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Sending the Right Symbols to Thieves Symbols only have meaning if you assign meaning to them. A movie, song lyric, or tradition only contains meaning if you allow them to speak to you. Many saw the movie Avatar as a message to the people to preserve the environment. It portrayed corporate America as an unfeeling giant worried about profits more than lives. They saw the movie as a message that the people should actually do something about it. A message was received because of the way the film was presented.

Introduction to Symbols and Gestures This principle applies across cultural gestures as well. In many countries, it is common to point with your lips. When asked where the church is, a native would look in the direction of the church and purse their lips out. To them, that means the same thing as someone pointing their finger in America. An unknowing American might misinterpret this motion as pulling a face or an attempt at a kiss. Either way, the meaning is lost on them and their question goes unanswered. Certain symbols or gestures have powerful methods of sending messages to people. There are many of these symbols and messages that universally speak stay away from a house to thieves and criminals.

Symbols of Home Security The first among them is the symbol of home security. Studies have shown that simply posting a sign for a home security system in your yard deters a significant amount of thieves. You don’t even have to have a real security system. Unless the thieves have a very specific item they are looking to attain, why go through the trouble of calling the cops on themselves when there’s an easier house to hit? They will usually just move on. In addition, you can increase your security at night by simply illuminating your home. Thieves and criminals like to operate in secret. When you illuminate the area surrounding your house, they lose the cloak of darkness they seek for secrecy.

Always have your exterior lights come on at dusk. Put your interior lights on a timer as well. They will deter criminals from approaching and indicate that someone is home. Use lighting as a symbol of occupancy and exposure to send them scampering somewhere else. Finally, the last symbol you can use is perhaps the most powerful. That symbol is that of a neighborhood locked down. Encourage your neighbors to take similar measures to home security as you do. When criminals drive through a neighborhood only to find it locked down, they won’t waste their time because the chances of capture are far more likely. These security measures could help save you money on your Orlando home insurance as well as increase your security. Coverage options exist to help you recover the items stolen in a robbery. With proper protection, you will feel safer at night without spending the extra money on replacement policies. Orlando home insurance tends to be cheaper when you take actions to protect your home. These measures usually involve the actual purchase of security systems. Report them to your agent to find out if any discounts apply. Ask them for other ideas on how to lower your Orlando home insurance that will also increase the security around your house. Save your possessions and yourself a little money on Orlando home insurance.

Sending the Right Symbols to Thieves  

Symbols only have meaning if you assign meaning to them. A movie, song lyric, or tradition only contains meaning if you allow them to speak...

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