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20 MAY 2013

Settle College Principal’s Newsletter Public exams, Head Boy and Head Girl, Head of Sixth Form, Diary dates Sixth Form enrolment, Arts Evening College Uniform Uniform Exam Updates, On-line safety and Parent Partnership Revision Guide School Term Dates and Calendar Rising Stars—Bretten Lord and John Newman Malham Safari The Yorkshire Dales Society The French Exchange Trip

Start date after half term Please note that we return to college on:

Monday 3rd June 2013

Staff Changes Staff leaving: Mr J Lord

Student of the Month The winners for April were: Y7— Paddy Capstick Y8—Howard Hill Y9—Mya Priestley Y10—Alice Jones Y11—Sam Laycock 6th Form—Alice Michelmore-Brown Technologists– Lucy Watson December 2012— Technologist of the Month—Amy Coates


Public Exams Best wishes to all students taking public exams. You have put in a lot of hard work and we know you will come out with good results. Head Boy and Head Girl The new Head Boy and Head Girl Team have been appointed following a rigorous procedure of letter of application, interview with the Principal and Governors, talk in assembly and an election. Twelve students applied and six were shortlisted for the final election. The standard of application was very high and we look forward to working with the new team: Head Girl—Amber Duxbury Head Boy—George McKay Deputy Head Girl—Emma Gilbert Deputy Head Girl—Lauren Heppenstall Deputy Head Boy—Joe Clarke Deputy Head Boy—Alex Tarbox Head of Sixth Form Mr Whitaker will be taking on the role of Head of Sixth Form from September as Mr Pinchin moves to a new post in the East Riding. GCSE and A-Level results - a few diary dates.  AS and A2 results—Thursday 15th August—10.00am onwards—Sixth Form Centre  GCSE Results—Thursday 22nd August—10.00am—Upper School Hall Students (and anxious parents!) can collect their results in person or they can be posted out if a self-addressed envelope is left with Mrs Fawcett prior to the end of term. Unfortunately, for security reasons, results can not be given over the telephone or to anyone other than the student or parent. On the results days, staff will be on hand to support students with decisions about their next steps - university places, post-16 or college courses. We hope to be celebrating good news with many of you in August! Full details of times and arrangements for collection of results will be sent out before the end of term.

Telephone: 01729 822451 | Fax: 01729 823830 | E-mail: | Website:

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Sixth Form Enrolment

Arts Evening

Sixth Form Enrolment Enrolment for all new Year 12’s—Friday 23rd August 10.00am, Sixth Form Centre. It is important that students attend to enrol in person if at all possible. If you are unable to attend please discuss this with Mr Pinchin, Mr Whittaker or Mr Murphy.

Arts Evening Settle College will be holding an Art's Evening on Wednesday 12th June. This will be an opportunity for parents to see some of the work students have done over the past year in Art, Drama, Dance, Music and Technology. The evening will start at 6.30pm and will include performances from Dance and Music students in the school hall at 7pm. Entry to look around the school displays is free; there will be a charge of £2, payable on the door, for the dance and music performance. We hope you can join us for what should be a very enjoyable evening.

Settle College Uniform The College has changed supplier in response to rising costs and to give greater freedom to buy skirts and trousers from other suppliers. However, we are determined that uniform standards must be kept high and would ask for your continued support in this matter. In order to give parents the opportunity to purchase all uniform items in one outlet Settle College have teamed up with two specialist retailers. From Monday, 20th May 2013 Settle College uniform will be available from: MC Sports Pigtails

15-17 Sackville Street, Skipton, BD23 2PB, Tel: 01756 91688 35A Main Street, Bentham, LA2 7HQ, Tel: 015242 62417

In July of each year there will be an evening in College for the parents of all Year 7 students to make orders in person. Both MC Sports and Pigtails will be fitting uniform during the evening. Further details will be forwarded to parents as part of the admissions process. From September 2013 onwards Boys trousers and Girls skirts will no longer have to carry the College Logo. Throughout June and July 2013 the College will publish a list of uniform items at special prices on the College Website. If you wish to purchase any of these please contact Alison Rushton at a.rushton@settlecollege.n . Students are expected to wear only items of school uniform that are published in the official lists. In addition, it is expected that students will take pride in their uniform and personal appearance. Parents are requested to lend their full support by sending their children to College in the appropriate uniform at all times. See Page 3 for full uniform specification Mrs Hecker-Woodhead School Business Manager


Settle College Uniform (continued) Items marked * are only available from MC Sports and Pigtails. All uniform items must be named clearly. The only permitted jewellery is a single pair of gold or silver studs in the ear lobes. A wristwatch may be worn. Hair should not be dyed and if long, should be tied back. Makeup including nail varnish and extensions should not be worn. Trousers should be tailored, not skin tight and of a conventional style for college. Shoes should be black plain leather

BOYS Uniform    

  

Jacket with College Logo (black)* (new style compulsory for Y7 only) College Tie with House Stripe* Trousers (black) V-neck pullover with College Logo (black) (optional and to be worn in addition to the jacket and NOT instead of) Formal, stiff collared white shirt (short or long sleeved) Socks (black) Shoes (black) (formal, leather and single colour)(trainers, suede, board style or canvas shoes are not acceptable) Belt (black)(optional)

GIRLS Uniform  

  

Jacket with College Logo (black)* (new style compulsory for Y7 only) College Tie with House Stripe* Skirt or trousers (black) must be tailored – no leggings or skin-tight trousers) V-Neck Pullover with college Logo (black)* (optional and to be worn in addition to the jacket and NOT instead of) Formal, stiff collared white shirt (short or long sleeved) Socks (black) Shoes (black) (formal, leather and single colour)(trainers, suede, board style or canvas shoes are not acceptable) Belt (black)(optional)

BOYS PE kit     

Polo shirt with College Logo (navy)* Rugby Shirt reversible (navy and gold)*(optional) Shorts with College Logo (navy)* Games socks (navy) Hoodie with College Logo (navy and gold)*(optional)

Girls PE kit  

 

Polo shirt with College Logo (navy)* Rugby Shirt reversible (navy and gold)* (optional) Skirt with College Logo (navy)* OR Skort with College Logo (navy and gold Games socks (navy) Hoodie with College Logo (navy and gold)* (optional)


Exams Summer GCE and GCSE examinations began on Monday 13th May and finish on Tuesday 25th June. In order for all students to be prepared please make sure that all the necessary equipment is provided well in advance. Students will need a selection of pens, pencils, a ruler, rubber and a clear pencil case (if they intend to use a pencil case). Other equipment such as calculators will be needed as and when instructed by their class teacher. The following revision guide may help students with their study. Many departments at Settle College have lots of revision help on the school’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This can be found under links on the College website. Mr Renshaw Vice Principal

On line Safety

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are now a way of life for many adults and young people. Indeed, it has been widely reported that if Facebook were a country, it would be larger in population than China and India combined. With such a large community comes an enormous risk to personal safety and there are a number of things that we should all do to ensure we are safe online.  Privacy settings on Facebook should be set to "Friends" only to protect personal data.  Students should never make friends with someone online who they do not know in real life.  Parents are strongly advised to be "Friends" with their children so that they can monitor their activity. Posting of images online should be treated with caution - remember, once an image is online, it is potentially accessible to any internet user worldwide. Students are also reminded that the posting of any malicious comment online is now a criminal offence. There have been examples of school-age children being in trouble with the police for posting or responding to a "status". The rule of thumb should be that if you wouldn't say it out loud, don't say it on the web. Please encourage your children to enjoy the internet safely and to report anything inappropriate to you or another adult. We plan to hold a parents' online safety information evening in the coming weeks which we hope many of you will be able to attend.

Parent Partnership Group

This is a small and informal group who meet around once a half term to discuss any issues that might arise that concern parents and families associated with Settle College. Recently, we discussed the changes to the use of our Lower School Site, the implications of rules on taking holidays in term time, the College uniform, organisation of Parents’ Evenings and online safety. It is an opportunity to get your views across in an informal way and also to meet other parents. There is no commitment required—apart from your time to attend a meeting. We promise we are not going to rope you into selling raffle tickets or fund raising! If you would like to get involved, the next meeting is to be held on 11th July from 6pm. Please feel free to come along. If you’d like more information, please email Mrs Shutes at the College: Mr Renshaw Vice Principal

Mr Renshaw Vice Principal


Place this list in a visible place e.g.




Try not to

plan a revision timetable so that the bulk of your revision is completed before the exams start; get an overview of each course, and then select areas for more detailed revision; decide how much work you personally need to do;

leave it all to the last minute; revise each course in detail;


find out the best time of day for you and plan to do most work then;

compare the amount of work you are doing with that of your friends; push yourself to revise at a biological ‘low’ time;


take a ten minute break after every fifty minutes;

work for more than an hour without a break;


include a couple of free evenings each week in your timetable;

work every evening;


take a day completely away from revision from time to time and go outside, away from the working atmosphere; fix times to discuss revision topics with your friends;

work all day, every day;

work at an uncluttered desk, without too many distractions in the way of papers or posters; tidy up after each revision session and put books away;

work surrounded with distractions and unread papers and books; leave books and notes open as a distraction;


eat sensibly and regularly;

live on snack meals, chocolate, biscuits etc.;


establish a regular sleeping pattern;

miss out on sleep;


get help with problems before they get too big - if friends or family can’t help, then see your tutor

suffer in silence and let worry stop you working.




do all your work on your own;


School Term & Holiday Dates: 2012/2013 Return to College on Monday 3rd June 2013 Term Ends Friday 19th July at 12.25pm

Autumn Term 2013 (Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd September are training days for staff) Term starts Wednesday 4th September Half Term Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November Term Ends Friday 20th December

Spring Term 2014 (Monday 6th January is a training day for staff) Term starts Tuesday 7th January Half Term Monday 17th February to Friday 21st February Term Ends Friday 4th April

Summer Term 2014 Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd July are training days for staff Term starts Tuesday 22nd April

School Calendar

JUNE 3 College re-opens 10 Year 12 return to Year 13 lessons 11-18 Settle College French Exchange to Herbignac, Brittany 12 Arts Evening (6.30pm) – Upper School Hall 17 Year 12 Higher Education Evening 20 WW1 Battlefields Parents’ Information Evening— Thursday 20th June at 6pm 24-28 Year 7 East Barnby Residential JULY 1 5

Junior Prize Giving (7.00pm) – Upper School Hall Y11 Study Leave commences 7pm Y11 Prom at The Rendezvous, Skipton 7-10 WW1 Battlefields Trip 10 Transfer Evening (6.30pm) – Upper School Hall 11 Year 7 Transfer Day Parent Partnership (6-7pm) 15-19 Year 10 Work Experience 16 Sports Day 19 End of Term – early finish @ 12.25pm AUGUST 15 GCE AS/A2 Results Day (10:00am Sixth form Centre) 22 GCSE Results Day (10:00 am Upper School Hall) 23 Sixth Form Enrolment Day – (Sixth Form Centre) SEPTEMBER 4 Start of term

Bank Holiday Monday 5th May Half Term Monday 26th to Friday 30th May Term Ends Friday 18th July


Rising Stars—Bretten Lord Bretten Lord shown in the College library proudly showing his award for Best Actor which had been presented to him at the Film Festival, Houston. The film ‘Lad, A Yorkshire Story’ starring our student Bretten Lord has been winning many awards as it circulates on the International film circuit including The Anchorage Film Festival, Texas WorldFest (Best Actor, Bretten Lord), and the Hollywood Family Film Festival (Best Actor, Bretten Lord). Bretten travelled to Houston, Texas to collect his award and said that he loved every minute of it! The film won four awards at this festival:    

Judges Special Remi for the film, Best Cinematographer, Best Overall Actor, Best Supporting Actor.

School Governor, Jean Lonsdale was honoured to collect the prize on behalf of Bretton at the Hollywood Family Film Festival. Jean said’ I was extremely honoured to accept the award on Bretten’s behalf and it was an experience I’ll never forget!’

Rising Stars—John Newman John Newman is a former student of Settle College. When John left college what he really wanted to be was a mechanic, but halfway through his first term he realised he was spending more time asleep in the back recovering from gigs than he was learning about carburettors. He moved to Leeds to study at the College of Music and at the age of 20 moved to London where he signed with Island Records. John has had success performing with ‘Rudimental’ as the featured singer on ‘Feel the Love’ which went all the way to number one in the UK Singles Chart. The follow up single ‘Not Giving In’ also featured John and achieved no 14 in the charts. John will be releasing his own debut single ‘Love me again’ on July 1st 2013. It has already been named as BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record of the week by DJ Zane Lowe. PAGE 7

Malham Safari Come and see what some of our Y7, Y8 & Y12 students have made for the: Malham Safari Trail "Pirates, Priests & Highwaymen" 25th May - 30th May 2013 A great day out for the whole family. The Malham Safari Animals will be Pirates, Priests and Highwaymen all around Malham and you are invited to come and join in the fun. Starts 10am each day.

See how many Pieces of Eight you can find and look out for more Pirate, Priest & Highwaymen themed exhibits. Also there will be: Morris Dancing, Coconut Shy, Stream Dipping with the National Trust, Archery & Rifle Range, and Safari CafĂŠ. Duck Races- 3pm every day. Well done to our students: Jordon shortread Sara Reid Phoebe Scott Gemma Darwin Meghan Glover Rosie Mellin Jodie Lodge Holly Rouse Zara Coulterd Isabelle Marklew Jess Ditchfield Imogen McCabe Grace Baxter Rachel Fulford Joe Lister Olivia Schofield Charlotte Lambert PAGE 8

The Yorkshire Dales Society The Yorkshire Dales Society is a charity which campaigns against threats to the communities and special landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales. On Tuesday the 19th of May 2013 the members of the society kindly invited our Pastoral Officer Gill Walker to speak about the challenges facing school leavers. She asked for volunteers from Y11 to attend with her and for them to tell those present about their fears. It was a very good opportunity to experience public speaking! We suggested how local businesses could offer support to school leavers. The following are just some of our ideas:    

Mentoring of students who wish to enter a profession. This could include offering an opportunity to volunteer at weekends and during school holidays. Speaking to students in school about their profession and what it takes to achieve in that field of work. Offering part-time/holiday jobs direct to school so local students get to hear first about any employment opportunities. Speaking to students directly about apprenticeship opportunities.

We are both aiming to continue with our education in the hope of attending university but in the current economic climate are fearful of what our future job prospects might be and this was a great opportunity to air our fears. We feel that college is central to our learning and it could also be a great point of contact for students with the local business community. Mrs Walker has acquired a noticeboard positioned outside the Y11 office which lists current apprenticeship vacancies from Lancaster & Morecambe and Craven College. Mrs Walker will also use this board to advertise local opportunities for our college students. We would like to thank Mrs Walker for giving us this great opportunity. Ellie Foster and Kate Beresford

The French Exchange Trip The French Exchange is a partnership between 2 schools; Settle College and le College Saint Joseph which is in Herbignac, Brittany. The exchange has been running for years. On the 14th of April, the French students arrived and we took them home to let them rest as they had a very exhausting day. On Monday they went to the 'White Scar Caves' which was then followed by dinner at Inglenooks Fish & Chip shop in Ingleton. At 4pm all the students who were involved in the exchange (both French and English) went to Skipton for a game of bowling which was really fun especially when one of the English students dropped their phone and house keys down the bowling alley! On Tuesday they had a few lessons with us at school which involved History, English and Science. That was then followed by a school dinner. Then the French students left us to go and do a quiz around Settle. On Wednesday the students went for a toured boat trip on Lake Windermere, the weather wasn't brilliant but they still enjoyed it. On Thursday the French spent the whole day at York, you could tell they had a good day as they all came home really tired. Some students then had a sports event which unfortunately had to be inside due to the weather. On Friday there was a trip to the Bradford Media Museum and they loved it! At 7pm a disco was held for the whole of Y7 and Y8 although the Y9's that were involved in the exchange were invited, it was amazing! On Saturday we all went to Lightwater Valley, we loved it, most of us went on the rides six times in a row which made us feel dizzy. Sunday was the worst day as we had to say goodbye to our French partners although we knew we'd see them again in June, I can't wait! We've all made friends for life. I'd like to say a big thanks to Mme Donworth and Mme Bataller for organizing this! By Chloe Allan , student PAGE 9

Principal's Newsletter May 2013  


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