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What benefits do you have as a veteran? Any veteran of the United States Armed Forces has access to various benefits aside from a pension received due to military service. Generally, unless full-time military service ended in a dishonorable discharge, veterans are eligible for a number of additional programs that can help with life after military service. Here are a few of the available options:

Cheaper health care While the exact cost and coverage of the health care will depend on your health care provider, it’s important to remember that The Department of Veterans Affairs is mandated by law to supply veterans with any medical services that will promote, preserve, and restore health to the patient. If you have any medical problems that began as a result of your military service, check with your health care provider about how you can take advantage of this program.

Counseling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can occur after any life-threatening event such as a natural disaster, a personal attack, or military combat. The symptoms of this disorder can be crippling, including severe nightmares, insomnia, and flashbacks. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers free counseling sessions, which can be used to treat PTSD and other mental or emotional issues that can stem from military service.

Access to guaranteed mortgage loans Another important benefit that comes with being a veteran is the ability to take advantage of loans guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA loans). These loans are meant to assist veterans in purchasing property in areas where private financing is not available. VA home loans are also designed to allow veterans to begin a house purchase with no down payment. Those who qualify for VA loans are also able to refinance the loans at later dates for a pre-established, reasonable fee. Veterans make enormous sacrifices to protect our country and its interests. If you have served in the military, make sure you understand the benefits available to you so you can take advantage of them accordingly. Photo Credit: Kurhan, analyser

What benefits do you have as a veteran  

As a veteran you have some benefits that you might not know about. They're your benefits so you might as well make use of them.

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