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Using Solar Power in an Emergency Solar powered items are an invaluable resource to have in any kind of emergency setting. This article discusses the usefulness of the equipment, and examines the positive results that it brings. Solar powered lights are an invaluable resource to have in any kind of emergency setting. These instruments provide people with light when there is none around.

No Reliance on Batteries The true strength of this technology lies with the way that it can recharge the instrument without having to rely on batteries. Battery powered implements certainly are useful, but there cannot be any guarantee of extra batteries in an emergency setting. Therefore, battery powered items may simply not be prudent to count on if there is some kind of emergency in progress. Instead, solar powered items can easily provide all that is needed and more. This solar technology is embedded at the top of flashlights and lanterns, so that they can suck up the rays of the sun and draw energy from it. The panels are there so that they can recharge the unit through passive means. There is not special training required in order for these units to recharge. All that people have to do it expose them to sunlight for an extended period of time, and they will passively recharge and be ready to use again that night. Obviously, if there is an emergency the resources that would normally be available may not be accessible or feasible. Solar technology provides an easy answer. The technology can be integrated into the items that need it without adding anything to the weight of profile of the equipment. Indeed, these implements will be comparable to their battery powered counterparts.

Mobility The technology allows for greater mobility and resourcefulness than would normally be allowed in these situations. As people do not have to worry about running out of energy for their equipment, they will not have to do anything like rationing their energy.

Instead, people can use the illumination of the equipment to maximize their potential advantage against the situation. The technology is not merely limited to lights and lanterns, however. There are more uses for the technology that can be utilized in an emergency situation. For example, this same technology has the ability to power adios. Radios are going to be one of the primary means of communication if there is a disaster. Being able to recharge these units is vital, because it means that people can utilize the radio to their advantage for much longer periods of time. Additionally, recent advancements in solar technology also makes it possible to recharge cell phones with the energy from the sun. It bears noting that in an emergency situation, there is no guarantee that the phones will be able to pick up signal. That being said, they are still a vital resource that most everyone will have on hand. Cell phone batteries do not last very long, so having a way to recharge them without having to use an outlet is a very handy thing to have at ones disposal.

Emergency Situations All of these uses for the technology illuminates how incredibly useful it can be in an emergency situation. In such a setting, one of the primary dangers is going to come from being trapped away from others or not having a way to contact them. With the use of the technology and the implementation of it into common items, it becomes much more feasible for people to weather whatever situation that they are facing. The more tools that can be utilized during this time, the better off the people will be. No matter what the scale of the event is, knowing where some of these items are and being able to recharge them easily should provide a massive advantage that otherwise would not be there. This goes for everything from losing power to a house all the way up to full blown disasters. Being able to harness the sun’s rays and use them to provide energy is a great way to ensure that energy supplies never run out. All people have to do is take advantage of the sunlight that they are given every day and use it to run energy to the tools that they are going to need. Solar power is an invaluable resource to have in an emergency setting. With the implementation of this technology, it is possible for people to have an inexhaustible supply of energy, which can be recharged every day through passive means. Photo Credit: Lauren Wellicome, Wayne National Forest

Using Solar Power in an Emergency  

Solar powered items are an invaluable resource to have in any kind of emergency setting. This article discusses the usefulness of the equipm...