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t Celebrating 100 years of helping children. Our mission is to promote healing and growth in children, young adults and their families by providing a continuum of care, support and resources. We serve individuals with histories of severe emotional trauma, abuse and neglect.

Programs and Services The Mission of The Settlement Home for Children is to promote healing and growth in children, young adults and families by providing a continuum of care, support and resources. We serve individuals with histories of severe trauma, abuse and neglect.

Residential Treatment Center

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UT Char us

School ter


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Therapeutic Group Homes

On-Campus Charter School

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Transitional Living Program

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Foster & Adoption Services

27 beds for girls in need of 24-hour supervised care to ensure safety and sense of security Attendance at on-campus charter school Highly structured

23 beds for girls Provides more typical family setting Attendance at public or on-campus charter schools Provides a transition to Foster & Adoption or Transitional Living Program

Licensed for grades 6-12 by The University of Texas Charter School System Provides adaptive learning environment to students Allows for customized learning plan

12 efficiency apartments, which provide housing and security to young ladies 18+ Residents must pursue their education or have a job Focus on fostering independent living skills

Placement of girls and boys, ages birth to 18 Safe, nurturing, healing families Facilitation of adoptions for children in foster care system

Celebrating 100 Years Dear Friends, We are delighted to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of The Settlement Home. Signifying 100 years of promoting healing and growth for children who have been abused and neglected, 2016 is a huge milestone for the members of The Settlement Club. What started as a day nursery during World War I has evolved to meet the changing needs of youth across the state. We are thrilled to have you join in our year-long celebration. Your support of our Centennial Anniversary will help The Settlement Home over the next 100 years as we strive to end the cycle of child abuse. We will continue our work to heal survivors of emotional trauma, abuse, and neglect. Together we can help change the lives of our children. Sincerely, The Past Presidents of The Settlement Club



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Celebrating 100 Years Over the past 100 years we have been honored to have the following women serve as president. Without their leadership, we would not be where we are today. The 100th Anniversary is in honor of and hosted by the Past Presidents of The Settlement Club.

Mrs. H. M. Pendleton* 1916 Mrs. Will Wilson* 1977 Mrs. Milton Gutsch* 1917-19 Mrs. Douglass Y. Nichols* 1978 Mrs. Charles Rayner* 1920-21 Mrs. Leonard E. Mohrmann* 1979 Mrs. A. F. Beverly* 1921 Mrs. James F. Reeves 1980 Mrs. Theo Davis* 1922-23 Mrs. Francis X. Bostick 1981 Mrs. Evans Swann* 1924 Mrs. Edgar Perry 1982 Mrs. Howard Osburn* 1925-26 Mrs. Louis Scott Curtis 1983 Mrs. R. L. Slaughter* 1928 Mrs. Milton W. Talbot, Jr. 1984 Mrs. John King* 1929-30 Mrs. George H. More, III 1985 Mrs. Clarence Covert* 1931 Mrs. John L. Hill* 1986 Mrs. Ernest Bischoff* 1932 Mrs. Philip A. Nelson, Jr. 1987 Mrs. T. D. McCrummen* 1933 Mrs. John H. Voss 1988 Mrs. A. W. Walker* 1933 Mrs. David Womack 1989 Mrs. Harold Hoefgen* 1933 Mrs. Donald Hammond, Jr. 1990 Mrs. D. H. Hart, Jr.* 1934 Mrs. William Youngblood 1991 Mrs. George Wicker* 1935 Mrs. John C. Scurlock 1992 Mrs. Hubert Jones* 1936-37 Mrs. Dick Rathgeber 1993 Mrs. W. P. Morgan* 1938 Mrs. Jack Eisenberg 1994 Mrs. R. M. Thomson, Jr.* 1939-41 Mrs. Robert Askew, Sr. 1995 Mrs. Emory B. Thompson* 1942-43 Mrs. James Chapin 1996 Mrs. Charles A. Clark* 1944 Ms. Melissa Jones (Stevens) 1997 Mrs. James Swearingen* 1944-45 Mrs. Bill Horn 1998 Mrs. James Shaw* 1946-47 Mrs. Robert Mickey 1999 Mrs. Dalton Richardson* 1948-49 Mrs. Terry Bray 2000 Mrs. H. F. Voss* 1950 Mrs. Jim Lockart* 2001 Mrs. Walter Seaholm* 1951 Mrs. William M. King* 2002 Mrs. J. C. Dolley* 1952-53 Mrs. Ross Burgh 2003 Mrs. Hulon Black* 1954-55 Mrs. James Sawyer 2004 Mrs. R. G. Mueller, Jr.* 1956-57 Mrs. Davis Ford 2005 Mrs. Edwin Smith* 1958-59 Mrs. Karen Boatright 2006 Mrs. Ben Lee Chote* 1960-61 Mrs. Connie Hudson 2007 Mrs. Noble Prentice* 1962-63 Mrs. Brett Dula 2008 Mrs. Clint C. Small, Jr.* 1964-65 Mrs. WC Enmon 2009 Mrs. Arthur Fehr* 1966-67 Ms. Paula Chaney 2010 Mrs. Sim Gideon* 1968-69 Mrs. Nancy Wade 2011 Mrs. John Davol* 1970-71 Ms. Dell Gully 2012 Mrs. Huffman Baines* 1971-72 Ms. Mac Cromwell 2013 Mrs. Harry Akin* 1973-74 Mrs. Sherry Morgan 2014 Mrs. Llewellyn Griffith, Jr.* 1975 Mrs. Betsy Giles 2015 Mrs. Kerry G. Merritt 1976 Mrs. Julia Rathgeber Incoming * Indicates members who are deceased.

About The Settlement Home Since its founding in 1916, The Settlement Home for Children has been a beacon of light for children, both in the Austin community and throughout the state of Texas. Led by the members of The Settlement Club, The Home continues to evolve, rising to the needs of the community. Where once the need was for a day nursery for children of working mothers in World War I, The Home now provides customized therapeutic care for individuals with histories of severe trauma, abuse and neglect. Where once our focus was helping our children get through high school, we now offer assistance with their post-secondary plans through our Transitional Living Program and Hope for Tomorrow Scholarship Program. Where once we had only the ability to send our children to public school, we now provide an on-campus charter school, customizing each child’s educational plan to suit their needs and strengths. Where once our fundraisers included follies and horse shows, we have found our success in the largest Charity Garage & Estate Sale in Texas. Where once we had to take a mortgage to purchase new property on which to grow, we are now debt-free, maintaining a 10-acre property which is home to 14 buildings, and we now have an endowment fund. Our impact is ongoing thanks to the long-term vision and financial foresight of The Settlement Club.

About The Settlement Club The Settlement Club is a group of women who devote themselves to the governance of The Settlement Home for Children. They act as surrogate parents and advocates for our children in school; they roll up their sleeves year-round to collect donations to sell at their largest singular fundraiser, a garage sale of epic proportions; and they are visionaries in service. This humble group is a vital force that hosts holiday celebrations for the children at The Home and they open their own homes for other events. The members of The Settlement Club have an enviable camaraderie; they work tirelessly alongside each other for a common cause, to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of each child in our care. When the women of The Settlement Club wanted to purchase our current 10-acre tract in northwest Austin in the 1960s, they asked their husbands for advice. Much to their disappointment, the husbands advised against purchasing the property. The next day, The Settlement Club purchased the property anyway, and never looked back. This story highlights the tenacity that embodies the spirit of the members of The Settlement Club.

Our Impact in 2015

In one year, we served

Meaningful Results in 2015

145 children and their families.

Our Children and Young Adults 82.8% FEMALE





African American

Hispanic/ Latino







LE S MI 9.7

safe nights spent at The Home


100 %







Extracurricular activities offered

37,170 618,744


instructional educational hours

meals served


Individual Therapy Hours

8,043 Group Therapy Hours

hours of direct care

= 10,986 Total Therapy Hours


Home is Where the Heart Is




17.2% MALE






Volunteers from outside groups

Active cottage moms and mentors

40,000+ HOURS Donated by volunteers for Annual Charity Garage & Estate Sale



Ways to Help


Give-Your financial support will help us provide resources for the children and young adults in our care.




Donate-New or gently used items for sale in our annual Charity Garage & Estate Sale. You can also donate items from our online wish list.

mentor $$ give shop

92.66% Programs & Services

3.93% Management & General


donate merchandise


Funding Sources 66.51% Government Contracts 27.2% Fundraising 6.29% Grants

$67,666 AWARDED IN SCHOLARSHIPS Since 2011 through HOPE FOR TOMORROW TO 25 SETTLEMENT HOME ALUMNI pursuing higher education


Mentor-Studies show that children with mentors are more likely to succeed in life. Share your skills-Everyone has their own unique strengths. We love it when you share those with us: whether through in-kind services or teaching our residents something new. Volunteer-We’re always looking for individuals and groups to help with various projects around The Home.

Shop-Shop online and designate The Settlement Home as the share your skills benefactor of your Give As You Get or Amazon Smile purchases. You can also shop every November at our Annual Charity Garage & Estate Sale.

Austin is filled with community-minded people of all ages. Since The Settlement Home for Children benefits from the generosity of volunteers throughout the year, we have made it a priority to recognize outstanding youth who make a difference in their communities through philanthropy. The Community Youth Council (CYC) has been in existence for 12 years. Members of the CYC are outstanding high school juniors who are committed to helping children their own age. The CYC allows its members to become engaged in their community; network with other area youth with similar interests; and to volunteer at The Settlement Home with their peers. Each year, members of the Community Youth Council are recognized at the Shining Star Gala event. Do you know an outstanding youth volunteer? Nominate them for the Community Youth Council by emailing development@ 5 Qualities of A Community Youth Council Member Honesty Commitment to Volunteerism Positive Attitude Enthusiasm Character Accountability

* * * * * *

The Annual Charity Garage & Estate Sale Annual Charity Garage & Estate Sale is the largest * Thecharity sale in Texas The event into 21 departments, which are * organizedis divided and set up like a department store The event fills Palmer Events Center * More than 25,000 shoppers find unique treasures * annually * The event is coordinated and implemented by The Settlement Club The Settlement Club collects donations year-round to * prepare for The Sale * 2016 marks the 41 Annual Sale st

The Settlement Home is proud of a unique program that takes place at The Sale. Through the Giving for Living program, The Settlement Home provides $25 vouchers to other nonprofits and area school districts, who give them out to their clients. On this day, the discount is 50%, allowing each voucher recipient to fulfill more of their basic needs. The Settlement Home also adopts Lanier High School by providing a voucher for each student. In 2015, 865 vouchers were redeemed, totaling $43,250 in merchandise for those who needed it most. These individuals and families were able to pick out essential items, such as baby clothing, kitchen supplies and shoes.



Shining Star Gala




Letters from the Heart

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Our History 1. We started as a daycare in World War I. Now, The Settlement Home has a multi-disciplinary treatment team of credentialed therapists, experienced staff, academic tutors, devoted volunteers, and reputable consultants in psychiatry and psychology. Our goal in working with those we serve is to help them trust themselves and others, gain a sense of purpose and direction for their lives, and ultimately end the cycle of child abuse.

We know the work we are doing is important every day and we strive for excellence. When a child or young adult leaves our care, we ask for feedback. Here is what we’ve heard:

2. The Settlement Club started The Junior League of Austin. In the 1920’s, the members of The Settlement Club petitioned the National Junior Leagues to found The Junior League of Austin, which officially started in 1934. In collaboration with The Junior League of Austin, The Settlement Home hired its first social worker that same year. The founding members were dedicated to the altruistic work of helping others in need, which has guided The Settlement Club over the decades.

“My therapist and staff were always there for me.”

3. We’ve had an adoption program for 10 years. Our adoption program started in 2006 and we celebrated our 78th consummated adoption in June 2015, providing “forever families” to our children. 4. Our members helped start the local United Way. During World War I, members of The Club gave of their energy not only to The Home but also to the performance of auxiliary war work, as club projects. It was at this time the Welfare Council, later known as the Community Chest, was organized. In the 1960’s, Austin’s Community Chest became known as United Way. 5. We sit on 10 acres in the middle of Austin. In the 1960s, The Junior League of Austin and the Hogg Foundation provided funds for The Settlement Home to hire its first full-time Executive Director. As we celebrated our 50th anniversary, the membership purchased 10.13 acres on Payton Gin Road to establish our current campus.

“This will always be home.” – former resident of Colony Creek group home –former resident of Scarbrough Cottage

“I learned that I am a strong, confident person and that I can do anything I put my mind to.” –former resident of Nelson and Casa Sara

“I learned that I don’t have to do everything by myself and that it’s ok to cry.” –current transitional

living resident and former group home resident of Colony Creek

“My therapist helped me realize that everything is not my fault.” – former resident of Nelson and Casa Sara

“It’s nice to see residents given the opportunity to successfully transition while at The Settlement Home. Plus, staff show they care about the residents and are willing to treat residents as individuals and not just clump them as a group to be monitored. I hope to work with The Settlement Home in the future.”

–former group home resident’s caseworker

Board of Directors

The Gift that Continues to Give You have the opportunity to help children who have endured severe emotional trauma, abuse, and neglect in a way that is permanent beyond your own life. Without planning for these children, their futures are uncertain. By remembering The Settlement Home in your estate plans, you become a member of The Mildred Gregg Wendlandt Legacy Society and are planting the seeds of the future. Help us reach 100 members before The Club’s 100th anniversary on December 28, 2016! Join us in securing the future of those that need it most for generations to come. To learn more about charitable estate planning, email Mildred Gregg Wendlandt (1913-2001), a 1935 graduate of the Seton School of Nursing, skilled bookkeeper and philanthropist, joined The Settlement Club in 1969 and remained an active member until her death in 2001. Even though Mildred and her husband Ted had no children, she showed her eternal love for The Home through a $500,000 gift from her estate. In 2004, The Mildred Gregg Wendlandt Legacy Society was established in recognition of her generous spirit and commitment to children. We hope you will consider joining this prestigious group and supporting our children for the future.



Betsy Giles, President Julia Rathgeber, President-Elect Sherry Morgan, Immediate Past President Jean Hanson, Recording Secretary Susan Campbell, Treasurer Bunny Neible, Treasurer- Elect Eleanor Chote, Member-at Large

Russell Bridges Lutie Butler Amber Carden Ed Clements Martha Coons Malcolm Cooper David Courreges Lynda Frost Robert Godwin Ashley Goudeau Charles Granger Nancy Nash Harper Bill Hudspeth Hank Korman Russell Korman Rep. Elliott Naishtat Lance Avery Morgan MariBen Ramsey Alan Reiman Gissela SantaCruz Barbara Shorts Kendall Slagle Staci Sprayberry Paul Tobias Kathie Tovo John Velasquez

Sue Anthony Paula Chaney Brenda Jones Cheryl Kuharski KaLyn Laney Ann Morales Catherine Parks Cheryl Penn Monique Riley Leslie Timmerman Diney Pennington Tucker LIssa Whitehurst Darcie DeShazo, Executive Director Marilyn Willson, Development Director Linda Addicks Kokemor Bobbie Mae Matthews, Directors Emeritae

Thank You to Our 100th Anniversary Sponsors

We’re Social-Connect with us! Web: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @settlementhome Instagram: SettlementHome Pinterest: @settlementhome YouTube: TheSettlementHome Phone: 512-836-2150 Address: 1600 Payton Gin Road Austin, TX 78758 E-mail: We’re celebrating our 100th all year long and we want you to join us! Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for the details!

The Moody Foundation Capitol Chevrolet – Frost Bank Katherine Nelson – The Rathgeber Family Mac & William Cromwell Direct Propane Services, Owners Ricky & Diane Turner Elephant Productions University of Texas Orange Jackets Ellen & Steven Miura Altria Group, Inc. – Cynthia Brown & Robert C. Bass, Jr. Marian More & Helen Bostick – Paula Chaney Betsy & John Giles – Jane & Don Hammond Betty Jo Harris – Katherine & Monte James Nancy Merritt – Mrs. Julie Whitworth Moore Linda & Edgar Perry – Kathy & Kent Rider Russell Korman Fine Jewelry & Watches Margaret & Don Walker – Martha & Jim Wallace Jenell Askew – Gayle & Jim Browne – Susan Campbell Patty Curtis – Jill & Steve Davol – Terri & Brett Dula Sharon Eisenberg – Bettie & Doyle High – Brenda & Jonny Jones Chyrisse & Keith Miller – Henry Meadows Sherry & Boyd Morgan – Mary & Jack Ritter – Nancy & Louis Wade Dinah Barksdale – Becky Beaver – Jo Lynne Burgh – Dr. and Mrs. E.J. Eichler Caryn & Mark Gulas – Gayle & Fred Hansen – Linda Jacoby Patricia Kennedy – Rita & Matthew Kreisle – Ann McIver – Nancy & Dick Naylor Barbara & Bob Norwood – Catherine Parks – Susie & Katherine Piaget Mary Jane & Dennis Randolph – Monique Riley Leslie Timmerman – Catherine Wenske

*This list indicative of sponsors as of 2/24/16

Profile for The Settlement Home for Children

Our Impact  

After 100 years, we know we are making an impact in the lives of the children and young adults that we serve. In honor of our 100th annivers...

Our Impact  

After 100 years, we know we are making an impact in the lives of the children and young adults that we serve. In honor of our 100th annivers...