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Staying Fit in College Town There are so many ways college students can stay fit. In fact, there is probably no other place more ideal for staying healthy and active than college. The opportunities and resources available are incredible. If, however, you somehow missed the memo, here are a few suggestions and reminders of opportunities you have to get fit.

Social Exercise First, there are intramurals. If you are not an official college athlete, that’s ok. You can still play your favorite sports in intramurals. These are club-like groups organized into divisions and tournaments by the college. You can feel the rush of competition while avoiding the stresses and pressures of professional competitive sports. This is also a great way to have fun, meet new people, and become closer with the friends you already have. Second, don’t forget about all your student benefits. Almost all colleges offer free access to the college gyms, tracks, pools, and courts. Open play is a great time to gather some friends and hit the courts. You can rent (sometimes free, sometimes for a small fee) balls, rackets, towels and lockers. You can play basketball, racquetball, volleyball, water polo, soccer, tennis, etc. If you prefer working out alone, you can go to the gym, the track, or the pool. Anywhere else, you would pay a hefty fee for access to so many facilities. Enjoy the amazing benefits your school has to offer for free! Third, take advantage of the pedestrian areas around your campus. Many college campuses are located near parks or other pedestrian-friendly areas. Some campuses are very large and offer a variety of beautiful pathways around campus. These areas are also pretty safe. There will be lots of people around, fewer cars, and well-lit areas. So if you like to run or bike, take advantage of these beautiful, relatively safe paths.

Exercise as a Break from School These safety benefits are also a good reason to ditch your car in favor of walking or biking to campus. Walking to and from campus every day will give you some regular exercise and allow you to slow down from the pressures of life and recharge. Sometimes all it takes is a fifteen minute walk in the fresh air to boost your battery and prepare you to face an evening of homework and study. Furthermore, studies have shown that everyone (especially stressed out college students) need to take breaks once in a while to rejuvenate. And this

doesn’t mean just sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Physical exercise not only improves the body but also the mind. No matter how busy you are, taking time to take care of your body will give you the extra physical energy, mental clarity, and simple sanity required to handle college life. So even though you pay for college student health insurance, you don’t want to have to frequent the doctor’s office. By keeping your body strong and healthy, you’ll feel good both physically and emotionally, you’ll learn better, be happier, and your overall quality of life will improve. Photo Credit: Paladin27, My Yoga Online

Staying Fit in College Town