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Staying Healthy in the Office It may not seem like a risky job but your office job can do a whole heap of damage to your health. You shouldn’t just depend on the affordable health care insurance that your company offers you to keep you afloat either. It is better to just take control of your own life and find ways to stay healthy in the office. So first let’s talk about some of the possible risks from working in the office.

Little to no movement This is the first major problem. Your joints and muscles need to be exercised and need to be stimulated. Also your blood needs to pump throughout your body and exercise can help that. There is no doubt that people that are more active have better health.

Eye strain from staring at the computer too long We look over files, over reports, and then we actually write reports as well. This doesn’t entail much eye movement so by the end of the day it is easy have a huge aversion to light and moving your eyes. Some people actually suffer from headaches as well.

Germ central! Offices can be a nasty place for germs and all sorts of problems. Most of the time we don’t think about cleaning our office because we don’t live there but the fact is that we spend a good portion of our lives at work and should probably find a way to clean up.

Dehydration It is easy to forget to drink water while you are working hard mostly because you aren’t breaking a sweat or getting physically exhausted. It is more mental but you still need to drink to keep up your energy throughout the day.

Bad lunches Too many employees either forget to eat or just choose to go out to the local pizza joint. Too much fast food might keep you from living the way that you want to live in the end. Here are some things that you can do to make your office more health friendly.

Take a break every once and a while This can be an opportunity to gather your thoughts or just to relax a little bit and loosen your muscles up. It is good to take a look outside if you can or to even go on a stroll outside if you have the time. This will give you a little bit of fresh air to keep you going for the rest of the day.

Eat like an athlete You need to focus on your nutrition even though you aren’t running in a marathon. It is a good idea to take little snacks with you throughout the day to keep you motivated and moving.

Stretch and move It is imperative that you take time to stretch and move your body. Even if it is only fifteen minute spurts. Take a few of them throughout the day and you will find that you avoid a lot of chronic pain and tightness in the end. Photo Credit: marsmetn tallahassee, jenny downing

Staying Healthy in the Office  

It may not seem like a risky job but your office job can do a whole heap of damage to your health.