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What is Umbrella Insurance? Let’s face it, sometimes insurance can be difficult to understand. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements from countless insurance companies claiming to have the best policies, rates and customer service. Not only is the variety of insurance providers overwhelming, various terms that are tossed around relating to insurance can be confusing as well. Umbrella insurance is one of those terms. Below is some information to help you understand what it is and how it can benefit you. Umbrella insurance policies were created to give you some extra coverage if you find yourself in a situation where a lawsuit is brought against you for property damage or personal injury you caused, and the terms of lawsuit are in excess of the limits on your home, car or other insurance policy.

Benefits of Umbrella Insurance There are several advantages to having an umbrella insurance policy. First, it can provide additional lawsuit coverage of $1 million or more. Second, it can help you with additional coverage for any legal defense costs, which can be extremely costly. Third, it can give you liability coverage for lawsuits in the case that they aren’t covered by your home or auto insurance policies. This is especially helpful in odd situation, like getting in an accident in a foreign country in a rental car, for example. There are many more benefits as well, including having the piece of mind that when an accident does happen you have the resources to deal with it properly and not have to worry as much about detriment to your lifestyle and well being.

Who Should Get Umbrella Insurance? So who is umbrella insurance good for? Really, it’s a good idea for most everyone. We are all at risk of losing our assets and income as a result of a major lawsuit that could be levied against us. There is tremendous value in having a policy like this. It’s relatively inexpensive to purchase, especially when considering the coverage and piece of mind you gain from having it. You really never know when an incident can happen that could potentially put you at risk for a lawsuit. For example, one of your child’s friends or perhaps a

service/repair professional could fall and injure himself or herself on your property. Or, you try to avoid a child or pet in the road and end up colliding with a pedestrian or motorist. If you end up having to foot the bill for medical and other expenses per the decision of a jury, what would you do? Having an umbrella insurance policy could help meet those expenses to make sure you don’t have to lose the money and lifestyle you’ve worked hard to earn. If you are considering an umbrella insurance policy and live in the Moreno Valley area, give Best Insurance Services a call. We provide umbrella insurance to help you feel more secure about your assets and future. We’ll talk through the various options available and help you find the solution that best fits you and your family. Photo Credit: subhadipin , MaRabelo

What is umbrella insurance  

It's important to have enough coverage to deal with unforeseen incidences.

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