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about the campaign The Seton Hall Athletics Pride & Excellence campaign will contribute to the athletic department’s vision for the future of Pirate Athletics by giving the university the necessary resources to undertake major construction and renovation projects, improving facilities and providing additional resources for all 14 varsity programs. In addition to allowing alumni, fans and supporters to leave a lasting legacy through named gifts and donor recognition opportunities, the campaign will also support the overall goals and values of Seton Hall athletics: • Provide each student-athlete with quality educational opportunities • Renovate and upgrade athletic facilities • Provide the university and our coaches with the opportunity to recruit talented student-athletes • Ensure that our student-athletes have the opportunity to succeed in the classroom and on the playing fields

HOW is this different from the Pirate Blue athletic fund? For many years, the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund has been the primary driving force behind Seton Hall University’s continued growth in athletics. Pirate Blue provides resources necessary to ensure Seton Hall student-athletes the opportunity to achieve their maximum academic and athletic potentials. However, Pirate Blue contributions make up only 25 percent of the department‘s annual operating budget, and the competitive landscape in college athletics has raised the bar nationwide. Pirate Blue annual support is still critical to the Athletic Department’s success. Capital giving is an additional opportunity to support Seton Hall’s athletic programs. Universities must continually improve their facilities to attract elite student-athletes and produce nationally-ranked teams. The financial support provided by the Seton Hall Athletics Capital Campaign will enable us to pursue major capital projects on a regular basis, while the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund will ensure that our student-athletes have the opportunity to succeed in the classroom and on the playing field.

We all work so hard as student-athletes, and it’s so rewarding to see that the university works just as hard to make sure we have all the resources we need to succeed. It’s so important to have the support of alumni, friends and family. I’m so grateful to the members of Pirate Blue and all the supporters of Seton Hall athletics for their generosity. – Alyssa Warren, Women’s Volleyball

Pride & Excellence Campaign  
Pride & Excellence Campaign  

Brochure for the Seton Hall University Pride & Excellence capital campaign.