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21 JULY 2013

Settle College Principal’s Newsletter Farewell continued, Mr L Edwards, Student of the month Summer Singing and Piano exam results P2 School Term & Holiday Dates and School Calendar P3 Miss Helen Hook, Arkwright Scholarships P4 Our First Year at Settle College P5 Sixth Form Enrolment and Careers P6 College Uniform P7 Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust P8 Dry Stone Walling P9 Performing Arts News P10 Gallery on The Green P11 French Exchange Trip to Herbignac P12 Activities for Young People in the North Craven Area P13 Battlefields Trip P14 North East Greenpower Regional Heat P15 PE and Sports P16-18

Please note that we return to college on: Year 7 and Year 12 on Wednesday 4th September 2013 Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13 on Thursday 5th

Staff Changes Staff leaving: Mr W Bancroft Mr J Pinchin Mr L Edwards Mr C Scott Mr D Wilson Mrs L Davidson Miss P Smith New Staff: Ms M Costello New Roles from September: Mr G Whitaker, Head of Sixth Form Miss K Coulton—GTA Miss E Holdsworth—GTA Mrs C Corden—GTA

Breaking news … Dianna Princess of Wales Award We are delighted to announce that Rachel Coote, our Olympic Torch Bearer from London 2012, has been given the Dianna Princess of Wales, Courageous Citizen Award for her courageous approach to life which has made a direct impact on the lives of others. Well done Rachel.

Farewell from the Principal As I settle down to write my final piece for the newsletter I am torn by two emotions, satisfaction and sadness. The first emotion is of satisfaction, a very real sense of a job well done. When I came to Settle College in 2006 the governors were quite clear that there were three main aspects to the post of Principal. The first was to secure much better outcomes for our students; the second to radically improve the College’s relationships with its community of schools and the wider community; the third to improve resources and buildings. The last seven years have been a real rollercoaster as we have moved from Ofsted judgements of barely satisfactory in 2007 to good with many outstanding features in 2010. The College will almost certainly be inspected in the summer of 2014, the latest OfSTED framework is even tougher than ever but I know the College will be judged at least good and believe that there is a strong chance of outstanding. The North Craven Review was obviously a very difficult time for the whole community but the outcomes for young people in the primary schools and at Settle College have been extremely positive. The arrival of Years 7 and 8 has generated a vibrancy and enthusiasm which has lifted the whole school. The new facilities and refurbishment have given staff and students some inspiring spaces in which to learn and teach and every visitor who comes round is impressed by areas such as the library and the new laboratories. The curriculum has changed to better meet students’ needs and results have risen to be amongst the best in the country thanks to some exceptional work from our talented and dedicated staff. The thing I remain most proud of, and always will, is that Settle College is a fantastic place to work, the warmth of the students, the loyalty and team work of the staff and governors all make this an exceptional community. Time and again our students win awards in sports, music, drama and many other fields. Repeatedly in local and national competitions alike they also receive awards for being the friendliest, most supportive teams. In the same way many of our outstanding judgements in 2010 were to do with the way in which we work together as a community. Continued…….

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Farewell from the Principal continued….

So my second emotion is one of sadness to be moving on and leaving all this behind. Over the last few weeks so many fantastic things have made me question whether I really want to move or not. There were very few jobs that could have attracted me away from Settle, but it just so happens that one turned up right on my doorstep that I could not ignore. Despite the (minimal and very prematurely) grey hair I am a long way off retirement and my new post offers fresh opportunities and challenges for me in the next phase of my career. However I will miss Settle College a great deal and hope to be able to come back and see how things are moving on. In the world of education nothing stands still and the College will continue to face challenges and to evolve in the future. Here my slight sadness at going turns to excitement because I know that I could have no better successor than Michele Costello. Her vision, enthusiasm and absolute commitment is exactly what the College needs and I know that students, governors, staff and parents are delighted by her appointment. My thanks to all students, parents and friends for the sterling support you have given to me and the College over the last seven years. Thanks also to the very many of you who have sent me good wishes which I return with very best wishes for the future to all associated with the very special place that is Settle College.

Retirement—Mr L Edwards Mr Edwards joined Settle College from Granbey School in Harrogate in 1997. Since then he has held a number of roles from Head of Chemistry to Assistant Principal. He has made a tremendous contribution to the College and will be much missed. We wish him all the best in retirement. Mr W Bancroft

Student of the Month May winners: Year 7– Francesca Redford Year 8—Imogen Daley Year 9—James Fielden Year 10—Amy Marshall Year 11—Katie Long 6th Form—Ben Dakin Technologist—Ryan Booth June winners: Year 7—India Healing Year 8—Howard Hill Year 9—Joanna Wilson Year 10—Michal Kleban Year 11—Ed Dobson 6th Form—Kerry Holgate Technologist—Euan Lambert

July winners: Year 7 –Phoebe Scott Year 8—Nathan Jeffs Year 9—Joe Marshall Year 10—Katie Handford 6th Form—Robert Newhouse Technologist—Rebecca Eyles

Singing and Piano Exam results Congratulations to the following students who all passed their recent exams with excellent results: Leonie Harry—Merit (singing) Katharine Tarbox—Distinction (singing) Rosie Laycock—Pass (singing) Sophie Armitage—Merit (singing) Olivia Schofield—Merit (singing) Jessica Ashurst—Merit (singing) Ed Garland —Merit (singing) Lucy Sharples—Distinction (singing) Claire Squires—Merit (singing) Isabel Whittle—Distinction (singing) Emma Kayley—Merit (piano) Mrs K Moore


School Term & Holiday Dates: 2013/2014 Autumn Term 2013 (Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd September are training days for staff) Term starts Y7 and Y12 return 4th September Y8—Y11 and Y13 return 5th September Half Term Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November

School Calendar SEPTEMBER


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Staff Training: College closed to students Staff Training: College closed to students Term Begins Years 7 and 12 (8:40 am) Term Begins Years 8 -11 and 13 (8:40 am) Y12 ALIS tests Greenpower North West heat Sixth Form information evening 6.30pm in the Upper School Hall 13 Y13 UCAS Personal Statement deadline 24 Y9 and Y10 curriculum Information Evening 6.30pm Upper School Hall 26 Open Day early closure 2.20pm Open Evening 6.30pm OCTOBER

Term Ends Friday 20th December

Spring Term 2014 (Monday 6th January is a training day for staff) Term starts Tuesday 7th January Half Term Monday 17th February to Friday 21st February Term Ends Friday 4th April

Summer Term 2014 Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd July are training days for staff Term starts Tuesday 22nd April Bank Holiday Monday 5th May Half Term Monday 26th to Friday 30th May Term Ends Friday 18th July

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Geography GCSE Fieldwork Year 7 Meet the Tutors (6.30pm) – Lower School Hall 13 Greenpower National finals 15 PTA meeting 6.30pm Conference Room 16 Y12 COPE trip Dutch School visit to Settle College 21-25 Sixth Form Charity Week 23 Year 7/8 Disco 4-6pm Lower School Hall 28-1 Nov Half Term NOVEMBER 4 6 7 11 12 13 19 27

College re-opens (8:40 am) Year 11 Parents’ Evening (4.30-6.30pm) – Upper School Hall Geography AS rivers fieldwork Wharfedale Y7 Enrichment Day – Geography and RE Y8 Enrichment Day – History and Art Y12/13 Wardle Storeys visit (DT) Year 12 COPE trip Sixth Form Open Evening 6.30pm Sixth Form Centre Y12/13 Parents Evening 4.30-6.30pm Y12 COPE trip

DECEMBER 2-6 Year 9, 10, 11, 12 Mock Exams 10 Year 7/8 Carol Concert 1.30pm St Alkelda’s Church 11 Y12 COPE trip Y9 Geography trip Y13 Geography trip 19 Senior Prizegiving 7pm in St Alkelda’s Church 20 End of Autumn Term – early finish 12.15pm 23 Dec to 3 Jan CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS JANUARY 6 7 8 21

Staff Training: College closed to students Spring Term begins (8:40 am) Y8 Options Evening 6.30pm Upper School Hall Year 8 Parents Evening 4.30-6.30pm Upper School Hall 23 Year 9 and 10 Options Evening 6.30pm Upper School Hall 24 Sixth Form Application Deadline 29 Year 9 Parents’ Evening 4.30-6.30pm Upper School Hall

Geography GCSE Controlled Assessment Fieldwork, Malham 11-13 School Show – Alice in Wonderland 12 GCSE/AS/Btec Art Trip 13 Geography AS fieldwork, Bradford 17-21 Half Term 24 College re-opens (8:40 am) 25 Y7 Parents Evening 4.30-6.30pm Upper School Hall 26 Y12 COPE trip 27 Sixth Form Taster Day MARCH 3-7 11 12 20 26

Y11 Sixth Form interviews Y7 Enrichment Day (STEM) Year 10 Parents’ Evening 4.30-6.30pm – Upper School Hall Sixth Form Charity event Year 12 COPE trip Y12/13 Parents Evening 4.30-6.30pm Y11/12 Oxbridge Conference Haydock Park

APRIL 1 A2 Art exam all day 2 GCSE & Btec Art exam all day 7-18 Easter Holiday 21 College re-opens (8:40 am) 21-25 French Exchange (French visit Settle College, provisional) 24 A2 Art exam all day 25 Post-16 Offers Published Y13 Geography London visit 30 A2 Art exam am only MAY 3 12

GCSE and Btec Art all day Y12/13 Study leave AS exams start 26-30 May Half Term holiday JUNE 2 College re-opens (8.40am) 9 Y12 return to Y13 10-17 Settle College French Exchange to Herbignac, Brittany (provisional) 18 Y11 Higher Education Evening 19 Battlefields Parents Information Evening Sixth Form trip to Trinity College, Oxford (provisional) 26 Y8 Enrichment Day – Geography Sixth Form Prom 27 Y7 Enrichment Day – English 30 Junior Prizegiving 7.00pm Upper School Hall JULY 4 9 10 13-16 18

Y11 Prom Transfer Evening Transfer Day Battlefields trip Term ends



AS/A2 results - 10.00am Upper School Hall GCSE results – 10.00am Upper School Hall Y12/13 Enrolment Day - 10.00am Upper School Hall


Miss Helen Hook

Miss Helen Hook, B.A. Headmistress of Settle Girls High School September 1928—July 1944 We are pleased to be able to announce that we have, on loan from the Folly Museum, Settle, the above oil portrait. It was painted around 1940 by Zabelle C. Boyajian (1873-1957). Zabelle Boyajian was half Armenian but spent most of her working life in London. She was a writer and book illustrator as well as a painter. The painting was given to the Folly Museum by a relation of Miss Hook’s through the good offices of the late Mr Thomas Roberts whose wife, Joan, is an old girl of the school. It would be interesting to find out more about how the painter came to know Miss Hook, if you can shed any light please contact Mrs K Shutes at: The painting can be viewed by appointment with Mrs K Shutes. Please email or call 01729 822451.

Arkwright Scholarships—success for Katie and Oscar The Arkwright Scholarships Trust administers one of the most prestigious scholarship schemes in the UK. Arkwright Engineering Scholarships, are awarded through a rigorous selection process, to high-calibre students in year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland), year 12 (Northern Ireland). These Engineering Scholarships support students through their A Levels / Scottish Highers and encourage students to pursue engineering or related areas of design at university or through a high-quality apprenticeship and to take up careers in the field. The Engineering Scholarships are sponsored by industrial companies, universities, charitable trusts, trade associations, professional engineering institutions, the Armed Services and personal donors. We are very proud to announce that Oscar Clements and Katie Long have been awarded a scholarship and we are all very proud of them both. Mr G Scott PAGE 4

Our First year at Settle College

Following our first year as an 11-19 school we asked three of our Year Seven students to tell us how they felt about Settle College: Jack Chamberlain, Ingleton I like Settle College because it has a range of different lessons and activities. One day I had an athletics trip to York which was an experience I will never forget. My favourite lessons are Maths because I enjoy using Manga High and My Maths on the computers, English because we have a library lesson once a week and Science, which is fun because of the new Science labs and equipment. We do lots of experiments which is the best bit for me! Overall, my first year at Settle College has been a fantastic year. Rosa Bryant, Settle Moving into Year Seven can be daunting but as I experienced it, moving to Settle College was brilliant! Everyone is nervous at first but it soon becomes great fun. If you are moving from a primary school it can feel like a big step from one classroom to moving every lesson but there is nothing to worry about since there are loads people feeling the same. There are lots of friendly faces that are always happy to help, from staff to the older students. All my worries about getting too much homework and forgetting to do it were solved because I learned to write it down in my planner, as a result I am much more organised. The lessons are made fun and interactive so you are always interested in what you are learning. There are lots of fantastic opportunities at Settle College with the new Science Labs, Drama Studio and Library. Another benefit is that there are a range of amazing clubs you can take part in where you can try new and exciting things such as Science Club, STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Knit and Natter Club, Homework Club and PE Clubs like Rugby, Cricket, Netball and Rounders. It may seem scary but there is nothing to worry about, so just enjoy yourself. Mark Sawyer, Bentham When I moved to Settle College I was worried about a lot of things, such as what if I get lost, what if I am late for my lessons and will I fit in? I soon discovered that if you work hard, behave yourself and get involved, you won’t need to worry about anything. On your first day you will get a map of Settle College which will have the Lower and Upper School. At Settle College there is a Lower School where Year Sevens and Eights are based and there is also an Upper School where the Science and Technology rooms are. If you are worried about anything, telling somebody - like a friend or a responsible adult that you can trust - is always the best step to solving the problem and there is always someone to talk to at Settle College. SETTLE COLLEGE OPEN DAY SEPTEMBER 26TH 2013. You are welcome to attend the College Open Evening from 6.00 – 8.00pm. Alternatively, please make an appointment to visit us during the day and see The College in action. PAGE 5

Sixth Form Enrolment

Careers 2013/2014

AS/A2 Results Day (Thursday 15th August) AS and A2 results will be released to students on Thursday 15th August in the Upper School Hall. Year 13 students can collect their results from 10am and Year 12 from 11am. A team of staff will be available at the College to discuss these results and to offer support.

This year has seen a change in government policy in relation to the age at which students leave education. Our 2013 leavers stay in education until they are 17 years old and our 2015 leavers until they are 18 years old.

The majority of our Year 11 students choose to stay on in our Sixth Form while others successfully gain Please note that we will not be able to give out any places on apprenticeship or college courses. results by telephone. If you will be away and wish to receive results by post please leave a stamped ad- To prepare students for making decisions about their dressed envelope (clearly marked AS or A2 results) future we offer independent careers advice and with Mrs Fawcett in the Examinations Office. A third incorporate Careers into our PSHCE lessons. party may collect the results on the student’s behalf but must have a signed letter of authorisation. We invite guest speakers from industry to address our students throughout the year. This year we have Year 12 Enrolment (Friday 23rd August 10am) heard from a conservation company (PBA Ecology), a multi-national engineering firm (Carillion) as well Staff will be available to talk about Sixth Form as delivering workshops on apprenticeships, interoptions on GCSE results day. Students are then asked view skills and hosting visits from the army and fire to select their courses for Year 12 on Enrolment Day service. on Friday 23rd August from 10am in the Upper School Hall. Over the years Settle College has built fantastic relationships with local businesses who offer work The typical Year 12 curriculum will consist of 4 AS/ placements and job/voluntary opportunities. BTEC courses plus PSHCE and Enrichment. Students will need to have achieved the necessary grades for Students have addressed local groups such as the the chosen subject. It is very important that students Yorkshire Dales Society to gain experience in public seek advice on Results Day if they are in doubt about speaking and written published articles on national meeting the requirements of the preferred options. issues. Year 13 Enrolment (Friday 15th August 11am) It is only with the publication of AS results that students have sufficient information on which to base their A2 choices. Students are then asked to select their courses for Year 13 on Enrolment Day on Friday 23rd August from 11am in the Sixth Form Centre. The typical Year 13 curriculum will consist of 3 A2 courses plus PSHCE and Enrichment. Students will need to have achieved the necessary grades to have a full curriculum to continue into Year 13. It is very important that students seek advice on AS Results Day if results could jeopardise their place at the College. Students should be aware that in order to continue onto Year 13 courses they will need to pass the year 12 courses (achieve an E grade or higher at AS or a Pass or higher at BTEC.) Mr J Pinchin and Mr G Whitaker

Our careers site on ‘moodle’ has links to careers web -sites and apprenticeship schemes and is updated regularly with opportunities for our students. The work experience and careers co-ordinator, Mrs G Walker, is always looking for new business links and guest speakers. She can be contacted at Our head of Sixth Form can be contacted at Mrs G Walker


Settle College Uniform Items marked * are only available from MC Sports and Pigtails. All uniform items must be named clearly. The only permitted jewellery is a single pair of gold or silver studs in the ear lobes. A wristwatch may be worn. Hair should not be dyed and if long, should be tied back. Makeup including nail varnish and extensions should not be worn. Trousers should be tailored, not skin tight and of a conventional style for college. Shoes should be black plain leather

BOYS Uniform    

  

Jacket with College Logo (black)* (new style compulsory for Y7 only) College Tie with House Stripe* Trousers (black) V-neck pullover with College Logo (black) (optional and to be worn in addition to the jacket and NOT instead of) Formal, stiff collared white shirt (short or long sleeved) Socks (black) Shoes (black) (formal, leather and single colour)(trainers, suede, board style or canvas shoes are not acceptable) Belt (black)(optional)

GIRLS Uniform  

  

Jacket with College Logo (black)* (new style compulsory for Y7 only) College Tie with House Stripe* Skirt or trousers (black) must be tailored – no leggings or skin-tight trousers) V-Neck Pullover with college Logo (black)* (optional and to be worn in addition to the jacket and NOT instead of) Formal, stiff collared white shirt (short or long sleeved) Socks (black) Shoes (black) (formal, leather and single colour)(trainers, suede, board style or canvas shoes are not acceptable) Belt (black)(optional)

BOYS PE kit     

Polo shirt with College Logo (navy)* Rugby Shirt reversible (navy and gold) Shorts (navy) Games socks (navy) Hoodie with College Logo (navy and gold)*(optional)

Girls PE kit  

 

Polo shirt with College Logo (navy)* Rugby Shirt reversible (navy and gold)* (optional) Skirt with College Logo (navy)* OR Skort with College Logo (navy and gold Games socks (navy) Hoodie with College Logo (navy and gold)* (optional)


Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust Photograph taken by Steve Finch

Article by Dave Tayler

A bespoke handmade bench has been installed along the riverside footpath in Giggleswick in memory of a young army Private from Settle who tragically lost his life in Afghanistan. The bench was designed and built by students from Settle College and is dedicated to former student Private Matthew JS Haseldin who was killed in action in Afghanistan on November 3rd 2011. It marks the second stage of improvements to the footpath and access along the river Ribble in Settle and Giggleswick. As well as making the new bench, technology students at Settle College refurbished an older bench and information panels and produced a new panel based on the North Craven area. Now the riverside is enjoyed by local people and visitors every day, and it is hard to believe that the area was previously only accessible to the most able-bodied of people. William Bancroft, Principal of Settle College, said: “The improvements to the riverside over the last five years have created a tremendous asset for the community. The students here have been very keen to be involved and having made the new bench asked that it should be dedicated to Matthew Haseldin. I am delighted that the College has been able to give something so significant to the community.” A visit to the riverside and memorial bench was organised by Clapham-based charity Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT), the lead partner in the riverside development project. Many of the organisations and individuals involved in making the project possible were also in attendance, including students and staff from Settle College, staff from Giggleswick School, North Yorkshire County Council, Craven District Council, Lafarge Tarmac, Derbyshire Environmental Trust and Yorkshire Dales LEADER, along with local councillors and members of the Settle business community. Dave Tayler, Deputy Director at YDMT, said: “I would like to thank all the funders, partners, Settle College, Giggleswick School, and the contractors involved in the riverside development project for their hard work and the landowners’ support which made the project possible. I hope that the route will continue to provide a safe and attractive environment that is accessible to everyone, including cyclists, people with limited mobility and wheelchair users and families with prams and young children. It has already brought huge social benefits to the local community, and is in almost constant use, representing excellent value for money.” The project was funded by grants from the Yorkshire Dales LEADER programme, Craven District Council, North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Aggregate Grant Scheme and the Lafarge Tarmac Limited Landfill Communities Fund which is managed by the Derbyshire Environmental Trust. PAGE 8

Dry Stone Walling This event was organised by Mrs Hill, in conjunction with Mrs J Rogers of The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust and Mr T Lord. The group of lucky students went to Lower Whinskill, the facilties were ideal for such a trip with an inside area and full toilet and washing facilities. The day began with Mr Lord taking the students for a short walk to show them the structure of walls, explaining how they are built and the terminology and history of dry stone walling. The students were able to enjoy the view over Ribblesdale, Settle, The College and the railway. Mr Lord explained how he farms his land which is now predominantly for environmental purposes. The students explored the hay meadows and talked about the different flowers and insects and how it differed from a standard meadow, the problems involved for instance, with parasitic flora.

The students then made their way to the walling area which is a shelter in the middle of the field, to dismantle the remainder of the wall, take it back to it’s foundations and to begin the process of building a stronger, more complete wall. The students finished their day by running and jumping in the hay field! This final photograph shows how much wall the students managed to rebuild and how proud they were of their achievement. Mrs J Wildman PAGE 9

Performing Arts News Dance, Drama and Music have had an excellent year this year. Following on from our very successful production of “We Will Rock You”, on the 12th June, Dramatists, Musicians and Dancers performed at our annual Arts Evening. This is an evening put on for parents and carers, giving students a chance to showcase some of the work they had been doing in lessons and extra-curricular activities throughout the year.

It has been an exciting year in music. One big change has been moving into our new music room. This has purpose built desks, 16 new pcs with midi keyboard and music specific software, built in multi -track recording facilities and a new practice room.

On the 17th July, the Year 7 students and some Year 6 students will have an afternoon concert from an orchestra that will include around 20 of our peripatetic music teachers. This is to support our study of orchestral music. On the same day we will also be having a woodwind workshop for all years and anyone who plays, or would be interested in taking up, a woodwind instrument next year will be invited to attend. The GCSE music group have been have been performing at various events in school and assemblies most of the year. It has been another outstanding year in BTEC Dance, students have had fantastic success on their new BTEC course. All students have participated in a full range of genres exploring different stimuli and topics from modern fairy tales to musicals. The students embraced the new challenge of the externally marked unit that is new to the course with all students shining to show their full potential. Most students were given the opportunity to showcase their hard work in the Arts Evening. Well done to all the BTEC dance students. The GCSE Drama / Performing Arts students have just finished a very successful series of exam performances and the A’ level students perform this week. Both the GCSE and A’ level courses are very practical and students are assessed on work they have put together in lessons and college performances. We plan next year to perform “Alice in Wonderland” as our school show. The performance will include acting, singing and dancing. We are very lucky that local dance teacher Helen Howard will be involved with us doing some choreography. Helen has worked with us before on Dance Rock. I am very proud of the hard work that students have put into both exam work and extra curricula Performing Arts. I look forward to working with you all again next year. Mrs S Power


Gallery on the Green Year 7 & 8 trip Settle College has been lucky enough to be invited to have an Art Exhibition in the famous Gallery on The Green, Settle, ‘the smallest gallery in the world’ so it is said! We went to have a look! It was a beautiful sunny day. We snaked our way in the beating sun to the Gallery where we saw the lovely current exhibition which was about Yorkshire food. Mrs Sobczak told the students about the history of the Gallery and then we discovered that you can actually get quite a few students in the gallery at once. The students were suitably impressed and are now inspired to get working on their artwork for their exhibition at the Gallery in the New Year entitled ‘In The Eye of the Beholder’.

These are some of the student’s comments : ‘The Gallery on the Green has given me some great ides for creating Art work’, India Healing. ‘The Gallery on the Green has given me inspiration, and it is amazing how much art can be put in a telephone box’, Olivia Schofield.

While we were there Mrs J Sobczak took some video footage and then subsequently made an excellent film of the event. If you would like to see a short trailer for the film it can be viewed via the college website:


French Exchange visit to Herbignac We hosted 26 Y8 students from our partner school, the Collège St Joseph, for a week in April …and at last it was our turn to visit Brittany!! Here is an account of the week as told by Chloe Allan, Victoria Johnson and Holly Rouse.

Tuesday 11th June Everyone arrived at Settle car park at 6am, eager to wave goodbye for the week and meet our French pen pals over in France. As we waved goodbye to our parents at about 6.20am we were very excited and wondering what the trip would be like! The time passed very quickly and before we knew it we were at Manchester airport. We had time to go off to the shops and then we made our way to the desks where we got our luggage tagged and then we went to security where we had our luggage searched; that took ages! We departed Manchester at 10:20am and headed for Nantes Atlantique airport. When we arrived there we had our passports checked and then took the coach which was waiting for us and after spending a couple of hours sightseeing in the nearby city of Nantes, made our way to the Collège St Joseph in Herbignac. We were all extremely excited as we got our luggage and waited to meet our French families; one by one they arrived and then we left our teachers for the night to spend our first evening with our host families. Wednesday 12th June We all met at the Collège St Joseph at about 8:15am ready to start school at 8:30am. We spent a couple of hours with our partners; they had been preparing a powerpoint presentation about their visit to Settle in April in their English lessons which they delivered to us and followed that with various activities aimed at introducing us to the geography and culture of their area. Later we all went to the Parc des Naudières, a theme park which was about an hour away. It was so much fun; there were lots of different rides to go on, from roller coasters to ball pools to pedalos. Thursday 13th June On Thursday we went to la Chapelle des Marais. We were given a demonstration of how the bread is made. Afterwards we were all given a chance to have a go at making baguettes - I found it quite hard! After that we were taken to La Brière which is a massive freshwater marsh, we saw a heron and an otter which are said to be rarely found in the Brière. In the afternoon we went to the oyster and mussel farm. Friday 14th June Today we went to Noirmoutier, an island off the west coast of Brittany. We first went to the aquarium, where there was a show. We watched sea lions perform cool acts like dancing, basketball and jumping through hoops. It was really funny! After that we continued looking through the aquarium there was some really funny looking fish. Later on in the afternoon we walked to the mainland on le Passage du Gois, which is a causeway – a walkway in the middle of the sea, but we had to be quick as the tide was coming in! Saturday 15th June We met in the morning in Guérande. We visited the pretty, medieval walled town and we discovered the great market, with a lot of local products. It was fantastic! We spent the afternoon with our families and in the evening we were all invited to a party at Camille’s house (Victoria’s penfriend). We had an amazing time, the house was huge, with a swimming pool, there was a lot of food and we had a superb disco and a firework display! It was brilliant! Sunday 16th June On Sunday we were with our host families all day; my host family and I just stayed at home because their house was tremendous, and I kept going swimming because it had an awesome pool, but lots of the others went to the beach for the day. At about 6 o’clock all of the students from the French exchange went to Aurelia’s house (Chloe’s partner). At Aurelia’s house we played ballgames, talked, ate nibbles and drank juice, it was really nice! Monday 17th June It was the last full day of the French Exchange, and raining very hard when we all met up at the school. We went to the local supermarket to look around and buy food to take home. Our French partners picked us up and we set off to go to la Côte Sauvage, for a coastal walk but as it was still raining Mme Cuisinier had a plan B and we stopped off at the new shopping centre for an hour where we spent time in the media library and café. We then made our way to the beach and went for a paddle. I thought the Atlantic Ocean would be far too cold to go in the water! We returned to school where we had a reception (attended by the Mayor) for everyone involved in the French Exchange, it was very nice and we had fun. Tuesday 18th June We met at the Collège St Joseph at 9:00am. We went into lessons where we were asked lots of different questions from French students who were not doing the French Exchange. Then it was time to leave and we had to go outside and say bye to our French partner and everyone. Most people were crying and all of the French students were very upset to see us leave. We drove to the airport, boarded the plane and had a 1 hour 30 minute flight to Manchester airport. We met our families at Settle College - we were so glad to see them, but still missed being in France! Chloe Allen, Victoria Johnson and Holly Rouse


Activities for Young people in the North Craven Area The Youth Support Service run youth clubs in, Ingleton, Settle and Hellifield. The clubs are all free and have a weekly programme of activities put together by the young people and staff which will include a mixture of art, cooking, sport and topic based discussions/activities. Each club has its own equipment/resources but generally there will also be access to pool, wii or xbox, tuckshop, and information and guidance from trained youth workers. Youth clubs also offer you the chance to take part in Keyfund, which is a funding pot for small groups of young people to apply to run their own trips/activities and events. The clubs run weekly during term-time with trips and activities during the holidays for members, call into your local club and see what’s on offer, for further information please contact Rachel Rabjohns, Area Youth Worker on 07813 573664. Ingleton – Thursday evenings 7-9pm for 11-19 years at Mealbank Hall, Scout Building. Settle - Monday evenings 6.30-8.30pm for 11-13 years, and Wednesday evenings 7-9pm for 14-19years. The cellar youth club in the Town Hall. Hellifield – Friday evenings 6.15-8.45pm, 11-19 years The Wesley Centre Methodist Church, Haw Grove. With support from Hellifield Youth. Mobile Skate Park – Wednesday 31st July 1-8pm, Thursday 1st August 10-8pm, Friday 2nd August, 10-1pm, £1.00 initial registration fee. Wednesday 21st August 1-8pm, (no charge as part of summer shock festival activities), Thursday 22nd August 10-8pm, Friday 23rd August, 10-1pm, £1.00 initial registration fee. Girls Only Group! – Whilst the skate park is with us we are running a girls group alongside, this group is for girls aged 14-16 years and will be a mix of activities and informal discussions looking at staying safe, drugs and alcohol awareness, body image, healthy relationships, fun activities and a pamper session. Wednesday 31st July 1-4pm, Thursday 1st August 10-4pm, Friday 2nd August, 10-1pm, lunch included. Mobile Youth Bus at Settle College, lower school tennis courts, contact Rachel for further info or just turn up on the day.

Summer Shock Youth Arts Festivals During the Summer Holidays we will be running two events for young people aged 11-19yrs, or up to 25 with SEND in the Craven area. Wednesday 7th August, at Aireville School, Skipton and Wednesday 21st August at Settle College, lower school site, both events run 3-10pm. The summer shock festivals follow on from our successful Easter KickstART festivals and are free art, music, and sport festivals which include DJing, Street dance, 5-a-side football competitions – enter a team!, sports activities, Digital photography, Graffiti art and a skatepark. This time there will be a mobile stage and we are looking for local youth bands and musicians to play during the day and into the evening. The mobile skatepark will be in Settle College lower school tennis courts for the festival and will stay until Friday 23rd August. There will also be a bucking bronco to test your riding skills! The KickstART events are run in conjunction with Skipton Extended Learning For All, North Yorkshire Fire and Police services. For more information call us on 08450 349572, or find us on facebook, under Craven Area YSS. North Yorkshire YOUTH SUPPORT SERVICE working in partnership to support young people


Battlefields Visit 2013 On Sunday 7th July 2013, 45 students and 6 members of staff set off on the annual Settle College trip to the battlefields of the First World War. We visited sites in northern France, associated with the Battle of the Somme (1916), and then travelled up to Belgium to visit sites in and around Ypres. 2 students share some of their reflections on the trip: ‘Throughout the two days we spent looking different First World War sites, I found the experience interesting and moving. When you are at these places you suddenly realise what actually happened, and the feelings of people at the time. The most striking site for me was Tyne Cot cemetery, as the scale of the place is incredible, with rows and rows of graves. It just made us all think how small some of our problems are, and what these men went through’. Simon Tarbox (Year 9) ‘I learnt a lot from this trip as I had not done GCSE History this year. The sites were really striking as so many soldiers died for this country. When we saw Valentine Strudwick’s grave at Essex Farm, it said that he died at 15, just a year older than me; that was very meaningful as it isn’t just the teachers telling you information, there is a meaning to the stories’. Joe Marshall (Year 9) Once again, our students were a credit to Settle College, and we are looking forward already to next year’s trip, which will coincide with the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Ms P Fisher


North East Greenpower Regional Heat 3rd July 2013

7am and the weather stretching along the Yorkshire Dales was perfect—a fantastic sunny morning for the Greenpower race at Croft. Unprecedented numbers of competitors had already arrived by the time we had got there. The pits were a hive of activity as teams tinkered with their machines trying to pass the infamous scrutineering. Our team, the blue arrows, had relatively few problems with scrutineering with just a few pointers about sharp edges and making sure the panels on the car were thick enough. This meant that for the first time in the car’s history we could get a practice lap before the race was to start. At 1pm the race started. 32 cars all dashed off in rows from their positions behind the starting line. Our car set off well, our new steering wheel and brakes standing up to the tension of the race and our new bodywork looking good with all the other cars. However, on the second lap we started to encounter a few problems. The rough track had caused our power connections to come loose making the car slow right down and nearly to stop. Luckily we were near the pits and so could stop to fix the problem. However, we were not so lucky later in the race when the connections came loose on the other side of the track and another car ran us off the road! Overall it was an excellent day, the car travelled 70.1 miles in the four hours, 10 miles further than was completed in the last race is September. Joe Marshall was the fastest student this time, doing a couple of laps in 3 minutes and 15 seconds. We came joint 12th - just missing out on a top ten place due to the few delays. Unfortunately we are starting to look a little scruffy in our 6 year old boiler suits; would anyone out there like to sponsor us? Please contact Mr Scott at College. We have another chance to get in the finals when we race at Aintree in September when we will have to complete 80 miles. Katie Handford STEM & Greenpower The Stem Club has a big focus on the Greenpower initiative, of which more is documented below students are allowed to enter the STEM club in year 7 and progress onto the Greenpower Team. We are always looking for support from local businesses and parents, if you can offer this support or would like more information please contact Mr G. Scott at College. About Greenpower The Greenpower Education Trust’s vision is to inspire more young people to become engineers. Our mission is:  To change current views about engineering, presenting it as a fascinating, relevant and dynamic career choice for any young person  To demonstrate the importance of engineering, and associated STEM subjects, to solve the problems faced by societies today particularly in the areas of sustainability.  To link education, industry and community through inspirational engineering projects. Inspiration Motivation Passion Dedication Fun Our initial project, an electric car challenge which requires students, guided by their teachers and an industry mentor, to design, build and then race an electric car. Holding events at weekends at major motor circuits around the UK ensures excellent attendance from the general public who can witness the amazing vehicles, focus and team work evident at these events. The Greenpower Education Trust is now planning to build on the success of this original project and create a series of additional practical challenges which will introduce young people to the full spectrum of opportunities available from a career in engineering. For more information check out PAGE 15

PE and Sports Year 7 and 8 Yorkshire 7s RFU Champions

Congratulations to the Year 7 and 8 students girls who participated in the Yorkshire 7s rugby cup competition in Baildon on the 1st May. The 10 students who were selected were enthusiastic to play as they have never played rugby union before and this would be a good cross code challenge. All 10 players played with heart and quickly adapted their existing rugby skills to help in rucks, scrums and mauls. It was a round robin tournament as everybody played each other. Overall the team scored 31 tries with no other team scoring past them. Poppy Saffery was named player of the team and tournament. Results: Settle College Win (30 – 0) Salts School Settle College Settle College Settle College Settle College Settle College

Win (30 – 0) Win (20-0) Win (15- 0) Win (25 -0) Win (30 – 0)

Brighthouse Team A Brighthouse Team B Whitecliffe A Whitecliffe B St Edmunds School

This is an incredible achievement by the girls with other school teacher and pupils applauding the abilities of the students. The team were as follows: Lauren Hill, Rosa Bryant, Ellie Jones, Millie Coulthard, Victoria Johnson, Hebe Shepherd, Poppy Saffery, Emma Parkinson, Jess Davies, Isobel Corns.

Athletics: North Yorkshire Athletic Trials Congratulations to the students who represented the college in the North Yorkshire Athletic trials. The track was heavily competed against by the Harrogate schools. However, several students were successful within the field events and showed their muscle and true grit.

Athletics: English School Cup This was the first time in our history that Settle College has entered a full team of intermediate boys and girls and junior boys and girls in the national event. This competition is based on points from the actual times and distances set by the students. Still good to come first in an event but as we are competing nationally actual scores are important. Overall the scores gained: Junior Boys Score

134 points

Junior Girls Score

124 points

Inter Girls Sore

114 points

InterBoys Score

301 points

Top 10% score in the country PAGE 16

PE and Sport KS3 Rounders

A team of Key Stage Three girls competed in a rounders tournament which was hosted here at Settle College in June. The girls once again displayed excellent sporting abilities and outshone within the tournament, not only taking the top spot but also qualifying for the North Yorkshire finals. The final was held on Sunday 7th July at Queen Margaret’s, York. Due to another school trip some of the original team were unable to attend the event however, the remaining girls showed sheer commitment and determination and ensured they had a strong team by giving up lunchtimes and after school sessions to practise. It is fair to say that this hard work more than paid off and the team received bronze in the final. Well done and congratulations for not only getting to the finals but also achieving bronze once there. The girls represented Settle College outstandingly and should be extremely proud of themselves. (We are!!)

The team were Poppy Saffery, Jasmine Pennett, Georgina Pinder, Mya Priestley, Jade Owens, Cora Staveley, Evie Henshaw, Rebecca Hulse, Mollie Saffery, Dana Halstead. Miss L Round

Year 7 & 8 Netball tournament on 14th May at Settle College The tournament was a huge success and both teams did themselves proud. The girls displayed high levels of skill alongside excellent team work and should be delighted with their performance. Well done girls and keep up the fantastic work! At the same tournament Settle College was also represented by a team of Year 10 & 11 students who umpired each of the games. The girls demonstrated a professional and mature attitude whilst umpiring each game and yet again did themselves and Settle College proud. Thank you to all involved.

The teams were as follows: Elizabeth Holt, Rosa Bryant, Ellie Jones, Claire Scaife, India Healing, Katharine Tarbox, Meghan Glover, Poppy Saffery, Ellie Harrison. Beth Duncan, Victoria Johnson, Leoni Harry, Jess Addison, Megan Toothill, Cassie Hastie, Isabel Kaye, Rosie Laycock, Hebe Shepherd. Arona Morrison, Katie Long, Sally Handford, Gerogia Holgate, Alice Jones, Niamh Baneon, Hannah Newbold, Katie Handford.


PE and Sport Boys Cricket Two notable matches in this summer term were the in-house fixtures between the Year 7 and 8s and the Year 9 and 10s. In both matches the younger teams (7s and 9s) were victorious, earning them precious bragging rights over their older opponents. In the year 9 & 10 game the younger boys managed to hold the year 10s to just 46 runs within 16 overs. The Year 10 big hitter, Will Booth was caught behind from a Ben Hulse delivery with Rob Scaife and Josh Greenwood also falling for low batting totals. Year 9 captain Simon Tarbox was the star of the bowling line-up, taking an impressive five wickets off the Year 10s. In reply the Year 9 boys rattled off the runs required in just eleven overs despite an early scare with Ben Hulse getting caught after just a single run. Man of the match: Simon Tarbox.

Year 9 captain Simon Tarbox facing a pace ball from Will Booth The Year 7 & 8 game was a higher scoring affair, the Year 7s batted first and accumulated an impressive total of 84 in just 14 overs, particularly impressive as they were facing an experienced and talented Year 8 bowling line-up including Adam Strickland, Nathan Milner and Ruari Coyle. Opening batsmen Jordan McKenna (Captain) and Robert Johnson retired on 26 each in contribution to their teams’ total runs score. The innings of the Year 8 team produced an unexpected fall of wickets for very few runs with the exception being a contribution of 26 (retired) from Nathan Milner. It took the Year 7 boys only nine overs to dispatch all the Year 8 batsmen eventually winning the game by 24 runs.

Adam Strickland (year 8 captain) bowling to a well organised batting side!


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