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River Chu Location:

Wuhan, Hubei, China


1700 meters, 5.3 acers






Government’s general water landscape plan for the whole city

Responsible Entity: Cost

•  Wuhan government •  Wanda economic corporation 2.63 billion dollars

Han Street Project Presentation Siwen Cheng Nanyu Li

The “Lake” City Wuhan Big as New York  3 main river across the city  Countless creeks, lakes, small rivers  9.30.2011 Finish the Han St. Project and open to public 

Han St. Project: Han Street & River Chu • River Chu (Man-made River) About 1700 meters, max width 70m, min width <20m, average 25m 5.3 Hectares Water boat transportation 7 pier for visitors & residents

• Han St. (The walking way next to River Chu) About 5 kilometers Waterfront Boardwalk Inner walking system for the residential area

Cost for the entire project : $2.63 billion including: walking district river related buildings related landscape

1 year to finish this project. With the help of the government. Create the connection between two historical rivers

The best way to build this land is to hide the water because they will have more expensive land to use. However, government refuse the â&#x20AC;&#x153;tubeâ&#x20AC;? option. After they finfish this project, the land price become several times higher than before.

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Han street