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What to Do When You Get Pink Eye When you have pink eye, it’s one of the most uncomfortable feelings that you will ever experience. In reality, it’s not the end of the world. All you have to do is go to the doctor and get some medication to help. Through the regular use of this medication, you will have the opportunity to get past the discomfort you’re currently experiencing. It’s tempting to want to pass off pink eye as your eye being irritated like normal, but you shouldn’t take any chances. A lot of people might not know that pink eye can be incredibly contagious and lead to other vision related problems.

Pink Eye from Glasses While you might have the vision health insurance to allow you to get glasses or contacts, that doesn’t mean you should avoid taking care of your classes the right way. Glasses have a tendency to collect dirt and bacteria like nobody’s business. You should clean your glasses on a regular basis to protect against the buildup of dirt and grime. Don’t stop at the glass frames either. You should clean the metal parts attached to the frames. Use a mixture that’s gentle for your skin, but will also remove a majority of the germs attached to your glasses.

Pink Eye from Contacts Most individual vision plans will afford you the opportunity to buy several sets of contacts during any given month. Even though you might think you need one or two sets, you should take advantage of the opportunities available with your insurance for vision care. Try to switch out your contacts once every two weeks if possible. Your vision insurance might limit you to a certain amount, so venture outside and pay out of pocket if you have to. There’s a limit to the effectiveness of the mixtures that are supposed to clean your contacts.

Properly Cleaning Contacts The importance of cleaning your contacts can’t be overstated. Too many people think that they can keep wearing the same set of contacts for an extended period of time without making any effort to clean them. They also might put their contacts in water and think that it will clean them. The reality of sticking your contacts in water is that it’s the worst possible thing you can do. Tap water is loaded with all sorts of things we can’t anticipate. Filtered water even has its share of pollutants that will surely irritate your eyes.

Investing in the Right Policy

Too many individual vision plans are often thought of as being nothing more than throwaway options. In reality, everyone should have vision health insurance because it’s difficult to tell when or if your vision will deteriorate. You have to be prepared with the right insurance for vision care in case something happens. Your investment in vision insurance might seem illadvised right now; however, when you’re in need of glasses, it will seem like it’s worth every penny. You will begin to wonder why it took you so long to look at vision health plans in the first place. Photo Credit: Cierpki, celiece

What to do when you get pink eye  

Pink eye can is very unpleasant and the best way to fix it is to not get it at all. Here are some pink eye prevention tips.

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