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the New Womens Soccer Head Coach, CommuniInside This Issue: Meet cations Conference at WVU & Top Five Books to Read

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Mark Nealon Contributors: Mikaela Fitzpatrick Cartoonist: Rebecca Scassellati Layout Staff: Steve Dumnich Advertisement Staff: Annie Meyers Advisor: Dennis G. Jerz, associate professor of English Cover photo: Steve Dumnich

Cover photo of Seton Hill University's soccer field.


SHU hires new soccer coach


List of top five best books

We welcome “Letters to the Editor” to provide an opportunity for readers to express their opinions in short letters. We also accept guest editorials for readers to express their opinions in a longer format. All submissions must be signed and a telephone number included for verification. Submissions will be edited for style, spelling, grammar, libel, length and appropriateness. Names will not be withheld. Send submissions by email to Opinions expressed in “Letters to the Editor,” and other columns and cartoons are not necessarily the opinion of the editors or staff of ​t​he Setonian.​The Setonian is a separate entity from Seton Hill. Topics presented and opinions expressed within this publication are not endorsed by Seton Hill University.

Setonian Magazine

Seton Hill students attend communication conference at West Virginia University From May 30 to June 1, five students in the Seton sophomore who attended the WVU conference. Hill communication program attended the Integrate conEisenhauer has also assisted in planning and hostference at Western Virginia University including myself, ing a conference at SHU. The Pennsylvania CommunicaCaitlin Srager, online editor of tion Association conference that the Setonian. Panel topics at the Eisenhauer helped organized was conference ranged from influheld at SHU during the fall 2018 encer marketing to the effect of semester. artificial intelligence on brands. “For students going to a “The purpose of the conconference, I would suggest doference was to expose us to proing research. Not necessarily on fessionals in our field, so we can the specific panels, but on the learn to use our creativity and people speaking and their area their advice to succeed in our of expertise,” Eisenhauer said. “If field,” said Kayleigh Ventrone, a you are able to, come prepared sophomore at SHU. with questions prior to the panel, According to Ventrone, she write down answers as they get got the most advice from the brought up during the speakers alumni panel. The panel focused time. If you still have questions on providing tips and advice to after the panel is over, be sure to several undergraduates. ask so you do not leave question“I learned that passion is ing the knowledge you received.” the most important thing that Researching before hand we can have in our field. The can also determine if a conferbest way to succeed and find The Integrate conference utilized WVU cameras and ence is right for you or not, Eisenthings to boost our resume is to streaming tools to air the panels. The panels were hauer said. peruse our passions,” Ventrone located where attendees could grab food and drinks. “When it comes to choossaid.“I also learned that even as Photo by C.Srager/Setonian. ing the right conference for you, I an undergrad it’s important to expose myself to profes- would always make sure the panels align with your career sionals who can give me more insight on how to further path. If not, allow them to align with your interests or asprepare for a job in the field of communication” pirations for the future,” Eisenhauer said. “You will only Madison Harry, also a sophomore at SHU, said that make the best of your experience if you are engaged in the conferences such as Integrate are a good opportunity to present conference.” network with professionals. For more information on the Integrate conference at “Others should attend conferences because it pro- WVU, individuals can visit SHU vides a great opportunity to learn from those who have students can also learn more about networking and conhad experience in your particular interest. It also provides ferences by visiting the Career and Professional Developan atmosphere where everyone has the same goal of ment Center or their website. learning,” Harry said. “There is always something that can CAITLIN SRAGER is a junior communibe taken and learned from a conference! It brings individucation major. She is the class of 2021 als together to discuss ideas, and there is an added bonus secretary, a writing consultant at the of fun.” Writing Center and a member of the Harry also said that she would advise others to gain Communication Club and Enactus. advice and ask questions while at conferences. This advice was echoed and added to by Sadye Eisenhauer, a fellow


Athletics Section

Seton Hill University hires Zak Kruger as new head coach for the women's soccer program

Pictured above is the newly hired head women's soccer coach, Zak Kruger (Far Right), with the 2010 Millersville University men's soccer coaching staff. Kruger was recently announced as the new head women's coach in May 2019. Photo courtesy of Zak Kruger.

April 2 2019, Chris Snyder, athletic director, announced that Seton Hill head women’s coach Andy McNab has stepped down from the position. Since then, a cross-country search for a new head coach has taken place. As of May 2019 Seton Hill University has announced and hired Zak Kruger as the new head coach for the women’s soccer team. “I am so excited to work with the student athletes at Seton Hill. My focus is going to be on how I can best support them and how I can help make a difference in their lives,” said Kruger. “I am a believer in people and posi-


tive culture. We [the staff] are excited to see the growth of character and positive relationships needed in order to build a culture centered around our core values.” Kruger is from Hanover, Pa., a small town just outside of Gettysburg in York County where his parents still reside. He has attended and played at Millersville University. During his time at Millersville, Kruger got his bachelor’s in technology education and received a minor in coaching. “I also spent two years at Shippensburg University for my master’s in education with a focus on curriculum and instruction,” Kruger said. Kruger has went on to coach at a few other schools

Setonian Magazine prior to his arrival at SHU. For the last year Kruger was the head coach for the women’s soccer team at Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pa. Prior to Wilson College, Kruger was the assistant coach at Shippensburg University for two seasons for both the men and women’s teams. “I also made stops at Millersville University, Lancaster Bible College, Arundel High School and Penn Manor High School in various roles,” Kruger said. Besides playing a role in coaching, Kruger has also worked with many clubs over the years. In 2010 during his time as assistant coach at Millersville University for the men and women’s soccer teams he was also working at the Penn Manor Soccer Club. “I am very thankful to have worked with so many amazing people early on in my career. These people helped shape me into the person and coach that I am today,” Kruger said. With all the prior coaching experience, Kruger is ready to transition to a new setting and team. “Seton Hill University feels like home to me. Everyone has been welcoming to me and my family. I am really looking forward to being here and having this amazing opportunity,” Kruger said. “One of the things that I have learned to help me through transition is to identify my inner circle and to know my support system. I have been leaning pretty heavily on my inner circle the last few weeks and I am thankful for those individuals." Kruger said. "My wife Olivia has been a constant support for me during this time of transition and we are both incredibly excited to be joining the family of Seton Hill." While the support from family and friends is helping Kruger adjust to SHU, past experiences has helped Kruger get ready for the new road ahead. “I have been really fortunate to work under some great coaches. I had the opportunity to see how they provide structure and balance expectations to their programs,” Kruger said. “I am excited to take what I have learned over the last few years combined with my own personality and twist and apply it to the program here at Seton Hill," Kruger said. Helping others is a passion of Kruger’s and something he wants to embed within the women’s soccer program here at SHU. “We are in the people business. My biggest asset is that I love to see people be successful and I will work as hard as I can for others to find success in whatever area that is. Success is different to everyone and I just want to

Pictured above is the newly hired head women's soccer coach, Zak Kruger, coaching at Arundel High School girls varsity/jv soccer teams in 2015. Kruger was recently announced as the new head women's coach at SHU in May 2019. Photo courtesy of Zak Kruger.

help others achieve their goals and to find success,” Kruger said. Transitioning into his new role as the SHU women’s soccer head coach, Kruger already has goals in mind to help the program reach success and work together. “We will go through a process as a team to determine the season goals in collaboration with the staff’s goals and expectations. Some of my personal goals for the program are to be competitive in the West, minimally reach a PSAC Semi Final and an NCAA tournament appearance. It is time for SHU to become a consistent competitor in postseason play. Our aim should be for a conference title and NCAA tournament appearance,” Kruger said. During the 2018 season, the SHU women’s soccer team finished their season with a record of 12-5-1 and 114-1 in PSAC play. The 2018 women's soccer team earned a sixth seed in the PSAC tournament. The season was one of the two best seasons for the 2018 team. STEVE DUMNICH is a senior journalism new-media major. He enjoys fishing and hiking in his spare time and is also very into photography and religiously into 2K and NHL.


Athletics Section

Setonian Sports Talk: Raptors and Warriors compete for the 'ship

The following is based off of speculation only and Familiarity of each team is something both the Rapcontains opinions of the writer. tors and Warriors are going to have to take into account It is that time of year again when the two best teams when facing each other in every game of the championfrom the Western conference and Eastern conference of ship series. the NBA compete for Looking at both the title of champions. teams, each set of playThe 2019 chamers brings something of pionship series feavalue to the table. tures the Western The Warriors have conference champs, been in this situation the Golden State Warbefore, so emotionally riors, and the Eastern the team is familiar with conference champs, the mind set it takes to the Toronto Raptors. win the championship. The Warriors Much of the offense finished the 2019 regof the Warriors relies ular season with a reheavily on passing the cord of 57-25 and the ball around to create Raptors finished with open shots. a record of 58-24. The Warriors As of June 2, the frequently screen off Raptors took home of each other such as the win in game one Stephen Curry (point while the Warriors guard) and Kevin Durant won game two of the (small forward/ power 2019 series. forward) to create conThe 2019 sea- The Toronto Raptor's Marc Gasol (Left) tries to block the Golden State fusion only to find an son marks the fifth Warriors Stephen Curry (Right) during Game 2 of the 2019 championship open Klay Thompson year in a row that the series. The Warriors came out with a win in Game 2 with an end result of (shooting guard/ small Warriors have made 109-104. The Warriors tied the series at 1-1. Photo from Washington Post. forward) ready for a an appearance in the three-pointer. Drayfinals. As for the Rapmond Green (center/ tors, this marks the team’s first visit to the NBA finals. power forward) plays a crucial role each night in racking According to, the 2019 finals also marks up assists to his teammates as well posing another threat. the, “first time in NBA history that the championship series Due to an unlikely series of events, Durant injured will be held outside of the United States,” per his right calf against the Houston Rockets in game five of staff. the second round of the 2019 playoffs. During the regular season the two teams have only The Warriors will need to rely heavily on their bench met twice. The first time the two teams met, the Raptors players who may not be expected to make open shots. A took home the win with a nine-point lead to win 118-109. similar situation played out in game two of the championThe second time the teams met, the Raptors lost to the ships when the Warriors Andre Iguodala (small forward/ Warriors by a deficit of five points resulting in a 109-104 shooting guard) closed out the win with a wide-open loss to tie the series. three. Sticking to their strategy of ball movement may be


Setonian Magazine the key to defeating the Raptors. The Raptors on the other hand have been to the Eastern conference finals several times but never to the finals where the stakes are at an all-time high. The Raptors offense is strong but they have yet to handle an opposing offense such as the Warriors. In the Eastern conference finals, the Raptors had no problem against the Milawaukee Bucks who took the second-most-3 pointers in the 2019 regular season but could not pull through to beat the Raptors. Therefore, the offense is going to have to rely on the rotation of points coming from all players including players such Kyle Lowry (point guard) who does not show up every night offensively. The Raptors also cannot always rely on big guys such as Marc Gasol (center) to drop 20 a night. A major key player to the Raptors offense is Kwahi Leonard (small forward/ shooting guard). Leonard is averaging 30.9 points per game according to nba. com. Other players are going to have to help Leonard The Golden State Warriors guard Andre Igoudala goes for a twobeat the Warriors. Pascal Siakam (power forward) is handed dunk during the first quarter of Game 2 in the 2019 NBA another crucial player to the Raptors offense with 19 finals. The Warriors went on to win Game 2 when Igoudala closed the game out with a 3-pointer. Photo from USA Today. points per game according to With an offense that may not hold up to the their system is a strong defense throughout the entirety Warriors, one thing the Raptors have to embed within of the series. The Raptors are a team made up of very athletic and lengthy players, not to say the Warriors aren’t but the Raptors use this to their advantage. The Raptors can play big or small lineups, as they have proven all season long. They can handle chaos and switch screens. This is where their length plays a key in their defensive play. They have the ability to guard up or down by defending guards or forwards with the rotation of Leonard and Danny Green (shooting guard/ power forward) or Lowry and Siakam doing the opposite. The Raptors key to winning is to avoid lackluster offense and keep the momentum going at both ends of the floor and running the Warriors out of transition. As of June 6, the series is in the Raptors' favor with a lead of 2-1 up on the Warriors.

The Toronto Raptors forward Pascal Siakam dunks during Game 2 of the 2019 NBA finals. The Raptors went on to lose in Game 2 by a deficit of five points. The game ended 109-104 with the Warriors taking home the win to tie the series 1-1. Photo from USA Today.

STEVE DUMNICH is a senior journalism new-media major. He enjoys fishing and hiking in his spare time and is also very into photography and religiously into 2K and NHL.


Lifestyle & Entertainment Section

Setonian recent past editors share success and knowledge after graduation Each year, the Setonian has to part ways with staff with the Setonian allowed me to find out what I was truly members. The skills and knowledge of journalism go far interested in and helped me get over my fear of talking to beyond the Setonian. Staff members continue to use what and instructing others in a productive way." they have learned to further develop their careers after Seton Hill. What are future goals you still wish to succeed? Laramie Cowan Position: Editor-in-Chief Graduation: Spring 2018 Since you have graduated what are you up to now? Photo from Laramie Cowan.

"After graduation, I was wondering what life with a journalism degree was going to be like. Thankfully I was very lucky and got a call in July. I began working at WJAC, a TV station also known as Channel 6 News in Johnstown, Pa. I was hired as the weekend assignment editor but began filling in as a producer when needed about 7 months in. I ended up liking the work of a producer and began training with producing the 6 p.m. show three days a week. This involves putting the show together, making sure it is timed out correctly and sitting in a cool booth when it's showtime to time the show and cue the reporters when to speak. It's been almost a year since I was hired there and I have just recently signed a contract for the producer's position. It's honestly an amazing experience that I never thought I'd have. I also recently got engaged, so I'm also planning a wedding and looking into buying a house in the near distant future."

"Producing a print publication is still a favorite of mine. I do wish that I will be able to work for some sort of magazine or book publishing company that allows me to physically lay out the piece and control how it will look. I also still wish to finish a novel. Or maybe I can accomplish both, by staying in the TV industry while publishing a book or two. A girl can dream." What advice can you give for current/future members of the Setonian and SHU students? "My advice for those investing time into the world of literature, journalism and anything relating to the written word: Try new things. Give something new a try and it just might change your future. As a freshman going into the Setonian I didn't want to be in a leadership position. I wanted to write an article a month and graduate after four years. But I gave layout a try and realized I liked editing and producing magazines. If you don't know what you want to do with your future, don't stress. Start by living day by day and finding new things to enjoy. Let that lead you." What were some of your favorite moments working on the Setonian?

"It's very difficult to pick just a few of my favorite What are some of the biggest takeaways from the moments with the Setonian. Yes it could be stressful, I Setonian? won't lie, but the good outweighed the bad 100%. I made life-long friendships that I wouldn't trade for the world. I "The Setonian was always a main part of my college gained confidence and grew as a writer and a person. I alcareer and I think being able to work my way up was a big ways loved going on little adventures while trying to find eye opener. Yes it is important that you do what you love, cover photos, working together to solve each problem we but I think it's also important to learn as much as you can faced and I even loved staying up way too late with cove in other departments. Not only does that help you get the food and ice cream to finish the final touches on each isbigger picture, but it also allows you to help and commu- sue. To put it simply, if you'd take a look at every issue since nicate with others when they might need some assistance. Fall 2014, there'd be a memory in each one that I cherish Having the opportunity to try as many things as I wanted and remember."


Callista Arida Position: Assistant-Editor-in-Chief Graduation: Spring 2018 What have you accomplished since graduating from Seton Hill? "After graduating from Seton Hill about a year ago, I started interning at the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County. My internship gave me the opportunity to continue to look for something more permanent while learning and developing my skills. A few months ago, a position opened up at Seton Hill that sparked my interest and I decided to apply. About a month later I interviewed for it

Griffin Tips

Setonian Magazine

and happily accepted the position. It’s still pretty new and I’m excited to see where it takes me." Do you have any takeaways from the Setonian?

"The Setonian taught Photo from Callista Arida. me so much and I continue to use the knowledge to this day. It taught me about the importance of teamwork and how to hold not only others but also yourself accountable for getting stuff done." --Continued on page 10 REBECCA SCASSELLATI is a junior graphic design and creative writing major who enjoys writing and illustrating stories and comics. She also enjoys the performing arts.


Opinion Section "The Setonian taught me the importance of putting the time and effort into something you care about to create something great. That's something I've kept in mind as "I learned how to balance my tasks and manage my I'm working on job applications, and I'll carry that with me time. Most importantly, I learned how to take risks and in my future career. Creating the Setonian involved workhave faith in myself. I stepped out of many comfort zones ing with the other staff members as a team, and prioritizworking for the Setonian and I will always be thankful for ing the needs of the group as a whole, not just your own. those opportunities." I know this will be true in the working world as well, and I'm prepared for that because of the Setonian. Generally, Do you have any future goals that you still want to the Setonian also taught me the significance of being conaccomplish since graduating? fident in your work while also remaining open to feedback for improvement. Those skills are especially helpful for me "Eventually I’d like to go back to school to my masters as a writer, but I think they're important for everyone." degree. I always imagined going back right after undergrad, but life doesn’t always go the way you plan. I think everyDo you have any future goals? thing happens for a reason, and now I have time to get situated in my career and really think about what I want to "My most prominent goal right now is to land a fullgo back for. When the time is ready, I’ll know." time job in my field. In the long-term, I hope to become a leader with expertise in my field so I can help others grow What is some advice you can give to current/future both in their work and as people in general. Last year, I also Setonian members and students of SHU? had the incredible opportunity to have my work published in Pittsburgh Magazine during my internship, so one of my "My advice for current and future Setonian staff goals is to freelance to hopefully have my work published members would be have faith in yourself! You’re going with different organizations." to doubt your abilities, come across an assignment that challenges you, and probably make a mistake or two, but Is there any advice you can share with current/fuyou can’t give up. All of these things make you better and ture Setonian members and SHU students? you’ll eventually look proudly back at yourself. This advice equally applies to any student at Seton Hill. Whatever your "For staff members of the Setonian, stay persistent. studying from the sciences to the arts. You’re here beThe Setonian involves a lot of time and effort, but ultimatecause you’re passionate about something, don’t let your ly, it's worth it. For any SHU student, my advice would be self doubt, or others for that matter, get in your way." to get involved with something you're passionate about so you gain experience and spend your time doing something Paige Parise you enjoy. I loved working on the Setonian, and I improved Position: Co-Editor-in-Chief so many skills that will help me be successful in my career. Graduation: Spring 2019 Do something meaningful with your time at SHU." --Continued from Recent Past Editors on page #8

Since graduating from SHU, what are you currently up to? "In the past few weeks since I graduated, I have been search- Photo from Paige Parise. ing and applying for jobs related to communication and journalism, which were my two majors at Seton Hill. Besides the job search, I have been relaxing and spending time with my family and friends while I have that opportunity before I land a full-time job." What are some takeaways from the Setonian?


What were some of your favorite moments working on the Setonian during your time at SHU? "Most of my favorite moments working on the Setonian were the late nights I spent working on layout in the publications office with the other editors. You form a special kind of bond with people you spend that much time with, and we have so many inside jokes and memories that I'll never forget. I also really enjoyed getting to know coaches and professors and students whom I may have never interacted with if I didn't interview them." Quotes compiled by S.Dumnich/Setonian.

Setonian Magazine

Top five books to read this summer Summer is a busy time for everyone, whether it be school and work or catching up with friends. Everyone needs a break now and then. The following is a list of the top five best books to sit down and relax with over the summer.

with frustrations, anger and hope for her future. She meets Jim Whelan, who was a foster child now continuously on the run from his past. So, what happens when someone who desperately wants to remember her life meets someone trying desperately to forget his own? This summer read holds the incredibly-anticipated answer.

4. “Normal People” by Sally Rooney This novel is a perfect summer read as it provides a wise and insightful account of social class and how it comes to affect young love. Connell is a popular, outgoing Photo from individual and star of his school’s football team. Marianne 1. “Falling Awake: How to Practice Mindfulness in is quiet, studious and keeps primarily to herself. They meet Everyday Life” by Jon Kabat-Zinn when Connell comes Start off your summer with an enlightening read to to Marianne’s house to help you become more aware of the world around you! pick up his mother from This book dives into the importance of immersing our- work, and the connecselves in the present moment. We all know how quickly tion between them is summer seems to fly by, so taking time to indulge in this instantly magnetic. Will book will remind everyone to appreciate the relaxing sea- their social reputations son before the chaos of fall semester begins again. keep them apart? Or will young love win and pre2. “Ask Again, Yes” by Mary Beth Keane vail in the end? This coming-of-age fiction novel explores an array of relationships between friends, families and past and 5. “Perihelion Sumpresent selves. It follows mer” by Greg Egan the stories of the Gleeson Summer wouldn’t and Stanhope families, be complete without a Photo from specifically their children fiery fantasy world to Kate and Peter. When warm up the season! This novel predicts the collapse of tragedy and violence di- Earth as it is faced with intensely hot summers and way vides these individuals, too frigid winters. These weather conditions are destroyKate and Peter rekindle ing the world as the characters know it. Scientist Matt their relationship years Fleming creates a mobile world called Mandjet to help later and begin to reflect keep his family and friends alive, but will this be enough? Photo from on the events that drew This novel holds the answers to summer survival and the them apart. This book portrays emotional themes, includ- world is rampaged by alien environments. ing mental health and addiction, but does so in a way that establishes empathy and understanding from its characMIKAELA FITZPATRICK is a junior ters and readers alike. communication and English doublemajor. She is also a member of the 3. “A Five-Minute Life” by Emma Scott Honors program and cheerleading This novel is perfect for romance lovers looking for squad. In her free time, she can be a little twist to kick-start their summer. Thea Hughes is the found reading, writing, or sleeping. victim of a severe case of amnesia, only allowing her to recall up to five minutes of her life. She is constantly faced


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