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Food Prep for the Month following Childbirth Giving birth to a child is a life altering event, and as such will need to be preceded with ample preparations and provisions. Some things will need to be prepared far in advance, while other preparations can be made during the pregnancy. Such things as find quality maternity health insurance and financial planning for the responsibilities of raising a child should be done before conception, while other preparations like the compliment of a hospital bag and the arranging of the baby’s room can happen during the pregnancy itself. But one preparation that far too often goes without notice among expecting mothers and fathers is the need to be prepared for the month or so following childbirth.

Preparing Food for the Whole Family One of the main concerns about this short time period following childbirth that too often goes unaddressed is the need for simple meals to provide for the family. Whether prepared by the partner or the mother, or if the parents take turns preparing the meals, planning simple meal ideas will be a great help in the transitional period following the birth of a child. Perhaps the easiest way to turn out tasty and quality meals for the growing family is through proper use of a slow cooker or crockpot. With the following crockpot meal ideas, a small and growing family will be able to provide quality meals for themselves with very little effort. One of the first slow cooker meal ideas that is both simple, easy, and delicious is pulled pork. Pulled pork is a classic crockpot meal as all that is required is a pork roast and some desired seasonings, barbeque sauce, or similar recipe for sweet pork and by the end of the day there will be a tasty pork roast ready to be shredded and placed on buns for pulled pork sandwiches or in tortillas for pulled pork burritos.

Easy Meals Another of the classic favorites of crock pot cooking are the multiple variations of chicken meals that can be produced from a crockpot. Salsa chicken, barbeque chicken, chicken in cream sauce over rice are just a few examples of the many different chicken dishes that can be made from simply throwing it in the

crockpot; and because chicken is usually far cheaper, and healthier, than beef, a family can save some money in the process of being prepared for the adjustment phase of raising a new baby. The main reason why crockpot meals are ideal for the transition period following the birth of a child is because, typically, all that is required is for the ingredients to be thrown into the crockpot together and allowed to cook for a usually lengthy amount of time and the meal is cooked and prepared without additional stress or effort on the part of the new mother. Those families and new mothers who make good use of their slow cookers and crockpots will be better able to be prepared for the trying month following childbirth and will be able to provide for themselves quality and simple meals in the process. Photo Credit: Steven Depolo, I Believe I Can Fry

Food Prep for the Month following Childbirth