a -1p


the shop under


‘‘ H

the dome

The most popular item available in the shop involves 100 year-old copper removed from the Capitol dome.

by Martie Rison | photos by Gary Krohe

available in the shop involves 100 year-old copper removed from the Capitol dome. Multiple artists have been commissioned to take the copper and make unique jewelry from it. Kymm Hughes, Bailey Marable, Kristen Haug, and Brenda McKee are among the jewelry smiths and artists making the most desirable Marla Holt, retail coordinator for the Historical Foundation, has jewelry in town. spent over a year planning for the new Capitol shop. She and her team anxiously waited for the official word to move in to the new store space as the renovation began to wind down. The word finally Mon - Fri: 8a - 5p | Sat: 8a - 1p came on December 31, 2013 leaving them just two days to set up 296.3966 | shop. They rung in the New Year by unpacking boxes and filling shelves so they could meet the January 2, 2014 opening date. Their Now that the Capitol Store is up and running, the Kansas Historical hard work was worth it because the display they put together is Foundation has taken on a new task. At the Kansas Museum of outstanding. History there is a lot of activity taking place. Construction has Some items you will find when you visit the shop are picture frames started on a new general store themed shop, with a ticket window and bookends made out of Kansas limestone post rock, pottery, and exciting items from all around Kansas. This shop will also and more. Kansas made food items from Cero’s Chocolate out of feature folk art items and merchandise inspired by the exhibits at Wichita to Louisburg Cider Mills Pumpkin Butter tempts you as the museum. The general store at the museum is due to be finished you browse. And a stunning photo book about the renovation of in the spring of 2014. So take shopping local to a state-wide level and the Capitol can be found there as well. But the most popular item check out the gift shops at the Kansas State Capitol and the Kansas Museum of History! aseveneightfive istory has been revived with the recent restoration of the Kansas State Capitol Building. But history has also been made with the addition of the first ever Capitol Gift Shop. The new gift shop is not like your standard tourist shop. No, this shop features quite a bit more.


SW 8th and SW Van Buren


Eclectic Latin Caribbean Cuisine, Wonderful Wine Selection 4005 Gage ctr Dr Or 715 S. Kansas Ave. | Friend us on Facebook

“The ultimate dining experience.”

Network | Monthly After Hour Events Give Back | Volunteer Projects Go Inside | Insiders Series Learn | Learn-Ignite Luncheon Series Follow Us on Facebook and visit our website for upcoming events and to join!

This isn’t heaven, it just feels like it.

Backs By Popular Demand

301 Gage Suite 161



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The Celtic Fox

3701 SW Plaza Dr. 246.6866 FB: Abigails.Topeka




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New City Cafe

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“September Hues”

Spring brings ‘En Plein Air’ by Michelle Leivan | Artist, Author, Artrepreneur | | photos provided by artist


s we come out of hibernation with thoughts of snow storms, icy travel and shovels safely put away for the season, we find ourselves eager to relish in the promise of spring and all of the life that comes with the next few months.

“Heartland II”

Cally Krallman

View original work at • Beauchamps Gallery 3113 SW Huntoon • SouthWind Gallery 3074 SW 29th St • • 18

Through the cold months creative activity can seem reclusive and isolating because artists are forced into the studio by the weather. However as we thaw and dream of exciting outdoor activities such as afternoon walks, golf and concerts in the park; some artist’s idea of spring brings with them visions of something a little different. They look forward to painting ‘en plein air’ a French expression simply meaning ‘in the open air’. The expression was popularized by impressionist artists in the mid-19th century with the advent of tubed paint, and box easels, early Impressionist’s painters began to scout open-air locations to be inspired with the advantage of natural light. Many local artists practice painting ‘en plein air’ but one outstanding artist, Cally Krallman, has been inspired by our own Flint Hills of Kansas for over twenty years.

She frequently hikes the Flint Hills to discover inspiring vistas and occasionally offers workshops that include painting ‘en plein aire’. “I have traveled to many places throughout the world but I am still drawn to the simplistic beauty of Kansas. Many people think of Kansas as just a flat agricultural state, but in fact it is full of wonderful hills, tree lined rivers and creeks, and other unique land formations. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking and calming at the same time. Our four seasons create a myriad of colors worthy of any artists’ palette,” explains Cally about her desire to paint the Flint Hills throughout the year. One of the challenges of painting outside is that every moment the light changes as the piece is painting. The artist has to hold the scene in their mind as they develop the painting and only placing the light effects toward the end of the painting session. Because of the shifting light many pieces are done in an hour or two and can be wondrous expressions of moment and light. When asked about her inspiration Cally says, “Any artist can see the grandeur of the




Regional art plays an important role in American history. I feel it not only records our place in time, but it is a window for others to see the ordinary in a not so ordinary way.

great mountains and oceans, but to find beauty in the simplest of rocky plains, tall native grasses, back roads, meandering creeks, and fields of grain takes someone who loves the region...loves the plains.” She goes on to say, “Regional art plays an important role in American history. I feel it not only records our place in time, but it is a window for others to see the ordinary in a not so ordinary way. I try to share that in each painting I create.”

Challenge yourself this spring to try to look at the world like an artist, as you go about your activities, stop and take a moment to reflect on how the light plays on the fresh budding trees, tender green grass. Then consider how you might find comfort in our local treasure of the Flint Hills rendered beautifully by Cally Krallman could make your own environment inspiring. aseveneightfive

Topeka’s Finest Dining Experience!

“Grazing New the Creek”

FINE DINING @ Ice&Olives White Table Cloth Dining with Prix Fixe Menu Delicious, new 3-course menu every weekend from

Bistro t he Bistro t he Bistro

t he

at Ice&Olives • Thunderbird Square 3627 SE 29th St. Topeka

Chef John Phillips

Complimentary Wine Tasting to begin the evening

ENJOY LIVE JAZZ WHILE YOU DINE! Fridaybegins & Saturday pm Nov. 2 Friday seating 6pm | seating Saturdaybegins dining6starts For questions, reservationsor ormore more information, information, Questions, reservations phone us phone us at at215-8460 215-8460 Menuposted postedweekly weekly at Menu at

#NOH8 in topeka A

On November 4, 2008 Proposition 8 passed in California, amending the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. The defeat provoked a groundswell of initiative within the GLBT community at a grassroots level, with many new political and protest organizations being formed in response.

from all walks of life and soon rose to include politicians, military personnel, newlyweds, law enforcement, artists, celebrities....and now Topeka!

The NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska ( and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8. Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop 8 and similar legislation around the world, with “NOH8” painted on one cheek in protest.

To be involved you need to come camera ready, which means wearing white and be ready to pose and make a statement. The shoot is from 5 to 8p and the cost is $40 for a solo photo or $25 per person for a couple or group photo.

Five years since its inception, the NOH8 Campaign has grown to nearly 33,000 faces and continues to grow at an exponential rate. The campaign began with portraits of everyday Californians


The NOH8 Campaign is teaming up with Planting Peace’s Equality House on Friday, April 11 for the first #NOH8 photo shoot in Topeka.

Money raised by the NOH8 Campaign will be used to continue promoting and raising awareness for marriage equality and antidiscrimination through NOH8’s interactive media campaign. RSVP for the photo shot in Topeka and get involved on Facebook at: NOH8 Photo Shoot in TOPEKA, KS aseveneightfive



T matryoshka

like the Russian doll, this shop has numerous layers by Boone Smith | photos by Megan Rogers Photographie

he newest shop in NOTO is noteworthy for its many layers under one roof. When you walk in, you’re greeted by a contemporary waiting room with paintings created by the shop’s owner, Jennifer Bohlander. Other local artists works fill the rest of the wall space and the glass display classes with Steampunk jewelry and iron work. After unveiling a divider wall curtain you hear Jennifer’s choice of music, see a comfortable and tasteful seating area and then one chair in the middle - the center of Matryoshka. Jennifer was a Russian linguist in the US Army and found selfinspiration when naming her new store in NOTO, Matryoshka. Matryoshka is a Russian word for mother, and a Matryoshka Doll is the correct name for what you know as Russian Nesting Dolls. These, of course are the dolls that fit gently inside of one another, and where you learn just a little bit more about the doll with each layer that you pull apart. Just like this shop.


Matryoshka has many layers, much like the Russian dolls, that inspired the shop’s name.

Matryoshka, like the tattoos you get there, is more than just what you see. It is also a deeply intimate relationship, where designs are drawn in permanence. When you see other works of art, the canvas or platform often carries meaning both for the artist, and for the viewer of that art. With a tattoo, however, the primary viewer of the art actually is also the canvas for that art. Jennifer will tell you that people get tattoos for a lot of reasons, but for most it is often to capture a moment. You are the primary viewer, and the canvas, and Jennifer is both the paintbrush and the painter for your masterpiece. Her job is to be a communicator and a conduit of your plans so that she understands what you want for your tattoo, and to be the instrument through which your idea and your vision take shape on your body. You begin by sharing your idea or a drawing with Jennifer, maybe through email or dropping off a picture. She reaches out to you, and interprets what she’s heard. You two connect again and again until you’re happy with what you’ve created. When you are completely satisfied with the design, Jennifer brings you through the boutique area in the front of the store, past the counter top, under the curtain, and to the chair where she will make your design into a part of you. Beyond getting a tattoo, Matryoshka offers much more and when the weather warms up, yet another layer to Matryoshka will be added. A great outdoor garden space offers a perfect back-drop for live bands, most performing during the city-wide First Friday Artwalk. Additionally, the front area will display works of art by other local, featured–– artists.

Matryoska BURRITO: Pick up a Matryoshka Burrito after you stop at Matryoshka to see the art, or for a tattoo. For under $10 you can have a filling burrito with rice, potatoes, beef and cheese. Delicious, with one of the salsas that are updated every month, and hot queso. Kudos to NOTO BURRITO, just one block south, for creating a oneof-a-kind burrito named after a one-of-a-kind tattoo shop.

Still, even with the new layers and depth of wears available, the heart of Matryoshka is and will be the relationship she has with you. aseveneightfive Masonic_2.20.14_Layout 1 2/20/14 2:15 PM Page 1

Your Special Day

is very important to us too!

LatL!the A t I e v a H n a C u Yo Topeka Masonic Center Weddings n Receptions n Rehearsal Dinners n Meetings Seminars n Conferences n Banquets n Special Events n Ceremonies

We are the alternative venue for weddings and receptions! Make an appointment today to visit our facilities. Whether your reception is simple or sophisticated we will provide you with exceptional service!


785-783-7720 n n 2300 SW 30th, Topeka, KS n 23


SUNSETS photo essay by Jason Keller

[top left] Date: 2/3/14, Location: Well’s Overlook Park, Lawrece. Camera Settings: ISO-100; focal length-55mm; aperture-f/5.6; shutter speed-1/500 [bottom left] Date: 12/29/13, Location: Near SW 21st St and SW West Union Rd, Shawnee County. Camera Settings: ISO-100; focal length-55mm; aperture-f/18; shutter speed-1/200 [above] Date: 11/16/13, Location: K-177 Overlook Park, Manhattan, Kan. Camera Settings: ISO-160; focal length-50mm; aperture-f/5.6; shutter speed-1/100


kansas named a top location for sunsets in the world


ost readers already know this - but we’ve got great sunsets in Kansas. Last January, Green Landscapes rated the Flint Hills as one of the seven best places in the world to view a sunset. Not surprising, but what is, that fact that Kansas was the only US State to make their list. Other places were: Finland; Cambodia; Santorini Island, Greece; French Polynesia; San Esteben; the Gulf of California, Mexico, and the Phoenix Islands in the Republic of Kiribati. continued on next page >>

shooting kansas sunsets + four top locations


ansas does have some truly amazing sunsets, beyond the Flint Hills, and many that most photographers yearn for. Fortunately, sunsets aren’t that difficult to photograph.

Here are some tips for photographing stunning sunsets. 1. It goes without saying that you should never look directly at the sun through your viewfinder on your camera. Doing so could lead to serious eye damage, so watch the LCD screen on your camera instead. Besides, the most vibrant colors usually appear after the sun has set. My favorite time to shoot is just after sundown. 2. Think ahead. Sometimes a sunset shot can be taken spontaneously without any forethought, but the best ones often come out of planning. I recommend you scope out places a day or two in advance. 3. Use silhouettes as focal points. Great sunsets need a point of interest, so try incorporating some sort of silhouette into your shot. Examples might include clouds, hilltops, trees, barns, or even people. 4. Set your camera to the manual (M) mode. Today’s cameras do a pretty good job at setting exposure on full auto mode, but using manual mode will allow you more control and freedom to adjust the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO speed. 5. Use a tripod to keep your camera steady.

Date: 11/1/13 Location: K-177 Overlook Park, Manhattan, Kan. Camera Settings: ISO-200; focal length-36mm; aperture-f/10; shutterspeed-1/320

Jason’s Favorite Spots to Photograph a Sunset (in no particular order):

1. Burnett’s Mound, Topeka. It’s the highest point in Topeka and offers some truly spectacular views of the city and surrounding countryside. 2. K-177 Overlook Park (also called Konza Prairie Scenic Overlook). Located approximately 3 miles south of Manhattan on K-177, it offers some amazing views of the Kansas River Valley. 3. Well’s Overlook Park, Lawrence. Located just a few miles south of Lawrence on US-59, this local landmark is an excellent spot to photograph the sunset. 4. Lake Shawnee, Topeka. When it comes to capturing the setting sun reflecting off water, Lake Shawnee is as good as it gets.

Gourmet burritos, bowls and tacos with a unique flavor and taste.

Staff Sunset/Sunrise Picks Our staff, some self-proclaimed sunset / sunrise connoisseurs, weighed in on their favorite locations, local and afar. James Robinson: My 20’ hammock in the tree for sunrise and on top of Echo Cliff for sunset. Jessica Matheis: The most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen was when I was in California at the Santa Monica Pier. It was absolutely breath taking. Boone Smith: I love watching the sunsets just north of Topeka, and west of Hoyt, near the Pottawatomie Reservation. You can see for miles in every direction, and the air pollution from the Jeffrey Energy plant near Marysville makes for some beautiful colors that blend together with the already gorgeous sunset. Some of the most beautiful oranges, purples, yellows and greens that you’ll ever see are there. Ali Hanlon: bed...snuggling in my baby’s arms. De O’Brien: San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sunshine Blue: Sunset Pier, Key West. Thousands of people flood the pier, morning and night to see the magic. Its beauty is indescribable. Jessica Matheis: I think Kansas has the most unbelievable sunsets. Especially over a big open field! That’s one of the reasons I LOVE Kansas! Sunshine Blue: The top of Burnett’s Mound.

by Martie Make Rison sure to try our mind blowing salsa bar!

822 N. Kansas Ave NOTO M-SAT: 11 am - 8 pm Open ‘til 10 pm Wed

‘‘ R



by Andy Fry | photos by Rob Sanders and Andy Fry

Custom Kayaks, Inc. 925 N Kansas Ave 220.4757 Facebook: CustomKayaksInc

* Rent space at their facility and tools to build your own Custom Kayak. Call to learn more.


Enterting the NOTO shop, one is instantly transported to the ideal of a wood working shop from 100 years ago.

ob Sanders was seeking a space near downtown Topeka to develop as a shop space two years ago. He found what he was looking for in an inviting location at 925 North Kansas Ave, in NOTO. Sanders had a developing interest in kayaks and particularly building kayaks. That is where Donkey comes in. No, this isn’t a children’s movie script. Bryan “Donkey” Dillon operates the boom and Sanders pilots KC135 Stratotankers for the Kansas National Guard in their day jobs. Dillon initially finished a skin on frame kayak, made for the Boy Scouts, before realizing he was interested in constructing what is called a wood strip boat. Sanders interest soon followed after seeing Dillon’s first boat. The desire to construct kayaks in their free time developed from there.

Hobby, Shop Space in NOTO Sanders and Dillon have spent the last year renovating their self-described “hobby, shop space” to include work tables to support the custom kayak forms, as well as numerous hand chisels and wood working tools. Emphasizing that this is meant to be fun, and the shop is not going to be a traditional retail space, the pair spends evenings and weekends sanding and preparing these “ocean-going” or touring kayaks. They are called this because of their length and ability to avoid turbulent waters and to carry a large capacity of camping or outdoor gear. It’s typical to take about $1,500 and three months of work for a person to complete one of these boats. “Perfect for a winter project”, Sanders jovially states. Using a local supplier of exotic woods from Perry, Kan., Dillon and Sanders have honed their boats from a set of plans developed by a well-known kayak plan developer. Utilizing their hands on experiences in local tributaries like the Delaware and Missouri Rivers, as well as Clinton and Shawnee Lake, the paddling

pair has continued to try and improve on concepts and new materials for various aspects of the kayaks like the carbon fiber rudders. Dillon notes that these boats are an amalgamation of fun memories and experiences as the wood has also come from trips and deployments with the military. In between assignments and day to day family and work commitments, Sanders and Dillon decided they wanted to share their love of the water with the city. Under the name Custom Kayak Rentals, Dillon and Sanders plan to offer several different avenues for could-be kayakers to find their way into a custom kayak. Dillon and Sanders will build the boat for you, but they’re also very interested in spreading the satisfaction of a person building their own kayak as Sanders said, “Knowing I just built that!” Custom Kayak Rentals plans to offer shop rental space to build your kayak as well as tools and limited technical assistance because at 12 to 14+ feet these kayaks could take up the majority of a single garage in the construction phase. In addition Sanders is investigating partnering with other established local businesses or entities in coordinating rental of these custom wood kayaks at local hubs of water activities, like Lake Shawnee. Sanders emphasizes the light weight of these boats offers a much different experience from the plastic boats that are commonly seen. Finally Dillon aspires to potentially offer guiding services via kayaks to notable kayaking destinations like Minnesota’s boundary waters. Entering the NOTO shop space one is instantly transported to the ideal of a wood working shop from a 100 years ago. The simple skills and perseverance are what Sanders and Dillon attribute their ability to build these quality kayaks. It is clear however, that a combination of glue, wood fasteners and a deep friendship has bound this unique Topeka opportunity together. aseveneightfive

ENTERTAINMENT: Kraazy Karaoke every Friday with DJ Dreux Doty from 9 to close.

SUNDAY: $3.50 Zing Zang Bloody Marys / Domestic draws: $2 pints, $3.50 jumbos / $3.50 Captain, Jim & Stoli drinks / $3 Breakfast shots MONDAY: $3.50 Domestic jumbos / $3.50 Calls / $3 Fireball shots TUESDAY:$2.50 Wells / $3.50 Domestic jumbos/ $1 off House Cocktails / $4 Batman Shots / $3 Liquid Marijuana Shot

WEDNESDAY:$3.50 Calls / $2.50 Domestic Bottles / $4 Vegas Bombs / $3 Barrel Bombs THURSDAY: $4.50 Premium singles Domestic draws: $2 pints, $3.50 jumbos / $2 Pinnacle drinks / $3 Fireball Shots / $3 Liquid Marijuna Shots SATURDAY: Domestic draws: $2 pints, $3.50 jumbos / $3 Blue Moon pints / $4.50 Long Islands, Long Beaches, Grateful Deads

MONDAY: $2.50 Microbrew pints TUESDAY: $3.50 Captain, Malibu, UV Vodka drinks WEDNESDAY: $2 Domestic draws THURSDAY: $6 Domestic pitchers / $4 Double wells FRIDAY: 2-for-1 Domestic bottles / $1 off drink menu cocktails

1/2 Price apps Monday - Friday 4 - 6 pm 10 - 11 pm

seveneightfive March 15 - April 30, 2014  

Epic Sunsets, Beans & Cornbread, #FFAW, Topeka Art, Local Flavor,

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