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Robotic & Automated Systems

A Con-Vey robotics specialist fine tuning an EOAT designed for transferring wood and composite panels.

A fully automated lumber processing line with gantry unstacker.

AUTOMATED SYSTEMS Let our skilled team of professionals design and build you a custom automated system that adds value to your new or existing process. Our in-house staff of electrical and mechanical engineers have the experience and knowledge to construct the tools you need for success. Whether it is a fully automated arrangement, a single work center, or a modification of existing controls, we can deliver PREFERRED a value-driven solution with the ability to adapt INTEGRATOR to your shifting production requirements. Kawasaki Robot

As an Official Systems Partner with Kuka Robotics Corp. and a Preferred Integrator of Kawasaki Robotics, Inc., you can expect that Con-Vey is fully capable of providing an automated system with the quality, performance, and durability.

4 AXIS ROBOTS The 4 axis robot arms are ideal for simple pick and place applications, as well as parts handling or precision assembly. This style of robot’s primary function is stacking or unstacking materials. Con-Vey can engineer a custom solution for your application with the flexibility you need to compete in our world’s ever-changing economy. Ranging from 80 lbs to over a one-ton of payload capacity, we have the robot that is right for the job. We can also pair a robot with our custom designed End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) which allows our systems to handle boards, boxes, bags, cases, bottles, kegs, frozen foods, and more. EOATs allow us to provide the most efficient and effective handling for your company’s product.

A 4 axis robot unstacker feeding planks of flooring onto a main line conveyor.

A 6 axis veneer handling robot with an integrated vision system.

6 AXIS ROBOTS As one of the most powerful industrial tools in the modern world, a 6 axis robot can work in a wide range of applications; Con-Vey offers a broad selection of robot arms, from the compact to the large capacity resulting in virtually endless possibilities. Robots with 6 axes offer increased articulation with 360째 rotation of the wrist. When partnered with a Con-Vey designed End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT), nearly any job can be accomplished. Con-Vey Automation Systems reduce cost and safety hazards while increasing productivity with a streamlined design by our experienced engineers and fabricators.

Robotic simulation of spray system for evaluating real world applications.

END OF ARM TOOLING Con-Vey’s End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) solutions are custom designed for each manufacturing application. Our engineers demand the highest quality components to ensure low maintenance and long life. Components like grippers, vacuum cups, and motors are utilized to increase production and accuracy. A Con-Vey designed EOAT is compatible with most any robot manufacturer so integration can also be applied to an existing system.

A palletizing robot with a bag gripper EOAT.

Panel stacking robot system with vacuum cup tooling.

A robot mounted on a transfer unit.

ROBOT TRANSFER UNITS Adding a Robot Transfer Unit (RTU) is a way of increasing the productivity of a single robot by opening the effective working area of the tooling. Driven through an external axis controlled by the robot, we can provide a cost effective solution to a multitude of process controlled variables.

A 3D rendering of a pedestal positioner without a robot.

CONTROL SYSTEMS Design & Drafting Con-Vey understands the importance of providing quality electrical design and documentation for maintaining and troubleshooting your system. Designing power distribution architectures and complete PLC enclosures to support their internal engineering projects is Con-Vey’s specialty. In addition, Con-Vey’s design and drafting team can be commissioned to enhance your engineering group, or simply to document your existing system.

UL Panel Fabrication Con-Vey is a UL-508A and CSA manufacturer with a highly trained and qualified staff. Con-Vey’s experienced personnel offer custom enclosure assembly and wiring that is second to none. Con-Vey builds panels to support their internal engineering projects and provides design-build services, where the designs are provided by you. Either way, you get a quality panel built to high standards. Every panel is audited to a rigorous, Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) checklist, labeled and prepped for easy installation.

Custom control panel housed in a stainless steel cabinet.

CUSTOM AUTOMATION Con-Vey designs, develops, engineers, and manufactures high-value custom production automation systems. Our in-house fabrication and control systems divisions make those engineering designs a reality with the use of high quality components and craftsmanship. We invite the opportunity to create that custom solution that doesn’t exist. Most of the systems we develop use proprietary designs so we take confidentiality seriously. You can trust that with over 70 years of experience, Con-Vey builds some of the best custom industrial equipment on the market.

A 3D rendering of a custom hull cutter.

From left to right: Agricultural automation system for seed drying, automated bagger, and a precision positioner for an automated machining center.

HISTORY OF QUALITY Con-Vey opened its doors over 70 years ago as a fabrication and machine shop focusing on repair work for the local wood mills. Leveraging our long company history, aggressive capital investment and retention of skilled long term employees. Today Con-Vey is a world class solutions company. When customers need high quality products at a competitive price – from basic steel fabrication to custom robotic tooling and programming – they come to Con-Vey. Demanding projects, innovative custom machinery and integrated solutions are at the core of our business. With proprietary machinery in 16 countries, Con-Vey is a proven high quality supplier.

Sales Professionals When you choose Con-Vey, you get a relationship as well as a new class of engineered solutions. You will have a single point of contact for all your needs.

Engineering & Design Con-Vey has a complete in house mechanical engineering department. We utilize Autodesk Inventor速 3D CAD modeling and simulation software which is run on the most up-to-date hardware. This technology provides our engineers with the ability to better visualize projects, employ simulations, spot design flaws early in the process and design for real-world conditions, making us very efficient and economical. For projects that require computations, finite element stress analysis and detail design, our licensed professional engineering team has the tools and experience needed for these tasks. If it moves, we can move it. Our electrical and hydraulic technicians are experts at programmable logic controllers, pc-based control, human machine interface (HMI), variable speed drives, motor control, hydraulic

and pneumatics systems. We also provide custom panel fabrication (UL & CSA certified panel shop), start-up, training, and technical on-site services.

Fabrication Division Our journeyman fabricators and machinists have an average of over 20 years experience and knowledge to do the job right. Journeyman welders are AWS certified and our custom fabrication group specialize in steel, stainless, and aluminum fabrication, assembly and testing.

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