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or more than 160 years, Seton Hall University has been a place where great minds meet great mentors. In 1856, Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley founded Seton Hall, naming it after his aunt, Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American-born saint. Bishop Bayley envisioned a university that would be a “home for the mind, the heart and the spirit” — a place that would develop well-rounded, compassionate leaders who put their great minds to good use serving society. Today, we remain dedicated to this vision as we educate the next generation of global servant leaders. At Seton Hall, we teach you about more than the great books, ideas and thinkers of our time; we teach you how to make a difference in the world and how to build a solid foundation on which to lead a successful and enriching life. Here great minds have unprecedented access to unique opportunities and profound experiences that provide life-changing advantages. One of the nation’s top-ranked Catholic universities, Seton Hall is a leader in Catholic education with a deep commitment to the Catholic intellectual tradition. Seton Hall is a place where faith meets reason, where we emphasize academic excellence as we engage our students in a dialogue about the intersections of culture, faith, reason, science, philosophy, religion and more.

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