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How to resolve invalid toner error message?

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•Samsung is a company that manufactures products like printer, laptop, desktop and various electrical appliances. • Headquarter of this company is situated in Samsung town, Seoul. • Lee-byung-chul is the founder of this company •When they started this company then at that time it was a trading company. In the 1940s they deal in areas like textiles and retail. Electronic products entered in this industry in 1960s.

•The introduced toner cartridge is the wrong cartridge for the printer (The toner display code (on the toner cartridge name) must finish in/XAA, or in specific cases, /SEE. If you move to any other country after buying printer from the US, swap printer cartridges intended for U.S.A. models still should be bought for the printer unit.

It is toner model code on toner cartridge model

•The CRUM (Consumer Replaceable Unit Monitor) chip contacts on the toner, or printer, may be harmed or grimy. These contacts are more often than not on the front edge of the toner and are anything but difficult to spot as they are gold-hued. Ensure the gold shaded contacts on both the printer and on the toner cartridge are perfect (utilize just a dry material for cleaning purposes) and are not harmed.

Gold hued contacts on the toner cartridge •On the off chance that the toner cartridge being utilized is a refilled, reused, or reseller's exchange (non-Samsung) toner, we can't ensure that it will work with the printer. Most current toner cartridges, Samsung included, utilize a CRUM chip to follow how much toner is left in the cartridge. On account of a secondary selling toner, the CRUM chip may not be planned effectively to work with the printer. Refilled/reused cartridges have had their CRUM chip reset, or even supplanted, and the chip may have been reset erroneously, or harmed, simultaneously. Supplant invalid toner cartridge(s) by visiting and finding the suitable substitution toner cartridge(s) for your model of printer by referencing the Toner Compatibility Chart.

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sumsung printer issues  

sumsung printer issues