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Postgraduate Newsletter

2011 ICKS PG Committee This year’s PG Committee has been expanded to four members with an average age of 23.75 – the youngest in the history of ICKS yet. At the end of last year, Seung Hwan [2nd Yr. Mech. Eng. PhD] was elected as the PG President, after having spent the past year

President Lee, Seung Hwan

Deputy-President Cho, Soongwon

Deputy-President Kim, Hokwon

Presenter: Jin-Young

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students gathered together at Assa2 restaurant to celebrate the Lunar New Year of Rabbit on February the 3rd. Hosted by the ICKS UG+PG committee, many traditional Korean foods such as Dduk-guk and Pa-jun were served

This year, the committee plans to host more cultural/ sports events – exploring London and beyond and keeping the students fit. You can always read it in detail on the ICKS website (please check the website on a regular basis for news & events!) The new committee would like to thank the 2010 PG President, Jin-Young [3rd Yr. Bio. Eng.] (left), who literally has ‘worked his socks off ’ for the members of ICKS.

January Events New Committee Goes to Work The new committee started their work in January. The first month in ‘power’ started off rather slow – collecting feedbacks from the members (especially from the ex-committee members), brainstorming new events, bringing forward new ideas and planning the year ahead. The new committee intends to provide the members with a handful opportunities to socialise by hosting variety of events. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding how the committee can improve the ICKS experience, please do not hesitate to contact the committee.

A jolly company.

and a good opportunity for the members to socialise and bond with each other (of course, research related conversations were inevitable) and that made every couple around jealous (urm... not really).

Samsung Corning Precision Materials visited Imperial College on February 19th to give a brief presentation about the company and for an informal recruitment. Samsung Corning is now looking to hire graduating along with, naturally, alcohols. The date of this event, (un)fortunately, was just a day before Jeong’s birthday. And as expected, Jeong had to finish a bucket full of birthday drink that was filled with Soju and kindly decorated with few slices of Kimchi. Overall, the event was successful and it was a good opportunity for PG and UG to meet each other and socialise. May the year 2011 bring more laughter and happiness to all! Bowling Night (15. Feb.)

Down that, Jeong!!!

On February 15th, the ICKS PG committee held the most exciting PG event of this year so far – AntiValentines Bowling Night! After the days and nights of hard work at the college, the participating members – Hokwon, Hye Li, Jeong, Sangwon, Seung Hwan and Soongwon – were able to blast away all the stress as they bowled (and drank) through the night. The evening began with a delicious dinner at one of the finest Chinese restaurants in London followed by rounds of fierce bowling in Bayswater. The members were divided up into two teams and competed till one of them lost his mind (Jeong). Although there was a mixed level of players, the level of the enthusiasm was sky-high with a constant exchange of high-fives ­and cheers. The top player was our beloved president,

Welcome back Haseong! (R)

of “the forgotten genius of electricity,” Nikola Tesla followed the presentation, which blew everyone away.

Samsung Corning Precision Materials Visit (19. Feb.)

Deputy-President Kim, Jeong F.

as the Vice-President along with Soongwon [2nd Yr. Chem. PhD]. Soongwon, Hokwon [3rd Yr. Mat. PhD] and Jeong [1st Yr. Chem. Eng. PhD] were appointed as the Deputy-Presidents: Soongwon in charge of General Affairs, Hokwon in charge of Members & Events and Jeong in charge of Finances.

Kim, Jin-Young

February Events Lunar New Year’s Day Dinner (3. Feb.)

After the Seminar, the members gathered at the Eastside bar for a “small” drink and welcomed back our devoted member Haseong, who has spent the last four months in Turkey. Coming Up Events in March and April 4. March Career’s Fair for UG and Master’s 25. March PG Dinner (Venue & Time TBC) End-March ICKS Presidential Election 2. April CIONS at Cambridge (date TBC) Mid-April Sports/Cultural Event 21. April Internal Seminar (date TBC)

Articles: Hokwon, Jeong, Seung Hwan and Soongwon Photos: Hokwon, Minsun (UG) and Seung Hwan Editor/Layout: Seung Hwan

Imperial College Korean Society

Seung Hwan, who struck the pins down to either strike or spare almost every time with a robot- like accuracy. After the rounds were over, more pints of beer were much needed and the exciting night came to an end at a local pub. On the whole, it was a terrific evening

Congratulations! After a lovely meal with Samsung Corning.

PhD and MBA students and Post-Docs from variety of disciplines to join their R&D department. For those who are interested, please send your CV to Mr. Lee, JungSu ( Internal Seminar (24. Feb.) Jin-Young gave a very interesting talk on the ‘High performance liquid chromatography’ at this year’s first Internal Seminar. He delivered the presentation with conviction and yet, his unique wit was blended in. His excellent style and informative slides made the topic extremely easy for non-experts to understand and caught almost everyone’s full attention (just one person fell asleep – you know who you are!). The talk came with a ‘cherry on top’:­a brief, but fascinating biography

Materials dept. PhD alumnus, Dr. Cho, Johann recently got married to Lee, Sojeong on February 27th in Busan – Johann’s hometown in Korea. Many blessings! New Members Kim, Haseong [3rd Yr. EEE] has joined us back from Turkey. Welcome back! Leaving Members Dr. Choi, Minsuk [Post-Doc. Mech. Eng.] has left us in February to take up a lecturer position at the Yong In Univ.. Dr. Ko, Daecheol [Visit. Staff Mech. Eng.] returned to Pusan Uni. after spending a year with us on his sabbatical.

1. March 2011 Issue 1.

Imperial College Korean Soc. PG Newsletter  
Imperial College Korean Soc. PG Newsletter  

First Newsletter from Imperial College Korean Society Postgraduate Committee. Covers January and February.