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Corporate Profile Printed by Duduprintz Media Company

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WHO WE ARE Duduprintz Media Company is an innovative commercial and photographic print, and integrated marketing solutions’ provider. Our products and services are delivered using the best available technologies in digital print. At our facility, we are able to deliver offset quality prints on a wide gamut of substrates in varying quantities from one unit to millions of the same unit. We have the capability to vary content across a variety of outputs ensuring each printed piece is unique in itself. We offer print solutions on an extensive product range that combine high quality, and exceptional delivery speed at low cost. And with excellent customer service and the best available technologies in short-run prints, you are assured superior service. We pay keen attention to the needs of your customers, and of the final consumers of your projects; we are mindful of the kind of responses you would like your printed projects to elicit; we thus keep these in focus as we do you.

OUR VISION To become the benchmark brand in West Africa for retail lifestyle and corporate print media products.

OUR MISSION Duduprintz is an innovative firm‌, leveraging cutting-edge technology and skilled personnel to design and deliver a wide gamut of consumer and corporate print media products, while leading the revolution towards a truly customer-driven and service-centered outfit‌

PRINT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME With each passing decade, print as we know it continues to metamorphose. In time past, the industry was the exclusive preserve of and mainly influenced by press manufacturers, and supplies of consumables including ink, paper, chemicals, etc. Fast-forward to 2012 and you have in that mix social media, digital consumer cameras, lifestyle changes, the clamour by interest groups for a greener society, the internet, mobile devices, software engineering, systems for process automation, the convergence of IT and communications, and so on. For individuals and corporate entities, these changes are affecting and will continue to influence our need for print. In spite of these developments, print cannot be said to be going out of fashion. If anything, the world is consuming more paper and pulp products than ever, though interestingly, at much shorter runs. Gone are the days when one could stock up prints for a whole year because the world didn’t change much. Today, obsolescence catches on like wild fire and so time and seasonal relevance commands much consideration. Even so, tighter schedules have become the norm while mass customization and integration with virtual media are the new definitions for differentiation in print. The future of print will take form by the interplay of these factors, and perhaps new things yet to manifest. With all these happening simultaneously, print buyers would have to break free from the prejudices of the past, and discover and embrace not just the technological advances offered by this new-age print industry, but also understand the factors that influence and by which reasons consumers of print respond to the messages they bear.

OUR SERVICES Duduprintz Media Company offers its products and services in bouquets, each with a promise to enhance your experience in the way you source for, and buy print services.

COMMERCIAL PRINT SERVICES The hallmarks of quality print collateral rests on a number of factors: the choice of paper, of colour, of print technology, or of finishing technique, but mostly of your partner in print. For the brand-sensitive client, Duduprintz’ technologies, processes and techniques guarantee consistent output always. We know colours, we know paper, we know technology, but most of all, we know that you want your audiences to exude a feel-good emotion every time they pick-up printed pieces that advertise your brand. At Duduprintz, we are able to deliver on an endless list of below-the-line-sized i.e. A3 downwards print products and services. These range from premium business cards, letterheads, brochures, pamphlets, to flyers, etc complimented with an extensive range of print finishing.

PERSONALIZED PRINT SERVICES Whether your business focuses on the mass market or a niche clientele, chances are you would like to maintain an intimate relationship with each customer. Recent research suggests that customer loyalty can greatly be enhanced with some personalization. Today, it is now possible to personalize ones car, a phone, a laptop; one can even personalize a house. Such initiatives have served to engender greater bond between a service provider and its target audience. Duduprintz boasts the technology and resources to vary every little detail i.e. text and imagery in a printed piece, offering unique pieces from one unit to ten million. Perhaps you have personally benefitted from personalized services – remember that hotel brochure addressed to you personally? So why not bring personalization to your prints? After all, your customers deserve to feel exclusive and personalized content assures of this emotion.

PRINT INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION 21st century businesses increasingly face the daunting task of balancing cost against revenue. A critical cost area of concern is the need for print and the growing concerns around managing inventory, protection from effects of the elements, space constraints, ensuring brand consistency across multiple printed pieces in various locations, and the time relevance of the collateral prints i.e. obsolescence. With our Print Inventory Management Solution, organizations can take advantage of a fully integrated print ordering platform that helps organizations easily manage their need for print across multiple SBU’s in various locations. Our commitment on this service is to help organizations be cost-efficient in the area of print. We would be delighted to show you how.

PUBLISHING SERVICES Across the globe, a rising phenomenon in publishing is the need for on-demand services, mass customization, and the growing preference for self-publishing. On-demand print services, and self-publishing have in fact been identified as critical developments that would shape the way we interact with and buy published works looking into the future. These changes are challenging the belief that one must cough-up huge sums to take published works to print. With the capability to print short-runs and on-demand, it is possible to have a unit or a number of pieces of a published work. The suitability to exhibitions, book launches, complimentary editions, personalized versions, cannot be overemphasized. Welcome to the world of one-book print!

PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT SOLUTION Duduprintz breaks away from the norm by offering new and exciting ways of documenting images. While we offer traditional products like photobooks, enlarged prints, and other photo merchandise, we also offer products and services that will give new definition to how we present and preserve images. Using the latest and most-advanced technology in commercial digital print, you are guaranteed consistent quality every time, and the most-accurate and vivid reproduction of colours of any work. Our web portal offers tremendous convenience to buyers, giving flexibility to the user in terms of choice of service, ease of payment with a debit card, and paid-delivery in partnership with DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

CROSS-MEDIA MARKETING SERVICES In the marketing profession, the greatest of challenges has always been how to measure: the measure of impact, of reach, of response, and of return on marketing expense. Worse still, many organizations cannot accurately determine how much goes into marketing programmes or how much is needed to deliver on specific outcomes. But perhaps the most-important factor affecting the marketing profession today the world over is that the target audience is constantly shifting how and when they interact with brands. The move away from traditional mass media has been an exodus. You are probably thinking social networks, and you are spot on! It is now possible to take your collateral prints beyond their static state, leveraging interactive technologies, and the virtual media space to reach a wider audience. We offer a robust platform that helps businesses to create and manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels including direct mail, email, mobile, social network, and print. This platform enables organizations to generate invaluable, undiluted insight from their target audiences, thus enabling the development of new products and campaigns based on such insight. In effect, we help you discover more about your customers, and increase response rates so you discover more still!


Enitan drives the company’s corporate positioning, branding and identity, public relations and marketing campaigns. She has over twenty years’ experience in the Marketing/Public Relations industry, that cut across the United Kingdom and Nigeria. A graduate of the University of Ibadan with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Language Arts and Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Reputation Management from London School of Public Relations (LSPR).

Busayo Kupoluyi GH, Operations & IT

Enitan Osibodu

GH, Marketing & Sales

Busayo was until recently, a System Integration & Technology Manager with Accenture. He has worked on various initiatives for companies, corporation and government entities, which border on Infrastructure Transformation, IT Strategy development and Project Management. His competence covers large scale IT transformation, IT strategy formulation, IT infrastructure design & implementation, SAP technical architecture design, etc. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and is a certified Prince2 Practitioner.

As erstwhile Finance Manager at Media Brands Nigeria (an advertising agency and off-shoot of Universal McCann Nigeria Limited), Seyi’s responsibilities entailed auditing, management accounting, credit and internal control and compliance, and providing and maintaining the finance and administrative framework to support major portfolios including Coca-Cola Nigeria PLC, Sony, MasterCard, Cadbury Nigeria PLC among others. He holds a Bachelors’ degree in Accounting from the Olabisi Onabajo University (OOU) Nigeria and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN).

‘Seun Kupoluyi CEO

Seyi Sokeye

GH, Finance & Admin

An Actuarial Science graduate from the University of Lagos, ‘Seun has financial services industry experience of over eight (8) years and has been part of various organization-wide projects spanning corporate restructuring, business strategy design, process re-engineering, branch expansion and human capital optimization; he is a Masters’ degree holder from top-ranked Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow where he developed a specialty in service design, service quality and customer experience management.


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